Friday, October 31, 2008

I am cursed!

Warning: This is a post full of expletives and swearing. If you think your sense and sensibilities might be offended, go elsewhere.

Fuck! Fuck! Double fuck! Double fuck does not even cover this. This is like a humongous loads piles of fuck waiting to just flatten you. Or already had.

The thorne of trauma in my life now is the boutique that supposedly to be handling my wedding dress had fucking dissapeared. Gah! Gah! Gah! This is a situation so fitting to panic. I want to panic. Maybe I am panicking. God! I need a paper bag to breath through.

The gist is, the dress should had siap like last weekend. But I went back to JB. So I decide to go back on Tuesday to amik the dress. Then it fucking close. Ok enough. Then I went back on Wednesday and Thursday. The light is on, but the door is locked. You also have no idea how many times I called and called but the calls went unanswered. On Thursday (yesterday), it seems like the shop is in dishevelled state. Magazines piled up in the middle of the stores. And most of the rack of clothes is gone is except for 1 or 2. I left a note. The owner didn't yet called. I came again just now and the kedai is fucking empty! Only last month I went and jalan-jalan in front of the shop it is operating per usual.

OMG! I feel like puking. I called my fiance to inform the fucked up state of this situation. I also quickly made up my mind to go to Plan B is which buy a ready made dress or sewa one. Oh God. My friends would know how I loathe to sewa a dress. And I feel I may rage on my wedding day if I have to wear a sewa dress on my freaking wedding day. Contratry to popular belief after finding the shop empty, I did not have an epic bitch moment or lose my shit right there and then. I went walking. The upside of working at Jalan TAR is there are loads of kedai kain, so I walked around in daze and walked around and around in Harrisons and Alina's like some dumbwit trying to sort through an acceptable alternative to this horrible situation.

It is too late to make a wedding dress. But it can happens via loads of money! But I couldn't find yet any acceptable kain or baju on that particular color to ganti back that baju. And I traipsed all the way to Kuala Terengganu and dragging Lini while berpeluh-peluh to search for my kain. And bukannye murah ok kain tu! And this is what happened! If I could sobs here and now, I would.

Why would the owner would do this? Apakah die sudah bangkrap and mahu tutup kedai? Wouldn't it be possible to call all her clienteles to give back their kain? And their deposit is such sungguh mahal ok for them to treat their customers as such? OMG. Adakah die pindah kedai or renovate? If that's the case wouldn't you put up some kind of note on your premise saying you had moved and such such and give your contact details or forwarding address so fellow customers would not go berserk! Takkan tak reti buat business kut. Orang jual todi pon tulis notice kalau die nak gi cuti or move elsewhere!

Or adakah die telah give up menjahit and probably say "Fuck this, I am selling all these fuckers clothes off and quitting sewing. I want to jet off travelling around the world". Or could she possibly died??? If she did, any contact number or notice of death would also be necessary kan? I do not have any sympathy if I do not know the real reason ok!!!

Fuck la kan. I am so pissed. Miranda said in SATC "There's a 'shit motherfucker, fuck shit' situation?" . This situation warrants a Shit. Motherfucker. Fuck. Shit.

Oh and save your preaches. I am here to complain and would calmly proceed to see what can be done in the next few days (and if you guys have any suggestion where or who can help us would also be very helpful). But this is the place for me to rant. And probably to my girlfriends later where we would rant together. Ugh. I need to lie down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pening la


So currently I am distributing my kad kawin. And it is becoming a bother on who I want to invite and not invite or who to distribute card too. Pening laaa.

So I turned to Friendster, and that does helps a lot but not so much. I mean la kan, if somebody change their name or nick to something like "SweetGirl", ade aku pedulik ke nak click-click banyak2 names tu to check who you are. Then they choose to be all witty kekononnye and put nonsensical thing in place of schools and workplace dan tak upload gamba plak tuh. Tension.

And there's a lot of people (relatives) that I have to give by hand tapi macam tak sempat je. *Run around in panic* Gah! Gah!

Pastu kan.... kad macam tak cukup jeeeeeee. So kalau sesiapa yang tak dapat card tu and got the online version or SMS je (mmg nak kena pelangkung), mintak ampun yaa. Gomen ne. Jangan majuk2 yeee. I am prioritizing on the cards and any one of you who are getting married or had gotten married will surely understand if I said I run out of card ok. The priorities are of course the relatives, the jirans, the somewhat relatives (my BFFs) and of course those who had sent to me your wedding invitation cards.

Thus I am not actually extending an open invitation in my blog. Silly la kan. Its like inviting the whole WWW which encompasses billions. (While the reality is my readers are like less than 10). Wahahaha. Anyhow to my 10 or so readers, do drop me an email on your address for the cards.. Of course these include only for readers I know of (That also include you Jannah, I am inviting you! Drop me an email!) or people I already knew. Don't be mad if I send you the online version eh?

p/s: One ofmy BFFs just told me she can't come because of work. I am very, very, very sad! But I totally understand of course. But she'll try to make it before or after the wedding to see me in a while :) Happy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kitty Woe is on Me

So my fiance went to Miri for a couple a days, so I was being given temporary custodial right for our kitten.

However I totally phailed at the job as she is now at a vet under observation as she fell from the first floor to the ground floor. I was playing with her and stopped for a while. Before this she was playing around, running around madly at the first floor near the stairs. Then she stood still for a while in front of my sister's door. I took a step toward her and guess that she took it as a sign that playtime start again she went around running madly that she didn't realize the gap near the stairs and fell right through.

Oh, oh, oh. My heart breaks even remembering that horrific sight now. My brother called out "Kucing kau jatuh! Tengkuk die macam patah" (Your cat fell. Her neck looks like broken). I rushed downstairs and found her writhing around in pain, her neck looks stiff and kinda twisted. I was in sobs. I took her upstairs and lie her on top of me. She somehow twist back her neck and still yowling painfully. Then I took her back to my room and call a vet. He told me what to do and I rubbed her with gamat and bundled her up in towel and kain batik. For a while, I was just staring at this tiny wisp of a kitten fearing that she would die right in front of me.

Somehow she just lie there so still that I keep on checking if she was still breathing. She make a sudden movement once in a while, but it is apparent all she wants to do is lie still. I guess I was in tears so much that my sister persuaded my brother in law to give me a ride and brought her to a 24 hour vet. Where she is still there now :(

She had been given X Ray and blood test and so far things had been good. But not better. Her movement is still shaky, she is so stressed out that things had not improve and we are fearing she might have some spinal injury that may cause her hind leg to not function properly and the doctor tell me with all her serious face "If that happens, the prognosis is not good". My heart dropped further.

I am so so so sad. Perhaps not many people understand why anyone would pay so much or worry so much about a pet, and I only have her for a couple of weeks. But she is so precious and lovable. She feels like family :(

Ok. I am even in tears writing this post. My fiance is not so much :P He said it is weird to see me yang hati so kental to cry. Gah! What do men knows. Hahaha. (Tah2 die pon nangis ok... )

Anyway let's hope she gets better aight! Pray for her and cross your fingers! We will be going to the vet later on to see her again.

Oh and her name is Fasha Sandha. Hahaha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am a glorified freeloader and loving every moment of it

Boss nak blanjer dinner tapi kena tolak sebab kena jumpa photographer hari ni. I can't postpone again la kan? ( Dah postpone before as kena stayback at office for a while) Nanti orang cakap janji Melayu and even though I am Melayu and usually I am on time and try my damnedest to be there, so tu pon janji Melayu jugak tu. Cuma yang ni adalah, janji Melayu yang bukan hampesh. Hahahaha... tak masuk sense.

Gah! SO I MISSED OUT CHILLIES FOR PELITA MAMAK? You! Yes, you yang komplen bile I cakap ade dinner FREE. Tremble for your life (or ears) tonight.

:P . Pelita makanan die tak best.

Owh... btw. Bestnye able to meet again the lovely buddies. Can we do that every week? Hahaha. Susah la kan especially nowadays everyone seems to be so busy. I am so sad! But rase lupa trouble in life when meeting up with the girls again.

And at least I manage to singgah at Yong's open house on Friday to distribute my wedding invitations. Before stepping onto Yong apartment complex, I took a deep breath. Then after stepping out. I let out a big breath that makes me dizzy with relief and.... and ape? It's always hard to meet up with old friends again. Especially those that we haven't seen in the longest time. To put up a smiling and jolly facade. And especially to those that had seen your life topsy turvy. Or the one that make your life topsy turvy?

But like I said meeting up with the girls and laughing like a hyenas ignoring all disapproving eyes seems like the next best thing to receiving a billion dollar or perhaps mind shattering sex? Hahaha . But the gist in this paragraph is, all it takes is for some really uproarious laughing and all is well with MY world now.

p/s: Pelita makanan die tak best.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


There's a scene in the Stardust movie that I love, where Yvaine dance with Tristan. While Tristan whirl and whirl her around in his arms, Yvaine kept on glowing brighter and brighter.

I guess some glow the brightest where only the blind remain unseen. While some only those with the keenest eyes can detect that glow.

Hmmmm. I want to watch Stardust again.

p/s: Bosannye kena keje hari ni. Kalu tak dah habis dah 3 4 rumah round beraya.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tataw nak letak ape kat sini...

Well, seems like it had been some time yeps, when I last update. I can offer no excuse. I just don't feel particularly typey.

Oh... my weekend was spent on watching Angels and buying some things. And I guess trying to watch the series I acquired. So much to do, so little time. Even with so many things to watch, I am still trying to see how I can get myself a Felicity box set. And that 70s show. Huhuhu, and perhaps some collection boxsets of BBC period dramas? Heeeee.

Damn it. I feel like going back to Vietnam to just buy dvd box set. Its crazy cheap there. Here, we have to pay more than RM50 for a season. Over there, its less than RM150 for the whole series seasons. Usually around RM 120 or sometimes less. Depends on how many seasons are there, as the more they are, the higher the price as it only means there would be more DVDs.

What's more, they stored the whole season in 1 DVD only. Gile best OK. And in such a nice lovely compact case... See my Angel here.


So nipis one for the whole freaking series seasons (Season 1 - 5). I bought these box sets on my 2nd trip there. The first time I bought my series dvds in Vietnam, there is no slim box sets. Most of them are kinda like the one we can get in Malaysia. But still cheaper! And they gave you a box. Unlike here where...


Nak amik gamba pon cam tak bermaya je kaver camni

And Malaysia put themselves as the no 1 provider of pirated stuffs? Ptuiii! I am so tempted to buy a ticket to Ho Chi Minh for just buying DVDs. Sape nak join??

Tagged Raya pulak from Some and Kak Mel

Berapa pasang baju raya anda tahun ini dan kaler apakah?
Baju Raya tahun ni ade 2 - 1 is actually for the office, alang2 pakai je time raya. I like baju kurung. One is kain yg telah diberi oleh fiance's mom so buat je la. Nanti raye haji pakai kat sana. Both is baju kurung. Tidak bergitu gemar baju kebaya.

Apakah makanan raya tradisional kegemaran anda?
Sayur lodeh. Especially laden with sambal kacang and sambal sotong. Satay goreng mak adalah sangat best apabila dimakan bersama ketupat or nasik impit or even in sayur lodeh. Also Masak Lemak Perut adalah semestinye dimakan banyak2 with sayur lodeh or ketupat. Beriani my mom made for raya pon sangat best. Especially dhalca and ayam panggang. And acar rampai. Laksa johor where I would topped the laksa lavishly with sambal belacan. Lapaaaanyeeeee tatkala menaip ini. That is what my mom usually cook for the first and second raya and alllll is favorite la. There are a few other dishes too but kate favorite kan. Mana tak berat badan bertambah balik raya. Gilo.

Dulu ade soto and lemang. But dibeli or dibuat oleh arwah nenek and datuk. They are both gone now, so the raya food lessening. Sedih kan?

Apakah biskut raya kegemaran anda?
I used to like Bahulu. But not many places yang ade sedap. So dah kurang gemar. Tart nenas sangat suke. I also like ALL kuih raya at rumah Mak Nah (I am kinda vague on the exact relations). Almost all are homemade and very delicious. Adik beradik sume macam excited je bile pegi umah Mak Nah thinking of the biskut raya there. Bile balik dari situ, balang2 kueh raya rumah Mak Nah are either empty or almost empty. Gile mentekedarah and tak taw malu betul.

Berapa banyak duit raya anda dapat n spend untuk bagi kepada budak-budak?
Anak buah dapat lebey dr RM10, sometimes RM50 pon. Bergantung kepada kekayaan. Tahun ni sume decrease okeh. Makcik tadek duit. Kazen mazen either got RM10 or Rm5 depends how big and small they are. Yang lain2 tu RM2 cukup la kan. My mom, maids at the house tu tinggi sikit la dapat.

Apakah aktiviti malam raya korang?
Duduk umah tengok dvd.

Nak tag kat.. sesape yang nak jawab dalam my comments box.

p/s: Pictures taken from my new camera. My first camera. Squeal! It is for hantaran though, so testing2 baru. Habis la. Lepas ni jadilah camwhore blog (CB). Haha.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Aku binci new transport procedure ituh. Gah! Dah la tak kasik guidance pastuh leceh plak tuh pastuh nak sound je lebey. Mencie mencie.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thou shalt have flood in thou abode

For the second time.


So, my brother and I manage to avoid the massive jam known as the long public hols crawl on the North South Highway. Just when I think I can jump onto my beloved bed, alas its not to be. Because somehow karma thinks I was a bitch and gave me retribution in a sort of a flood. In my room. Only in my room. Somehow the water pipe overhead of my room is feeling leaky and decided to leak itself all over my room.

Hmmmm... Understandably I am feeling crap. Pissy at no one in particular. Incredibly frustrated at this happening again in a different house, different time, same circumstances. Did I mention again how crappy I am feeling? Let me just say it once more with a feeling. Crap.

However my sister asked me to be grateful. I, of course did no such thing and proceeded to bang and clatter and throw everything in sight. Did I also mention that I can have a pretty epic bitch moments whenever certain opportunity arises. Well... I feel this situation is a fitting opportunity indeed.

So after the meltdown and 2 or 3 episodes of Angel. My particular feeling of ravaging the world somewhat subsided. So I guess my sister is right that I should be grateful.

Let me count the ways on how grateful should I be.

1. Unlike last time, I am grateful that the water is not as deep and travel as far as the other rooms (my room enough should be dandy k) and floor is not ruined completely compare to the last time it happened at the apartment. To my sister who's the co-owner of the house, the floor is somewhat ruined, but not so bad la. Maybe we should take pictures?

2. The water only covered somewhat half of my room and only half of the flooring is somewhat ruined. It also covered a quarter of the landing area next to the staircase.

3. The leaky pipes is kind enough only to leak water on top of cupboards which it then proceeded to soak my clothes and underwears. Gah! My wonderful and some kinda expensive clothes!

4. The clothes are only damp and not discolored (I may need to check that out thoroughly to make sure). Half of my wardrobe are currently being dried out. I am grateful that half of my wardrobe are stored elsewhere or I may be forced to go to work in inappropriate clothes.

5. I am grateful that I do not store my bags there. Clothes can be dried up. Bags leceh sikit and have 70% chance to be ruined.

6. I am also very grateful that I do not store my barang hantaran there.

7. My brother in law was present to uncover this disaster and proceeded with the maid to clean up my room. I actually needed to do the post cleanup only. So yeah, I am very grateful for that ( I meant that in a non sarcastic way).

8. I have a fiance now who will help me to move heavy objects around and some intense scrubbing and mopping this weekend for post cleanup galore!

9. Perhaps this a way of exercise to burn some hari raya lemakness.

10. Unlike last time, my books are spared. Which I am very, very grateful. As books will be completely ruined when come in contact fully with water. Not to mention my books altogether macam sama mahal dengan my clothes.

11. My bed is not damp but only my comforter and some pillows are .

12. My room smelled all damp and musty. But with the help of some industrial strength air freshener its not so bad. Only occasional musty smell pervades sometimes. Maybe I can imagine I am in a cave.

13. At least I am not the person yang pening2 who have to fork out money for the repair works. Hmmm... but I am not looking forward for the repair works. Barang2 di bilik adalah sangat banyak untuk dialih.

Hmmmm... and also some of my sheeps and baby lambs are also victims. Sobs!

See here. This is Saiful. He had been discolored by the mini flood. I didn't post the before pictures. So I gave him a little bath to make him all whitey again.


Hmmm... oh.. and why did I called him Saiful?


Thursday, October 02, 2008

What did I do during the 1st Raya?

I watched the first season of Angel. Oh. I love Doyle. I think its the Irish brogue accent. It seems the character was played by Glenn Quinn who's an Irish. Hmmmm... I seems to have a thing for guys with Scottish or Irish accent. Well, Doyle character was not long. About 9 eps. Why, why, why did his character have to be killed of?

Then I looked in to see what other movies and series he had done, I was stunned to find that he died of heroin overdose few years back. It seems that he was having problem with drugs and this is one of the reason he had problems getting/committing to work. Pity.

I feel like rewatching Angels eps with only Doyle episodes in it. Must not be that mad...

Hmmmm.... I doubt I will be so free today as at my home, people start visiting during the 2nd Raya.

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