Thursday, June 28, 2012

Randomize Thoughts

Mommy to be worries of cats
I am crossing my fingers and jari kaki semua that my husband boleh balik next week. Ade orang boleh tolong cuci litterbox. It is such a back breaking chore for me. People keep on saying cats is not good for pregnant ladies that sometimes you macam takut. I berdoa je la everything is OK and after everything I read on toxaplasmosis (malas check if ejaan betul ke tak) , just take some precaution. Macam I wear disposable gloves and mask everytime cleaning out their litter and all. And make sure I thoroughly wash my hands before eating and after handling them. Aku rase my hands will aged prematurely given the amount of anti bacterial handwash I had been using setiap kali handle die orang. 

As for babies and all that about allergies, studies shown that having pets at home reduced allergies in children, so aku berharap tiny tot will have to build considerable immunity against them. I have a vague plan on how to introduce the 2 creatures to each other gradually, but I guess we will see. 

Tapi I tetap sayang the kittehs. Macam I kesian kat Kurap who expected to be petted and stroked macam anak puteri raja selepas bangun tidur siang and sebelom tidur malam. The yowling she gave me if I didn't give in, perghhh. Howlah she will feels in a few weeks! time when she won't get the same treatment I'll give her now? The other 2 kittens is fine as long as they're with each other, although Bobby suke main a bit ganas. But I check so far, everything ok. GollyWolly don't seem afraid of Bobby and always ask for more play.

I read at this blog where a mummy (mat salleh punye mummy la) expressed of how she felt that her love for the cats have diminished ever since she have children. She said she loves her cats still, but sometimes they frustrate her and wishes they are not at home sometimes. Am a bit worried about that, macam will I feel like that? Sekarang boleh la cakap tak, but we don't know how we feel tomorrow, apatah lagi after a big change come over.

However how disturbing that honest mom confession was, I was more horrified at the comments she received at her blog. I guess the other mummies who thought they have rakan yang sekutu (ke sekufu?) dengannye, commented in the blogs, on how some of them basically dump their pets at the nearby shelter after giving birth to their child. They find out that, the cats are too much hassle, so dumping them is the only way, in their very narrow view. Some don't even look back, guiltily! 

The owner of the blog pon expressed her concern over this. Like while she sometimes feel like the cats are a nuisance, she can never give them away. It is a horrible thing to do. The cats had been loved and pampered, and tetiba kena dump like that. Don't they know cats can die of a broken heart or depression. Kesian taw, I hope whatever I may feel, I can never be like that. At the very leastla kan, find a good home for them. Bukan dump at shelter.

Fuhhh... aku nak cerita pasal kucing sikit je. Tengok dah berjela. Depressing pulak tu.

Untuk kurangkan sikit je depressing tu, ini gamba Fasha masa die kitten lagi. Aww.  I miss Fasha. RIP lovely cat. 

Cream Crackers Hankering 

Sejak pregnant ni, aku suke sungguh dengan krim krackers. Naseb baik at ofis ade free. Kalau zaman kecik-kecik dulu, malam2 nak tengok movie la kan, so my sisters and I, will buat air milo masing-masing and krim krackers tin ade dah tersedia tengah bilik tv tu. I pulak, will have 2 mug. One mug adalah untuk dunk the biskut in, the other one is for minum. 

But the best memories is always SBP time. The supper for our SBP is usually just Milo and whatever biscuits they can muster up. Ada la once in a blue moon, some roti or kueh. Usually the girls will tapau the Milo in their mug. Bukan bekas tumbler ok ( adalah a few yang rajin bawak tumbler but kami malas ni guna mug aje ), sesekor bawak mug and perlahan-lahan jalan to our dorm. So the Milo was drank with cream crackers depan almari storage makanan dorm masing-masing, while gossiping. 

I guess biskut sedap mana pon, usually, I will always hankers after the plain krim krackers. It is such a nostalgic biscuit. Especially untuk para ex budak asrama yang duit tiap kali outing, memang dah disediakan untuk topup krim krackers ni. Tak tahu la kalau bebudak asrama sekarang semua got loads of money and sume makan Oreo with their Milo dinosaur. Plain Milo don't satisfy people tastebud nowadays, kalau order kat Mamak mesti Milo dinosaur. I pulak will eyed the serbuk kat atas drink tu suspiciously if people around me order. Tak rase nak batuk ke minum tu?

For me, the best Milo is always the one I buat sendiri. Boleh adjust kemanisan and kepekatan Milo to my liking. But I rarely dunk my cream crackers in there now, tak best ade serbuk biskut in the mug. Usually, I'll spread my many, many variation of jam on top of em.

Gile boring aku ni (campo kebulor). Orang lain tunjuk gamba die orang dengan pakai baju Poplook dan camwhoring bagai dalam blog entry, I am composing love letters about Cream Crackers. Cream crackers Hup Seng patut jadikan saya spokesperson!

Nescafe Milk Coffee 
Macam sedap. I tempted. Tapiii... 
Iklan dah merata, ko jual kat mana? Cets. Cakap banyak, bayang tiada, tiada guna la customer tak boleh beli. 

Saya orang miskin so saya mencuri. 
The recent issues is of course of women being targeted by criminals in parking malls or the vicinity. Aku penah victim of snatch theft. I hate to say partly my fault because why should it be the victim fault if we are being robbed? Lain la if got sign "I got money! Come , come take!" . I mean, to say a victim, any type of victim, is at fault partly sebab putting themselves in that vulnerable position is something I  find macam... tak patut. The fault lies solely on the people committing the crime. 

Well... sambung cerita balik, well, I was then walking, head in clouds as always and it took me a few seconds to realize my bag had been snatched from my hand easily by this motorcyclist. Kureng kan. Not so many money dalam tu, RM50 je kut, tapi leceh la for the usual stuffs seperti kad2 tu kan. Tapi I guess cukup la tu for the guy to buy some drugs.  

But after that incident, I was no longer so ditzy when walking alone. Making sure, handbag not facing the road, always be aware the sound of motorcycle, if any approach, I'll quickly put a distance between the side of road and me. And usually, handbag is clutched firmly at front. That means jackshit la kan if the guy decided to brandish a weapon in front of you, but hey... at least we try to cover the bases. 

Sekarang ni with the criminals targeting car park, lagi la tak best. Tak best to balik lewat, and I guess my fav pastime tengok wayang if the jam is unbearable, bile nak balik tu I will feel tension. Sigh. I can't comprehend hurting another people for gains. I can guess how they react after they got it, but what they justify it with?

Macam dulu at BBU ni, a couple have a routine of going for prayers at the nearby mosque during the night, so I guess ade orang perhati la kan and take advantage to pecah masuk while the occupants is not there. ( That is wayy more preferable than pecah masuk while people in there ). Anyway malam tu pulak, the owner of the house tertinggal something and patah balik to get it from their house. So they find pintu terbukak, and pencuri tu terkedek2 lari turun bawah rumah, trying to get away. When caught " Maafkan saya encik... saya orang miskin". That is the same dialogue we got, when someone was caught mencuri seguni buah mangga at our house dolu2 ( when we still have pokok mangga). One or 3 mangga, tak kisah la kan, tapi seguni tu.. nak botakkan our lone pokok mangga la tu. Cets.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Speedy book reviews

Ingatkan sejak pregnant ni kurang baca, but not bad at all eh. Though, I don't know why the interest is not so overwhelming cam dulu. Adakah baby ni will not be an avid reader?? Noooo...

The Wonder SpotThe Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like it well enough. It was different. Most definitely not chic lit, and not about love. It is more about relationships. Your relationships with family, friends, potential love in different stages of life. Interesting, but not compelling.

GlimpsesGlimpses by Adibah Amin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adibah Amin is one of Malaysian great writers. Not in the likes of other literary author that is infamous, but almost there.

I have the privilege of knowing her personally as she tutored me in English and BM at one time.

Thus when I was reading this compilation of articles, in my head, it was in her voice. Her gentle soothing voice, that seems to always have a tinge of humour in it.

It is must be very appalling for her to to see my state of English grammar nowadays. Anyway, I am digressing.

I don't love this book, but I never love compilation or short stories anyway. Writing a review on them is even much worse. So, I'll just say, some I love, some I chuckled, some bristled me and some I just passed through. But always her gentle voice vibrates very loudly throughout this book.

So my review maybe biased. :)

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found ThereThrough the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Would I be called as ignorant if I sai... I hated it.

I thought I don't like Alice in Wonderland, but I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, somewhat, somewhere along the pages, in part.

This book, I didn't. I can't wait to finish it.. and not in a I want to know the ending way. Maybe it is just not my cup of tea.

How to Be PopularHow to Be Popular by Meg Cabot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like the story. The heroine was cute. The story is a bit too simplistic for me. Same argument as I made with Jinx (other book for YA).

I think I should remember that perhaps the book is aimed at tweens instead of teens. However, it does not distract my enjoyment of it, a lovely cute simple story of a girl trying to fit in. I think maybe I'll be only sticking books by Meg Cabot that is aimed at an older demographic as I really enjoyed Queen of Babble.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little worn out over nothing

Last week was incredibly tiring to me. Kemungkinan sebab Bobby sakit, so taking care of a sick cat is very back breaking business for a heavily pregnant woman. 

Aku rase lain macam bile type woman tu. Sebab walaupon umur mahu mencecah 30 tidak lama lagi (wuaahhhh), I still feel like a girl. Even though husband is not around for most of the time, and a lot of the chores at home is taken care of moi, bile time makan I still goes around to my sister house for dinner so I don't feel fully grown up. Macam ade orang lain still taking care of me. Dapur aku tu jarang gile la berasap unless tetiba aku rajin nak goreng hotdog ke or buat tah hape. Menunjukkan betapa jarangnya I cooked, ever since we siapkan the dapur which is more than a year ago, almost 2 years kut... GAS TAK HABIS LAGI OKEHHH. 

So this week rase penat tu macam tak habis lagi. Atau pon mungkin akan rase penat sampaiii la this tiny tot keluar? Fuhh. There are times, I wish I mahu beranak awal bile rase penat sangat tapi most of the time, mahu tepat pada masanye just so I can juggle time easily and husband will be here. Macam sedih je nak kena siap2kan barang ke hospital sensorang wooo. Need a backup plan too if say my sister and bro in law not available time puasa, (balik kg) and I am alone in KL and tetiba time tu pulak baby wanna come out ... who's I gonna call??? Ghostbuster! (Saje sambung). But if anything happened pandai2 la kan hidup. Bukan ke ade perempuan in Mexico, yang alone at her farm, tetiba beranak have to perform caesarean on herself, pastu jalan ke town berdekatan to get medical treatment for her and the baby. Kalau die bolehhh... setakat perempuan manja kat KL ni. Cets. 

Anyway the pregnancy is going on OK. Everything seems to be going smoothly, Alhamdulillah. I myself pon apart from the rase nak muntah bile tiba malam tu ( die datang kembali, tapi still can control), can still move around, albeit like a duck, tapi gigih lagi nak buat simple housechores. Weekend ni cita-cita nak mandikan Bobby and GollyWolly lagi. Fuhhhh.. tinggi cita2 aku. 

My legs slightly bigger tapi not swollen , weight gain not too worrying, naikkk.. memang naikk. Especially area peha. Fuhhh.. even in pregnancy, all the food seems to settle to my thigh first. Tapi berat naik dengan kadar yang bersesuaian la. Lagi2 nowadays, I don't have much appetite pon. By the end of the day, aku dah rase macam nak muntah sume mende, so I drink Anmum to settle the stomach. Anmum tu pulakk, dalam label suh letak 4 sudu.. aku letak maksimum 2 sudu jeee, kadang2 1 sudu bergantung kebesaran gelas. LOL. Sebab aku memang suke susu cair and rase susu tu sbelom tidur kurang kan sikit keinginan nak muntah tu . Takpela baby, dapat gak sedikit zat. 

I am freaking out a bit that I am now in my 8th months of pregnancy. Baju/towel baby sume dah basuh and simpan, beg hospital belom packed, but will be, and will be sterilizing some of the bottles a bit just in case. Bile cakap 8 bulan tu macam dah anytime je kan. Gua gabraa. 

Ok. Bebel2 ini panjang ... 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping untuk anak bulus

AWAS: Post yang sarat penuh mengenai kucing dan gambar-gambar kucing.

Pet Fair yang ku tunggu-tunggu was on last Friday. And I manage to buy some stuffs, such as scratching posts! Bought one mini size for the kittes and one yang tinggi for the adult diva.

Kurap claimed the smaller one at first. GollyWolly played a bit at the taller one. The smaller one is RM 21 I think, aku dah tak ingat. The taller one is RM35.

gamba ni comel sikit, sebab I guna my nicer camera instead of phone. So you may get  different quality of pics for this post. (Macam orang herannnn)

Then she claimed this one as hers jugak. GollyWolly dah out of frame. Sebabb.. die dah syok main mende lain, sepertiii

Litterbox is RM19. Murah bagi aku! 

Main di dalam litterbox. Which I bought for GollyWolly sebab perangai Bobby and GollyWolly ni is suke mengkambus pasir ke luar sakan-sakan. Mahal tahu tak litter sand korang tuu. Kurap got her own special hooded litterbox sebab she is mostly dalam rumah, while the 2 kittens tidur kat belakang rumah (kandang kucing i ).

Aku also beli a mini pet condo. Not so small, but not too big. Kinda like a small-standard size la. The price is RM120 for the below. It is not that cheapp. But cheaper than the one I seen so far.

Memula got 1 kitty

And then there were 2

And then kucing gemok makes it 3. Kurap also become interested tengok GollyWolly main.

Pet Condo tu nowadays si Wolly je excited main. Sometimes Bobby join in the fun. Kurap likes to play with the scratching post yang taller tu and her other toy. Scratching post yang kecik tu, macam kurang sambutan. Kureng tul kucing-kucing ni. Kena place some of the toys to a more appropriate location I think, including the pet condo so the cats find it more attractive to play there instead of say, using my thigh as springboard bile main kejar-kejar. Sekarang ni rumah macam tongkang pecah, sebab I malas so I just put mana yang senang. Hehe. 

Apart from that, I bought other stuffs . 

Cat collar yang GollyWolly tak muat pakai lagi, the biru one for Bobby. Mainan for all the kittehs, cat dish sebab comel dan pink, and bookmarks and car sticker from SPCA. Fancy Feast punye makanan tin tu I got free.

Tapi afterwards, lepas I dah mandi and turun bawah balik, found them excitedly main plastik.

Which just proves the theory of cat owners that sometimes all it took to make a cat happy is a box or a plastic bag.

The Pet Fair itself, I think on Friday tadek ape sangat. Weekend mungkin meriah because there is a whole lot more of animals being brought over to cater for more people. So booth yang ade adoption drive pon tak berapa banyak cats though I know there is a lot of cats that needs to be adopted. I was attracted to one tortoiseshell at the KTAJ booth kut, comel gile, I think around 1 to 2 year old. Sungguh mandom je dalam cage. Mentioned to my husband he replied me with " You can't adopt every cat in the world even if you want to". I guess the person can't really have what the heart wants. Also aku rase kalau aku bawak kucing tu balik, setiap malam aku drop of exhaustion kut and kemungkinan the cat kena abuse dek kucing diva. 

There is a lot of booths that catered to doggie stuffs, a lot of premium cat food booths, but I think I will be sticking with just Royal Canin sebab tak kuasa nak cari brand yang jarang jumpa ni though it might be good or better. Royal Canin so far senang je aku nak cari kat area Ampang ni, hehe, so no prob for me. And no RC booth to be found that day. 

Other animals kali ni, is just for rabbits and hamsters. Last time ade tarantula, tapi mungkin tak banyak sambutan so they malas to come back. I still think RM5 for the entrance fee is a bit steep and might put off potential adopters. I hope that the money is used for charity / shelters. 

Most of the stuffs above I bought at one booth, which I think sell the stuffs reasonably. Not dirt cheap, but cheaper than the one I seen around petshop yang I frequented. He mentioned his kedai is at Uptown and I can take a look to see a lot of other stuffs he is selling which I laughed sebab tak dapat la eden nak pergi sampai ke Uptown nu. 

As for Bobby, kenapakah die kena pakai kon kepala tu. Kesian okeh. On Monday I ingatkan sakit mata, but bawak gi vet, she said it is actually a flu virus which causes this. 

By this time, when I took the pic above, die dah ok dah. But I put the kon on because I do not want him touching his eyes after I put the eye gel in his eyes. So he have to bear the kon for a short while. Compare the the first few days where there is no relief from the cone. He hated it, and I always caught him tengok atas while slowly geleng-geleng kepala die, macam trying to adjust his eyesight. Comel je. 

First day kena pakai kon. Pathetic okeh. Mata dedua bengkak. I kept on swabbing his eyes to clear out the taik mata and brownish liquid. He hated the sight of me holding a cotton swab nowadays. Mest lari bile nampak.

A couple of days later, only one eye slightly bengkak.

Sudah kembali sihat!

It was not easy I tell you applying that eye gel. Penat aku google and tengok youtube bagai. Both of my knees have several scratches. Sometimes kena main kejar-kejar sekitar rumah lagi bile die nampak I am armed with cotton swab. Kenapa bile vet buat, macam easy peasy. Fuhhhh.. gigih gile la kan those who wishes to be a vet ni. Respect aku. Ni kucing, cuba kalau kena forced bagi kat anjing yang macam San Bernard tu, sure ketaq. 

Surprisingly, forcing a pill down his throat is easy. Fuh. At least that is one difficulty I am spared of. Quarantine pon memenatkan because penat all those placing and displacing of things I have to do. 

Ok ... penat update. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1. I had changed the commenting to Disqus if you guys had noticed. Akhirnyeee.. (aku dengar Syikin, aku dengar). Aku nak off comment verification, tapi annoying gile spam spam ni datang hari2 mintak tolong aku rejekkan komen die org ni. Then word verification die got slightly better, tapi still annoying la. But then baru-baru ni I noticed Blogger punye word verification included picture of numbers. It is ok if the number is clear. I got once yang blur gile. Also several times, the number is in weird order so you don't know what to type in first.  Orang nak komen je kut, bukannye nak enter password untuk access system NASA. 

2. Bobby sakit mata from flu. Jangkit dari GollyWolly la tu. Ingatkan dah separatekan dah. But probably traces of the flu ade and still jangkit gak. Kurap is still ok, Alhamdulillah. Penat gile kalau all kucing sakit serentak. Ni pon Bobby is fighting me tooth and nail whenever I want to put eye drop in his eyes. Eye drop jee. Belom lagi eye gel yang kena apply secara gentle and hati2 kat eyelid. Itu macam next to impossible. Bobby punye badan ni quite muscly. Kucing jantan kut, so he can really twist and turn. Calar balar aku 2 3 hari ni. Hope he gets well ASAP. I penat taw. Kesian Bobby jugak. Sungguh mandom. Not his usual cheery self. 

3. Pet Fair Jumaat ni! Fuh. Nasib baik dah dapat adopt GollyWolly. Kalau tak ade aku angkut 1 kucing bawak balik nanti. Usually there is a few adoption drive going on there, SPCA, PAWS. Tak tahu la tahun ni bertambah lagi ke. I usually went in for the cheap toys. Though if you guys nak pergi, entrance fee RM5 taw. So kalau ko nak tengok-tengok tu, baik la takyah. I guess for die hard animal lover yang sanggup nak bayar RM5 ni boleh la. I am planning to buy few scratching posts, so am hoping I can get good price there. Teringin nak beli pet condo, tapi aku tak terbayang mak buyung ni nak angkut semua tu sorang-sorang. 

4. Sekarang ni duk marathon Parenthoood Season 2. I forgot how good the series is. I am also always struck on how Monica Potter really looks like the Khaleesi in GoT. True Blood dah start but I am getting sick on how annoying Sookie is, so last season pon tak habis tengok. 

5. Kenapa Frapuccino punye promotion ni tak start pukul 3pm haaa? Pukul 5 pm dah malas nak kuar dah. . 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Ni post menunjuk barang y'all

Saje je tajuk kasik bakar kan. 

Anyway, the best thing about working in Midvalley is sebab bile time die buat warehouse sale ka, or ade expo pelbagai ka I don't have to make an effort to go there because I am already there. So my weekend rarely involved me joining the mass in filling up Midvalley unless aku kena keje. Midvalley ni bukannye best sangat pon *flip hair gaya orang yang selalu sangat tengok Midvalley sampai rase nak muntah*. 

I had already stated in my Twitter that there is a Global Indian Festival going on. Officemates and I are thrilled sebab kain-kain adalah murah ( that's what she said, she bought loads tahun lepas, I malas sebab kain I berlambak lagi yang nak kena hantar ke tailor ) and baju2 Punjabi and kurta adelah sangat murah. Tahun lepas I bought one for rm20 and another lovely pink blouse for RM45. Tu mahal sikit, tapi ko tengok gak la berapa lawa die kaitkan. Tak boleh nak expect sume mende murah dan lawa. 

Tahun ni, I macam loathe to spend so much, so malas nak spend up to RM20 per blouse. I still not interested to buy kain sebab I still have a few kain in my almari yang maseh on hold to hantar to tailor. 

This time I bought 6 blouse. Dan each and everyone of them is RM15. 

At first I bought the green for mine, and the black for my sis. Tapi my sister don't like the black, "Meriah sangat" katanye. So I am giving the green instead with heavy heart. Huhu. Lawa kan hijau tu, but I got loads of baju hijau already and aku suke aje baju meriah-meriah ni. 

Purple and the brownish looking one is actually more maroon looking. Under this lighting nampak brown plak. I bought another similar to the brownish-maroon one, in black. Not pictured sebab already sudah bagi to my sister. She kirim one. Baju brown-maroon tu je yang aku muat pakai sekarang ni. Yang lenlain sume kena tunggu lepas I dah bersalin. LOL. Aku tak reti nak bajet size sekarang ni. All the above I bought at the same stall.

Only this baju I bought at another stall, also for RM15.  I nak warna mustard, tapi ade seorang awek telah berjaya cilok baju warna mustard tu dulu. Rugi2. Nampak besar kan, tapi still ketat kat perut. Aku ingatkan lepas. Sigh. (jerit pada diri sendiri : HOI KO TU DAH 7 BULAN PREGNANT, JANGAN LA BERANGAN NAK MUAT PAKAI BAJU2 BIASA). Ah well, tapi I simpan selepas sudah bersalin nanti. 

So I bought 6, 2 of them for my sister. Each one only RM15. Bile balik rase puas hati. Rase puas hati dapat beli baju murah ni banyak-banyak, lagi berkali ganda la dari beli baju branded. LOL. Husband patut bersyukur wife die tak tarik die gi Zara, but instead went crazy at the RM15 rack bile ade expo. 

Aku tempted ni nak pegi lagiiii.. camne ni haaa.... tempted ni. 

So kepada yang sempat baca blog post ni. Haaa... sempat la kamu-kamu nak pegi lagi as the expo end this Sunday. If you think the above is not that pretty, maybe it is so, it is only for RM15 but I am satisfied. Ade jugak certain stalls jual pretty blouses at much higher prices, so adjust your price and expectation for more quality stuff la kan. Aku ade tempted jugak nak beli yang harga RM50 nye blouses. Tengok laaa... hari masih muda, expo masih jalan. Ade jugak aku tambah satu lagi. 

Edit: Oh lupa, I also bought a bracelet for RM10. I like as, nampak ala2 vintage.

Pretty! I like it !

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Introducing GollyWolly

Muka macam tak ikhlas kena introduce

I had been wanting to adopt another cat untuk peneman Bobby. Bobby ni suke terrorize Kurap si kucing gemok ni. Kucing gemok ade masa-masanye will layan Bobby punye hyperactivity, but being an adult cat yang menuju ke arah obese... ( ye ye I kurangkan makan die and bagi makanan diet sudah ) she have a lot of downtime. So Kurap got frustrated a lot when all she wants to do is sit quietly by the sliding door watching the view dan tetiba ade seekor kucing berupa bull terrier ni ( I don't know why, but everytime I looked at Bobby I am reminded of bull terrier) datang hurtling down like a hurricane ajak main. 


Bull terrier!
Ape??? Tak sama??? Dari certain angle kut. 

Anyway back to the new kitteh. 

Husband balik hari tu rajin la nak melayan perangai wife die yang mahukan kitten. I prefer adult cats actually, because having kitten ni memenatkan. However I know Kurap won't tolerate an adult cat and she will just barely tolerate a kitten seeing it will be smaller than her so not much of a threat and I needed a young kitten to match Bobby hyperactivity. 

Dengan itu aku duduk la scoured PetFinder and KTAJ punye adoption page in Facebook cari mana yang sesuai. So I came upon a post of a tuxedo (black and white fur, where the white is mainly at the underside, hence tuxedo! ) kitten, sms the owner and she said the tuxedo kitten had been given away, but she have another few kittens to give away. ( I do hope the owner will now have spay the mother). It is younger than I wanted, but I guess what the heck. 

At first I was interested in another female ( I only want female), however kucing tu macam ade sakit mata and the owner wanted to keep her until she is better first. So she said GollyWolly, (her previous owner called her Demok , tapi sebab die tak gemok, I gave her a new name) should be ok as well. Knowing more of her traits, she is more fierce than the one that I want, that I agreed. I needed a spunky kitten that can hold her ground when Kurap feels like giving a walloping. Kurap memang diva. 

When meeting the owner the past 2 Sundays ago,  I noticed GollyWolly eyes are starting to get red, probably infected by her sister kut, but the owner tak notice. Bile dah letak dalam carrier on the way home, GollyWolly bersin non stop. Ah pulak. Leceh jugak adopt new kitten ni. Tetiba pulak sakit. I think she is just starting to get the infection. Sunday pulak most vet tutup. 

So Monday, husband being on holiday brought her to our favorite vet which sekarang jadi kedai petshop sahaja sebab vet die resign. Huh! So he kena lah brought her to another favorite vet yang harga memang pengsan, tapi bagus. (The other one bagus jugak tapi cheaper, this one likes to be thorough so memang lagi banyak kena bayar ). The vet looked her over and thankfully said, most probably just a normal flu and eye infection, but to keep her in quarantine just in case. 

Now, her eyes is OK, which is bagus. 3 - 4 hari her eyes got back to normal but the bersin-bersin persist but not as often as before. However she didn't present any other flu symptons, hidung tak berair, mata tak berair, selera makan dan minum tip top. Will brought her to the vet this Saturday, but she is now partially quarantine. So boleh la main gomol-gomol dengan Bobby. 

Nak tunjuk side view die. Very inquisitive kitten and not afraid of people at all.
How does she gets along with the other? 

At first the 2 cats tak suke langsung. Bobby memula la yang paling emo. I dah susah hati. I dah cari-cari teman sepermainan untuk die, kalau Bobby tak suke, it kinda beat the purpose. Everytime Bobby came near her, he will hiss and spit and run away. Weekend first tu, Bobby merajuk tanak tunjuk muka kat bawah. He slept at the tingkat atas rumah tanak turun, sampailah we put GollyWolly ni away in her cage. He wouldn't touch his food and drink for 2 days, so lagi la I susah hati. Haha. 

Kurap macam biasalah. Nampak je terus hissing, tapi the reaction is not as bad as Bobby. I am used to Kurap being like this, so I let her be. After all, GollyWolly needed to be friend with Bobby not Kurap. Asalkan Kurap tak attack and chewed her like a toy sudah. So far she didn't do that.  I did found her giving GollyWolly a wallop or 2 with her paw but I corrected her and the kitten does not suffer any injury so far. Lagi suke nak nyakat Kurap adalah. 

Kurap being wary of the newcomer. Mesti Kurap macam "hellooo, tak cukup jaga aku sorang ke"

In the past few days I noticed Bobby and GollyWolly is getting along splendidly. At night I still put GollyWolly in her cage to separate them so she would not share the same food dish and sleep near Bobby, but Bobby can now sleep, drink and eat with GollyWolly in front her. Bobby tidak lagi mogok lapar. Sekarang ni seronok2 die org main kejar-kejar dalam rumah.            

Kurap kenkadang join in the fun, but bile GollyWolly tu dekat , terus Kurap hisses and spat and stop duduk muka emo. 

Why the name GollyWolly? 

Sakit nyawa nak amik gamba die ni. 

She kinda looks like an Ewoks, especially part kaki tu. And she reminded me of this Gollywog doll, so I called her GollyWolly. Husband nak panggil Mollie, tapi I vetoo. Die dah namakan Bobby (very unimaginatively). However memang tergeliat laa nak panggil GollyWolly. Kenkadang, OggyWoggy, GollyGolly, UggyWoggy dan ade sekali tu husband tanye I "Where is Aglio Olio" 

So while her name is GollyWolly, I shorten it mostly to Wolly okeh. Penat sepanjang post ni duk type GollyWolly. Kalau panggil die dari jauh, akan panggil nama penuh. Kalau marah, memang "Wolly!" sahaja. 

Hope she continues to be well and be BFF dengan Bobby. 

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