Friday, August 28, 2009

Random things before the long weekend!

Macam lama pulak tidak berupdate. Random things then!
  • Back to work already. Balik-balik je terus start new projects, so macam bercelaru sket. But ok kut
  • I can go back at 5 pm. Tapi kalau dah sampai office tuuu pukul 9.30, kasik malu sket ok nak angkat bag awal-awal. So stuck la di dalam jem and sampai rumah tepat-tepat time buka pose. Naseb baik tak kena masak.
  • I am having weird dreams of ghost lately. Disturbing.
  • Hari ini hari jumaat. Round-round Gardens semalam mengisi masa lapang, bile dah bosan usha komputer, berjaya lah aku locate Borders and GSC Signature. Tapi GSC tadek cite menarik (baru nak tengok wayang time lunch hour) and Borders pulak harga buku and graphic novels (Fables) cilaker mahal. Up sampai rm10 tu banding Kinokuniya. Ops, bulan pose tak boleh swearing.
  • Dan semalam husband telah membeli Fables untuk aku dia. Siap beli 2 Volume lagi. Volume 8 and 9. Semalam die dah habiskan pon Volume 8 at one go. Aku baru habiskan 1 part. Huhuh.
  • Malam ni balik JB. Yeay! Nak buka puasa dengan murtabak Johor! (or Singapura depending on where you are coming from. I am maitaining murtabak Johor. Hehe)
  • Kesian kucing-kucing kena tinggal di belakang, tapi takpe, makanan and air for 2 days akan disediakan.
  • Semalam True Blood is terbaek! Actually it is Monday True Blood, tapi baru habis download. Lembap gile. Jason Stackhouse is awesome. Even if he does 'do' it in doggie style among organic compost, he is still awesome.
  • Tengah pikir nak buat ke treatment rambut. Buat je la. Rambut macam hampes. Mesti kena bebel dengan orang saloon. Oh yes, Sheema. Maintaining that buat treatment rambut in JB is CHEAP, but the cheap treatment after effect itu is biasa-biasa je. Tapi the expensive one RM120 is THE BEST TREATMENT EVER, OMG! Aku terasa macam artis Bollywood y'all. Flip, flip hair sana sini sambil terasa jelita.
  • Hoi, tadek orang di luar sana ke yang kerja dekat Midvalley. Lepas Ramadhan jom lunchie!
  • Kthxbai

Friday, August 21, 2009

Panasnye Hari Ini

Topik tadek kaitan.

Few things so buat topic highlighted sket okeh supaya tak termangu-mangu tengok tadek continuation.


Esok Puasa! Does this mean berat aku akan berturun? I hope so. MC di rumah selama 2 minggu, kerja duduk makan je. Nanti kebaya dah tak muat. I didn't make any baju raya this raya, because I thought my berat akan naik because I was pregnant so its too late to make any now. But I did manage to tempah a new kebaya before getting pregnant and I havent wear it yet.

Oh before I forgot. Selamat berpuasa untuk semua. Rajin-rajin la sahur. Mintak maaf any salah silap as I can be a bitch and really irritating at times and I will try to be a little less grudging and bitchy and annoying, k.

Argh. Tahun ni aku macam kena bangun sahur sebab sudah berlaki. Gah! I don't usually sahur. I just drink some plain water and gone back to bed.

Nerdishly Bookish

My husband bought me some books. He dragged me to Popular at Ampang Point because he was searching for some nonsensical non-books thing to buy. Wrong move on him. Because never ever brought me to a bookshop without expecting me getting out without a book in hand. Skali kali ni 3 books in hand. 1 book I bayar, 2 books die bayar. Hehehe. (Duit dalam dompet tak cukup la) Takpe. I janji I beli the next Fables ok. (He is now super hooked on Fables. Told ya it was good)

I told my husband I would be loitering around the book section and walked into the children/classic area and immediately drawn to this and was really excited. I was looking high and low for Tales of the Arabian Nights with illustration and found one, though the illustrations are black and white. Though it would not compete with a book I had seen in my childhood where the Tales of The Arabian Night books is a big glossy hard cover book with beautifully vibrant colorful illustrations depicting the stories. Tunggu la nantiiii kaloo aku jumpaaa aku beli jugaaak. This book is RM13.90. (Hehe... yang ini aku bayar).

Then I my eyes was hooked to this book.

I was attracted at the synopsis at the back. Something like

"A beautiful Lady refused to marry a Lord. So her father, angry, locked her in the Tower with her handmaid."

Basically it will the story from the handmaid POV. Seems interesting and can't seem to put it down, so I took it. I did have some doubt when I saw the top quote from Stephanie Meyer as her favorite recent read. Stephanie Meyer. Bah! Tapi maybe it will be very very good. And the author seems to have won herself a Newberry nominations (Quite distinguished Children's Books award.) tho not for this book. Can't remember the price. Dah tanggal pon price die.

And another book that I am SUPER excited about.

The Grimm's Fairy Tale! I think it is almost the complete tales with illustrations! (Black and white, but still), and I am sure there is no such thing as unabridged version of the Grimm's fairy tale. But the language ain't for kids either.

" Why weepest thou, O King's daughter? thy tears would melt even a stone to pity."

Nope. Not a book for 8 year olds. I had already 2 books in hand when I spot this, and was really hard for me to walk out of the stores without it in hands. I remembered I loved reading the Grimm's Fairy Tales book when I was small. It was torn asunder dah kut sekarang.

And its price is CHEAP. RM29.90. For hard cover. With dust jacket. Amounting of 852 pages of tebalness. CHEAP! I tell you.

The store at the time also have
- The Complete Illustrated Works of Hans Christian Andersen (which I am going to buy next)
- The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll (ooohh.. also want after the above)
- The Complete Illustrated Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Bah. I never could like Sherlock Holmes)

Those who are mad about children's books, would find this a steal. I am telling you, I can never get so excited in buying clothes as I am buying books. Unless the clothes is really good like LEATHER JACKETS. Or even better A TRENCH LEATHER JACKET COAT. Dan di manakah aku nak pakai trench leather jacket panas lut lut di Malaysia ni kannn? Nak beliii tu kena sensible skettt. Tho I did have a weak moment when I bought a trench cardigan from Esprit yang mahalnye aku cuba sembunyikan dari mak aku okeh. Dah kahwin pun kena sembunyi beli barang dari mak. Cam mana tu...

"Hoi! Bulan puasa malam ni dah start. Try kawal sket nafsu shopping tu..."

Tetiba suara common sense turun bagaikan halilintar.

Gah! Ade 1 topic lagi tinggal. Panjang gile post ni. Takpe. Point form in short sentences.


See it.

The short story at the start is I LIKE VERY MUCH. I always like the image of storks carrying babies to the home. And this is soo cutee.

Incredible first 20 minutes of the movie. Everyone remarked on how sad it is. What I thought? If my life is mostly like that, I would be contented in life.

Everything in the movie from the animals to kids to elderly is SUPERBLY CUTE. And wonderfully human!

The whole movie feels bittersweet. I would say this is one of my favorite PIXAR movies, surpassing Monster Inc. Just below The Incredibles.

So. Must Watch!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's written in the stars

During my single years, I used to love poring over those horoscopes. I would look into those nonsensical things and together with my BFFs (Seri, that is especially you) we would laughed out loud and said that this is all nonsense when all the while we were wishing its were true. Despite of me thinking that this is all very superstitious stuffs, when the newspaper comes in the first thing we would looked at was the horoscope. Then we would move in to the comic strips.

We were wishing for a soulmate then (and you know... just typing soulmate make 0.1% of my brain rots from stupidity). For that other person who will make us complete and set our insides in fire. If you know what I mean. So when we were dumped by our boyfriends then or get rejected we would turned into these horoscopes, looked it over meticulously over various horrible created sites (complete with blinking stars as the background) and we declared to ourselves "Oh, see... the sign say we are not compatible." Not because we are morons and the guys are a jackass.

But as I gotten engaged and then married, I never really care to look into the horoscopes again. Not even to know if I would amass a million dollars if I were to step in somewhere. (Well, if that were to be true, I would like to know it can happened without me even caring about horoscopes). I do not care what the stars predict my love life would be like and hardly glance at it nowadays. I know what it would be like. Be it hard or easy, we still have to get through it. Reading a paragraph of 'signs' that apply to 1/12 of the world would not help it if you yourselves are not ready to take care of the problem.

Like I said all of these star signs are nonsense and nothing more than a diversion right? The idea that these person born under these specific dates is wrong for you or your soulmate is just rubbish aight? But the weird thing is, all my past boyfriends seems to fall under the same signs. Only these 2 signs. Capricorn and Virgo. And my ex boyfriends, is more than just 2 y'all. Weirdly my husband is a Taurus.

Oh, and I'm a Scorpio. Heh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Kitty In Need

of a good home.

This stray little kitten had suddenly come into our home looking so forlorn and pitiful that my sister fed her some bread. So she stay for the past week and had been eating Fasha leftover foods (certain brands of cat foods that Fasha doesnt like and refused to eat. Dasar kucing memilih gitu).

Awal-awal datang mengemis makanan

Dimandikan oleh husband untuk kasik rupa respectable sket

Because I am living at a crowded home , I do not think so we can keep her, tho I do like to.
Fasha had been chasing the little kitten around, (we had now separated the kitten to only live at the front porch). Tho the kitty had also been chasing Fasha around. Macam frenemies gitu main Tag.

She is a lovable little kitten but looking a little worse to wear tho really quite cute. Basically there's a sorta eczema ( kurap) on both her ears and head. We had been feeding her some milk (for added nutrients) and applied ointments on her skin. Seems to be getting better from the first time we ever saw her.

F.rom a sad, listless little kitten sekarang ni very active one and kept on running here and there playing with everything. I do believe with proper care (vet, ointments, some medicines) she would be a very handsome cat indeed as her fur is really quite pretty.

What she looked a week later after some kurap cream and a good feed. With Fasha the frenemy at the background.

Fasha memberi laser eyes to the new kitty. (Gamba hiasan)

So this post intention is really in asking any of you readers out there who would like to take extra care of a kitten? It is tedious, I know and she does not look 'kawaii' compare to the other lovable kittens you might normally see in the pet shops. But I do believe she needs a loving home and I couldn't bring myself to 'buang' her anywhere.

One of my options is SPCA. But before going to SPCA, and as some of you might know, it is also better to ask if any of you people who would like or know anyone that want to adopt a kitten and if they do would you want her? And the kitty is a she if you are wondering.

And please if you do, provide a good home and neuter your pets if you do not wish your pet untuk beranak pinak.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Been Reading

Matthew Reilly.

I had been reading the 7 Ancient Wonders and 6 Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly lately. 7 Ancient Wonders I read about a couple of weeks back and 6 Sacred Stones while recovering at the hospital.

So I am combining both reviews into one post, still separate but no need to repeat points already highlighted. Also both books have the same set of characters. Not gonna take long in reviewing these 2 books as I have some daun-daunan I needed to 'jerang'. Huhu.


7 Ancient Wonders. Excerpt from Review

The breakneck action stems from an Egyptian sun cult which has hidden pieces of the capstone to the great pyramid in the husks of the seven wonders of ancient world, leaving clues that would flummox Indiana Jones. Here's the deal: whichever nation can locate and assemble the capstone in time for a cosmic event designed to end life on Earth will rule the world. Enter a ragtag team of commandos representing non-superpowers (read, in a Da Vinci Code context, not the European Union, the United States or the Vatican) who stand to lose in this eventuality. The team pits itself in a race against the formidable forces of the western world, cosmic calendar, and traps set by ancient-wonder-hider, Imhotep V.

Hmmm. In the site the excerpt looked kinda less long.
  • Introduce us to the team of Captain Jack West Jr.
  • Fast paced. Like really. If Indy Jones was a novel (well maybe it was I never check), it is kinda like this.
  • Lovely complete imaginings of 7 Ancient Wonders tho some are reallly far fetched.
  • Treat it as truly fiction rather than historical fiction.
  • The writing is direct and no nonsense. Short concise words, more actions than thoughts most of the time. Can get mind boggling if you are used to slower books (moi! moi!)
  • Comes with drawings, which is a plus. Because describing complex buildings may be hard, but readers reading it considered it just as boring.
  • Effi, pick this up and read it. Should be right up in your alley. Though you may scoffs on the some of the very wildly inaccurate facts or legends.

6 Sacred Stones. The review excerpt I took from as below.

After completing a 10-year mission to acquire the Golden Capstone of the Great Pyramid from what's left of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Jack West Jr. has retired to the Australian outback to raise his adopted daughter, Lily. Jack's pal, Professor Max T. Epper, known as Wizard, has discovered that the Dark Sun, a mysterious heavenly body, is due to emerge in nine days, triggering the Apocalypse. Ultimate disaster can only be averted if someone can locate the six legendary Pillars, cleanse them with the Philosopher's Stone and insert them in the 6 Vertices, thereby causing the Great Machine to power on and negate the fatal blast from the Dark Sun. If anyone can perform these Herculean labors, it's Reilly's resourceful hero.

  • The story picked up about a year after the 7 Ancient Wonders end.
  • More actions but, slower pace than the previous. But it gave the readers more breathing time to get familiar with the story and place.
  • Captain Jack West Jr is getting a bit predictable.
  • The legends are a bit complicated this time and I lose track on which is which, and that is annoying.
  • Cliffhanger ending for a book. WTF!

So I can't wait for book 3 which are the 5 Greatest Warriors coming in October!

Summary: Great reading. Hard to put down. Get some getting used to.

Friday, August 07, 2009

It was and was not to be

So to some of you who might have known or suspected.

Yes, I was about 2 months pregnant.

And for the observant of the grammar. The word is was.

And to many of you who didn't know. I had a miscarriage around 2 days ago and lost the baby or pregnancy. Not really sure on the correct term for that.

As many says, God knows best. And I am sure He does.

There's not much to say and I am not incline to say much here too on the matter. I am still at the hospital now(thanks to Maxis broadband where I am typing this from my husband laptop), but will be discharged soon. Thanks Sheema for visiting. Will be on 2 weeks of medical leave, I think. That's what the doctor said.

My mom will also datang to KL after the weekend.

Well. That's that.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A new place, new place to be lost in


My office had just moved to the Gardens. Terasa grand and lavish y'all. And at long last, after berkerja selama beberapa tahun. (I don't count the years, tis too depressing) finally got meself a cubicle.

Ape? NO BIGGIES? Hoh. My first job, I have to share the desk with some older colleagues. Then I worked on shifts for 2 jobs which meant that we never got a desk that we can called our own because we are sharing with others and can change at will whichever desk we will be sitting on. Then for my current job, due to some office space problem we had to seat at a training table. Which is basically is just a piece of wood on all 4, masquerading as table.

Now... I finally got a cubicle of my own, (until some higher power said it is not to be) with DRAWERS AND KEY! GASP!

Well... now that excitement is over. The office is new. Still smelling of paint. Everything feels new. Even the road route.

Those who knew me, knows that I don't drive much. I hate driving. But I did it out of necessities Go to work. Buy stuffs. Anger some stuck up person driving a sedan. The usual. So my driving route skills is not much. Nor varies. I know how to go to Jalan TAR and back, only via one route. Know how to get to KLCC multiple routes. Know how to get to IKEA and back via one route. MidValley? Not so much.

So learning a new route to get to my new office is not easy for me oi! I can drive to Midvalley now quite comfortably. But getting back to Ulu Kelang? Well, yesterday I got lost in KL. Took the wrong turn and found myself in some roads I don't recognize. Wait! I do recognize it! After a few calls to husband and some few wrong turnings, manage to maneuver back to Ulu Kelang without panic attack.

Then today parking inside Gardens, I had stupidly driven past the designated parkings for the parking biasa and straight to season parking punyer basement. And the stupid thing is, once you gotten there, there's no other exit other than the way you came in. Urgh!

Well then. Lesson learned there. Lets hope, getting back home again today, I won't find myself on the way to Seremban pulak.

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