Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Satisfaction not guaranteed

You know something, I always found myself being jealous. Jealous of people who love their work.

I wondered why I never feel this way. Is it because its really hard for me to make friends so making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be in or because I don't have the 'minat' in this industry. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what I want.

As you are reaching the big 3.0 your life should be more defined, you need to know what you want or have a good start on your long term career goal. When interviews came, the long term career goals questions is the one I loathe. I take my future week by week. 10 years down the line questions, make me feel like crying in a corner sucking my thumb.

It is not even a question of making money. I even envy the salesgirl at a stall who seems to have a good time doing whatever she does when thinking of going to work is making me hurl. I envy my husband who loves his job. I envy my friends who have a good paying job and making decent start in their career. I even envy those who complaint about their job but seems to be having fun all at the same time. I even envy the S.A.H.M where they do not have to face the questions and deadlines by bosses and clients.

I am tired of career change. Because changing your career does not mean you will be happy. Or does this in fact have nothing to do whatsoever with career or in fact in me needing to find satisfaction on what I do no matter what it is. But the ball would be coming back to, to find satisfaction, I need to be happy in what I do?

Geeez. Maybe I should had been a teacher after all, but the thought of starting over. Sigh. I don't have the heart to do it. And it would be even worse if in the long run, I would be truly unhappy and turned out to be like those bitter teachers that I always hated when I was in school.

Lets next week be a better week.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So do I need to make a post about reminisce or goals or expectations or what I had done?

Reflection is sooo depressing. Lets random rambles instead.

1. Just got back from a cousin (more like 2 pupu's wedding). It was lovely and nice as all of her big family had come together and tried to make everything from scratch. Also a shout out to Yoda's and Rozie's : Selamat Pengantin Baru. Sorry I can't make it to Kedah, as I need to be at JB at the time. Housewarming jangan lupa ajak aku.

2. Kinda glad that Christmas is over because I gotten a bit sick of all the Christmas songs playing over and over again. There was this really horrible rendition of 'Santa, baby' I heard just yesterday at a shop that at first I thought I was going insane because I thought I had heard a disconnected sounding voice talking nonsense out of nowhere, but it turned out to be that song sung by a woman that sounds like a man trying to be sexy. Really weird and disconcerting.

3. I need to lose weight. Had been eating a lot lately because I feel the need to cram food into my mouth.

4. Out of things to talk about. Maybe will be back here tomorrow when I am less dazed, but probably more busy as by then the system (work thingies) will be up. Bah!

5. I sure would like some cookies though.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mewayang and a book

For a couple of weeks had been watching movies with my husband... and many of those I like. But hey, I even like Legally Blondes (with the S), so my taste in movies can also be questionable.

The Hangover

Image from 

Manage to watch it last week and it was HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud many, many times . The jokes were spot on and even the most wildly inappropriate one doesn't feel inappropriate. And I hate movies like Click, Ace Ventura, Pink Panther, and the likes. So this comedy feels refreshing, funny yet not slapsticky. I wonder how Hangover 2 is gonna play out?


Image from

The story is kinda cheesy and cliche. I can basically know what is going to happen before it happened. But the visual effect and all those CGI thingies is really lovely. However how cheesy or cliche the story is, it is pretty watchable and worth your money for the blu ray or whatever new tech it might come up next.

500 Days of Summer

 Image from

Incredibly sweet and lovely tho a bit draggy at times. A story for the people who had gone through heartbreak and trying/used to figure out what went wrong. I like the concept of a non-linear storyline and IKEA must had sponsored a bulk of the expense eh. And maintaining the story from Tom P.O.V and leaving us to wonder about Summer at the same time as his, make us felt the same frustrations as he did. Why not him? Most of all , I like the story of a love that is not meant to be.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Because I will be malas to create another post here's my thoughts
  • Not as funny as I thought it would be
  • Not as gory as I thought it would be
  • Not funny, but pretty amusing from time to time. 
  • Seth Grahame Smith does change the storyline to a more satisfying end, especially to the villain of this story. I like this book ending rather than the original one.
  • I kinda hate Elizabeth on this book. I guess the talk of "I am the best warrior... bla bla bla" is kinda tiring and annoying. Because she said it almost every fricking time. 
  • Overall, I think the book is fun to read because of Jane Austen writing and the presence of zombies and the Longbourn girls as warriors is something of a fun twist to add to it. The illustrations help in adding fuel to the imagination, however I don't think it is that funny. In this book, I don't laugh, I merely smiled. So... I don't think so I will be buying Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters as I guess I enjoyed the original more.I would still watch the movie though.

Anyone out there got a more enjoyable zombies story books that they can recommend? Because I just thought that I seems to find a lot of vampires, demons and werewolves books but never zombies.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

In association with my past self

Currently I am listening to some old songs. The few back years songs. Specifically the Indonesian songs. I used to ban Indonesian songs. Not because I hate the Indonesians. Nope. Those who follow this blog from the beginning, will perhaps have a vague memory or notions why I don't listen to Indonesian songs anymore. Those who don't, let just say most Indonesian songs are just too painful for me to hear.

Why did I begin to listen again to these songs? The songs that when I heard before make me feel like my heart is breaking little by little. I honestly don't know. To gauge if it's still painful I guess even after I am married.

And you know, being married does not make your past disappear. I resent the perception of being married, that you have to be a dutiful, perfect little wifey without baggages. Or that your life is complete when you have a perfect family. Or the fact that you chose to wear a hijab, you need to be unmarked in sins. Isn't life about improvements, finding amendments, trying to see what works and what joys bring you or how you can bring joy forward even. You do not get THERE at once. Exceptions for some lucky people I guess, but for most people, it's a journey. To reach to a certain stage of piety, happiness, acceptance, forgiveness. And I am rambling, I am rambling because I am listening to some past songs that I associate with my past love.

Back to the topic. So does the songs still hurt? Does the thudding ache still there? The feeling like you can't breathe, like you have problem trying to exhale properly?

Wouldn't you just love to know ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

short post on things I am excited about

except this tuna sandwich I bought from Cold Storage that I had just eaten. I gagged a bit when I'd taken the first bite, but you can give me a maggot sandwich and I would eat it because I had paid money for it. Urgh...

No. 1 thing that I am excited about. Coraline is nominated for a Golden Globes! I like the book, and love the movie. It have an eerie charm about it and shivers me timbers! Great news for Neil Gaiman and filmmakers everywhere whom will now be interested in making movies based on Neil Gaiman works. Pleaseee do a film on Neverwhere, pleaseee.

Also the other thing that make me bite my tongue to prevent me from squealing out loud and at the same time gagging from the horrendous tuna sandwich I am chewing is the awesome, awesome teaser poster of Chuck for Season 3.

Really awesome. It would be even more awesome if Adam Baldwin is also there looking bewildered while glowering (because I loveeee, loveeeee, looooveeee him especially when he glowered). I know some of you would appreciate this poster so I took it from Ausiello and share it to the mass.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Aini and Zaki's Wedding

Promised the girls that we will attend Aini's wedding at Melaka on last Saturday, but at the last minute I changed the plan to go to Zaki's side of the wedding instead at Air Molek yesterday since on the same day there was also another kenduri potong jambul at my brother in law's kampung at Rembau.

We manage to reach there around 15 mins after 1pm just before the pengantin berarak. Nice timing indeed. So alang-alang2 tu aku join je belakang rombongan pengantin masuk while my husband duk ambik-ambik gamba.

Anyway the food was yummeh (sambal sotong!!! My Fav!) and the wedding is really traditional-like with gamelan music and silat. Aini looks really prettyyy and Zaki's sooo happy and jovial-like.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Aini and Zaki. The pic above is from my husband camera taken by tah sape and I will upload most of the remaining gambar kenduri in Facebook, sooner or later. Gamba kat Rembau tu, tanya Shamani die nak upload kat mana as the pics are at his camera too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good God, Its Friday Y'all!

Ya know country is makin' a comeback and talkin this way is the shits!


Aku bangkrap bulan ni sebab kena bayar insurans kereta. My husband said I should save more. Bah!

Tapi maseh ade hati nak membeli hadiah-hadiah kahwin kepada mereka-mereka yang kahwin bulan disember ni. Its procreation month y'all. This week got a wedding which supposedly I should go to on Saturday, but made a last mins decision to go to the kenduri at Melaka right after a kenduri at Rembau on Sunday. Sheeesh. Next week got 2 weddings, naseb baik both in KL. And the Christmas week got 2 more weddings! And because one of them is in JB and the other in Kedah, we can only choose one kenduri to go to.

I think by next year, kurang sikit kut membe-membe mahu kahwin ini.

Was thinking to watch Natrah teater, but my pocket funds are reallllllyy lowwww like I said above and I couldn't even find a time to watch it as kalo weekdays jalan nak pergi Istana Budaya tu boleh turn me off to watch anything in good humour. And reading the reviews at (well, somewhat review la), macam nothing new to gain from it. I know of the case because ruangan membaca sekolah rendah aku dulu, kat belakang kelas was filled with Dewan Masyarakat nye old magazines and 2 of those old issues was dedicated to the case of Natrah. Very good read.

Maybe if they were to make a 'second' season out of it, will then see it. Like what they did on PGL and P.Ramlee the musical. Also, what is this second season shits? If its second season, like macam the tv series there is suppose to be continuation from the first season. Cakap je la "so-so musical" will be shown again for the year 2010 with these set of casts blabety bla bla... and don't tack the '2' at the end of the title, because it's misleading even though audience are not really a dumbass tapi still we feel weird of the '2' macam we are suppose to watch the '1' too. Geddit?

Okay got something of the utmost importance to do which is called husband and tanye betul ke idak ni nak tengok wayang.

p/s: edited at 7 pm because of really horrendous grammar

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meandering along

I said to myself

... this could work, but it doesn't. And I turned to food for comfort.
... no more supermarket food, but its so easy to eat in front of the computer and cheap. Even if its taste weird.
...should have bought things that are low calorie, but it ain't filling. time for blog, but I opened it up anyway because it is addictive to read what people thoughts and events.
...ok, time for work.

Oh, I bought Atonement book online RM10, with free postage. Such a great deal. 

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hadeeja Cafe

The post on what I ate.

My husband noticed a newspaper article mentioning that Deja Moss had opened a kedai makan in Ukay Perdana and beria-ria mengajak aku untuk test. The kedai makan is also co-owned by Anuar Zain ( a fact that I like to highlight to Sheema and Seri. Hehe)

We went on Sunday for some lunch. Was a bit impressed to see how chic the kedai look from outside and confused when I pulled to open the door, it wouldn't budge. Seems you need to ring on the doorbell then the door can be opened. Ok.

The menu is not extensive. From what I can see written on the board the options are, Laksa Sarawak (special or biasa), Mee Kolo, Nasi Daging Hitam and Nasi Ayam Hitam. The drinks are the usual and nothing fancy about it.

I ordered Teh O Ais (tak perlu review teh o ais kan) dan Laksa Sarawak, but the orang kedai misheard me and gave me the Laksa Sarawak Special instead. Ok, Laksa Sarawak Special is ok also. The price for yang special is RM8++ and the biasa is RM7++. The special one got udangs. (Kenapa aku letak s blakang udang?)

It was ok. Better than laksa shack and a bit lesser than Alexis. Alexis memang la sangat sedap laksa die kan, tapi price at Alexis pon boleh tahan sakit nyawa jugak (more than RM15 per bowl), so if got sudden craving for Laksa Sarawak we had found a place yang quite decent and tidak mencekik darah. My husband said, it is quite nice, tapi macam ade something missing. (Itu la yang die slalu cakap, ape yg missing tu kalo ditanye, he wouldn't know. ) My only complaint is that not enough kuah. Hehe.

My husband ordered mee kolok, which I think priced around RM7++.

He loves it! He said it is sedap and would definitely come here again kalau die kepingin untuk Sarawak mee kolo again. I tasted some of the mee a bit and have to agree that it is quite nice, but I only have 1 so-so mee kolo and another really terrible mee kolo experience to come to an opinion if this one is sangat best.

Well, the pinggan and glasses are finished clean. I do have to say I love the white on white tableware/cloth for the dining table. Nampak ala-ala posh and chic. The kedai also have a huge sofa dominating the front of the kedai, which I think is the waiting area for people who came here to order her cakes.

Yes, the top right hand corner tu adalah jari aku sebab I am a sucky photographer but I just have to take the pic and I covet that stools!

Oh yes, kat kedai ni jugak ade jual kek lapis Sarawak, and they have a lot of varieties in stock. Aku macam teringin nak beli tapi jangan nak membazir and nanti balik-balik mesti I am the only one who will habiskan the kek. So, malas.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kesah Kurap Pulak

Its now Kurap turn to be neutered. Its seems time because she had begun to be interested in exploring the back alley which is filled with hormonal tomcats. 

First day balik adalah agak mandom, then esok tu dah mula la 'menginja' sana sini main kejar-kejar dengan Fasha tak sedar diri perut tu masih lagi freshly berjahit.

And makin manja pulak, sibuk nak tidur sebelah manusia. Tak penah jumpa lagi kucing semanja die. Wherever there is anyone in the house, she will follow them and stay with them and sometimes forced us to scratch her ears or pet her head by mewing loudly and persistently. Very the mengada.

She does not make much of a fuss with the big cone on her head as I had thought she would be. Mungkin sebab die ni jenis tak kesah nak jilat bulu sangat. Fasha is the one yang obsessed with cleaning herself, which is why I am not at all surprised to find some clump of cat vomit or hairball which is solely courtesy of Fasha. Dulu geli, sekarang sudah immune. Hahaha.

We have to wait lagi sepuluh hari (make that 8 days now which to me seems like a long time too), to bring her back to the vet untuk buka jahitan and to make sure everything is A-OK.

Yeah. she seems really wrapped up in watching Heroes. Fasha pon used to like laying down and watch Heroes dulu-dulu when I was watching it. What is it with Heroes and cats?

p/s: Its been a while since I had heard Edith Piaf, beginning to play back her songs over and over again. Her songs and voice is just amazing.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Random Reviews

Book: Contest

Pic taken from

 I thought I wouldn't enjoyed it. It is a book about aliens! I hate any stories about aliens. I don't even enjoy E.T. But Effi might complained that the book is dumb down, I say its fine the way it is, because if it try to act anymore clever, I will not enjoyed reading it.

Its a kinda like Aliens VS Predators, plus more aliens! Except for the human participation in it. Light action read I should say.

Reels: Zombieland.

Pic taken from

Yoda is right. It is lulzy. The rules ala-ala Zombie Survival Guide is awesome. Beware of bathroom! Double Tap!

Not as funny as Shaun of the Dead but it have its funny moments. The Bill Murray thing, was equally funny but on the other hand rather stupid. My fav is Woody Harrelson. He is such a badass! I kept on getting him confused with Matthew McConaughey throughout the whole movie because they look kinda similar and McConaughey always played the macho western with swagger and drawl type of roles.

TVs: Nur Kasih

Pic taken from a forum which I believe is taken from Nur Kasih official TV3 site.

The end is rather anti climactic don't ya think?

Hahahahaa. Yes, yes I do watch TV Melayu sometimes since my brother is such a fan of them (he will not admit it, and whenever we are in the vicinity he will quickly change the channel to sport because we will tease him mercilessly by singing the song "Gerak Khas". He is in denial that he was a fan. ) I kinda follow the drama and get why everyone are so into it. It is a rather clever, beautifully shot show. And the dialogue does not make you feel like punching the throat of the scriptwriter. But the last episode is kinda meh for me.

Not necessarily a fan though, like say the options of going out vs Nur Kasih, I will pilih to go out (kecuali the last episode sebab even though I do know the ending, I want to see how it all wrapped up).

p/s: The last review I just tacked in, because Random Reviews does not see so random reviews when you reviewed only 2 things.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ring Marks on tables are EVIL

Let me count the ways on how I like Dila/Erni.

1. I think she's kinda an awesome blogger. Opinionated mummy blogger who doesn't follow trend, but make up her own rules and ways.

2. Even dengan ade Ziyyad (son) and family, a job that I don't quite get what she really do, she makes time to do her crafts and even set up her own part time entrepreneur projects on her free time for extra income.

3. Sebab die bagi aku free coaster and even thrown in a felt hair clip for moi. (Aku treat hair clip itu as my birthday present sebab I got it 2 days before my birthday, teehee).

Hehe. Ok tak introduction 2 point di atas itu untuk mengipas orang yang bagi barang free?

So, Erni had kindly gave me the coaster, which is easiest the prettiest thing on my bare desk because I had not decorated or put up anything remotely nice at all on that desk for the past months.

The coaster is made of cloth so its washable. The design is pretty, my one is ala-ala Japanese blossom gitu.  The bottom side is plain pink, not the same cloth as the one you saw above but probably to indicate mana atas or bawah.I have not stress test it or anything, so I can't guarantee it would be stain free or can tahan heat up to 100 degrees. It does do whatever coaster is suppose to do, which is not leaves ring mark on table. Why this is a NO, NO? It is ugly.

I hate ring marks. Especially on glass tables. And also work desk, because work desk is normally white, thus any marks easily visible and if you had not used coaster regularly, when you are bored out of your mind and your eyes seems to be wandering to your desk surface you will go anal looking at those ring marks and will try to find some tissue or cloth or paper even to wipe those off to no avail because those long ago ring marks, are now to stay.

Jeeez. So any of you suffering from a bad case of OCD or ADHD (short span of attention which then eyes wander to desk), buy a coaster.Or you know, you can also contact Dila and asked her to make you one. (Herrmmm adakah ini bermakna aku akan tempted untuk mintak Dila buat coasters bentuk sheeps for me....)

The coaster up close.

Oh yeah, the felt clip ituuuuu. Thank you. I love it very much and are currently wearing it like this

Spot the sheep!

p/s: Yeah, I think I needed to make a post sooner or later on my sheep collections.

Friday, November 27, 2009

2nd Big Bad Wolf Books Haul

Since my husband needs to attend a meeting this morning I followed him to work and went back to JB around lunch hour after he had finished his meeting and me, my shopping. The awesome Big Bad Wolf Sales.


The sale start at 10 am, and I reached Amcorp Mall (naik LRT to station Taman Jaya) dalam 10 mins before 10. I was surprised to find lots of people waiting around the entrance. But its a warehouse sale. Cheap books! Of course loads of people gonna show up early. When it times to come in, it was utter madness. People scrambling everywhere to get books or reached the tables they want.

The goods
  • Loads of titles to choose from. Depends on your interest. But chic lit books got lots of nice authors.

  • Which bring me to another good point here: got Georgetthe Heyer!

  • Real cheap! Most of the books I seen there is RM8, even the big one.

  • The organizers had kindly organized which section is which so I can just ignore the section I never really care about (Self help books. Gah!)

  • Really friendly staffs. You couldn't find a more jovial warehouse sales staff at another place.    

    The gripes

  • The venue is small and the tables are pushed together closely to one another. No space to REALLY browse the books. But because the organizers had nicely arranged the books, all I have to do is look in between people shoulder and take the books I want.

  • The queue was terrible. It was haphazard, long winded, snaking all around the front shop lot and people have no idea where it start. People snappish behavior does not help when some people are asking where is the queue. Geez people, be nicer to people who wants to queue can you?

  • The inconsiderate trolley carriers who place their trolley haphazardly. At least the considerate one, manage to roll their trolley out of people path. There was one woman who is carrying a big trolley with a box on top of the trolley blocking a whole path of people wanting to come through. Ugh!

  • The really annoying boxes carrier who put their box on top of the rows of books that people are perusing. People needs to stop doing that at warehouse book sales unless there is no people around you.

  • Being not nice. Just because it is crowded, it does not excuse you of not saying 'excuse me' when you bumped into another people painfully. Yes, my back does hurt from your bucu kotak. A vague apology would be appreciated at the very least.

Yeah, my gripes are mostly on inconsiderate people. I guess the organizers had underestimated the number of people coming to the sales but credit is due to their arranging the books which saved me a lot of time in finding what I want to buy.

My haul?

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday and Anniversary weekend

It was my birthday last Saturday and our first anniversary last Sunday. We vaguely planned a mini-break getaway but canceled it because it seems a bit costly and I macam malas.

Thanks for all the wishes. Thanks also for husband for treating me to various eateries that I felt like having on Saturday.

Went to IKEA for the baked salmon (I like the usual salmon better), bought strawberries at the Street, went to KLCC for books.

My birthday gifts! Books! Fables tu tak kira sebab my husband yang sibuk sangat nak beli. At long last I got my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

Then Bakin Boys cookies, various windows shopping and salivating on things I can't afford, and then to Wangsa Walk for Secret Recipe because I am in love with their Japanese Soba and Vienna Brownies. Though my husband ordered the Vienna Brownies and I chose Lemon Cheese to try it out (not that great).

Japanese Soba and Grilled Black Pepper Chicken. Setiap kali tengok black pepper chicken ni, teringat kesah Lan dahulu

Vienna Brownies yang heavenly and Lemon Cheese yang kureng sikit.

For anniversary, husband made pancakes for breakfast! Which I ate while watching the latest episode of Greys also while positioning the plate and fork away from Fasha sniffing because she likes breakfast food. Did nothing extraordinary for anniversary at all, except made pizza from a ready made dough bought from Cold Storage and some roti bun pizza I improvised because there is a lot of mushroom left. That roti bun pizza is the AWESOME and I will continue to make it now.

Dinner went to the newly opened Sri Ayuthayya at Wangsa Maju because I had been dyingggg to go there since forever tapi sebab jauh so malas. And it was subpar. I hate the tomyam, too oily for my taste and the kerabu is nothing to shout about. The sizzling prawns are kinda nice and the asparagus, is asparagus without anything you can add to it.

Not that keen to try it again but maybe will come back to try out other dishes, because maybe we just ordered the so-so ones. I will be staying away from the tomyam though.

Nothing to say much about both event, except I am older and still feels like going nowhere. Hurrah for early onset depression! As for first year anniversary, it feels like we had been together for a very long time and at the same time, it feels like eh sudah 1 year?

And I think birthday girl picture should be featured for this post eh. So ini dia.

Memberi arch look (when expression 'arch' is being used, doesn't it remind you of Elizabeth Bennett) kepada camera.

Also today, I had just received my new laptop carryall/totes from Yeay! Also considered as birthday present from my husband. Erni mentioned about in her blog post . In the post she mentioned about a coupon being given away if we did a survey at their blog. So I did, and got 30% discount. Much browsing afterwards, I chose to buy the laptop carryall because my current handbag is currently breaking apart, and I need something to store my laptop bile aku malas bawak laptop backpack itu. So even if I opt to not put my laptop in, it would be/look totally fine for my work bag

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some things

Oh yeah. I changed the layout again. I got a little sick of the blog template that I had for the few months, and suddenly really wanted to change. I quite like it. Clean and simple. So will add the usual widgets later on.

The thing with working in the middle of a huge sprawling shopping complex is the temptation to shop. Never really cave in to the whim before but this week I am sorely, sorely tempted to buy 2 pair of shoes. One is Andre Comfort, a gray, very cute shoes that have little crisscross on top. The other is Zang Toi red heels that just looks so sexy and incredible that I feel if wearing it I would walk sambil flip, flip hair and imagine windfan blowing hair (sebab itu kena flip) and fabrics all around like Gisele Bundchen on a photoshoot. Yes, walaupon, pendek, agak pear shape and have short stubby legs, sekali sekala perasan supermodel tak salah okeeehhhh.

Both cost a few ratus, and I don't spend that much on shoes. But walking past those shoes everyday does not make the heart grow less fonder ok.

My bladders are working against me. I mean I don't know how, but recently I can't hold my pee for long. Its like I had a forgotten gastric bypass and my bladders suddenly shrunk. I mean last week, I felt the need for the no. 1 just before boarding a plane. Nothing to it, as airports got loads of toilets.

Then after boarding the plane and right before takeoff, I feel like I really need to pee. Like right now and then. I wasss dying for the plane to get the fuck off the runway and glide up and leveled so the damn seatbelt sign can turn off, signalling me that it is A-OK to dash into the miniscule toilet. All that process took an agonizing 15 - 20 minutes. Mouthed off to my husband "Realllyyy need to peeeee" and he showed me the barf bag while making a show of peeing in it. That does not help okeh.

This also a problem in the office. The cleaner always opt to clean the bathroom during the time I needed it most. Gah! If that happened I dash off downstairs to the Gardens premiere RM5 toilet and showed my ISETAN card (at least if no shopping is done, the card is useful) since it is complimentary for ISETAN and ROBINSON's card members. Hah! Lagi clean, wangi and got perfume some more.

Ok. Enough toilet talk.

It is for me because esok aku cuti! Yeay!

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2nd image: from
3rd image : from
4th image : from

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shopgirl : A movie I watched 3 years ago and tetiba teringin nak blog about it

For as long as I can remember, if I start watching a movie. I mean really start watching a movie, (not sambil tengok sambil meandering buat mende lain) I would finish it. But I can't finish Shopgirl.

If you had never heard of it, well, good for you. Starring Claire Danes, Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman. I bought it on an impulse because it got Claire Danes. I like Claire Danes ever since My So Called Life. Her work is pretty diverse, she's pretty and can act. Some people said she is a bit cold and offish. And the funny thing is, she alwayysss seems to hook up with her co-stars. So she might be interesting at the very least, if her co-stars find her that interesting and fall for her. She even manage to steal Billy Crudup away from his pregnant gf (the likable Mary-Louise Parker) and not cause a major scandal like Team Angelina/Team Jolie or LeAnn Rimes proportions. Hoh. Then she dumped Billy Crudup for the dishy Hugh Dancy. Hah! (Sheesh, I know a lot of Hollywood gossip)

Now, so my problem lies not with Claire Danes, even when she played the really unlikable character of Ann in Evening, I still enjoyed Evening. The problem is with the 2 heroes of the movie. In the movie Roy (Steve Martin) is the rich suave playboy 'mengayat' Mirabelle (Claire Danes). If you grew up with The Father of the Bride where now if you think about it, Claire Danes can basically be his grandchild, I am a little sick to the stomach. In here he obviously treated Mirabelle a little higher than a hooker and a bit lower than a mistress. Urgh. And Mirabelle is crazy in love with him.

Then the other hero is (Jeremy) Jason Schwartzman. He maybe kinda cute, but not in this movie. Not at all. There was a scene where Mirabelle went a date with Jeremy, and after she paid for their date and came the make out session, Jeremy stop for a while mentioning that he don't have a condom and would a plastic bag would be ok. Urgh. Yeuch. And unhygienic. And Mirabelle reaction to Jeremy is also understandable.

After a few more scenes that is equally depressing I just shut off the DVD player altogether. It just make me feel loya and pening. And I never want to see even a hint of sex scene involving Steve Martin ever again. Thank you very much.

Some critics called it thought provoking. And whatever. I think the critics may well be just depressed themselves.

Though I did read a wiki entry on the movie after 3 years of not opting to watch it, and read that at last Jeremy cleaned up, win Mirabelle heart after all and Roy turned out regretting his choice of not treating Mirabelle right after all because he actually love her.

Yeah. I just told you the whole plot of the movie as you would better spend your time pruning your bonsai plant than watch this.

p/s: Eh. I am on a blog roll this week! Woot woot!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Interview Review: The Book of a Thousand Days

I curi this image from wiki. Please don't sue. And its not the same as my book cover.

I read it and I like it. And can I end it with that?

If I got time, I would curi Effi graphical review idea and do it, but I am much too lazy and I rather type. And wtf would I do on a graphical review. Got no cleavage rating to emphasize the need of an image.

What's the book about?
A maid is trap with a princess in a tower because the king is enrage that her daughter do not want to marry the man he chose. So he throw them in a tower, bricked up the door and the story unravels.

Do I like it?
Like I mention. Yes, yes, yes.

The story is simple. It stated on the back of the book that you would not guess the ending, and it is wrong as I can totally see the ending a mile away. But still that does not make the journey to the ending any less enjoyable. The language is simple. It got illustrations, not so much, but a bit and enough to make your imagination flares up.

But its not exactly targeted to your demographic age righttt?
Right. I like children book and if I am not wrong, this book is for tweens and if you got kids and would like for them to read something good, this would be it. (Psst, not Twilight hokey!) And of course I got tired of chic lit from time to time.

If a rating were to be given say.... 5 gold stars as the max what would I rate?
Gold stars are redundant don't you think? Maybe 5 yummy salmon sandwiches. This would constitutes a 4 and a half bite of yummy salmon sandwiches. A bit lacking somewhere, and also 5 yummy complete sandwiches should only be given to the best!

Want to read another Shannon Hale then?
Prolly. Prolly her Newberry award winning book "Princess Academy" though the synopsis does not look too promising for my taste. But who knows maybe I would like it.

Ok. Enough interviewing myself, I got some blog hopping plus error checking to do.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Short Update

Got back from Sibu yesterday visiting my husband's grandfather. We went there on Friday and reached Sibu around 9pm after a mad dash to KLIA to make it to our 7.30 pm flight. We manage to visit him even late at night and it was heartbreaking to see him in so much pain. Sad to say he passed away on Saturday around Maghrib time. Anyway was glad that my husband sempat to make it to visit arwah last time before he passed away.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Used and forgotten

I am a pack rat. Asked my husband. We sometimes have silly fight on whose stuffs is the most stuffs that stuffed the room, and he always accused my stuffs. I of course deny this because I would deny everything and am a rampant liar. But of course this is true. Ask me tomorrow and I will say otherwise though.

You get the gist of what constitues a pack rat.
  • The 8 year old jeans that had seen better day (fabricwise and figurewise both) that you do not wear but you still hoard because you hope you can get your 20 year old figure back one day and smile that satisfied smile when you pull the jeans up past your thigh and butts.
  • The countless perfume bottles and its BOXES that you saved and you hate to throw away because it cost a chunk of your money and damn it, if I paid RM200 for it, I will save em all!
  • The old eye shadows and lipsticks that you spent in a compulsive buy during a warehouse sale and you only applied once or twice and should have thrown away because who the hell put on a bright orange eyeshadow in the middle of the day.
  • The old magazines of Cleo and Women Weekly under your bed that you didn't throw out yet because you want to recycle but never do because you keep on forgetting to load to your car or called that uncle "Suratkhabar Lama" to a halt.

Maybe the stuffs would be a tad bit different for a guy.

The other thing that I hoard constantly is quite ok. Why OK? Because it's tiny and doesn't take much space. That stuffs; are the label price or tag of clothes and stuffs that are kinda nicely printed or cardboard made tag. Those make great bookmarks y'all. As I am always losing my bookmarks everywhere, those tag labels come in handy when I read book at other spot than my room so I don't get depressed when I lose my really expensive bookmarks I bought far from home.

Currently the book that I am reading and touting around, I used a label I took from the dresser. Never really notice it before but it was pink and cute and labeled 'Espire' in white font so what the heck. I briefly tried to remember then but failed on what stuffs this label came from. Nvm then .

Now this morning, while waiting for the computer to boot and load, I read the book awhile and closed it back again. Instead of putting the label in between the pages, I put it at the top of the book. After a while, I got a little bored, and casually looked at the back label to see the product tagline and read the word " Congratulations! You have chosen a product that is designed to give more pleasure to ....." And my mind goes... "whatttt.. when did I bought a read further la Dils" and the next few line have "condom" on it. Oh. And I had brazenly left the tag lying around OR flaunting it (as I like to hold the label in my hand as I read) in God's know where for the past few days.

This comes to mind to another stuff that I used to use. Back in high school, everybody have big pencil boxes to fill the many, many colored pens to put in (to better write love letters with) and so does I. But where my pencil box differs was that I used the zipper bag that many department stores put panties they want to sell. You know the one, the clear case of zipper bag that have 3 or 4 panties rolled up nicely. I used that as my pencil case. And never really notice that it used to be a 'panties' case because I am daft like that and also cheapskate to buy pencil case. Why buy when you have a perfectly workable free zipper case aight?

So half a year goes still using the case and still not having a clue and only after walking in the store past the lingerie and underwear section I noticed the similarities. Hoh! But I shrugged it off and just continue using it, because no one ever mentioned or teased it to me. so what the hell yar. Unless I am known as the 'underwear case girl' behind my back, I really couldn't give a damn.

Hmmmm in this post alone, you all now know I am a pack rat, I recycle stuffs no matter how embarassing the thing is and I used pleasure enhancing product for family planning stuffs. Eh, we are all grown up here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the home front

I am WFH today. Working from home for you ignorant of the abbreviation.

There are many, many times I questioned myself why I jumped into the technical line of IT (specifically programming!), because I am just plain crappy at it. But today I am glad at least for this job, I can WFH when I am down with flu because my MC is finish already.

The cats are also doubly glad that there are someone at home and is being INCREDIBLY active by darting in and out of everywhere excitedly pausing now and then in front of me kinda like conveying... OH! You are HOMEEEE~ There is someone at homeeeee~!!!!! We can run around at the front yard!!!!

Yeps the cats can be idiotic.

Monday, November 09, 2009

I feel



very much not care about anything at all.

at a loss on what I really want out of life.

that everyone seems to be at a continent and I am stranded on desert, inhospitable island.

hopeless at my inability.

Maybe its Monday?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Jennifer's Body

I went into the cinema not expecting much. After all its a horror movie. About a possessed cheerleader. And got Megan Fox in it.

But then it was surprisingly good. Good is kinda lukewarm description, yes? Then cross that. It was kinda great and almost awesome.

  • The dialogue was smart, not cliche and the lines are good.
  • Good script. It turned a usual horror movie to a quirky movie that have its scare moments.
  • Some of the scenes are heartbreaking and almost, almost bring tears to my eyes. You know how death scene in a horror movie always make you roll your eyes. But this not it.
  • Good choice of actors and actresses especially Amanda Seyfried. I have always like her since Veronica Mars.
  • Clever witty jokes. Doesn't try too hard nor is it too silly.
  • Adam Brody is deliciously evil and hilarious as an indie band member trying to make it. God, I missed Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson.
  • Oh and Megan Fox is also pretty good, you know, aside from the 'sexy' obvious. She clearly enjoyed doing this movie and it shows.
  • Love the ending credits roll.
  • And I especially love the scene where Needy make a run through the woods in her 80s prom dress. It was beautifully shot. The shots of pink satin and legs in between trees is really lovely and reminiscing of a late 80s/early 90s music video. Really awesome.
  • And yeah, I would like to see it again.
  • Oh and the soundtrack are pretty good. I am gonna find it. Especially the main song of the movie Through the Trees.
That's about it. Oh and the bad? Well, I really like this movie. So I do not want to think of the bad just yet. And its kinda hard to think of the bad, because it just feel so good.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Short, short reviews for a quick read

Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham

Life of a receptionist in London after she took a new job as a reception. Reading her life unfurled in email correspondents.

Love this book. It is frothy fun. It is originally a website, (I think I mentioned it earlier but couldn't find the post to link it up) and the one who wrote this is a man. He originally wrote the story in the website for his company (excerpt of interview I freely took from It was initially just a way of getting more candidates to register for our recruitment agency. It’s a specialist agency for reception staff..)

Holly is paranoid and I think he just writes for laugh, but it is an entertaining, light chic lit fun of a read! And God! I missed reading Bridget Jones.

Holly's Inbox 2 by Holly Denham

Kinda fun too, though I did preferred Holly's Inbox 1. Am disappointed that some of the characters in Hollys Inbox 1, is not mentioned at all (James, Jennie, Shella) in this book.

The Illuminator by Brenda Rickman Vantrease

A story about an English lady and the relationship she have with an illuminator. (A person who makes illustrations and decoration for books (long ago handwritten books))

Bit of a bore. More of a Christian lesson on the history of English written Bible for the mass and why is it so and about priests and the changing of feudal system in 1600s England. I think. Everything is depressing. The ending is blah.

Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

A story about a boy raised by ghosts in a graveyard.

Now, who doesn't love that? Awesome, awesome read. Makes you melancholy. Best read when drizzling or dark. Was sad when I came to the ending and would love to know what Bod makes of the world or how he fares in it. The only part that I do not like is the Macabre dance part. Guess I never really see the point in that story.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling

The book have 5 children short stories in it, and took me less than 2 hours to finish reading it all.

Quite captivating. Say what you will of J.K Rowling but she does make some pretty entertaining children stories and I enjoyed this book.

The book is written like e.g. short story first, then notes written by Dumbledore on what he thought of the stories. Now, the short stories is clearly a children book, some of the notes written about the story of whatever characters J.K Rowling thought of, seems hinting on a perverse sexual fetish. E.g. an extract taken from the book
... It was rumoured, however, that she actually discovered him in the act of fondling some Horklumps, which she found deeply shocking.
Justify Full
Now, am I right in reading that what she meant is the act above is sexually perverse or am I just reading too much into it?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Rambles

Because I feel like blogging and couldn't be arsed to think of a topic.

Bread Talk - Just finished eating Blueberry Puff? Whatever. It is pastry and got blueberry in it and I feel like puking it back out. Buying pastries is a bit of a hit and miss.. Some you loathe, loathe, loathe! (ciken floss). Some you can't get enough (Applewurm)

Hari ini for the first time in about a year or more, I came into office before 9 am. Sampai orang yang aku tak kenal kat office pon remarked awal gile aku datang hari ni. *Maluism*

And what amazed me is that, pukul 9.40 a.m pon, baru 5 orang je ade kat opis. Hahaha. So I am not THAT late normally (I usually saunter in around 10.15 every morning).

Was wanting to watch Papadom on Friday night, then got in a massive bitch of a bad mood when I came home that night that I decided to not go watch any movies for the weekend and sleep instead. The reason for my bad mood? There were an unreasonable amount of slow cars in traffic that night.

STFU Marrieds cracked me up. I am glad that Facebook was not available during my early boy crazy years. Heh. While STFU Parents make me exclaim "Oh, dear God" out loud.

Friday, October 30, 2009

TV Thingies I Watch for Year 2009

Its been awhile since new series started and compare to last year, this year new series kurang sikit aku acquire. So the below are the new series that I watched.

The Good Wife

Picture taken from

What's it about?
A wife of a public figurehead whom husband had been caught in a big sex and corruption scandal goes back to the workforce working in a legal firm after 15 years she last quit her job.

Why I Watch?
  • Got Chris Noth playing Mr Big albeit with different character name.
  • Julianna Margulies

Do I Like It?
  • Pretty well.
  • I like the supporting character Kalinda. Had not met strong Asian character for a while, and this is a plus.
  • The case is not boring and the series is not too heavy nor too light, so its the perfect watch for my in-between mood.


Picture taken from

What's it about?
All humanity suffered a blackout where in this blackout they saw their future in the next 6 months. A group of people tried to find out what that meant on who/what behind it.

And a sidenote, all this people suffered a most if not incredible at least eye opening future on how they change. If it were me, it would probably consist of me just watching tv.

Why I Watch?
  • My husband wanted to watch it.
  • Got John Cho.

Do I Like It?
  • Kinda meh so far.
  • Interesting premise, wondered how it gonna keep up without viewers losing interest or when 6 months had come.

Vampire Diaries

Picture taken from

What's it about?
A girl fall for a vampire. And that vampire have a brother who is also a vampire and also like the girl. Much writing about feeling in journal ensues.

Why I Watch?

Do I Like It?
  • Sappy soapy series that make you roll your eyes a lot.
  • But still watching it for who knows what reason. Hoping the characters would get interesting?
  • Tho Ian Somerhalder is fun to watch. His character. His prettiness also does not make it too bad.

The Beautiful Life

Picture taken from

What's it about?
Life of various models.

Why I Watch?
  • No longer! Because it'd been cancelled.

Do I Liked it?
  • Kinda. It was filled with pretty people and I like Sara Paxton.
  • Hard to tell if the story is any good because after 2 eps it had been cancelled.

And yes, I am still keeping up with Greys, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Supernatural, Chuck, Gossip Girl, 90210 (And I swear season 2 is BETTER AND TRASHIER), Fringe, Dollhouse and Private Practice. And occasionally House and Medium and various others once I bought the dvds.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kucing aku ni banyak drama taw

Baru je kelmarin, my mom puji cakap Fasha ni baik je, duk diam je. Then yesterday got back from work, my brother said macam ade kucing terperangkap in the roof wall on top of my sister's room.

When I went into my sis's room and heard mewing, recognized it was Fasha. Just to be certain, I called her at the back of the house, (tempat lepak bersama kucing jalanan yang lain) I can't hear her telltale bell. Sah la tu memang die la kat situ.

Somehow, she had found an access inside the roof and can't get her way out so she is mewing around the top of room because she heard our voices there. Bertuah punyer kucing. At first we are at a loss how to get to her because we suspected she went on top of the roof and found some way in. It would be too dangerous for us kerana tinggi, susah nak naik dan dah gelap.

So my sister ke brother think for a moment and bukak one of the lampu and see if she's truly there. Mana la taw kucing lain ke or tempat lain ke, and tak semena-mena terjadi lagi ke kesah maggots itu. Yeuch!

Then nampak la collar die yang glow in the dark itu ( which she manage to hilangkan this morning. Hoh).

And terus she poked her face out trying to get out to no avail sebab if you can see the picture below, ade macam besi to hold the lampu yang make it too sempit for her to wriggle herself out.

Called up my husband and die lah tolong bukak the besi thing. Yeah. I have no idea what is it called.

Then out the cat goes from the ceiling.

Nasib baik ade lubang lampu, kalo tak jadila macam Flowers Pets in the Attic. Keluar je terus berlari-lari cari makanan dan bersin 10 kali. Nak sangat jadi Fasha the Explorer kan.

Tiap-tiap minggu ade-ade je kucing-kucing ni taw. Tunggu plak next week, prolly another entry in the Kitteh Bitteh department, di mana Kurap akan dimandulkan pulak. Sorry readers, my love life is well... marriage life la, work is too depressing to always harp about and anak pon tiada. Terpaksa la Kitteh Bitteh department ni penuh dengan tales.

You know what, mommy bloggers is full of persatuan-persatuan dan geng-geng mereka. Pet owners bloggers di mana pets die org banyak karenah ni tadek geng-geng ka?

Owh and don't worry Abg Adam and Kak Liza, we got the besi and lampu back to its place. Kalo Fasha tu gemuk lagi, mungkin abes la kena pecahkan siling. Hahaha.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Before I forgot that I went to KK

Here's a post. Anyway, with my KK trip last week (seems like eons ago), I had now went to every state in Malaysia and spent at least a night there! Yeay! Now tell me, who else had done the same ( I am sure many, but hey, I asked a few and none of them can say the same)

Anyway will not make a REALLY long post out of it. Sebab aku malas and keje banyak. Sobs!

Day 1

We took a flight there on Friday and reached there petang.

Went straight to the pasar, because I went there with my mom and my nenek saudara and she is itching to cook. We reserved Marina Courts Condominium as we know the apartment comes with kitchen attached.

Bile balik apartment after walking around the pasar and membeli pelbagai makanan (the sayur is fresh and ridiculously cheap too), masak some prawns and sotong masak hitam. Fresh seafood! Yummeh!

Day 2

We went to Pulau Manukan for a spot of snorkelling and some seaside bathing. Yeay!

The beach was lovely but not as lovely as I thought it would be. But the corals was pretty.

Balik masam masin tu, we straight go to Jamilah Jewellery is it? That my brother and some few relatives recommend for some pretty pearl and crystal jewellery shopping. I bought a strand of grey pearls and made 3 similar looking bracelets for me and my sisters. I forgot to take gamba of shopping.

Tiba malam we went for food at Ocean Seafood Village.

The buttered prawns was kind of awesome and so does the sotong goreng tepung. But I maybe bias because I LOVE SOTONGS especially SOTONG GORENG TEPUNG. The other was so-so. A bit pricey though our total meal that night. Pengsan. Tapi for 8 orang makan, ok lah tu. Hehe.

Day 3

Went to Kundasang and Kinabalu Park very early in the morning.

The view was breathtakingly lovely and it was cold. We went to Timpohon gate, where most climbers start their climb up Kinabalu and had our cold KFC there. People went there to climb up Kinabalu, we went there to make our cholesterol level higher.

Afterwards we went to Kundasang and visited the memorial garden there. It was really beautiful. Separated to 3 gardens, it had an English garden, Borneo garden and an Australian garden.

Afterwards we went to there rows of stalls there and spent a whole much on foods and fruits. Di situ jugak we tasted and bought some local never seen before fruits. And I love buah tarap and those red durian. It was deliciously delicious.

Balik dari Kundasang straight to Tanjung Aru for some lunch, fruit juices and sayap!

Day 4

Went to UMS for my brother konvo. Lama gile ok. So we basically spent almost a day there. And ops, lupa plak nak include gamba and it is not in this pc. So malam ni, I will put another pic down here on my brother convocation. Most of the pics are in my husband camera tho. So only those yang I have je I put up. Which prolly amount to 2.

After the convocation went to 1Borneo sebentar untuk makan. Makan di Pizza Hut aje and let me warn you DON'T GO THERE ! The pizza sucks and the chicken wings tasted weird. Malam pulak my mom cooked some ketam and sotong and can't remember. Didn't take pics.

Night time setelah dinner, my husband and I decided to go to Tanjung Aru again untuk sayap, bontot ayam and avocado juice. The avocado juice is creamy and heavenly. The other drink itu adalah Teh Madras and quite good too. Aku menyesal tidak amik juice avocado gelas besar, sebab before this I can never finish the gelas besar. But that night I know if I order one, I can.

Day 5

Went to laundry back and fro kerana duk push push awek tu suruh bagi laundry awal sikit since we are going back that afternoon. Hantar hari sabtu, hari selasa masih tak siap lagi2. Hoh.

Overall, KK was super lovely, got tonnes to do but this was a family trip too and time was limited. Anyway we had fun and I love to go there again.

That's that folks!

Updated 24/10: Added pic of my bro's convo a bit. Itu je ade.

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