Friday, November 05, 2010

Sume sekarang random la

Sebab bz bebenar and sakit kepala and tension and sebagainye la. 

Currently at office. Which sucks. Nasib baik boss belanja Starbucks. Time2 belanja la you wanna try coffee or frap that you wanna try. So ordered Creme Brulee Macchiato. Btw, hari ini nye promotion buy the Creme Brulee Macchiato, and free one. So my colleague took another one.

Initial plan for this weekend is to go back to JB. But I agreed to work this Friday. So here I am. Mak pon kate, kalau kena kerja takpela. Also, since I am taking a week leave during the Raya Haji,  I think it's only fair I agree for the overtime today. Raya Haji kerja ? Sorry la. Unless arahan daripada Yang Besar Big Boss di Bilik Sana. Kalau terjadi scenario sedemikian, aku bawak je laptop balik JB. And P1 Wimax skali. 

Talking about P1 Wimax, I was cursing the ISP a week back, sebab time aku nak WFH, tetiba signal tu jadi weak boleh? Then I went to my sis house since she have TMNET, it seems the line is insane and macam orang TMNET ade upgrade something kat taman perumahan tu. Gigih jugak demam-demam tu aku pergi mamak nak dapatkan WiFi. Connect to wireless dapat, internet connection; ping pon tak dapat. Emo lah aku di Twitter about P1Wimax and my husband tukang emo skali, because he likes to share my pain like that. 

But the P1 Wimax team in twitter was surprisingly helpful and fast. He gave the account number and they called right away to determine the problem and even calling at 9 pm the next day trying to solve the issue. 
While the signal sometimes makes me wanna tear somebody lungs out, but the service is pretty awesome. 

Oh, and its working ok now. Seems like tetiba the usual place I place my modem, the signal could not be detected. Saiko kan. So what we did is we put the modem at the tingkat 3. Haaa senang. And my husband have to beli wayar kabel yang panjang berjela so it can connect my desktop computer at the 2nd floor. Lecehness. But it works! So I am not gonna complain (much) as long as I get my internet fix. 

Did you know the Walking Dead start today? Awesome? I tried to read the comics. I swear I try, but the absence of color like I am so used and pampered by Fables make me yawn and lose interest. I will give it another try and see if I can get myself interested. By the way, the miniseries of Cinderella of Fables super rawks. I love her character the most, though in real fairy tale tales, I like her the least. You let yourself be push around by 3 people all your life and clean their shits, and you get lucky somehow to get a fairy godmother to give you a makeover and meet the prince. But in Fables, it tells the AFTER of happily ever after. Which gives to so much more kick ass character development. And if you macam malas nak kumpul graphic novel, I tell you, you should consider buying 1001 Nights of Snowfall, which are all kind of awesome. And it is a one-off and prequel to all the characters in Fables. And the news that they are creating another Cinderella of Fables series, is MUCH MORE AWESOME. Tapi, bilakah Fables baru nak keluar ni? Seems like I had been waiting forever!

Ok. Kite bersambung nanti.

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