Monday, April 28, 2008

A blank page

Its Monday. And I am in a mood for holiday for the next weekend.

And there is a lot of work stuff not finished yet.

Will be back for more. K.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The recycled tale

MS Paint present, this shoddy story:

Once upon a time, there is a boy
Boy meet girl

They fall in love

Shit ensues

Misunderstanding and/or separation happened

Misunderstanding and/or separation cleared up

Boy and girl get married and live happily after

Or so they say

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girls who wear glasses...

Well.. those are the one that the boys don't make passes of it seems.

That is a quote or a phrase I remembered reading from a book of quotes I had borrow when I was a tiny lil girl.

I was contemplating about wearing glasses on my wedding day. I think I heard a resounding gasp from a gaggle of perfectionist bride-to-be or bride-had-been out there.

It is a pretty.... out there thing to do. My fiance was arguing with me that the photographs would not turn out as nice. Hah, he is totally paranoid on anything related to photography. Just that usually if I would be looking at a picture of me in contacts, I felt like I am looking at a complete stranger

I am regretting that I don't WEAR a spec for my engagement. Should totally done it.

But I googled here and there a bit, and yeah... not a whole lot of nice pics. I don't know... maybe I just haven't found a really great pic to inspire me. So unless that happened. Wear contacts I must. Except I hate contacts! They make my eyes itch. My eyes are all blurrie and such. I don't know... maybe if I would wear contacts earlier. Grrr.... just hope I won't bump into any car due to poor sight.

Ugh... I am in a total hating mood. And shit... did I discuss about wedding thing again? Hah... its more of a fashion question. Quit hating.

p/s: There is this damn cockroach somewhere under my desk but I am much too lazy to stamp it out with my gigantic feet.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I was bored

{picture now taken off..... hee told you I'm taking it down}

Sue me....

p/s: Only uploaded for a while. Will take it down soon.... when I feel bored looking at myself all blurred.
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However... I had just bought DVDs that have 16 zombies or so movies in em. Haha! Will watch it when I am ready enough!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The quest of a bookaholic

My favorite cheap book stores stop before this was Payless. Pretty cheap, however the books are usually kinda dated. Not saying that old authors are not great.

But kenkadang you also want to join in the hype of reading a new book right. Like.... all of them are talking about this book so I want to read that too but I already buy loads of clothes, shoes and foods thus I cannot afford to dole out RM30++ for books.

I heard about the Book Xcess from some people in the blogosphere in Amcorp Mall. Its too way out for me. Manage to drop by to see if the books are really cheap last weekend (since I really really want to read Phillipa Gregory; The Other Boleyn Girl) ... and true to form, I bought 2 books for my ever expanding collections. ( ok lah tuh 2)

The Other Boleyn Girl - RM17.90

The Resurrectionist - RM9.90

So it cost all together less than RM30 for 2 books rather than I bought one at the usual price for RM34. Heeee. Happy!

I guess if there is a book I really want to check out and its quite new, I have a comparatively cheaper place to go to. Yeay! If I somehow manage to go all the way there again.

Though I did a little once over and could not find Neil Gaiman books and not too much Sophie Kinsella titles. But I maybe wrong. The website provided a list of books that they had in stock (which I occasionally browse if I think I may need to drop down around PJ again). The counter were hogged by customers which was a good sign for the owners but I did nigglingly wished that they move somewhere else (or at least ke tepi sikit) as so I can pay quickly.

But its just a minor annoyance and the staff there is very friendly, which melt my brittle annoyance a bit.

So I got my all my book raiding place straight now.

Old books, want to buy = Payless

Feeling cheap, want to try out a particular author and do not want to buy at all = Rent-a-book.

Feeling a tad cheap and want to buy/try a particular author that renting do not have = Xcess

Feeling kaya and really want to buy a book, a must have book, no where else does the book can be found = Everywhere else.

Buffy comics graphic novels = A little mamak magazine shop at Ampang point. Very cheap lor! Have to wait a while la tapi.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lazy Part 18th (I just throw in a number)

I am too lazy to update.

No idea. No whatever. Dila need to get her groove on. (Don't you just hate that Disney movie Emperor's New Groove cartoon?).

But whenever did Dila ever had her groove? Back in 2005?

Dila also need to stop referring herself as a third person. (which I think had now been referred as a fifth person. But if not first... what is the second?)

To make it worth your visit... here's a baby. Now say 'auuuwww' and you can move on to another more informational/delightful page.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The 5 songs that are.....

The 5 songs that I used to love but are absolutely ruined to me by...

1. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls - Ruined by emo people

This people who keep on posting this damn song or the lyric over the title of their blogs or IM or confession on how this song completely understand them. Urm, yeah. So does about a hundred other people that said the same thing. Go and congregate there.

2. Creep by Radiohead - Ruined by pretentiousness.

I love Radiohead. I do. Some of their albums are the few albums where I really like all the songs shoved inside the album. But this ruined by a gaggle of pretentious pop loving jiwang 'ppl' who I swear only heard this song years after when a certain event cometh and gone, as so that they want to appear cool to their mates or crushes who loves band music so that they would find it kewl that they like rock music too. Whatever. I am as pretentious as they come. But I love this song before I even know rock music is kewl. And the repeated playing while gushing make the song .... ruined for me.

3. More than Words by Extreme. - Ruined by jiwang people.

I was young and foolish once. I like this song, once! Hey. I know that some of you have a secret folder that contain Britney, Celine or PCD type of songs. But an unfortunate attempt to be romantic and be all guitar strumming over the telephone with the background of guffawing laughter from the boys had made me to bade farewell to any positive feeling toward this song. Or any future/past attempted songs being played live dedicated to moi. Called me cold. But I abhor that kinda thing. It make my gag reflex go all active.

4. Any songs by Ronan Keating - Ruined

I love Ronan Keating. Hey I love Boy Zone and that Stephen boy before I knew he was gay. He got a great voice. Oh the reason on why it is ruined? Reason withheld.

5. Any Indonesian band songs. - Ruined

Why? Heck. I don't need a reason. It was just ruined for me.

I may have more.. but this is all I can think about and you can say the top 5.


It seems that I do have more...

6. I want to add this fuckin Darkness song into the list too

And why? Why not? Tell me the hell why not? Anybody? Ugh

p/s: {edited out due to own reason not wanting to disclose} Hahaha. Ah, come on. Blog is created for pent up emotion per...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not another Zombie Movie

  • Set in an abandoned school

  • Near a top secret high tech military base complete with a satellite dish

  • Zombies attack!

  • Zombies can move as fast as the zombies in 28 Days Later if they chose to.

  • The above and the below are all Part 2

  • Survivors from Part 1 Zombies attack had now been infected or still surviving.

  • I had no idea when Part 1 had take place just that it had happened and now Part 2 is in progress

  • Zombies infection had now weakened. A mere scratch would not infect you. However the zombies can smell you much better now.

  • The military did nothing but watch people keep on getting pick off one by one to be eaten by zombie using their satellite dish.

  • The darned satellite dish somehow can also function as some sort of laser ray to blow off anything to mere smithereens, which they chose not to use.

  • All this is a government conspiracy, where an experiment is being conducted using ordinary people who had encounter with zombies put in the same place to see how they would survive against zombies.

  • The zombies are kept by the government.

p/s 1: Not a review. Nor a movie. Nor a book. Nor a comic.

p/s 2: Welcome to the bizarro world of Dila's dream where monster and zombies make their debut in a weekly basis.

p/s 3: Actually not a bad plot for a movie or a badly written book/graphic novel yar.

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