Thursday, October 19, 2006

No niceties

I am pissed today. I am not feeling well. I am just feeling pissed for no reason. So whatever.

And... Jeeezzz. I don't feel like blogging. I felt like ....

I don't know what to feel anymore. It is no use. Yups yups. Whatever the use of it.. what's the use of feeling.

Hahaha.. How morbid. I will laugh tomorrow. No doubt. But my laugh ... it wouldn't be the same right? Its not the same as my laugh... 2 or 3 years ago? And it is not the same laugh as you would laugh? Whatev. I would laugh. Everyone change. But instead of metamorphising to big beautiful multi colored dainty butterfly. I think of myself... of more of a big fat caterpillar munching on tasteless leaves looking at other butterflies going from flower to flower. Not changing. Not flying.

I see everyone is happy and content. Hurmph. I wish.. I could have that sense of contentment.. or happiness. Just a lil bit. But I do, of course... all I need to do is just watch TV.

Sometimes I wonder.. at the obvious lovey dovey feeling that my friends exhibit. You know.. the eye sparkle, the voice softer.. whenever they saw their loved one or talk to their loved one.

I wonder... how they could do that. How they could have that feeling. That floating elatedness thinking the world is beautiful , loving somebody that you knew without a doubt you want to spend the rest of their life with em . I envy them to the point of almost hating them. But trying so hard to be a relatively nice and good friend, I push that venomous thought aside and just not think about it. And continue to watch TV.

The thing is.. I see... things are not well. At all.

On a lighter note or compeletely sane and everyday topic, I would be going back to JB tomorrow. So Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Stuffing yourselves with good many lemak-y , oily food and kueh / kek raya goodies and Happy Journeying back to kampung.

Anyway, I had not yet pack for balik kampung. Grrrrrr.. And I have to go back by bus via Pudu. I don't mind going via bus. I enjoy it in fact. The fact of sitting and not having to talk to anyone for 5 ++ hours thrill me to no end. But Pudu.. gaaahhhh.. I hate Pudu. The smoke. The freaky looking people. The dark and gloomy place.

And I need to stuff my baju kurung into my bag. My beautiful, crease free baju kurung....stuff into my bag. *GASP*. How cruel. Since all my sisters are married now, no one is going back to JB on first raya. So I need to bring all my chosen worldly possesion for raya-ing. I also am wavering on what DVD I should bring back. I can't bring them all... I got nothing to do on Raya and waiting for Raya. Might as well finish the many DVDs of series and Jdos bought but never watched.

Well.. no cards from me this year people. I am too lazy. Whatev.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Series

Hello. The haze is decidedly better than yesterday. And the road are less congested today since Selangor cuti. So it had been a pretty nice morning.

I was anticipating a few new series and of course some ol series back for the fall. I had started before on Greys Anatomy and Shark. God, I sound dull. Anyway....


This show is not very popular I think. But I quite like it. It is about a family on a run because their father is framed for murder and wanted by the police. The father wanting to prove his innocence, changed the whole family identity asking his children to chant their new identities while they make a run across the States to hide and also start a new but fake life. Doing this, he hoping that he could prove his innocence in time before they are found out.

It is basically a family drama and have it little plot and twist. Also with the kids starting in school it gave the drama its light hearted moment. Kinda like Everwood meet Prison Break: Manhunt.


Most of the guys I know like this series. The slight icky goriness factor , the multiple storylines, the questions arises after each episode end should appeal to some.

The stories is about few individuals, (strangely mostly at U.S) who recently discovered they have superpower. The power ranges from reading mind, flying and being indestructible. Kinda like these people had evolved into the next level, therefore they would have special abilities. A story on how the cope, adapt, accept and what they need to do with their power.

Each person have their own stories. And only two or three characters had now been communicating with each other. It would be interesting to see on how they would come together and what they need to do to prevent apocalypse or a bomb going off in New York.. (that is so apparent), and who is the perpetrator.

I have high hope on this series and was a bit letdown since this show is all gritty and I can hardly remember anyone with a sense of humour in this drama. But it is certainly very interesting. (And maybe I will wait to see if any one of them will develop a sense of humour).

Ugly Betty

This show is a surprising hit. Even for me. Sure I know its going to be corny as hell and as unbelievable as I will be a supermodel. But it is rather good and funny and heartwarming.

Betty work in this great Vogue-like magazine publishing company as the assistant to the editor in chief. She got her job, because of her look and of course the boss boss; which is also the boss father,at the company hired her since her boss is an ultimate player/womanizer. So Betty a plain (very plain) girl, with bad hair and dress disastrously, have to go through the very vicious office politics that is teeming with girls looking like models while helping her also newly position boss to make their magz "Mode" a success.

America Ferrera is a tremendous actress to make Betty as sympathetic, wonderful, sweet yet aggressive at times. And Daniel (Eric Mabius)is hawt! Yups yups. He is obviously hawt. The cast in the series give stellar performance. I can just imagine Vanessa Williams acting with glee on her villain role. They gave such over the top acting, that sometimes I am clutching my side cause of laughing.

And also the thing, I found myself kept watching out for.. is whenever Salma Hayek appears in the telenovela that Betty family always kept on watching. That is hilarious. I want more of that.... If Salma Hayek somehow are googling this. Continue the thing with the telenovela with you starring in it!! That itself push the show points in leaps. This should be the new drama-comedy.

Okay. I think.. is this the new series I found myself watching? Hmmm.. not much. But Ok enough. I don't have enough time to watch some of them anyway.

I continue briefly with 2 of MY most anticipated show season premiere of..

Veronica Mars

It come out as any other Veronica Mars episode. Great episode. I am kinda weirded out with the whole black eye shadow in sunny days thingies. But hey.. whatever suit you.

The first episode introduce us to some new cast. But let's not get ahead. In this episode, I am glad they threw away the concept of flashback such as episode 1 season 2. Those are kinda confusing.

Veronica Mars started out in college, all in lovey dovey embrace of Logan and with her Scooby gang in tow (Mac and Wallace). Just after the words "not pissed off anyone" are uttered, she manage to pissed off her T.A and got herself a brand new mystery. Wallace new roomie, Piz (Chris Lowell) had all his worldly possession stolen. Piz reluctantly at first (but reluctance disappear as soon as he sees Veronica), gave the case to Veronica. Her sleuthing skills yet again proving to the viewer had not gone amiss in college. First episode also launches the first big mystery where we saw last Mac roomie Parker(Julie Gonzalo), the boy crazy big time tease, are screaming and crying at the mirror finding herself bald. No.. she is not freaking out because she had become bald. (Though I would understand any girl would scream if that does happen too). She is now one of the victim of the on-going rape case in the college campus (as those who had seen Season 2).

Nothing much to comment. Everything in place. Stellar cast, witty , snarky comments, great characters. Got to say the newcomers rawks! I like Piz (Yes.. he is hawt). He reminded me of a puppy dog eager to please whenever he see Veronica. Logan will have a serious contender! Parker is cute, bubbly sweet, sunny beaming like girl. But I am sure as the show progress the cute bubbly sweet thang Parker would be replace with a darker personality seeing the first episode. Hope they would not change her persona that much. She brings different ....zing to the series.

Gilmore Girls

Ah.. Gilmore Girls.

Even more less to say.. With the exit of Amy Sherman Palladino, people are anxious to see if the show would still have its ...charisma.

We are back seeing Lorelai feeling immensely guilty and yet so wanting for it to be over after she slept with Christopher. (I am the minority who like Lorelai with Christopher. No. I don't like Luke.. and Yes. I know the show is bound to bind Lorelai and Luke together since this combination are so popular with everybody). Rory finds herself mulling over a gift Logan left. So basically in true Gilmore Girl style episode, its all about mulling and few side dramas provided by the resident of Star Hollow.

What? It sounds boring? Yeah.. it does eh a bit. And I have to agree that the dialogue, is somewhat, limpid. Yeps. Limpid is the word. Not totally weak. But it sounds... slow. This are what make the shows so endearing to their viewers. The dialogue that ricochets off the wall that you can hardly kept up. But this episode.. is like.. Humrph.

I am not ready to yet set Dan Rosenthal as being a complete moron at his job and not meeting up the standard as Amy Sherman Palladino did. I would still continue to watch with my fingers cross, hoping it would better and faster. It can be that it just an episode.. where they just mulls.

Owh. My fingers hurt. I haven't type so much in my blog for so long.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple and Apple and Rotten Apple

You know what pisses me off.

" Why does brand X product is much more cheaper than your product?"
How would I know. I am not the people "up there" who tentukan the price. If I do, I will not be sitting here answering your question.

" Between brand X and brand Y, which is better and what should I purchase?"
Why oh why are you asking me in the first place? I am working for brand Y company. OF COURSE I will say you need to purchase our product and our product can bring you thousand of pleasure.

" I lost my CD, how can I reinstall my product?"
Well.... the answer is in the question I am about to ask you.. if you bought a vacuum cleaner. And you lost it. Do you come back to the manufacturer demanded they do something about it?

" Your company had acted dishonestly. I was promised a discount!! I had purchased the product and manipulated into believing it will cost cheaper.. I want my discount now!!"
Buying discounted product anywhere lesson 101: For any purchase, online, money order, if in the page you are looking at the price have * or "note" next to it, and they are offering a discount, always look into any extra details or the Term and Condition and the expiry date. We hate to point out your stupidity.

" No. I want one <insert preferred nationality> help me ar. Do not wan <insert detested nationality>. That people are idiots and they spik vely bad English!! I don unddistan what the hell they tawk about one. Why can't I spik to <insert preferred nationality>? I wan help now!! or I spik to ur boss."
No. If we could we had help you despite your very bad English and deafening shout. Thus, we need to bring you to the correct place to get help. But we are so glad anyway that we can't help you.

No. That is not the response I would give. Even though those are the one that goes through my mind whenever I am face with this.

I feel tired.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The entry without my spec

I am now typing this without my spectacles. Well.. nooo.I haven't start wearing contact lense again. I lost my spectacles when I was sleeping. I fell asleep yesterday. SHeer exhaustion from overeating. Hahaha. Ehem. Anyway. So if I fell asleep without any of the necessary preparation of going to sleep... you know, eye cream, brush hair, glass of milo and a book on my lap. That means.. I fell asleep while still wearing the spectacles.

I woke up. It isn't there. I think my sis or mom maybe had taken em off. Ad put them somewhere where I can't see or find.

It make me think that this is the time I long for a contact lense. Iused to wear one. No fear. I am not such a geek. It was during my industrial internship. So I can afford to get one. But when I got back to UTP again, it get kinda tiring (having to continuously take it off and on since my sleep hour was erratic) and expensive.

Now, with a steady job (I hope), the thought had flit my mind once in a while. But I also have a condition called astigmatism which is a pain if wearing contact lense. The light at night will become so blurred and glaring that I doubt I can drive that much. But if I want to, I'm sure I can work something out.

Its boring nonetheless if I eery decide to wear contact lense.. Some people prefer me with my specs. I guess they are familiar with the ol look that endears me to them. Is it? Hahaha.. well, I don't know. Some people are pestering e to get contact, saying you will look so much better. without the spec. Some opinion you can laught it off. Some are just... at times.. you are left wondering if they are right.

I prefer wearing specs actually. Easy,/ No need to put a sheet of plastic thingies on my eyeball and peel it off everyday. Not to mention , such a pain if I want to take a catnap.

At times like this, though. I wish I have a contact lense. Maybe I will opt for a lasik surgery. So if I ever go snorkeling again, I won't have to see the coral under the sea looking like some blurred glob of white.

p/s: I apologize forany typo mistake. As you know.. this is the entry I so unimaginatively called..

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