Monday, September 27, 2010

From the office to home

Things I spotted. Or heard. 

1. On the way to the car in the car park at Gardens, I heard a cat mewing. Looked for it everywhere, but can't find it. If found, rumah ni will have an additional cat pulak. Hope it was just someone ringtone, but if someone left a cat in a car park, I'll be pissed. 

2. While switching lane to go to another lane, seekor BMW who was driving on a emergency lane (it was not jam pon, setakat 30-40kmph punyer slow aje) duk sibuk high beam so that he does not have to go through the hassle of slowing down and go fast instead into the lane I am coming into. Menyampah siots. I don't know if he had an emergency ongoing, but somehow I doubt so. So I ignore him. People like that can lick their own asses. 

3. Saw a guy on a motorcycle in a rain with cardboard box wrapped around his body with duct tapes. Awesome. Then saw another guy riding in the rain with a clear umbrella zigzagging on an empty street. It is almost romantic.

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