Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I rambles on and on and on

So it's the long Christmas holiday, that should not affect me since I'm not on holiday. But it does! Why? I don't have a lot of defects! I don't have to turn off my computer at 8 pm ! I don't have to grumble about my work in Twitter! All because the good people in Belgium are having their off days.

In the home front, all is good. I am still lazy doing housework, and keep putting off to scrub the kitty areas. It really looked deplorable now, and I can't procrastinate that disagreeable job. Tetapi thinking about housework makes me ill. So many fun things to do instead. Like lounging around looking at Twitter. Watching Jdorama. Reading the Walking Dead. Jalan-jalan alone or with friends or family. Tetapi I still need to clean the damn area and bake me some muffins. All because ade orang tu tak reti habiskan fruit die. And because the kitties tak boleh do their own housework. 

Talking about the kitties, they woke up at 4.30 a.m. today and decided to have a party in my room.  Memang nak kena cepuk sesekor. 

Oh and I've been looking for a new affordable phone. I can't really afford the Iphone 4 price, and most good smartphones are around that price. I can't take the telco plans either, because I'm planning to stay as a subline under my husband. Mostly because he's paying the phone bills, also because if he went outstation di mana2 where I can call him and overseas charges does not apply, we can call each other for hours without worrying the charges. So that leaves mid range phone for me, which really does not make me quiver with excitement. HTC Desire Z is out of the question, tho I like it. Tak mampu la aku.

What happened to my Blackberry. Well, I'd terminated the BIS service, since it decided to go AWOL on me. Coupled with the fact that my free Blackberry phone is acting up (battery is terrible, can't download nor update any apps), I decided to just discard it altogether and not going to Blackberry again, since I'd beginning to hate the BIS now. Maybe when Blackberry have cuter designs kut. So those who had added me on Blackberry, boleh lah delete aku sekarang, since I'm not continuing the service. Sile contact aku on Whatsapp. Tapi tak boleh contact lagi, aku tak beli phone lagi. Sekarang my Blackberry is only good for calling and sms. Baik pakai Nokia 3310 je kan. 

Tomorrow aku planning nak tgk wayang. Been a while since tengok wayang, and probably gonna watch Harry Potter because Harry Potter movies usually looks good on the cinema screen. Bile tengok kat TV, rase macam there's something missing aje. I am thinking if I should buy the Signature one, tapi seat die semua in double. Adalah awesome kalau beli tadek orang kat sbelah. Sekali kalau ade. And orang tu smells? Or worse, like to make commentary throughout the movie? Tak ke rasa nak curah air coke kat sbelah. 

This reminded me when I went to watch movie with husband a while back. We got in early, and just about to settle in excitedly waiting for the trailers. Sekali ade bau busuk menerpa kalbu. Jenis mulut tak reti tutup, I asked loudly, "ehhhh... knapa bau stokin busuk ni. Busuk gile" . I honestly thought it just the general smell of the wayang, banyak wayang bau kepam kan. Sekali depanku ade kapel rempit ni, and the guy had just opened his sogging wet shoes and wants to dry off his socks. Tak pasal2 dengar 'luahan' aku die kena pakai balik kasut. Kesian la pulak kan. Aku pulak dah termalu dan terdiam. Tapi jugak tak sanggup nak bau busuk itu.

p/s: All these ramblings, aku malas nak check what sorta error up there. Also aku rase mcm aku dah cerita pasal kesah stokin busuk tu. Lantak la. Tak igt.

Friday, December 24, 2010


I have no mood to type written words because well, I want to type and complain and such and such, but then I really do not care to be one of those bloggers aight.

So I'm gonna put the 2 makhluk berbulu pictures just for fun. *at the time I am typing this, I can hear they are killing each other downstairs and I assume spreading their bulu everywhere*

What is this disgusting looking picture you say? It is a mashed up telur pindang mixed with kicap. I love it. Those who are not familiar with telur pindang, don't like the smell (the taste is not any different from the usual telur rebus, maybe a tad bit 'rempahy'). I however as a Johorean to the core, absolutely love the smell and taste of it. Instead of eating it with nasi beriani, I like to make it as snack and eat as such. My husband nose would crinkled in disgust when he saw this. Maybe because telur pindang could also make you a bit gassy and his nose is just crinkling in disgust in anticipation of what to come. Hoho.

The blurry pic above is of Fasha trying to grab my snack. Fasha have a habit of being very interested in whatever I am eating. Never my husband, it is always me. If I brought home any snacks, even chocolates, and she heard the plastic crinkled as I opened the packaging, she will run like mad and be like this. 

Yups, she will sit in front of me until I finished eating hoping that I would at least give her some crumbs. Yes, I am watching Gossip Girl at the time. And yes, collar pink Fasha tu rupa sungguh mangy. I had changed it to another one more color appropriate to her (silver - blue). She was never suited for pink, but my husband kept on buying pink collar for her.

Bulu perut dah macam biri2

Kurap however is suited for pink, and here she is at her favorite place when I was working from home this past week, (besok tidak, aku datang opis). I think every day for this week, I took her pics in different poses (while I was bored doing work from home) at the same exact place.

Hoh. So sekian entri bergambar pasal kekucing saya. Kalau sudah ade kids jugak, I will make double entries, satu utk kucing satu utk anak.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The world was and is fucked up

I was reading some news, about the brutal killing of a girl and wondered if the world had become more heartless.

Then somehow, I was brought to the memories I had when I was in my primary school, maybe because the name of the victim reminded me of one of the girls in primary. In my all girls school there used to be 2 kids that is mentally handicapped (I am not sure what exactly the correct term, mentally challenged maybe?). One of the kid is a bit obnoxious since she talks and brags a lot and us kids being bratty kids, we looked down on her when we should be more understanding. However, looking back, I don't think that she ever realized that, and if she did she never shows it. I am glad nonetheless that I always had my manners on when I talk to her as young and naive as I was.

The other girl is even more pitiable. Even back then us bratty girls pity her. She is painfully shy. She was a big girl, somewhat disheveled but always with a smile on her face I don't know exactly what her illness might be, just that she is very awkward, smiles a lot, and often you don't really know if she really understand what we are saying. I can't remember of hearing her voice. Maybe she did talked, but it must be rare that I have a problem remembering it. Day by day in school I think she just going through the motion, copying what other does, but never understanding. However even from such a young age, she is what you might called, her body matured. While many of us, were flat chested, she already had big breasts. 

And I can't remember exactly how we know this, but she must have told someone, we heard that a group of boys harassed her after school. Sexually harassed by trying or even got to fondle her boobs. She was depressed for some times after that. And us girls are horrified and angry for her. At the time she was like a 3 year old child stuck in a 12 year old body. And this group of boys thought it would be ok to molest a mentally ill girl. 

So the state of the world even then is just as horrifying as it is now. 

I wondered what happened to those 2 girls. I hope they received a good care that they deserved.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The youngest is the fairest of all

I am still reading Grimm's Fairy Tale. Many of the stories in it that deals with a young man finding a good maiden, if there happens to be a choice to be made among sisters, it is always the youngest of the sister who is the most fair, have the most goodness of heart or the most clever (well rarely a heroine in Grimm's is clever). Wouldn't it be the youngest is the most foolish thus less worthy of a happy ending?
Is it a custom a long ago to view the youngest among all the available women , as the most desirable. What am I asking? In the age of Botox, of course the younger you are the better you are perceived.
Initiall I want to say this in twitter tapi its too long. So mobile blog it goes.

||Sent while on the go. Or on bed.||

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kemalasan berblogging

Its been a while since I blog. Like really blog. Not like some crappy updates. But heck, all I ever do from the beginning is to give crappy updates. And you know what usually hindered me to blog, the thought of finding, editing and uploading pics. When I thought of blogging and updating pictures to it, I always goes like "Malasnyeeeerrrr"  and procrastinate.

I don't know about other people, but even the thought of finding relevant pics on the net kinda put me off blogging. All I want to do is type out random nonsense dammit.

 Then before this I always blog on a work hour. Before that work is unfulfilled and all that boring stuffs. Not that nowadays work is becoming awesome in every way, but I guess I am growing up and I think its more important for me to do the work first. Blogging rase tak senang when you got some codes still not sort out (padahal I got 2 services need sorting out ni tengah blogging ni ape cerita ni). 

Maybe I have time to blog more at home. Well, more later I guess.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Ngomelan yang random

Kucing aku ni taw. Suke betul berbaringan depan monitor and sepak everything on the desk to the floor.

Well, my husband had board the plane. Aku tak hantar ke KLIA because I argued its easier for him to take a taxi rather than I send him to KL Sentral, and he knows KLIA is quite impossible for me. Aku boleh pergi, tapi balik gerenti sesat!

Anyway, its basically me and the cats now. Tak best. Nak pergi rumah my sis la after this. Oh, and I found my Anne of the Island books. Ok. Tak boleh blogging. Dengar kucing2 kat bawah buat ape tah. Hati tak senang kena check apakah makhluk berbulu tu nak destruct kat rumah ni lagi.

Maybe later I'll blog about my Anne books.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Entry yang Emoism

Aku rase nak berenti keje ikut husband pergi Turkmenistan aje la. Stress ok. I was suppose to do some codes that need me to change the date automatically. Do you know how many possibilities there are? How many possibilities of you want to change the start date and end date in many many different way?( added: for multiple records and for various time periods) .  It just feel so complicated and I thought  had finished with that, obviously I didn't so aku emo.

So what I want to do is just sit in a room and mumble incomprehensible things.

And Kurap telah berak di atas karpet. Gah! I couldn't marah her because it is partly my fault since I am much too tired and too lazy to open the back door for her to do her business early this morning. Tapi time aku penat tu lah, time die tak tahan nak berak. And if I didn't have to go back to JB tonight aku basuh je karpet tu sendiri besok pagi. But I do, so the next best thing sebelom karpet tu jadi lagi cilaker, is sending it to a dobi. Which the cost is like perghhhhh. I am not happy with how this Friday start I tell you. 

Well, ada lagi ke mende aku nak emo? Ada kut. My husband going to Turkmenistan this Monday for months and I don't like being alone in a somewhat big house with all those empty rooms all by lonesome. Tengoklah nanti, bile die balik kucing di rumah dari 2 dah jadi 5. Muahahaha. 

Ok lah sambung keje and sambung being emo.

p/s: Fasha been very good girl lately and tak kencing merata sangat. Well at least on places I could see. Sekali aku spring cleaning and jumpa bekas kencing habislah belang itu. And no, you can't really smell her pee unless there is a lot.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ju-on Well

Saje nak tunjuk to Dila ke-creepy-an well at the Kota Lukut yang I mentioned in my earlier post.

Just felt creepy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The entry with all the anni and birthday ramblings.

On the 21st November - It was my birthday. I turned 28. When people asked me how old I am gonna be? I kept waiting for other people to answer my age because after the age of 21, I can no longer keep track of age. Not because I am coy about my age, because while 28 is old-ish to the young, we had yet to reach the middle. Also I am somewhat relieved that a long ago prediction someone made about me that I am gonna get engaged at 25, broken off the engagement at 27 then married at 28 and have 3 kids by 30 and divorced by 31. I have long ago try to see the mathematical possibility of that (the 3 kids in 2 years), but never mind now that because it does not come true.

My husband bought a very early birthday present which I didn't consider as a birthday present :p . But he also bought lilies in a basket (which gives the ethereal elegant lily, somewhat a stout look). But I love him for that ( knowing I like lilies instead of roses but not knowing enough I don't like it in a basket but being sensible because hand bouquet is impractical. When does anything romantic is practical? )

A funny thing is that I asked my husband for nasik lemak and he went out to buy them. I was thinking that he took a really long time to buy the nasik lemak and when he came back I went downstairs to make tea, while he rearranged all the books we bought in our bookcase. I went to the table/bar in the living room where the mails are to look at mails on the table/bar (I am obviously groggy and dazed and slightly insane to look at mails on Sunday). Then I went back again in a zombiefied state of mind to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of my husband asking something and me answering " I can see your mouth moving, but I can't hear anything that comes out of it."  While we sometimes say this to each other jokingly, I really meant it that day. He followed me to the kitchen and asked again , "so do you like the flowers?". I turn my neck to see out at the living room
and voila it seems like out of nowhere there are flowers on the table/bar! Seems that I only noticed the flower after it had been pointed out to me.

That is a long paragraph about noticing flowers. God. It must be tiring to be a writer.

Also, on the 22nd November was our 2nd anniversary. What's more can I say to that? Except I am glad that I am married to a guy who is willing to climb the many steps on a hill

to see crumbling walls.

 Not much to see on the hills to see too. Except for a creepy old well (that reminded me of Ju-on) and walls. The museum is quite nice though. Well maintained and informative enough.Oh. We went to PD just after Raya Korban. Saje2 holiday.

Also on my birthday, we had our anniversary lunch at Delicious at Jln  Tun Razak. Since I always want to go there since from the road it looked so posh and nice and yuppiefied.

My verdict, I don't think so I am going there. Maybe at Midvalley though just for the dessert. 

My comment on the whole affair : 

The ambience was nice and posh and all with all the saxophone playing and rich expats kids playing at a corner and distinguished looking women having their lunch and gossiping. But it was so freaking hot. Maybe it is because we are sitting at the window, stillll? I was so uncomfortable going through the whole meal that I can't quite enjoyed it and thus feeling quite snappish and irritable. And the server gave my onion soup with no soup spoon. Pizza Hut pon I get better service. Bah!

The food was not terrible. My duck spaghettini was nice though I felt it a tad bland, and my husband felt his salmon is no muss and no fuss. Though my drink was great (maybe it was all the heat, but it felt so delicious) and the cheese on top of the onion soup was goood. I guess their specialty really lies in the dessert. My lemon meringue was intensely sour and creamy. I love it. My husband whatever muffin looking thing with the ice cream was delicious too. 

But all that was marred because of the heat. I just felt like getting out quickly of the restaurant. One of the most unpleasant dining experience. I remembered remarking to my husband that I feel more comfortable sitting at a mamak at this hour.

Well. That's that. Anyway its been a week, but things had been a little hectic (little does not even describe it, I felt like hyperventilating when I thought of my work) but I just now manage to finish this post. So happy post anniversary to us.

Okeh nak continue baca komik. Later. Hope I have more time to blog.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Sale - 3rd Round

I swear! This was the last! After all, when I got back to KL it would be over anyway.

We went to the BBW sales, on the way back home to JB. Alang-alang kat tepi highway, I mahu singgah shopping lagi. Well, getting into the South City Plaza was a breeze but getting out to the highway was a nightmare. 

Anyway we got there, and from what I can see a lot of books had been taken up since there are a lot of empty spaces on the table. But that does not deter me in the least. I was planning to buy 5. Hah. Right. In the end I looked at dismay on the amount of books on my bag.

So here's the customary gambar of books.

The above is 16 books, 3 of those are my husband (the Robert Rankin one). And that left 13 books for me. 

Grand total books bought for moi: 50!

Good God y'all. I could start a mini library actually. 

And during the holiday, I manage to finish the painstaking long journey of Charles Stewart (the Georgette Heyer book Royal Escape) at late afternoon after reading it for weeks and finished reading Madeline Wickham  'Cocktail for Three' in the span of 5 hours. I should have brought the Inkheart trilogy and finished Inkdeath once and for all. Holiday = Reading books without interruption for me. 

Lastly, I maybe too late, but Selamat Aidiladha to all. Hope you had a great feast. I sure did, based on the amount of food consumed. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 3 - 2nd Round

Like I said before I want to go again. Initially wanted to go on Tuesday alone, but husband would also like to add a few more books to his collection. So there we go again. 

This time around I have more time to browse the tables. However I noticed a lot of popular authors are not stacked, e.g. Julia Quinn (which I heard people lament that they are not able to find any) and Alexandra Potter.  Jodi Picoult titles, gone too.

If you can spot a cat photobombing my pic.

I think I bought around 21 this time around ( dah upload ni baru nak terkedek-kedek kira buku thru this pic). Oh, and a lot of Charlaine Harris titles too was not there. Oh well, I still manage to find 2 ( I am trying to buy True Blood in chronological order so I won't jump the stories). And found a few that I was considering to buy at some random bookshops a while back. So all is good. 

It got really pening when I goes over to the children section though since I wanted to buy something for my niece and nephews. Now the kids there. My God. They are tearing at the books, like "I want to see this first!" "Nooooo, I wantttt". Some of them run amok and bumped hard into me, which makes me feel like, gahh.

And I found out that it is pretty hard to find books for young girls around the age of 5-8. I think I spent ages there just to find an ok book that I think my niece would like. There's a lot of books for young boys but not enough for young girls. A lot of  books that deals with icky, dirty, smelly, farty type of subjects. So I just settled for a sticker book that also have a story about a girl who turned into chocolate. The story is quite cute.

Now for a closer look of the books are below, sebab aku malas type tajuk. 

The lovely hard cover one near the bottom is Irene Nemirovsky short stories. 

The below is my husband piles. 

The Robert Rankin books look kinda interesting. One of the summary goes like 

"There is big and evil magic abroad upon the face of the Earth. History has been changed. The Germans have won WWII. America is a nuclear wasteland. And worst of all, the breakfast menu at The Wife's Legs Cafe in Brentford is serving Bratwurst rather than the proper big boys' British banger. ". 

Ho yeah. Maybe I'll steal it away and read it. 

So I think that's that for me. No more books. Unless Fables dah keluar. Tapi I had already checked the release date. It will be released in December at the U.S so for it to reach here, most probably next year.

Total books bought at this sale for the 2 days: 37! Waahhh...Tolak books bought for the wee kids, 33. Hoh!

Ah well, I consider it as my early birthday present. Yeay!

No more books. No more books. Heh. 

p/s: Ohhh.. and I am giving out one of the book above to someone. Ini adalah bukan giveaway style blogger popular ok. Ikut suke aku je la sape aku nak bagi.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 1

So I went pretty early in the morning (10.10 am) and leave early too (10.40 am), since its a working day and all.

Basically the below are what I bought. Around 16 books altogether, though one book, I put it in my husband piles so he paid for it. Hehe.

Julia Quinn books disappeared quickly like hot cakes. Its insane I tell you.  When I first spotted them, there's not many left, so I took all the titles (which I don't have), after 10 mins I walked past the table again, its almost gone.

Super happy that I got Ice Station and Area 7 by Matthew Reilly. I love his books. So thrilling. And can't wait to see what's Pompeii all about. I mistakenly thought Robert Harris = Thomas Harris. Different person, but still if the title is Pompeii, I will buy it.

Was looking for other title by Kate Mosse, but only found this. Bah. Maybe next time.

Do I spy Jodi Picault there? An author I swore I won't read because her books are always so dead depressing or so I heard? Buying it for my sister in Qatar. Hope she likes it. And probably I'll read Jodi Picault once and all, to see if her style suit my preference.

The above there is my piles. That's it.

Those are my husband's piles. Aside from the Bourne series, he picked up a few reference books too. So while I am only content to stay in the fiction realm, my husband is sensible enough to buy books that increase actual working knowledge. Some photoshop and engineering valve and pipes and thingamajits stuffs. He is such a nerd. And he got so excited by all those reference books that he was asking me when we can go back again.

My books = 15 books = RM120. 

Husband's loot = Tak kira sebab not my books I don't care + 1 of my book = RM106 ( I think).

And I am like... ITU AJE? Have to go back and BUY MOAR!

Also the below books are NOT from the BBW sales, but from some obscure sales in Ampang Point for some charity stuffs. You should go there if you like old books from old authors, some books ok jugak price. Not as cheap as BBW but still better than the usual.

Now, aside from the Matthew Reilly and some chick lit and Terry Pratchett there (which cost less than RM 8 I think), aren't those books such OLDIES. Just looked at the cover in Couples. I have a weakness for silly teen romance novels. Correction . 1980s silly romance novel. The one that the cover models usually have Farah Fawcett hair. It is such a joy to read, especially after a stressful week or day. And Doctor Zhivago ! ( I don't really mind if the books are torn as long as it is readable and the price matched the condition). God, I hope I CAN read it. It is such a classic, that I know I have to buy the book.

So that's that. After another trip to the BBW sales this weekend or Tuesday (of course I am going again, do you think 16 books can satisfy me?), I hope I can refrain myself from buying more books at least this year or at most the middle of next year. 

If not I have to check myself into some sorta Books Anonymous.

Note : BBW sales is at Souty City Plaza at Seri Kembangan (I think). More info about the sales, you can get here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zombies Apocalypse : White Meat or Dark Meat?

Did not mean that in racial term or disgusting term ( suddenly am reminded of a certain hilarious smut manga).  Had just been watching The Walking Dead and the character said something along the line of "There is no longer, white, nigger or white trash. There is only white meat or dark meat. White meat is the alive and dark is the dead." Excellent series. I implore you to join me in my zombies frenzy and be disgusted together watching the series.

So the question is will you be a zombie or a survivor? So in line with AMC awesome new show. It got me thinking, if say we are in the midst of a zombies apocalypse, how sure are we that we can survive? I mean sure, we saw all these movies that the people somehow manage to dodge all these zombies lunging at them. While random strangers suddenly shrieking, gone down, is now dinner. So why the other people who got eaten, got eaten? Are you following my logic here?

So in various zombies movies rules, here's MY probability predictions if you are more likely to survive or chomp on some poor soul brains.

  • If you are a woman: are you a hooker ?
  • If not, do you sleep around and are proud of it?
  • Are you racist and not afraid to make your view known?
  • Are you incline to be violent or had records/moments of violence? 
  • Are you obese/fat?
  • Were you involved in any way beforehand in the creation of said zombie apocalypse?

If you say yes to any of the above, I'll say about 90% chance you're most probably gonna be lunging around groaning for some fresh meat or fresh meat strewn across the street. 

  • Are you above 19 yrs old? 
  • Are you consider as a minority group/race?
  • Were/was you a hooker/stripper ? Were is the definitive word here. Basically had you resigned from such profession in search for greener pasture before the T-Virus Rage Virus zombie apocalypse came upon us?
  • Do you work in a secret underground office dealing with biological/pharmaceuticals stuffs?
  • Are you a single father with child in tow?
  • Do you have a hero complex?

Do you say yes to any? I say you stand 50-50 chance of surviving.

What about those who stand a very good chance of surviving eh. If you are any of the below, most probably you'll be riding to some forsaken land somewhere while the sun set.

  • In a group of survivor, you are the only teen/child. 
  • You are a single mother with child in tow. 
  • Female with a knack in weaponry. (and moral tendencies) 
  • You have mutant abilities.
  • You are a retired stripper with machine gun as leg. I mean really. If you're dead when you've machine gun as leg, you just got what's coming.

Yeah, I ran out of scenarios after I put mutant abilities there. Feel free to add em!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sume sekarang random la

Sebab bz bebenar and sakit kepala and tension and sebagainye la. 

Currently at office. Which sucks. Nasib baik boss belanja Starbucks. Time2 belanja la you wanna try coffee or frap that you wanna try. So ordered Creme Brulee Macchiato. Btw, hari ini nye promotion buy the Creme Brulee Macchiato, and free one. So my colleague took another one.

Initial plan for this weekend is to go back to JB. But I agreed to work this Friday. So here I am. Mak pon kate, kalau kena kerja takpela. Also, since I am taking a week leave during the Raya Haji,  I think it's only fair I agree for the overtime today. Raya Haji kerja ? Sorry la. Unless arahan daripada Yang Besar Big Boss di Bilik Sana. Kalau terjadi scenario sedemikian, aku bawak je laptop balik JB. And P1 Wimax skali. 

Talking about P1 Wimax, I was cursing the ISP a week back, sebab time aku nak WFH, tetiba signal tu jadi weak boleh? Then I went to my sis house since she have TMNET, it seems the line is insane and macam orang TMNET ade upgrade something kat taman perumahan tu. Gigih jugak demam-demam tu aku pergi mamak nak dapatkan WiFi. Connect to wireless dapat, internet connection; ping pon tak dapat. Emo lah aku di Twitter about P1Wimax and my husband tukang emo skali, because he likes to share my pain like that. 

But the P1 Wimax team in twitter was surprisingly helpful and fast. He gave the account number and they called right away to determine the problem and even calling at 9 pm the next day trying to solve the issue. 
While the signal sometimes makes me wanna tear somebody lungs out, but the service is pretty awesome. 

Oh, and its working ok now. Seems like tetiba the usual place I place my modem, the signal could not be detected. Saiko kan. So what we did is we put the modem at the tingkat 3. Haaa senang. And my husband have to beli wayar kabel yang panjang berjela so it can connect my desktop computer at the 2nd floor. Lecehness. But it works! So I am not gonna complain (much) as long as I get my internet fix. 

Did you know the Walking Dead start today? Awesome? I tried to read the comics. I swear I try, but the absence of color like I am so used and pampered by Fables make me yawn and lose interest. I will give it another try and see if I can get myself interested. By the way, the miniseries of Cinderella of Fables super rawks. I love her character the most, though in real fairy tale tales, I like her the least. You let yourself be push around by 3 people all your life and clean their shits, and you get lucky somehow to get a fairy godmother to give you a makeover and meet the prince. But in Fables, it tells the AFTER of happily ever after. Which gives to so much more kick ass character development. And if you macam malas nak kumpul graphic novel, I tell you, you should consider buying 1001 Nights of Snowfall, which are all kind of awesome. And it is a one-off and prequel to all the characters in Fables. And the news that they are creating another Cinderella of Fables series, is MUCH MORE AWESOME. Tapi, bilakah Fables baru nak keluar ni? Seems like I had been waiting forever!

Ok. Kite bersambung nanti.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random pics with actual words written underneath!

Am feeling a bit blank inside, so let's rev up this blog by starting small eh.

The hardware/lighting store at Bukit Antarabangsa was having some sorta clearance sale, and some of the things being sold are quite cheap. While I much more prefer a standing lamp, but I can't help myself to just like this lamp, and it cost around RM49.90.

Saw it on Saturday, and I mentioned to husband on how incredibly nice it look. (For me, taste kamu aku tataw). I like the lampshade and its color since it gives a 70ish retro vibe which I like. My husband said lets think about it.

So on Sunday, I obviously still thought of it, so husband bought it and currently are placed beside my computer. Because there is no room for it downstairs. Also the safest place for the moment, because the cats aren't likely to make some flying leap stunts in this area. ( One of our wedding frame and a seterika had been broken because of their stunts). Though Kurap spent some time looking around and up the lamp, she didn't touch it. Merely just sniff the thing.

One of the things that we bought from Sarawak, is this Pop Ice stuffs. If you can see it state "Es Blended". 

So last weekend, I remembered I had those and some big bag of ice cubes in the freezer. Took out the blender (yes, the one I blended sambal in. But I rarely blended sambal and even if I did, I occasionally rinse the blender with lemon so the smell and taste of sambal and belacan had then be purified) and blended one of those powdered stuff, mixed with ice and water. The one that I blended was a durian flavor one. It was a bit sweet as usual but taste surprisingly good. You know the ice cream potong durian, it tasted exactly like that.

The one that left is melon, vanilla latte and avocado. I am so trying out the avocado next.

With the parking rates up, some of us in the office are feeling the pinch a bit. Of course in my quest to be and look healthy, where in my step one is eating more leafy greens, I had now upped my green intake. So senang I combined frugalness and healthiness benefit into one,  by bringing salad as my lunch. The Cold Storage at the office downstairs sometimes sell their salad cheap and I bought several. It is easy to make salad, especially since Dila perkenalkan what the salad spinner is all about. Haha. Fail aku. But really, I don't have to wait considerable time to drain the salads. So bagus jugak ye product tu Dila. Hehe.

We'll see how long it will last. I may made it to every other week, because eating salad every day can bore the taste bud and I may grow sick of it. 

But I had been bringing salad 3 days in a row now, and still loving it. I think the awesomeness of the taste lies in the dressing. I usually paired mine with some italian dressing and thousand island. Today because the packet I bought had some caesar sauce in it included, so I used that. And tak kesah la it is not healthy to pile on the dressing, ikut suke la yek but be moderate. BTW I ate my salad with a chopstick. Easier to pick those lettuce yang besar2 tu and easier to clean. Kalau fork ade aje dangling bits jatuh sana sini ( adakah aku makan macam budak kecik ).

I do have some fondness of some Burger King, but maybe I can hold it off til Friday.

Ok. Itu sahaja update untuk hari ni. Nak pergi Arzu la to check their anak tudung nye line. I still like Arzu (cause I think the price is still reasonable).

So.... mari feel a bit more cheerful. Fake cheers to ya!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Am not feeling well.

Which is the reason on the lack of posts and tweets. 

I was just remarking on I had just used up only a day of my medical leave. Tak reti aku nak gi jumpa doktor pura2 sakit y'all. Zaman call center dulu adalah, kerna gigih interview sana sini. So kenalah utilize mc. Hehe. 
So tetiba this week, demam and selsema, jenis wants to curl up into a ball and have morbid thoughts if I am gonna die la. So dapat la chalked up another day of MC for this year.

Dah la kucing-kucing tak membantu. Kucing gemok semalam emo pasal ape tah. So die kena kurung kat belakang. Kucing belang duk merayau-rayau and since I opened my window to get fresh air into my phlegm infested chest, she then after who knows what hour, crept in and slept right next to me. Dan bangun pukul 6 sebab lapar. Which is then kucing gemok berlari masuk when I opened the pintu belakang to let kucing belang to eat. So kucing gemok occupied the end spot of the bed from 6 am to 9 am. Gile precise aku nak chronicle cerita pasal kucing-kucing aku. Makes you wonder if I have kids I am gonna be as banal. 

So this weekend, duduk rumah main computer game aje. Am currently obsessed with Chocolatier games. Not as fun as Plants vs Zombies, tapi engaging juga.

And I still haven't watch last week Supernatural. Its been kinda a bit of a blah to me lately. So does Gossip Girl. I am over the whole Chuck and Blair things.

I think my cough is scaring the office. And the flu is highly contagious, my sis house almost the whole house demam and selsema, including the 2 baby boys, walaupon tadek rupa selsema. Berlari2 seperti biasa, except ade hingus meleleh sekali. Maybe my husband turn pulak nanti kena. Did I mentioned he was ever so kind to dash out and buy those Kool Fever at midnight yesterday, because I kept on tossing and turning and complaining how uncomfortable I am because of the fever and flu. Am rarely gushy (muntah darah pls), but your wife really appreciate it. Sebab after he tepek the Kool Fever on my forehead, I went straight to sleep.

Hikhik. Ugh, kenapa masih bukan pukul 6pm. Head hurts whenever I cough. I have to hold my head while coughing which makes I look like some kind of escaped asylum lunatics who kept hearing voices in head, but really are just really sick and delusional.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You can say it is a warmup to Big Bad Wolf sales

Its not the Big Bad Wolf sales yet. Nor is it Penguins. But the price is pretty sweet too. I bought the above books at Ampang Park, since they seems to have some kind of book clearance or warehouse sales in the middle of the lobby.

The above :
  • James Patterson: 7th Heaven - RM10
  • James Patterson: 8th Confession - RM10
  • Phillipa Gregory: The Constant Princess -RM10 (which is nice, because I 'd been looking for this book)
  • Nick Hornby: A Long Way Down - RM10
  • The History of Love by Nicole Krauss- RM10
  • The Wonder Spot by Melissa Banks - RM5
  • Home School by Charles Webb - RM5
  • A Cloistered War by Maisie Duncan - RM3
  • Easy Baking - (some baking recipes and how tos. That is not pictured) - RM12.

Pretty awesome so far I think. The above authors are those I recognized and like their works (excepting for Maisie Duncan, but I always like stories on WW2), there are other books by authors like Garth Nix, Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris, Danielle Steele, John Grisham and a few others. 

There's only a few tables laid out with books stacked on them, but I am pretty happy with my haul so far. And Adek and Sue can still make it. Hehe. Sampai 30th ke or 31st. And they seems to be replenishing books whenever there is an empty spot.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random blabs

Work is making me hyperventilate a bit. Boleh tak boss2 besar di EU sana jangan celebrate kate byk 'pass' dulu. Walaupon it means 'good' for me, tapi kenapa aku rase macam banyak lagiiiii jee mendeee yang tak betulll. ****. (ditapis kerna baru teringat I got some kids reading my blog)

UMNO princess spouting nonsensical things are making my day. I mean, it really couldn't get more lulzy than that. <- However nothing so far can top the whole 'how ketat does the kebaya/skirt for pramugari should be' debate long time ago. Fucken pervs. (ops)

I think I swallowed some tiny splinters from some lousy chopsticks.

I would kill for a sushi. Maybe this weekend ke husband? Or my birthday is a sushi-palooza for me. Gile awal planning, birthday sebulan lagi to the day.

Proses diet bermula. Its not fun I tell you. The urge to eat sinful things is just too bad. 

Proses exercise belom lagi. Gile malas.

Fasha berjaya telah melepaskan diri dari rumah. She's thrilled I tell you. Kurap not so thrilled sebab die gemok and kenot lepas the opening. So early morning she was being all needy and whiny and NOISY, macam tak puas hati why she was left alone and demanded to be scratched til her heart content. 

Udah, udah. Balik keje.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A friend lost

On Friday night, I couldn't sleep. My husband was away and as usual, it took me a while to get myself to close my eyes. So also as usual, before going to sleep, I checked FB. 

I was shocked to then saw the news of my friend passing due to cancer. He was an ex-schoolmate of mine. And he is now gone. It is heartbreaking to lost him so early in life, so suddenly. I'd been thinking if I should write about him. Then, I know I have to. I would loathe it if one day my memory of him would fade. So if it ever did, this blog post would remain.

Many people know him as one of the best young photographer around. If you ever seen his picture, I am sure you would agree. Even to my very amateurish eyes, his work was amazingly beautiful. He could find beauty in front of him and enhance it for us to appreciate. His talent would be sorely missed.

But for many of us, he was a friend. In our batch, he was the youngest. We are the child of 82s. He was a child of 83s. So we always joked around he is the 'adik' in the batch. My memory of him in school is just a simple memory. He was asking me curiously what I always carried around in my bag and he was gobsmacked when I laughingly shown the many, many things in there.

We do not become great friends. But among the many friends in school, he was one of the few who make the effort to keep in touch. For that I am grateful but I also wish I can make the time for the buka puasa last Ramadhan. I wish I had remembered to invite you. I wish I had make more of an effort. But that is all that left now. Empty wishes and regrets.

But for its worth, he was a good friend. Always went out of his way in asking an introverted me, how I am doing. He was a good late night conversationalist when I need to keep awake to watch the computer, and he needs to be awake for his exam.  That is just my story. On how good a friend he is. Other people stories might be as simple and nice or nicer because I know he had touched many lives wherever he had gone. So to lose a person like him, is heartbreaking to many of us.

Taufiq, your friends miss you and we certainly mourn you. I can't even imagine the pain your family and your beloved are facing right now. May God be with them in this hard time. We know you are in a better place and Allah loves you more. 


You'll be remembered in my prayers.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amidst it all

I was reading the reviews on 'I Spit On Your Grave' and horrifyingly despite the reviewers pleas to not fall into the producers expectations; incredibly bad reviews to draw audiences out to see if its as bad as they say, I am a little intrigued. 

Is it as bad as they say it is? Does the film only portray violence and nothing of value can come out of it? I noticed at first that Roger Ebert was disgusted by movies by Tarantino and movies like Kick Ass, where he said the movies just promote senseless violence. While in other reviews I found out that the reviewers are saying movies are depicting senseless violence because it is senseless. Violence nowadays is senseless. 

So what exactly the movie should be? Should it portrayed the reality of senseless violence or bring a moral value or food for thoughts to the viewers to think about violence? Where does the line of portraying and promoting comes in? 

And I am torn either way. I do think the violence and graphic sex need not be shown. Old movies does not showed it, and I think they give wonderful performances and audience know exactly the passion and feelings of the scene without those scenes. 

Long ago, a kiss on the screen was considered as taboo. Cleavage can only be shown just a hint of it. (and in Malay cinemas I think we are going a backwards instead of 'forward', more sexiness was shown then rather than now). Nowadays for an actress to get a first best actress nomination ,they must at least show boobs to show their commitment to their roles (what gives?). Then, full frontal male nudity is not usually shown, but it is slowly getting there. So when I have kids, I will expect a full on sex show during family hours clearly showing vags and poles? ( And True Blood is not a show you want to watch with the whole family eh?)

I may watch my zombies flick and B rated movies about monsters eating humans, however... I have to say I squirmed whenever I watch movie in the like of Saw or Hostel. I hate torture porn. Yes, that's what it called. Torture porn. But I have to wonder too, if the other movies (of zombies and monsters) is the same thing. Fantasy violence is still violence.So where do you draw the line? When you squirmed watching it or when you enjoyed watching it? And why are you (and me) so proud when we say that we enjoyed watching these kinda things?

I mean there's ego, trolling... and there is just plain enjoyment. Like you wouldn't mind doing that to another person. And don't answer egotistically in the comments saying "I can watch Saw while eating and shagging a kitten.". I mean really... if you found yourself enjoying them, aren't you a little afraid of yourself? 

p/s: Nampak gaya long blog post can now only be done during cuti.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been a while

I'd been sometimes updating there but not much, well lately not much here to.

They're gonna increase the parking rates here. Which suckss...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I love Sungai Wang

Cute dresses for less than RM50 for both. Less than RM40 even. Precisely RM31.80. (And I am totally loving the cute black and red dress there with the belt. Yes, the belt came together yet separate )

Not picture is a wifebeater shirt (RM5) for toiling away in the house. And why is it called a wifebeater? I always pictured K-Fed when I saw the word. Which comes to mind in the imagination that he hit Britney. But of course I know he don't. But the over-imaginative imagination is because of the wifebeater shirt he like wearing so much.

Maybe the clothes you wear does give the impression that you beat people up, even if you are just a big pu... erm wuss. 

p/s: I don't wear short dresses outside, but I like to layer them when I do.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

What I do today (kemudian I rambles)

Hari ini saya pergi main violin. Tengok-tengok jari, kuku panjang macam cik ponti. Pegang satu string pon macam pegang 2 string. 

Balik-balik buat brunch dan makan sambil menonton Vampire Diaries. Saya officially declare Vampire Diaries is far superior. True Blood sekarang banyak bergantung dengan 'shock factor'. 

Selepas sesi bermalasan habis, proses membasuh tempat kucing dan dapur bermula. 

Bah. This listing out of daily activities is tedious. Let just say, the place got cleaned ok. 

Also, macam mana tah I FB search an ex, and was surprised to see him there. And WHY am I surprised? Hello Dils! You're not the only one who knows how to get connected ok? (talking to myself in the first person and changing it to a third person and change it to a second person , make me feel like I am somewhat mentally disturbed). 

So if you found out he/she had add your friends as their friends and not added you? When he/she is not even in the same circles as your friends? How'd that make you feel eh? No secret I got a few exes, and I found them at FB and I gathered they must've known I'm in FB too, I wondered if they also took a peek and goes something like Robin in HIMYM ... "Finished with that.." or worse ..."God, she got ugly, glad I'm finished with that."

And why I myself do not want to add them in FB? I don't know. I guess I myself am not incline to add them as friend. I am sure as glad we are not friend now, and I am not going to pretend that I like having them as my friend now, even FB friend. However, there are a few exes that I don't mind to keep in touch with because like I said, its over and done with and there is no hard feelings now between the both of us. Except for some spiteful times that I like to twist the knife so to say, and make some bitchy remark. But honestly, I wish them well. Only I also wish I am MORE well. Kan kan kan? 

But I already rehash the above. Some end well, some not so. I guess the not so, I don't like to be reminded of them. But I hope they wish me well too.

Got to go. Makan,makan,makan.

p/s: I haven't step on the weigh scale ever since Raya. Am afraid too....

p/s 2: My God. My cats are noisy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Random burst blogging on a Friday

I think Effi called it burst blogging? 

I hope, hope, hope, that we don't have to work this weekend. Though the RM350 per day thing is kinda a sweet deal for all the hassle eh. 

Nak bercutiiii laaaa.... silalah dengar jeritan kuuu... (padahal baru je balik dari beraya)

So if my husband jadi pindah Turkmenistan, he said there is familiarization session where the company would pay the expenses of the trip for the spouse to see if the spouse thinks they can move there. I am so going on that familiarization session. Kalau die jadi pindah Turkmenistan la kan. So other that, tadek berita lagi so kenot tanye me any more because I don't know any more. 

Tapi I asked my husband "Turkmenistanye internet ok tak?" . He replied in the negative. My reply towards moving was also in the negative. Throw me anywhere, desert, jungle, but if there is internet, I am happy. 

And also live in a country where if I order books overseas, I wouldn't received my books riddle with holes. 

Yesterday before I went to sleep, I read one of Peejburhan expose mistik blog posts. Went to sleep with the 2 cats curled at my feet. Woke up around 4 am because I felt like there is something bouncing on my bed violently. My first thought was pocong, boleh? I woke up at 4 freaking a.m because I felt something was bouncing around the bed and my first thought is pocong? I then groggily thought to myself that it is ridiculous then took a pillow and libas the pillow at the 2 sparring cats who thought that having a smackdown at 4 a.m on top of their owners is a good idea.

Its Friday y'all! Nak continue debug pulak :(

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheese McShaker Fries

Bought tickets to Resident Evil 3D for tomorrow and seperti biasa, if I singgah at the GSC in Midvalley mesti pegi McDonald. Macam tak cukup McDonald kat area KL ni.

Order the usual mcvalue lunch yada, yada. Then am somewhat surprised to see the Cheese McShaker fries. Aku tak pernah perasan promo pon?

Shake some of it on my fries and I kinda yelped a bit. Argh.... mcm cheetos.

See that orangey powdery stuffs. Pure powdered Cheetos there.

Taste the same and make your fingers go orange. I love Cheetos. It does taste ok together. Tapi it felt so unnatural and wrong... Macam too unhealthy. Haa! Too unhealthy konon. Padahal fries together with melted cheese and chillies (those grounded beefs with red sauce itu) boleh je makan. Though in my defense I ate it once and never attempted to order it again because I fear for my thighs and heart.

What is wrong here?

And when am I gonna start my healthy lunch time food again?

This blog post is not brought by McDonald.

Monday, September 27, 2010

From the office to home

Things I spotted. Or heard. 

1. On the way to the car in the car park at Gardens, I heard a cat mewing. Looked for it everywhere, but can't find it. If found, rumah ni will have an additional cat pulak. Hope it was just someone ringtone, but if someone left a cat in a car park, I'll be pissed. 

2. While switching lane to go to another lane, seekor BMW who was driving on a emergency lane (it was not jam pon, setakat 30-40kmph punyer slow aje) duk sibuk high beam so that he does not have to go through the hassle of slowing down and go fast instead into the lane I am coming into. Menyampah siots. I don't know if he had an emergency ongoing, but somehow I doubt so. So I ignore him. People like that can lick their own asses. 

3. Saw a guy on a motorcycle in a rain with cardboard box wrapped around his body with duct tapes. Awesome. Then saw another guy riding in the rain with a clear umbrella zigzagging on an empty street. It is almost romantic.

Ready, Set, Blog!



Well, I tried. Monday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It takes some time to readjust to working non-bulan puasa again. You're not as hungry as during lunch, but you're sure as heck wanting to get a big dinner after work. The mentality to always go home early is still there, while I manage to get out of the office door at 6.45pm, today I am resolute to go back at 6.15pm since I think I had closed down a respectable amount of defects and I have some shopping to do. And I still loathe to go back late. Not unless the bosses goes "The DEADLINE is NEAR. FINISH yer work, yer lazy lass". Tah bile boss aku jadi Scottish pon aku tataw. 

However I sure missed having breakfast, and chowing down on some kueh keria or home made peanut butter sandwich with my cup of coffee or tea and reading blogs, sure is a great start of the day. Bliss is the simple things in life. And one of those things is breakfast. For weekend, I like to munch my heavy breakfast (if I am incline to go out and tapau) or my light breakfast (if I can only muster to pour myself a cereal) or my so-so breakfast (fried sausages, scrambled eggs, the usual) while watching my teen-angst series in the morning. 

Well, that's that. Now I had filled my head with delicious breakfast foods, I am itching to get some food for teas pulak. I am thinking keropok lekor. Used to be when my office was at Maju Junction, senang je nak pergi beli keropok lekor since dekat dengan Jalan TAR. Keropok lekor kat Midvalley? Boleh save bayar duit parking kut untuk puas hati makan.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A cat bag is fine too.

A cat bag actually. My mom recently asked if I wanted to kirim a Prada bag since it is on sale in Qatar and my sis can get it cheap. While I love Prada, the shoes, clothes, bags... All are amazing and lovely. But even at 60% off I've to fork out half my month salary to something like that.
I lagi rela beli beg yg ade motif kucing rege RM20 from Bintulu y'all. My husband offer untuk belanja a big pink plastic Swatch watch that I'd been eyeing tapi rase bersalah pulak. So I hunt up a big pink plastic watch everywhere and found one at Wangsa Walk mall that cost only RM15. Lagipun I can also buy a big yellow watch later guilt free kan.
So the point of this post: adakah aku magnanimous, economical ataupon a cheapo?

p/s: am back at kl!

Sent on the go. Or on bed.

Friday, September 03, 2010

I really had not been updating much aight?

Like I said before, bile puasa ni malas je nak belog. Either I am too busy or too sleepy. Pick your pick. 

Anyway, selamat menyambut Aidilfitri (just in case I stay silent for the whole 2 weeks pulak). 

This year, I am finally going to Sarawak for the raya celebration. It's going to be a whole new experience to a city girl like me. So this weekend am going to be packing my things for balik kampung. So tomorrow I'll be setting up a list how many jeans, pants, undies, baju kurung that can last me for around a week. My husband is half complaining that is too short for a holiday raya? Too short? Ade sekali tu aku tak cuti raya lagi ok. Malam sebelum raya balik, and raya ketiga dah go back to KL dah. 

The kittehs would be sent to pet boarding. The pet boarding near our house is very,very good, but expensive. We need to spend RM400 if we opt for the place. Urgh, pengsan. So we found someone farther away who can board the kittehs for half the price and from what we see and the information given, it seems ok. Also they have pick up service. Awesome. Tengok Kurap and Fasha lepas raya depressed ke tidak.

As for other persiapan raya, beli la je la ape yang patut. Baju I am going to pick it up this weekend. Entah macam mana la rupanye since its the first time hantar baju di situ. But I am not the type to FREAK.OUT. if there is any minor mistake in the dress. Time kahwin lain ok. I or YOU need to FREAK. OUT if they mess up your wedding dress . Or like in my case, my tailor suddenly went AWOL and tutup kedai and uncontactable. Gile stress time tu, if you old readers can remember eh? Nasib baik things turned out fine after that.

As for the makan-makan for raya. Aku sempat baked cookies wooo. Sedap tu sedap. Tapiiii . Yes tapi tu mesti ada bile bab cooking ni. Ade je part tak jadik. The cookies tak brape naik. So jadi la cookies yang leper. Hahaha. Takpe. Asal boleh makan. I don't know yet if I have the energy to go another round of baking this weekend. My husaband the kuih we had is enough already.  In term of Raya dishes, God, I hope my MIL would not expect me to cook for the raya dishes? Nasi goreng boleh lah? Heck, aku rase kalau aku raya sensorang, nasi goreng kampung is awesome enough to be my raya dish. I heart nasi goreng kampung. Close second is nasi goreng ikan masin (if they also put some kailan in it). Hoi, sudah2 cerita pasal nasi goreng pukul 9 pagi time puasa ni boleh?

Hmmm. Ok lah. Nak kena buat kerja. Malas betul. It'd always been like this. Bile dekat cuti je, kerja sume jadi banyak and super important.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning thoughts

I guess many knows about the commotions regarding the plan to build a mosque, nay! A prayer hall (surau) near the Ground Zero. I am not gonna comment on that. The comments and thoughts on blog Effi is enough to satisfy you (and I like that many commenters there are nice enough to not be an Internet asshole and agree to disagree).

What I am thinking of the many comments saying religion is the cause of war. 

Is it? 

I am always on the thought that economy (power and money) is the main reason. Religion, is just an excuse they are throwing to rile the pious commoners up to fight the war that they are waging while the perpetrator who thought of war sat nicely on their plump cushion looking at maps while trying not to yawn and the commoners are the one with the blood on their hands . The Crusades? Yes it is waged by the Church and the kings in Europe. Yes, it is about conquering of Jerusalem. But all I see is a control on a much revered holy site where if won brings them control on economy from pilgrims. Control on economy = Money =  Power. T\

But hey, I am just deducting from what I know and it kinda irked me that people dismisses religion as bothersome and cited this is the reason why there are wars in the world. I am sure there are a few misguided leaders citing religion as the cause and start a war. However from what I learned enough of the past wars it is an act of control over power and economy. They only needed a reason to conjure up to give these men at arms reason to kill each other. 

So the fault of fighting for religion instead fall on the commoners?

I remembered the documentary regarding Pol Pot,  where the leader of a secret police division were interviewed and(kinda like Gestapo) is now living in seclusion. What he said, touched me. I can't find the interview but from what I can remember it goes in the line of. "Pol Pot maybe the leader. But many people here (who reported supposed traitors and caused many innocent people to be shot and hang) never even knew who Pol Pot is or what is their agenda. Yet we killed each other anyway. We are to blame too"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some blahs

At the usual place here:

Last week ade, tapi aku malas gile nak post sini. Bulan puasa ni pikir nak balik je... Hehehe. Balik makan, nom nom nom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bla bla bla

I got the most undesirable itch to shop.

Its like once I had unleash the will to shop, I could not contain it. It had consumed me.I was doing considerably well before. Never really caring to shop but nowadays, I feel like I need to spend.

Before this I mentioned I want to buy some shoes. I manage to stop myself, though the head keep telling that shoes must be bought. Nothing seems to match with the shoes I have now. The shoes must be bought! I manage to contain the shoe temptations, but the other day foray to the Curve is too much for me to resist temptations to buy a new bag I had been eyeing before (what is the correct spelling for eyeing? Or is that not a word?). It is like you suppress one leak and another sprung up from another hole. Hermm... that can be taken wrongly, but apt enough. So got a bag, much to the annoyance of my husband who is thinking that the house can only contain so much bags. At least he doesn't have to pay for them eh. 

Also I am not the only one who love bags in the house. Fasha like them too. I left one of those reusable shopping bag on the floor and she had a great time going in and out of the bag and twisting her head around the bag handles. 

Hmmm. Yesterday, I went through the whole day thinking it was Wednesday. Only time buka puasa that it dawned on me that it was Thursday. I got quite giddy then on the thought that today is Friday! Woohoo! But that's that. Friday, then come Monday again. But what to do then the weekend? I guess household chores! Since tidak berpuasa, inilah masanye kan. And perhaps baking some raya cookies. Kalau jadi. The last raya cookies I try to make, the cookies was so hard it can be made into a weapon.

I am feeling a bit out of it the past week. I think even the past few weeks. I guess it shows in the entries. Unless I got my rage on eh? Even books pon I am only reading it disinterestedly. Apekahhh maknanye ini??? 

Sooo getting out of the me, me, me in this post (what else I ever talk pon).... I am coming up with nada. Even the news I am reading make me yawn. The kes buang bayi ni pon, while I hated the pictures, many people certainly have better views and words on them. I think it stems from culture. Our culture who frowns upon unwed mothers. Our culture who would like the youth to think that children is only possible after marriage. Our culture who oppose the sex education and in turn failing to educate and protect the youth.

I remembered a guy in my secondary school who was supposedly called by the teachers because a teacher found a condom in his wallet. I was thinking then, hey, at least he knows the risk enough to wear a condom and not embarrassed to buy one. I also remembered a few months back, I went into a pharmacy and I was standing next to 2 boys in their late teens (I think they're in college or at the very least form 5) looking through the condoms and feeling bewildered by the wide selection. Hehehe.

Tiba-tiba mahu char kuey teow. Tadek kaitan langsung.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some people are idiots

I was browsing through the videos of the Pasar Ramadhan Jasin tragedy, and I am positively angry at some comments that goes in the line of this - " mungkin ade pengajaran di sini, di mana dalam asyik meniaga jangan lupakan ibadah." The usual of maybe those poor people who's trying to make an honest living there deserved it.

What a load of self righteous crap. Its the same like what Effi complaints on some people bullshits of the Bukit Antarabangsa tanah runtuh. Penduduk situ berjudi la, maksiat la. And now, orang yang berniaga pon kena tuduh tinggal ibadah.

I wonder sometimes on the thoughts process of such people making silly accusations and assumptions. I think those who made comments like these had been reading too much Mastika. I wonder what kind of craps they are going to go with it to go with their so called 'pengajaran'. Peniaga2 di situ menjual mende tidak halal? Peniaga2 di situ main poker sebelum puting beliung? Grrr.

Can't you just sympathize, offer Al Fatihah and move on with your life without making silly assumptions whenever God use nature to take men away.

Selamat berpuasa! Ranting over and I am moving with my life. Starting with menyidai baju.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Bile tiba bulan puasa, mesti busy melampau. Sampai kena keje weekend ni. Haih.

And the not best thing about working weekend during puasa month is that we will be missing out the company's treat. Other than that, I can deal. Heh.

I could use the extra vacation time though.

And did you notice that the price of the kueh mueh is 50 cents a piece now. Hoh. And some of the kueh, don't need that much of a sugar anyway. Even just buying a few stuffs at pasar ramadhan can bleed you dry nowadays. But you just can't help it aight. Which is why homemade food is always better. And which is why I am going to buy some mata kucing myself and boiled loads of its during the weekend for some thirst quenchers. And try to cook as often as I can. Right. Unless I find some chrysanthemums tea or air jagung. Or kerabut perut. Hmmmmm. I just can't help myself there. 

Kepala rasa empty. Later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Post for the other blog

In the mean time, I'll also give you this photo

Nasi Itik BBQ  

At Hj Sharin Low. Duck! Now if only I can fins goose to eat next. But never foie gras.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dil's Lament

My boss said need to undo the change I did yesterday, so the system will be stable since I haven't finished yet what I had done.

Then he said no need to undo after I had undo (deleted ALL entries) all the work that I had done yesterday. The one that make me stay at the office til 9pm. T_T

No. I am not ranting. Not angry. Just really, really frustrated.

Goddamit I am gonna buy some shoes. And McDonalds.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

About the 2 cats

 Gamba Kurap sebagai penyeri entri walhal the star of the entri adalah Fasha. Fasha pic is at the other camera ok. Ni aku amik dari twitpic je. Senang.

My husband and I had decided to lock up the kittehs at the back of the house. We had set aside at the back a place for the kittehs.Since the grills are not enough to lock them away my husband had nailed some iron wire mesh. The reason why is because Fasha is becoming a menace to society. Basically she likes to pee everywhere else except the litterbox or even grass. On my shoes, on the side of the fan. And we are a bit (very) afraid if she peed in the neighbours house. So before the neighborhoods rally, put Fasha in a sack and throw her somewhere else, something needed to be done. For her own benefit.

So the main thing is the peeing and the other thing is the bad habit in going through other neighbor kitchen trash ( we tried feeding her everything else, she still like human food that is bad for her. Don't even try to eat any bakeries stuff in front of her, she will try to sit on your shoulder to munch on your muffins . My sister suspect she was a human and cursed to be a cat). We manage to break the rampant peeing temporarily and it came back again. And we are trying to break her habit by locking her up with the litter box right in front of her. Kurap is just guilty by association.

And the kittehs do not like it. 

The first day being locked up at the back of the house I think they got a tad bit depressed. When my husband came back, they refused to budge from their cage. 

The second day, Kurap manage to get away by wriggling out of a small opening while Fasha made a mistake by wriggling out to the kitchen instead and she's trapped there. 

The third day is non existent because my husband forgot to close the window and Fasha manage to sniff out the fresh air outside. Hah! And now Fasha refused to come back until she feels like it. 

Kurap is of course very manja, is contented to follow us around. Only if we went to work, she got a little bit restless being left all alone. But at 5 to 6 pm, she will be waiting at the front door, waiting to get into the house. Fasha will not step into the house unless she have a new gecko lizard she wants to show us.

(Did I mentioned that last weekend, I had just cleaned up Fasha puke consisting of mushy stuff and one lizard head. Fun stuffs)

So now ... well let see how well it turned out. If all else fail, I can always put Fasha in diapers. 

p/s: And yes, I tried punishment, treats, putting 2 litter boxes to separate them, but everything seems to fail. And the problem not physical either. So that leave behavioral.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Post tiada tujuan

Oh satu minggu yang amat busy ni, kurang sikit busy hari jumaat. Muehehe. I loike. Tak masuk akal ape aku type ni.
Oh aku dah start main third position in the violin which I like. Ape itu third position? Welll.... mcm mana aku nak explain ni.

Ok. Before this when playing, my fingers are place at the red area, now I am learning to play at the green area.

Perbezaan adalah kecil pada mata pandangan. Tetapi my pinkie finger does not have to suffer much in that green area and I can move my fingers comfortably. While in the red area, kadang-kadang lepas habis lesson tu cramp fingers aku. And aku terpaksa flex my fingers slowly back to its natural straight position.  Obvs. I. AM. NOT. DOIN. IT. RITE.

Speaking of violin, I am thrilled. THRILLED I tell you, that my husband had agreed to rent a lorry from JB to KL for us to get my organ and our wedding bed. Now the organ would not be left languishing gathering dust at JB. And my mom can't wait to get rid of the bed since it is taking a lot of space in the little bedroom below. My mom said all of us bile balik raya can sleep on duvet aje. Hehehe.

Eh. Nak pergi berjalan-jalan kat Midvalley la.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Putting in word verification

Because the spam is getting a bit ridiculous. Before this it was once a week, which I can deal. Now it is around 2 or 3 times a day. 

And honestly? Does any of the spams really work ? Especially now? It boggles the mind. 

Very, very busy this week. No mood to blog. But still feeling like adding a couple of words in. 

I read recently about some bloggers calling Nuffnang racist. Personally I don't think so ( the winners are deserving of their prize because the quality and thoughts put into it clearly shows) , though I do think that Nuffnang is a bit bias in term of the people they keep on handing exclusive invites to. But hey, I don't care. See Nuffnang in my blog? No. I tried it once and just felt like I can't blog. Sekarang pon rase cannot blog jugak, tak boleh blame Nuffnang jugak kan? Heh. 

It is a personal choice what kinda things you want to do with your blog and if you want to generate money from it. Sure thing. But if the purpose of you blogging is to get money, then I guess you can get pretty bitter from your writing. Hence the accusation to Nuffnang. Do I think Nuffnang bias? Yes. Do I think they are being unfair? No. Its the nature of business. Do the bloggers who want their blog to be about money and prizes are thinking that instead of its a privilege, it is their rights? Then they are the idiots because they are not thinking business-wise too. 

So blog and be free. *mode ala-ala hippie sambil melepaskan dove ke angkasa*

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