Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August book reviews!


My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Two minutes and seventeen seconds that changed the world

Suddenly, without warning, all seven billion people on Earth black out for more than two minutes. Millions die as planes fall from the sky, people tumble down staircases, and cars plow into each other.

But that’s the least of the survivors’ challenges. During the blackout, everyone experienced a glimpse of what his or her future holds—and the interlocking mosaic of these visions threatens to unravel the present.

I first watched the series ( horrible series though I wish John Cho is in more worthy shows) then I saw this book on sale and thought ehh.. why not.

I was surprised on how much I like it. The 'sciency' part of it is easy to understand enough. The writing is simple , even the characters are simple. It is a bit weird towards the end but I guess eh ok je la.

The plot is simple, a worldwide blackout that caused all people around the world glimpsed their future 20 years forward is an interesting premise. I like it when it gave ala World War Z a glimpsed in how the world react to it. The characters all is just a simple straightforward characters, to me even the most 'passionate' of them are stoic in nature. Interesting premise but it could be more in terms of characters I guess.

If it's better than the really boring series. Then I am good. Hehe.


My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Twenty-six-year-old Lola Santisi, daughter of an Academy Award-winning mega-director and a former cover model, is Hollywood Royalty without a kingdom—or even a condo—to call her own.  This “Actorholic,” who also suffers from “Career Deficit Disorder,” is looking for more from life than what her famous last name has offered, namely her mother’s last-season Chanel hand-me-downs and the lurking shadow of her father’s fame. In her latest gig as a Hollywood ambassador, Lola’s stepping out of her Louboutins and into fashion’s ultimate combat boots to engage in LA's cruelest blood sport: convincing celebrities to wear an unknown designer's gowns to the Oscars.
Providing advice, emotional support, and even a new mantra or two are her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Kate Woods, an obsessively ambitious talent agent desperate to go from unter to über, and her BAF (Best Actress Forever) Cricket Curtis, a struggling up-and-comer trying to surpass her role as a coma victim on Grey’s Anatomy and overcome one rejection after another to become the next Cameron Diaz or Nicole Kidman, or the next anybody.  Together, they dodge fashion roadkill while navigating General Motors’ Annual Fashion Show, the Gagosian dinner at Mr. Chow, and more.  Ultimately, the week culminates at the über-exclusive Vanity Fair Oscar party, where the allotted time slot on your invitation marks how far in or out you really are.  But who will be left standing with job, heart, and stilettos still intact at the after-after-Oscar party?

Horrible. All of the characters are annoying. I thought I would be entertained with all the Hollywood name dropping because I am obsessed with Hollywood gossip. But I was not because most of it seems so smug. The book was full of it.

I have no inkling if most Hollywood artists behaved as appallingly as in the books, but because the main character Lola is such a caricature I felt like Hollywood is another planet in a romantic comedy land.

Everything about Lola seems to be such an exaggeration that no wonder people do not want to take her seriously. And this make the book bad because I can't stand her characters, the fluff name dropping and even the writing. Everyone here is so whiny it just makes everything.. wearisome.

Wait For the Dawn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Synopsis: The story of a young woman who leaves her safe but unfulfilling life to work in a city far from home and begin a new life. Friendship with Guy Anderson blossoms into love but when Guy is called away, their passionate leave-taking has dramatic consequences for them both.

A very typical, a poor girl meet rich guy bla bla some hardship and happiness ensues.

Though there are many unnecessary deaths in this book. I especially object to the deaths at the end. Really... it reminded me of Anne Shirley complaining to Marilla that at their story club when Jane Andrews don't know what to do with her characters she will kill them off. Haha. That is exactly how I feel about this book.

Simple writing, ok characters, unnecessarily long, if it were a short story it would still be readable, all nicely tied up at the end which is a bit blah.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I cant think coherently. So I para-blogging (paragraph). Hehe

I like Boost. In fact sometimes I found like I craved for the juice. I don't care much about the smoothie or the frap type of thing. Tapi juice die very nice la. So heard nice things about La Juiceria. Tried it. And bleurgh sebab I think I chose something that is not to my liking. The ingredients are Orange, Turmeric, Carrot, Celery and Pineapple. But it should have just advertised only Celery sebab that is all I taste. Sekarang tengah minum Milo sambil intermittently sipping the juice. Hehe. 

Because the critical time for our job here is over our team here in MY have a lot of free time. So free that I decided to bring my books to the office. No . Not for reading , well yes, a bit of reading but only during lunch hour lah. But balut buku with plastic. I had always been very anal about wrapping my books before I started to read em, so with this much free time, I figured like.. why not lah. The only thing annoying is that my bags are full of books. Tapi tak banyak pon, Dalam 4  buku je kut I bawak everyday. Over sangat bawak banyak2. 

Oh yes. I am currently reading Sookie Stackhouse Series and it is very very good. The last BBW, I had finally able to buy some of the books to complete my collection so it is now time to start reading it. Because I don't want to get Sookie fatigue so I paced myself where I will read Sookie series in between 2 or 3 other books. 

Husband is whatsapping me saying that he brought Saif to his swim session setelah sekian lama tak pegi. Saif got a mild asthma for a while so we stop his swim session and didn't bathe him in the evening for the longest time. Haha. Sekarang baru ok sikit. Semalam bile weekend penuh, so I said to my husband bile die free and rase nak bawak time petang, bawak je la. Tunggu weekend susah sikit, we always have plans kan weekend. Weekdays tak ramai sangat orang. 

I feel really lazy to cook nowadays macam setiap kali balik macam penat semacam. Padahal no work tapi still penat! Haha. I think this was on Thursday ? Can't remember I was not feeling up to it and Saif was screaming, so I just said to husband beli la ape2. Aziz request burger and seeing him eating burger is so cute and also strucked me for many many time that he is becoming a boy. No longer a baby. 

There is a carboot market of sorts at Melawati every Saturday. It was an oklah. The usual secondhand clothes type of thing. I went there nak cari seluar untuk Aziz as he is growing so fast nowadays dan semua seluar die dah senteng. Dulu mak die keje kat Midvalley so selalu sangat la mak die bershopping kan. Nowadays no time sangat lah. Melawati lah kite. Hehe. Seluar tadek, barang kucing ade! Bought this cat scracther that have some sorta toy hanging inside it and the cats love it. I consider that RM20 well spent if they are using it. You can never know with cats! 

Oklah. Laters! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

A year without that tricolor fluffball

Whenever I think of Kurap, mata nanti mula la bergenang2.

Miss her a lot. Yesterday, it was a year exactly since she was gone. When Aziz was a few months old and she was wailing outside the door wanting to be let in to sleep on the bed together with me, I always feels guilty. Later I will stroke on her head and said, "tunggu ek... nanti 3 or 4 years later and the children are grown up, you can sleep with me again". 

I remember the time when she was feeling tired and I was still occupied with whatever it is on the computer she will meow nonstop asking me to be on the bed. Mesti naaakkk kena ade jugak! Padahal bukan tido atas kite or sondol tepi ke. Tak she just like to know I am on the bed with her. Mengada sangat. But that is why I love her. My husband used to say kinda like jokingly "I think in terms of urutan,, you love Kurap the most, second Aziz and third  me" . Haha. 

She is no longer around, and there is a hole in my heart that is yet to be filled by a cat. Like I said before, I have cats and I love them but Kurap is special and will always be special. Even though she is no longer around, I can still remember how her fur felt like when I stroked her. 

RIP Kurap. Maybe we will meet one again someday and you will have your teman tidur back. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

I wish audiobook is not so darn expensive

I tried out audiobook for the first time and I liked it! Hence the title. Ok .. let me just start on how I get started on audiobook when I tried to read ebook, but just failed. I like the idea of ebook, but whenever I hold my phones I will just itching to go to social media or games ( mainly Candy Crush, but I have a healthy obsession with Wordament and Plants Vs Zombies 2 too ). 

So yes. I stop using ebook. Maybe if I have Kindle, or it is so easy to buy here or ebook is easier to buy or I started travelling or posted somewhere that it is just insane to bring a whole suitcase of books that I need ebooks. That is the only reason I guess I will start using Kindle or Nook or something similar. Because I can't read on my phone people. My phone is to be used for only frivolous stuffs. 

I was reading a bookworm blog on how audiobooks makes her read or listen to more books ever since she had kids. Those who have kids will lament on how hard it is to find time to read books. I totally understand. I reject lunch hour with friends if it means I can get a good hour of reading on a book I truly enjoy. So I started to look for audiobook. Especially those that can be listened via phone. 

That leaves me 2 options. 

1. Audible. 

Both are kinda the same. Both needed to be online ( wifi or data) for you to listen in. Both offers 30 days free membership where we will get 1 book credit ( = 1 audiobook) , but is cheaper. I think Audible is USD24.99 per month while Audiobooks. USD14.99 per month. Way cheaper. Though I had just take a look at the audiobooks site and it seems it only supports US?? But I can sign up for the free membership and listened in. 

Ok. So that brings me to the next point, we are all looking at USD and MYR and dying a little bit inside whenever MYR going down. So I tried out( only mampu) the free membership. I have to include my credit card details when going in, but then I cancel the subscription just before the 30 days end. Hehe. I also got another 1 book credit from reviewing the app. So yeay! 

The first book I chose... I decided on Amy Poehler , Yes Please. 

I enjoyed Tina Fey Bossypants and Mindy Kaling Is Everybody Hanging out Without Me, so I think this would be a good choice. I had only known Amy Poehler from her movie roles and the Golden Globes ( super excellent hosting jobs) , not from SNL and Parks and Recreation, but by listening to this book, I feel like I want to watch Parks and Recreation now. 

I usually reviewed a book by stressing on their characters, so am a bit of a loss on how to start one for an autobiography. 

So here's the gist of it, the book itself, it is funny, inspirational and entertaining. She gives us a look into a part of her in this book, while still keeping most away , as it should be. She gave good advice and good soundbites ( or quotes). And I like it when she talked of her experience in Hollywood and I can practically feel her warmth and radiance when she talked about her kids. 

Listening it in audiobooks, is super entertaining, though I realized I must have missed out on the photos that usually inclued in autobiography, but she makes listening it worth it. So yes. I get it why audiobooks is expensive. You must also include a gift of a story telling in it to make the listeners continue to listen in. Amy Poehler got that. She also included audio snippets from her scene in Parks and Recreation, roped in her friends and parents . My favorite part of the book is her mother telling us the struggle of  being a woman in the 60s and 70s. Where basically we do what we have to do. There are jokes, there is singing, there is a segment on book reading for live audience. Now my expectations on audiobooks is going to be super high because I started on such an excellent book!

The book is 7 hours 30 minutes. Very long but didnt feel like it. It took me around a month and half to finish it. While I try listening in at the office, it was quite hard because I need utter quiet and sometimes I strayed into social media sites. Haha. So I could not concentrate. Most people used their audiobook to listen in when driving. I found it in my case it would not work, I concentrated too much on the book and not on the driving that it can get quite dangerous. So I found that listening in to an audiobook when washing dishes is perfect! 

I hate washing dishes especially the kids botol susu when it piled up. I enjoyed it a whole lotta more when I am listening in to Yes Please. Terasa sangat productive ok. So yes... I think I would continue on this audiobooks stuffs, If I can afford it. In the mean time I will try some of the free books. ( though I think it might be boring) . 

I am saving my one book credit for Mindy Kaling new book! I hope it will be more than 5 hours. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tired out

I am feeling like this weekend I am not doing anything.. except maybe half heartedly cleaning the house.

Google ni sesuke hati je edit gamba aku online. But this is the hotel that we are staying. The blue line is the infinity pool. The pool is great. It even have one with a warm water which is a huge draw. 

Last weekend we went to Ipoh. My sister had booked us a stay at The Haven or Best Western Premier Hotel. It was a good hotel. We booked 2 apartment where one is the 3 rooms apartment and the other 2 rooms apartment. I didnt take pics much during the duration as they are kids everywhere! Haha. So one get overwhelmed. 

My mom was enjoying it the most because all of her cucu is there so she was really pumped for a pictures with all the cucu. It was really a chore trying to get 3 babies , 4 or 5 toddlers huddled for a pic. Tantrums everywhere! I don't think I will be putting up that pic up here because my sister dont really like pics of her children online, so I will only be putting up pics of my kids online and some of the cousins ! 

At their garden where the dino is a big attraction to all people various age and sizes. Aziz was disappointed that there were no monkey around. I was relieved, I don't fancy meeting one where it can grab my bags. 

We went to Memory Lane which is kinda meh because it was raining heavily on Saturday so alot of stalls are closed . Also went to Pasar Karat, just bringing my mom along to see what it is about. A bit disappointed because a lot of what makes Pasar Karat special is now just a usual pasar with baju bundles. 

While we dont venture much into Ipoh except once during lunchtime when we are trying to find place to eat but it seems like kedai semua tutup, so we went into Ipoh Parade. Macam biasa, beli buku sikit :D oh and Aziz birthday kek. 

With some of his cousins. He don't really care ok, he just meh.. and turn around to play with his sticker books. So cousin die datang and blow off the candles. With so many kids around, there are always a willing body. 

Anyway, I think my mom enjoyed it the most. She likes being surrounded with her cucu and kids and be on holiday where she don't feel the need to cook most of the time. Hehe. Though that did not stop her because she brought all manners of pots and pans and cooked lauk for all of us. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Aziz is now 3

Yesterday was his birthday. 

And I can't believe how fast he had grown. He looked like a small boy, no longer my baby. Tapi maseh memakai diapers. Hehe. 

I only bought him a cupcake on Sunday and Sunday night tu brought out the cupcake for him to tiup lilin which is his ultimate favorite and the brought out presents. 

Die makan sikit frosting tu and then bile bapak keluarkan hadiah-hadiah terus excited lupa langsung die ade cupcake. Harus lah mommy habeskan cake kan. 

Besok tu we brought a cake to the school and I bought a box of cream puffs for the kids at school. Budak class Aziz I gave them a party pack. I cannot remember what is in it, though I remember buying jigsaw puzzles, M&Ms, chocolate Milo and I think bubbles kut. Husband tolong packkan semua party pack because I pengsan tido. Haha. Well, dalam kelas Aziz including him ade 10 orang je, so ok lah. 

Pagi tu I brought out the cake and took a picture of him and the cake. Decided on just a simple choc cake with edible image sebab senang teacher die nak potong nanti. Die excited tengok kek ultraman and duk tanye bile nak makannn kek ultraman. 

We forgot to include a camera for the teacher so hence no picture. As long as Aziz happy sudah. 

Anyway... can't believe he is 3. My sister was mentioning that before this he was not talking at all, and suddenly he cant shut up. Haha. 

He is a lovable kid and who favoured his dad in term of preference and looks. My husband he took me after me a lot dalam segi perangai. Hahaha. 

In term of intelligence. I don't know. I think he is clever maybe not Einstein genius, but as long as he is good and kind I think that he is a treasure worth having. He loves kittens. He always wants to bring one home. 

And every living thing he see he will always asked "Mommy die mana". Termasuk la dinosaur dalam Jurassic World. 

He loves his brother though like all big brother sometimes he thinks his baby brother is a nuisance. And 70% of the time, if I asked him to do something he will do it. I love him. 

Anyway he is still in diapers because mak die tadek masa nak train. I will do it. Soon. Haha. 

We cut off his curls sebab well his hair is getting long. Masa kat Balingian tu rambut memang curly habis sebab berpeluh dan aktif bermain. Everyone remarked on his curls. Ye la. Sakan kut curls tu. LOL. 

It is a bit sad on one hand that I feel like my firstborn is no longer a baby and relief on the other that he is not clingy that I can do stuffs and concentrate on my youngest. 

I feel like he is sturdy, kind, reliable little boy who will grow up to be a responsible, kind thoughtful guy. That is my wish and doa for him. And always ... berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. 

Tido with his presents. My husband said real life Andy. Duduk cakap "mommy.. main lah dengan Aziz" and gave me Woody so he can be Buzz.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Been a helluva time

... since I was working on the weekend. It is a business critical weeks so all hands on deck. I am not so busy yet. Kena standby je la. Poor husband and kids. 

Tadi otw pegi office around 9 am pon penuh kereta kat jalan. I predict by 11 am dah jem dah MRR2 because today is jam packed with open houses and kenduris. 

Ni pon sampai2 I lapor terus menjajar cari makanan and buy starbucks. Couldnt see the point in being in standby doing nothing at office. But that's the way it is. *rolleyes* So everyone bawak movie to kill the time and bordedom and I am watching Chris Rock standup comedy. Alang2 have to stuck at the office in the weekend while everyone is feasting on raya food!, I might as well be stuck here and laughing my ass off. 

Dah la lusa birthday Aziz, sian Aziz. But thats ok lah as next week we will all be going to Ipoh for some fun and I planned to buy a small cake for him as semua cousin2 die ade at the time. Baru fun sikit kan. Malam esok I will just buy a slice of cake somewhere for him. 

Saif pulak pagi tadi demam and malam tadi duk merengek2 sebab tak sihat kan, Gave him paracetamol and letak die dalam buai and terus die tido, and the house is a mess and Aziz .. well Aziz ni a good boy je. He is OK as long as I put Ultraman for him. Yeps. I am a TV mom. *hangs head in shame* 

But hey, my mom was a TV mom and all her kids turned out all right. Moga Aziz pon baik baik sahaja. LOL. Hmm ok lah. Maybe if I have something more to say I will write more. Nak tengok Chris Rock :D  *sshhhhhh dont tell my boss but hey.. we are here aight*

Oh I will end this with some words by Chris Rock . 

"Women needs food, water and compliments. And occassional pair of shoes" :D

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