Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dil's Lament

My boss said need to undo the change I did yesterday, so the system will be stable since I haven't finished yet what I had done.

Then he said no need to undo after I had undo (deleted ALL entries) all the work that I had done yesterday. The one that make me stay at the office til 9pm. T_T

No. I am not ranting. Not angry. Just really, really frustrated.

Goddamit I am gonna buy some shoes. And McDonalds.


FrH said...

beli baju sekali hokayyy.
or henbeg.
or mekap

Kasapsky said...

sabo sabo.... biasala. Semua Boss mmg macam tu. Kadang2 request benda xlogic. So my suggestion is do what u think is better. Sometimes kena ignore ape boss cakap cause in the end if ur result system good, dia akan cakap "Good Job!" haha cam dlm citer hancock....

Anasfadilah said...

eskrem mcd..yummeh!

Dils said...

Pokai la gitu. Takpe. One at a time. Tunggu time lain yg stress pulak.

Betul3x. Sekarang ni, buat mende lain dulu la. Senang.

Double cisburger infact. Aku suke carbs more than desserts. Huhu. Carbs is my comfort food.

[re-arrange] said...

Damn. That can really make us go FFFFUUUUU.

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