Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some people are idiots

I was browsing through the videos of the Pasar Ramadhan Jasin tragedy, and I am positively angry at some comments that goes in the line of this - " mungkin ade pengajaran di sini, di mana dalam asyik meniaga jangan lupakan ibadah." The usual of maybe those poor people who's trying to make an honest living there deserved it.

What a load of self righteous crap. Its the same like what Effi complaints on some people bullshits of the Bukit Antarabangsa tanah runtuh. Penduduk situ berjudi la, maksiat la. And now, orang yang berniaga pon kena tuduh tinggal ibadah.

I wonder sometimes on the thoughts process of such people making silly accusations and assumptions. I think those who made comments like these had been reading too much Mastika. I wonder what kind of craps they are going to go with it to go with their so called 'pengajaran'. Peniaga2 di situ menjual mende tidak halal? Peniaga2 di situ main poker sebelum puting beliung? Grrr.

Can't you just sympathize, offer Al Fatihah and move on with your life without making silly assumptions whenever God use nature to take men away.

Selamat berpuasa! Ranting over and I am moving with my life. Starting with menyidai baju.


Anonymous said...

emm.. ade betulnye kate org tu.. kenape kite nak rase tersinggung pulak kat sini.. diorg yg ade kat tempat kejadian bukan kite.. btol x? if u want to know itulah typical melayu.. jugde org no. 1.. diri die x penah cermin.. yang kite nak rase heran tu kenape? x payah highlight lg bagus.. sebab nampak sgt u suke jage tepi kain org. hahahaha.. 2x5=5x2.. g bukak buku sejarah islam balik kak.. bukan buku text sek menengah tapi yang peringkat phd punye.. tq

Obefiend Weiland said...

i dont hate god. i just hate their fanclubs

the main problem with organised religion is everything must have a meaning. you lost RM20 while shopping? Maybe you bought something that is membazir. so god took the 20 from us as pengajaran

seriously...... do we need to THEOLOANALYSE (new term.. analysing everything from religious perspective) everything.

but hey.. you cannot be a good religious person if you refuse to theoanalyse. me? i think things just happen the old saying

"shit happens"

trying to find the dosa connected to the tragedy is a waste of my already low intellect


[re-arrange] said...

Damn dils u got urself a hater! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lepas ni ada obefiend versi pompuan? LOLOL.

huiiii encik/cik anon sampai kena bukak buku sejarah yek? Tahap PHD? WOW.



Dils said...

I quoted you here
"diorg yg ade kat tempat kejadian bukan kite"

I think I had not made the post clear in saying that the comments are actually from some people commenting in youtube. Bukan orang yang kena interview or mereka di tempat kejadian. Yes, they are entitled to their opinions, walaupon I wish people would not be so quick to jump to opinions in the realm of 'buruk sangka'. Tapi so am I to give opinions about other people opinions.

Jaga tepi kain orang? If that what you called reading the news and looking through the video that happened to be in youtube. But hey, to each their own opinion of the definition "menjaga tepi kain orang".

Isn't it?

Linking a certain tragedy to a hypothetical dosa that people don't even know these people commit, seems to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Shit happens is what I categorize it. It just happened to be in the midst of people gathering to sell and buy goods. I remembered a ribut taufan warning yesterday up north. But the video seems to show puting beliung.

And I'm I old fashioned (retro!). I still called youtube clips as video.

Hahaha.... female obefiend?
Aku kenot be bothered to research and bring up various pics and links for my posts. Just so happened this ranting seems to struck a nerve in a soul.

And I don't welcome trolls in ma blog. Hahaha.

Also I LOL at "buku peringkat phd".

Maybe I should. Right after I reorganize my wardrobe. And feed my kittehs. If I can find exactly what kinda books are that. Definitely not on my library of zombies and chick lit books.

Asrol said...

hahahaha. caya lah dila. aku quote re-arrange disitu, u got urself a hater! hahaha.

kepada anon, ape yg ko merepek nih ha bingai?

to dils,
I have wrote about this in my blog ages ago, and that is why i didn't believe much in karma. kalo seorang makcik tua sakit, sure org kate sure makcik nih masa muda dulu die penah buat bende tak baik. WTF? Pembalasan atas muka bumi nih, dan jgk cubaan adalah hak mutlak Allah. Sape lah kite nak decide yg cubaan keatas seorang umat tuh adalah disebabkan oleh sekian2.

Soraya Zainal said...

i second you dila..

dari dulu lagi aku menyampah bile bace pasal any incident, mesti ade freak yang cakap ni mesti sebab diorg x semayang sebelum berniaga, buat dosa besar.. etc...

i wish they can shut up and symphatize for the sake of the deceased's family.

sape kite untuk judge itu hukuman tuhan atau tidak?

P/s: my word verification = ciabes. CIA Best? haha

mangifera said...

bagi aku, orang mati bulan puasa beb...lepas seksa kubur tu. at least for 20+ days, no beating on their sorry ass for their sinful activities during their life. which is a good thing.

looking at another perspective of religion la kan of the above statement. :P

anyway, i found it distasteful when people saying whatever happened because God wills it. Well, if that so, why God even give you brain to think? Cause He giving you hint and like saying it to you;

Dude, you got it wrong. Re-do it again.

A disaster is a sign for us to think, for things that we could do better. I think God is not as revengeful as you think but rather a mindful teacher and wise facilitator that showing ways to human life.

Lost of life? let just say it's needed to keep the balance.

Yeah, despise me but I see silver lining on the dark cloud, rationally.

mangifera said...

Anon: kenapa terasa? were you one of the commentator? if so, go fuck yourself and maybe you will feel His wrath upon your sorry. You ain't God for God sake. Who are you to judge God?

Dils said...

Senang kate jaga sikit mulut or what kinda words you want to say regarding dosa orang lain. Unless you know for a certain. Itu pon tak tentu you really know for certain.

Oh betul. Senyap2 je la kan. Kalau terjadi kat diri sendiri or family, mesti tak sedap dengar mende2 camtuh.

I looked at it as death is certain and unexpected. Who would've guess they would meet death in that way.

Dengar jugak mati di bulan Ramadhan, hari jumaat many says is a good day to go to if death came a visit.

Ita Shadila said...

aku nak komen mende lain.. lepas baca komen2 ni.. aku nak cakap tahniah!! u got urself a haters!!! ahahaha.. n as usual haters mmg tader *bleeep* konfem guna anon

anyway.. back 2 my point.. yup, betul.. knapa nak tuduh x tentu pasal.. ko sedekah fatihah skali pun dah ok, dapat pahala

Dils said...

yeahh! Haters! Dapat jugak sorang. Hehe.

Betul, betul, betul. Buruk sangka tul. Aku rase Mastika la ni (aku buruk sangka kat Mastika) antara penyebab yg mencetuskan idea2 mcm ni.

Anasfadilah said...

wah dils!ada pembenci! tahniah.

kepada anon:selamat berpuasa di bulan ramadhan,jangan tinggal ibadah wajib ye,doa banyak-banyak malapetaka tak bertemu dengan kita,InsyaAllah.amin.

good day to u and u and u :D

p/s:mungkin aku kene denggi pasal ada dedulu tak ganti pose ke apa kan,insaf disituuu!hahaha padan muka aku.

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