Monday, November 08, 2004

The Last Night of Puasa in UTP

I am writing my blog here? why becoz currently there is notInternet UTP.. Yeah.. Actually there is internet in UTP, only that hell..only we can accessed Friendster, elearning, utusan and just the google pgLife is boring.. because non existent of Internet? Perhaps.. that can be a factorOr Do I suddenly realized I am actually a very lonely person. I dont know.. the thoughts r frightening. I wanna write continuously about nothing.. Thats why so few of u out there know my blog..Perhaps i will give the add later to Marquis.. But later.. not now.. before I graduate I guess..And ppls will see how dreadfully boring I really am.
I have this crazy resolution that I wanna slim down. Why? I just hate the incessant dig and snide ofme gaining weight. I dont mind "oh.. berat u dah naik" kinda remark..But the constant remark on my gaining weight, and other things sometimes pisses me off. I am not THAT beauty conciousBut.. hey gals r vain.. we r beauty concious.. (most of us anyway).. and this remark can hurt us in littleways some ppls wont imagine. I dont hold it against em.. I am just tired of hearing it.. Thats all.. I meant think if I told u everyday that you have this incredible looking thing that looks like a growth on ur face..Would YOU like it?
I am a pretty nice genial , happy go lucky, trying to think positive about someone kinda person. But sometimesI slip.. and I guess.. ppls slip too when it comes to me. I hurt back the ppls who hurt me.. Thats whut I do. If theydont.. I really2 do like em.. But sometimes.. pelik laks why some ppls can be so 'hurtful'.
oh well..Now.. the hols are drawing closer.. my student days are ending.. it is sad.. it is numbing.. I will be leaving a placeI called home, I will be leaving countless friends, I will be leaving the ever famous UTP MIRC NETWORK, I will be leaving ppls I care about, I will be leaving the environment that had come dear to me, I will be leaving life of weekends at the movie,late night eating out, laughing uproariously at my friends antic, chatting till the wee hour of the morning, taking long nap in the afternoon... I will be going to a life called working life.. AND I JUST KNOW I WILL GAIN WEIGHT AGAIN ..argh~

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