Friday, August 31, 2007

50th Merdeka. How middle age...

Well.. its the 31st of August. Midnight I'm working yet again. Sounds familiar... yeah.. that's me. Workaholic. Gah! Sangat!

Before this I joined in Vincent's various Kemerdekaan campaigns. This year, he couldn't be bothered, nor can I.

My previous posts regarding Malaysia, were always positive. I cringed hearing the negative thus I couldn't bear to write it down. I hate the thoughts that my beloved country is so full of flaw and our countrymen are sometimes foolish.

I don't know if its a part of growing up or does current generations are so inclined to blame everything but themselves. Looking around, I saw lackadaisical attitudes of our people, the blatant corruptness on our politicians part in managing our country, the disparaging remarks hurled from one races to another and wonder if by growing up meant we only saw the ugly side of society. So I try to push those thoughts away.. thinking our country is not bad.

But really... I love reading other peoples blog and world news. People from all around the world thoughts. The thing is.. we are never satisfied. Americans are struggling on their internal struggle regarding war, immigrants, terrorism, economy. Japanese are struggling on their freedom of speech, changes, opening up to global economy.. and so does China. Indians are struggling regarding education, poverty, corruptness. British and Americans are looking a way in reigning immigrants and the so called alliances with the US, and thus their people conflicts on what is right and what is theirs. And let's not even start on other war torn, poverty or disaster ridden country.

I'm not going to act like I know the state of the worlds and their citizens. I don't. The above is only my opinion in reading the lines and between the lines of the news. It maybe completely wrong.. but that is what I think. What I want to point out is... all of us have our demons.

It's not that its not OK to say we hate our countries. But let's not think that others are better. Comparison is good. But being one dimensional and just hating what is ours is not. They might think we are better. We might think we are better or the worst. The thing is just always to improve. It grates me to hear people complain when I see them as not doing much in improving anything anyway.

When we said our governments doesn't really care when we complaint. Did we do anything more? The way I see it. We get angry about corruptions, but we still rather pay the polis "duit kopi". Our governments body and local company does not know the meaning of maintenance. But we couldn't be bothered to clean the area outside of your house or apartments, saying its not 'territory' anyway. There is such great fuss regarding freedom of speech, but any stupid remarks from ignorant people were made, we issued death threat to them.

Let's not think that I held our governments in high esteem. There are times, when I think changes are needed to be made from the bottom, from the lowly people like me. Yet sometimes, when our politicians or minister embarrassed us to the core, I think absolute cleansing of the top tier is needed.

What's funny now is.. I can't make a summary of my post. I can't even think about solutions, improvements or anything to tie up this post nicely. So here end my somewhat pathetic attempts in blogging about serious issues.

Oh yeah. Happy 50th Malaysia. Hope that even if the big ass humongous demons can't be tackled, we somewhat solved our mini demons before reaching our 100th.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am still thinking. Time is running out..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Goriness & Cheesiness

Am definitely a cinema go-ers movie freak.

Last week, I watched 2 movies. One was Rise: Blood Hunter and the other Ratatouille.

I am forever captivated by B grade (and some C) movies. There is just something on horrors B movie that make it fun to watch. Remembered Critters? Gremlins? The Blob? The Thing? Oh.. the glory of those movies are vast forgotten by those who thinks they are so great to deem only watching Oscar nominated movies. Hihihi... I sound so superficial. Whatever. I love watching Oscar nominated movies too.. but boy. They sure are depressing.

Anyway as for Rise, as far as bad movies goes. It is bad. Enough said. I don't know if its the acting. I had watched far worse acting in blockbuster movies, and this are not that bad. But I think it is maybe the script. Have a sense of humour la (Slap scriptwriter senseless with their own scripts). I am finding myself incredibly bored and yet truly captivated with all the gore.

Is the movie a complete gore fest for you gore lovers out there? Hurmph.. I am not a gore lover, so can't really opine (just pull this word out of my head so , shut up). However am sure glad that I didn't buy any drinks or popcorns. Scene where Lucy Liu gnawing at an old man's arm... yeuch! Oh.. and there's a lot of topless scenes flitting in and out of the screen. I guess they just give up altogether in trying to censor all those boobs.

But I like on how they portrayed the vampires in these movies. Oh.. Synopsis?

Taken from IMDB
"Supernatural thriller in which a female reporter wakes up in a morgue to find herself a member of the undead. She vows revenge against the sect that put her there and hunts them down."

Like most zombies movie, no one ever said the word vampires in this movie. These creatures (as fondly called by some) are not afraid of the cross, garlic, sunlight, do not have supernatural strength and do not have fangs. Thus the way of killings are human-like. I like seeing these variations from the usual vampire movies. Apart from that.. its a yawner. The ending leaves room for a sequel, but judging by how many people are actually in the cinema theatre (5 including moi), I won't hold my breath for one.

As for Ratatouille. Do I even need to post a synopsis?

And duh.. of course it's a fun, fun watch. Makes me want to be in Paris and be intrigued on how Ratatouille taste like. I also do agree with everybody else that it is not necessary to have an all A list stars to voice out characters in animated films for it to be a success. I likey it very much. And I am too tired to type more except..

Brad Bird is the man!

Oh.. and rats is still not adorable even though I do love Remy. Maybe it is because of the absent of any baby rats around? Yeuch.. small, reddish, squirmy, non fur lil rats.

Bersambung esoklah..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Incoherent Rant

This is a good old fashioned rant. So to hell with all english, bm yg molek dan tah hape2.

Damn it la. Apekah bodoh.. apekah sialnye.. apekah sungguh cilakernye.. apekah apekah apekah.

Aku rase dalam sebulan mesti 3 MC ko amik. Harap badan je besa. Takkan antibodi lemah macam budak ingusan yang baru lps baik ciken pox.

Ape ko ingat kite org suke ganti ko? Ape ko ingat ko ni spesel sgt sampai sume org sronok je la nk ikut kehendak ko? Ko taw tak aku keje lebey masa ni... sebab ko la ni. Aku dh la weng, mengantuk, rase macam nk pukul ko. Kena stay la kat opis sampai tgh malam. Pastuh bukannye aku dapat OT pon. Memang ikut suke kepala aku, balik je la kan. Tapi kalo ape2 hal, yang kena bukan ko kan. Semestinye la kan. Mesti sume org jugak yg kena sound. Cam sial. Damnit la. Sume ni.. salah sape. No need to answer .. already know la kan.

I swear to God. If you are in front of me right now, not only a piece of my mind la kan.. memang dah resort to physical violence.

Pastuh.. pastuh pastuh... kalo datang keje .. and actually doing the work takpe jugak.
But noooooo... buat mana yang perlu je. Esok tu.. keje yang lebey2 sume nye lambakkan kat kite. Datang dah la lambat. Balik nak awal plak. Eiiii.. tak sdar diri ke.. Eii Eiii Eii..

Then then.. kalo org lain MC. Taknak plak ganti.. Ooooo ko igt ko besa. Ok fine. Ko mmg besa. Tapi kalo org lain nk cuti.. mesti ade aje la alasan ko.. sakit la.. sembahyang nenek ko la... (dh 2 kali dh sembahyang nenek ko..) . Then.. ade pnah ko offer nak ganti kite org yang keje bagai nak rak ganti org tgh cuti? Shit-0. Aku nk kira brape kali ko MC skang ni.

Sobs sobs.. Nak balik~~~

p/s: Kalo aku taw ko suke2 MC mmg siap la.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Testing Something

This blog maybe under construction.

I want to change something small, but coding sucks. And I sucks at coding. So it can take a while.

So in the mean time you may see the template change to a basic one and praps after a while nothing will changed if I am dissatisfy.


Malas laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Pastuh sejuk plak tuh. Pastuh byk keje. Laters kut I will changed it. Yawn....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Suffer the little children

A group of kids hanging around a particularly shady trees. One boy wearing khakis short and a print shirt was heard..

" Eiii.. Aku tak suke la die ni. Kalau die gemok... aku boleh la ejek die gemuk,"

"Mane boleh ejek die gemok. Die tak gemok.." A girl in polka dot dress is addressing him on being politically correct.

" Hah! Takper! Jom kite pikirkan ape yang kite boleh ejek die..",the boy was pointing to a dejected small looking girl in floral dress.

The girl in a polka dot dress seems fiercely protective of the little girl and put her arms around the little girl shoulder. " Tak baik taw ejek die. Die kecik lagi... die bukan tau ape pon."

Rolling sounds of thunder seems to drown the voices of the kids. The next thing that was heard is an indistinguishable voices of the group of kids but the unmistakable tone of jeering and taunting that was hurled to the poor little girl. A group of kids is now pointing and laughing around the small girl and the polka dot girl, seems to flung back her head standing beside her. The small girl burst into tears.


Kids are often depicted as ones who is without prejudiced, hatred or sins.
Herm.... maybe so, maybe so... but try to look back really hard. In our youthful stupidity, we are often cruel.

p/s: Eh.. macam pernah guna la title entry ni sblom ni for previous long ago post. Lantak la

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I have no self esteem

Right. Reading Effi's blog , I am a bit bleak myself. The weather is not helping too ok. Totally get why he's feeling left out.

There's nothing to talk about. Its the Merdeka month. But I couldn't be bothered. Yet another day that I will be working. While others youth are wasted, beers spilling from their glasses and yelling "Merdeka!", you can bet your life on it that I will be in front of this computer, contributing to the national well-being of Malaysia's economy. So that's me being patriotic and shut up about Merdeka and patriotism.

It comes to a point.. when I shopped for any new clothes or makeup ... I am thinking..what's the point. I rarely go out to meet my friends. Most of them are too busy and of course working on shifts where usually I need to work on Saturday and Sunday had now made me to be a very lonely hermit. My friends from work usually hang out in a faraway place where I couldn't be bothered to drag my ass out there.

Hurmph. Okay. So this a bleak post. Just feeling out of place cause I am decked out so nice with nowhere to go. And I had stepped on some unidentifiable poo. No worries. I do not smelt of poo anymore. My beloved torturous kasut had been washed vigorously with some industrial office liquid soap.

Hey.. macam nak mee rebus Pak Wahid lor. Sobs~ lovely hot piping mee rebus with 2 telor rebus served in the old-type mangkuk-pinggan kaca you only normally see at kampung home. Wanted to go back to JB, but then I thought.. what am I gonna do over there. Only my mom at home, but she is so busy with her rakan masjid nowadays and out most of the time. My cousins are forced-workaholics. My brothers... Perlu ke count them in ?

Takkan tetiba out of the blue nak tepon so called strangers. Hurmph.. okay my used to be good friends. It well maybe strangers since whenever I am with them, I don't understand whatever it is they talk about. Talk about out of place. Ape orang cakap? Macam rusa di kandang kuda? (damn.. I am always bad at Malay peribahasa anyway)

Sometimes I feel like starting somewhere with a clean slate. Tapi kan.. all people already have their history and clique. And I am not interesting enough to be immediately admitted to one clique with open arms.

So.. I love thee my computer. You don't make me feel like a freak.

WoooWoooo.. luar is bleak too

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hana Kimi Crazed

Warning: This post would only be truly understood for those who have a love for Jdo or manga or cute underage Japanese actors.

Serias is now sooo discovering the wonder of Jdo. Hehe. Come and join the love.

I am very very much in love with the series Hanazakari No Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi for short). Soooo funny. Okay.. granted Japanese actors are not that devilishly handsome save for Joe Odagiri and Fujiki Naohito. Ken Watanabe can also save me anytime. But there is something so freakishly kawaii with these pretty guys like Matsumoto Jun, Yamapi, Oguri Shun... (mostly came from Johnny entertainment..) that they can make me double up in laughter and thinks of flowers and butterflies everytime they came on the scene.

So anyhow.. I am always, always rooting for the sidekick or the secondary hero. Like when watching Hana Yori Dango. I know of course that Tsukasa would be with Tsukushi. But it is infuriating for me to know that she won't pick Rui. (Those who watched the series or read the Manga would of course totally understand.. Those who don't, there's a thing called wiki if you want to know more. Utilize it).

The same goes for Hana Kimi. I am so rooting for Nakatsu.. when I know (since I am reading the manga) that Mizuki only have eyes for Sano. Watching the series, I thought the guy who played Nakatsu, incredibly familiar. Looking back, he is the one who played Junpei in HYD2. At that time, I was incredulous when people are talking on how hot he is. Watching him in Hana Kimi, I totally keel over for his portrayal for Nakatsu. Since he is soooo funny. How can you not love a guy who pranced around in women's underwear proclaiming he is not homo and like women. Err.. no one?

Well.. hope it won't turn out to be a drag as the one in HYD2.

Speaking of manga too. I had just finished reading Basilisk. Gaaaahhhh! I like the movie more (Shinobi). Ehem.. spoiler ahead those who didn't read it. It could not possibly be true that after all those reading (okay.. ade 5 volume je... tapi penat jugak laa) and those fighting it turned out that alll those characters die.

Argh. I hate stories that try to have a Romeo & Juliet ending at the end. I don't care if its realistic or not. I like happily ever after. Damnit. Stories are suppose to make me happy. Or at least some characters living life as remorsefully as they possibly can. Yeah.. knowing others who are miserable lift me up.

Oh.. On the left side of the blog for the Jdo currently watching. Ermm.. I am still currently watching all of those. Yeps. I'm a slow Jdo series watcher. Lunch Queen... which had been taken out from my list, I still haven't finish watching it. It took me .... more than a year to watch those. Gahh.. Well.. the storylines dragged a little too. And the sight of hot piping food makes me ravenously hungry. That Lunch Queen had a lot of em in their episodes.

Sore wa Totsuzen are interesting enough. Since I loved Makiko Esumi and Yamapi. But SARS are taking their own sweet time in releasing the subs tho. Don't really mind. I can wait.

HYD2. I still haven't finish downloading nor watching it. I will download it and watch it simply to see on how they would played out the ending. Will it end the same as the manga.. (Now don't tell me.. I want to know myself).

Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta
is fun. A more grownup-way fun in showing how a new wife adapt to her husband family and their old fashioned tradition. Of course I love Nakama Yukie. My fiance bought the DVD set for me so I had stopped downloading it . Guess I'll wait to finish the DVD when I got back to JB and have nothing to do.

The thing is... I simply.. don't have the time. Trying to juggle watching all those series, Jdos. movies, reading books, reading others blogs, playing games and of course works and other life demands.. So many things so little time. I am a person of many interest. People are amazed on how many series I downloaded. I still haven't finished Prison Break season 1, but I had downloaded the complete Season 2. Gah... maybe I am just addicted to downloading series. And I still wished I have the time and the energy to start watching How I Met Your Mother and Brothers & Sisters. But I have to draw the line somewhere eh..

Well.. I am off to immerse myself in reading Hana Kimi manga. While working. Hehe...

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