Monday, July 28, 2008

So I bought a bag

(A warning: A really girly long post about nothing funny nor wise nor experience worthy. Wheeeeee~~)

And its not news.

Last week had been pretty hectic. My project was going live, so we had to stay at office up till 11pm to meet the target. (that is nothing compared to some people who I think gone back at 4 am). My poor fiance had to pick me up cause I have a phobia against muggers and dark night. Hahaha. Well... all is not lost to him because in return he got a proposition from a pondan-pro and a KFC chicken and burger from me. (Leftover from the dinner provided from the company). Heee. I am indeed a cheapskate.

So it seems the target was not met. (Bah for that but it's not our fault. Really :P) So I had to work on Saturday too. I usually am against working during hols days but this can't be avoided, and I can claim the extra day as holiday. There's nothing to be done anyway. Also don't really mind as I got free lunch of pizza and Starbucks breakfast of green tea latte and biscotti (I brought back the biscotti, as a biscotti without a hot tea or coffee to cicah in is kinda bland to me). Or is my drink actually green tea blended? But its bloody good!

I don't devour too much of the pizza as my mouth was salivating after the nasi ayam and kerabu mangga at Bukit Bintang. Simpan perut yaa. And its even better than I last remembered.! But the last time I went, its kinda crap anyway. Guess they had upped it a bit so its as delicious as from way before. We ordered the BBQ and roasted set. Kerabu Mangga lagi banyak daripada dahulu. But that perhaps is because the price had also naik quite considerably. Sigh.

I overly mentioned food in this blog eh for today? That's because I am fasting today. I got another 2 days to 'ganti' the puasa and another extra 9 days for the puasa nazar I set for myself. Better to start doing the nazar puasa as well as eh. But I didn't put any time limits in my nazar but I can die anytime too, so might as well start now and informing other of my nazar. (Updated: Argh... Period la plak kan. Takpe takpe. Consider as diet. Lalalalala) Huhuhu.

This is the fourth paragraphs and I still haven't start a word on bags! Well, eating nasi ayam is my 2nd purpose to the most jam-congested road ever. But I am also interested in buying a bag.

My old bag frankly is old. (Its one and half year old! Gasp!).
My bag looking decrepit

The lining is beginning to tear. I can't put anything in the pocket anymore. Everything I drop into that bag. And as there is so much rubbish in there, its beginning to resemble a black hole. It took forever for me to find my keys at a time. Kalo tak tahan nak pee tu kan, mula la terlompat2.

Then I propped it up for a more manly, staid pose.

I think my next aim is to buy an extra little bag in there. (Don't worry, that is going to come out from my own pocket ) My friend is amaze at my bag collections. I have a pouch to hold my mp3 player. I have another pouch to hold only my lipsticks. (But I lost one and the other I had to use as a makeshift envelope for duit 'gifts' at a wedding) I also used a bag to store my minyak angin and tiger balm. Also sometimes I have an extra bag inside the big bag as so if I malas to lug around a big bag, I lug around the smaller one. So they think I am tad bit insane. Bags-crazy maybe the words.

So it is only natural I would want to buy a new bag. (Don't worry old bag. I won't throw you away just yet) Actually its a treat from the fiance. I requested for a cheaper meal and a bag instead of a big meal at a pricey restaurant. (Don't gnaw your fingers, my pricey restaurants is prolly somewhere along the line of Chillies. Hoho. )

We walked around Sg Wang from 1 shop to another until all shops beginning to look the same to us. I discovered one bag I really like. An imitation of Miu Miu. However, the logo looked like it was about to fall off. Then I found another Miu Miu imitation which is very very nice, which I have to ask the sales assistant twice for the price.

Me: So lawa. How much is this bag eh?
Sales assistant: Just arrived. Wait arr *she conversed with another shop assistant/owners in Chinese*
Sales assistant: 500 ringgit.
Me: *falter a bit* Arr... Sorry. How much it is again?
Sales assistant: 500 ringgit.

Insane. I put back the bag and said not interested. I was floored for a moment. Guess I am not one of the person who think it is wise to fork out more than a RM100 for a fake imitation good. We went to another shop, and found a Jimmy Choo imitation going for RM800. Sorry la weh. If I have RM800 to waste, I won't spend it on an imitation good. Type A or Type Z, I rather buy a no brand or a lesser one than buy imitation. I guess I just don't like it. My fiance remarked that Sungai Wang had raise its standard. I think its more like high end version of Petaling Street kut.

Well... it then comes to a choice of that really cheap fake MiuMiu which is around RM60++ (a price I do not mind paying but as I said, I don't really like imitation if I have the choice), and another bag which I love that have loads of pockets but kinda have a shoddy look about it (benang terkeluar sana sini), another bag which is nice but really don't know why I am not into it and this bag from Nose.

Shiny new bag! You are here! I dreamt about you! Plastik pon tak bukak lagi. Malas punye pasal. Thought of doing the "Karen Cheng pose" but my camera + shoddy lighting in my room make my reflection on my full length mirror looks blurry, so not clear. This will do.

Guess if I have the picture then I bought that one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

They did no wrong...

except just generally grosses me out.

They are EVERYWHERE. If I am stuck at a traffic jam, there would always be some lout rolling down their windows, hacking and spitting out. Euw. There are even some that I noticed that is just gross and instead of aiming at the road, the spit come a rolling down the side of their car. EUW.

And walking at the pavement is like a hazard. Walking around everywhere at KL or JB or senang kata the whole Malaysia la kan, I have to sidestep someone else's spits. I don't even want to think about the one I didn't manage to sidestep. Its gross la weh. Spit tempat yang senonoh sikit boleh tak? Inside a drain ke, in a sink ke. Do you really need to spit it out right there and then as if you have no control of your body?

Not washing hands after coming out of the toilet
Ok. So not all people went into a toilet cubicle to get rid of their bodily waste. But I can hear la weh, the toilet flush, and I noticed that you just nonchalantly goes out from the cubicle, straight out the door.

I do not mind as much if its a public toilet. Not because I think more of you. But I wouldn't see you again. So long! But if its in a workplace, toilets teeming with bursting co-workers. Say you need to shake her hands one day, and you know she didn't wash her hands after a trip to the loo. Ade la sedikit ick factor di situ.

That one lady in the surau that keep on burping
Effi wrote about the group of masjid people he was annoyed with. I betcha you never encounter a burper. Time solat tu, especially next to some middle age people it is not unusual to hear some weird noises. Wheezing. Groaning. I have no idea why. But it happens. And lagi pon time solat. So I live with it.

But this makcik keep on burping like every 10 seconds. Its just not natural. I was fine with it for a few burps, but sepanjang my last 2 rakaat it didn't stop. And when I finished and bersiap to get out of the surau. It didn't stop either. I encountered her like 3 or 4 times and I never really care to look carefully at her, but I know she is there by that incessant burping.

I mean I am sure she does not have some medical affliction where she burps continously throughout life. Did she does this only in the surau? Does she kumpul all her burping desire and release it while solat? It is just too weird. And not to mention it kinda make me want to puke. If you think I am overreacting, you have not been next to someone for more than 3 minutes hearing them burping all through that time.

p/s: I can only think of 3. See... I am not asking too much out of humanity to behave decently.

p/s 2: Also because I am bored so I am writing this semi-rant, since have to stay late at the office. Have to stay late, but there's nothing to do. Ha-hurmph.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Indeed Dark. But definitely not a Knight.

Report: 'Batman' accused of assaulting mom, sis

LONDON - Batman star Christian Bale was to be questioned by police over allegations he assaulted his mother and sister the night before the European premiere of his film, "The Dark Knight," British media reported Tuesday.


Well... this do not bode well for the dark knight? I understand the allegations of abuse of spouse (though still I condemn it), but if your own mother and sister make a report of you assaulting them at a police station, you must have a VERY nasty temper indeed.

If its true, and I really hope it is NOT true as I had love Christian Bale ever since Little Women. (And I still maintained that Jo would do well with Laurie), well let's just say... sigh.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gamba Abid... and some insane ramblings first

Yesterday I kinda got a panic attack. I realized there are about 2 or 3 unread books left at home. I. Am. Aghast!

A truly horrific terrifying turn which can traumatize a person. Exaggeration aside, after finishing with that delightful love story which always, always leave me feeling why wouldn't the heroine go marry that second best guy, I am left with only these 3 books. The Geographer's Library, Middlemarch and The Other Boleyn Girl.

As I am waiting to see that Natalie Portman movie first before reading the book (you know, avoiding feeling the books is alwayyssss way better than the movies), that leave me only 2 options. Middlemarch looked thick. And I am kinda not feeling like reading a classic novel, not before I got some murder and mystery going. That left only one. The Geographer's Library. I found that book while rearranging my books and looked at it frowningly, not remembering ever seeing it at all. At first I thought my mom must had bought it and forgot it. That is what I thought for several months, until today.

Since I am picking it up for my reading list this week, I was perusing inside and found a receipt from Little Penang Cafe at KLCC. In the receipt, there is one dish that *I* especially love to order from there. So that must had been me. But the price tag on the book is RM10. No RM10 book exist in KLCC. Which makes me think of Ampang Park, on how during my shift-working days where I roamed KLCC during your normal people working hours, I sometimes goes to Ampang Park and they sometimes have this really cheap book sales. Mystery solved! And I am such an old woman!

Also... I am currently at a loss where did the book The Resurrectionist gone to. I bought it at Amcorp Mall from that Xcess book store. And I can't find it anywhere! I am thinking really hard if I somehow left it at Amcorp Mall... which was months ago... so my really shaky and obviously senile memories is not much used. Gah! I am sure in about a year time, then I will find it again, or it can be something like a missing clothes. Like you always wondered what happen to that clothes you always wore on college but you know you didn't throw it out.

Well anyway, A SHOUTOUT TO KAK LIZA. Below is a pic for my sister at Qatar tu. Click on the pic to go to the fotopages (yes... that rarely updated one) for more pics showing him in slightly different angles. Heeeee.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I think that I will not be watching The Hobbit

1. Hobbits are short

I found that it is hard to find pics of the hobbits and the regular tall people. Prolly my search skills sucks

2. They are short with gross looking hairy feets

3. Guillermo del Toro disappoint me with Hellboy II. But I guess I have big expectations after Pan's Labyrinth. (Tho to be fair.. I am in awe with with Hellboy II, just the plot kinda blah)

5. I couldn't be bothered to read the 2nd and 3rd part of LOTR. Much less Hobbit.

6. I never really like Bilbo Baggins in the LOTR movies.

Why I would watch anyway IF the rumours are true?

p/s the first: I think this is mainly a filler post

p/s the second: Also looking through the scary world of the inter-web, I found this fan-made pics (for wallpaper I guess?)

p/s the third: I found another much much much scarier pic which I think might be someone representation of a hobbit's dick ( I didn't enlarge the pics to peruse carefully). But I am much too ladylike to post it to you children out there.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Neil Gaiman... oh...

So... I had been reading Neil Gaiman's, 3 books in succession. Good Omens, American Gods and Anansi Boys.

Good Omens was deliciously good. But I will stand in my opinion that my favorite book in his whole collection would be Neverwhere. I am still thinking if I like Stardust more... but I don't like the ending that much. I like the ending in the film though. Heee.

On a side note, I still haven't read Sandman. But I really loathe to part with my money to buy expensive graphic novel. So unless I feel a real need to read it or somebody gonna donate me the graphic novels or if there is some warehouse sales for graphic novels that house this... maybe I will change my mind. Back to the books again.

American Gods was dark, at times disturbing but very interesting. I kinda like to read the short stories about the 'gods'. However because it is dark, it took me quite a bit of a time to finish the novel. A tad bit depressing at times you see. But I like Shadow. Especially the love of Shadow and Laura. There's no one dimensional feeling in that relationship. Love. Hate. Disappointment. Protectiveness. It is one of the more beautiful thing about the book . I would love to see how Shadow goes on.

However I am now reading the 'spin-off', Anansi Boys with great relish. Not too dark, reminded me a bit of Good Omens. Very tongue in cheek at times. So I found myself picking the book up at every opportune moments.

I have to say I really like Anansi Boys. Currently in the middle of the book. So I don't know how the ending would turn up. Love how unexpectedly some of the twist in all of the books came up. So, hush for now. I deduced that I will finish reading the book by the end of this week. I will announce if it will be my favorite.

My next book is .... a romance. Haaa! I think I had tire myself of reading dark, forbidding, disturbing books that currently I kept on having really disturbing nightmares. My fiance said said my nightmares are like Neil Gaiman books, (that I am influenced by him in my dreamland). I say that is absurd as I had been having nightmares as far back as I can remember and as frequently as other people drink coffee every morning.

Anyway, as I feel it had been such a long time since I read romance, I am picking a really cheesy one. Victoire by Clare Darcy. I think this romance novel is kinda like a Georgette Heyer novel.

See. Isn't the cover such classic? Heee. I kinda fell in love with reading Georgette Heyer romance book. Most of it are set in the Regency period. And Georgette Heyer is a romance writer who do not write sex scenes into her book. Ha! See romance writers! You can write romance book without including a trip to the erotica and we would still enjoy it ok!

I bought the lots of Georgette Heyer books that I have currently, at a flea market during my trip in Scotland. So I got it dirt cheap (maybe even free as my sister might had been paying at the time.. ) but the books are kinda in a frail condition and some of the pages had been missing (not missing when I bought it but I read and reread it like 50 times, some must had slipped away unnoticed and lost forever! Sobs! I am not careful enough with books. Trying to be). Been hunting Georgette Heyer's books at Kinokuniya and I kinda yelp when I saw the price. The paperback of 1 book cost around RM50++. Crazy!

So I was looking for chopsticks at a secondhand stores (kinda unhygienic I know, but I am going to wash it and all and not all of em had been used!), I found the above. As it mentioned "Enchanting romance excitement in the GEORGETTE HEYER tradition" (HAHAHA.. enchanting romance excitement.. I just have to laugh but I like this type of book so shut up) ... well... I just have to buy it. And at a price of RM4, apa salahnye test run the book to see if I like it eh.

And no. I didn't buy the chopsticks at the secondhand store. I ended up buying it at Giant.

UPDATED at 15 JULY 2008
Already finish with Anansi Boys last night! That was faster than I myself expected. So starting on the romance novel already.

Favorite book of Neil Gaiman? I will have to say its still Neverwhere but this and Good Omens and Stardust are second favorites. Can there be 3 second favorites? Who cares!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I feel like eating KFC but I am too broke

I got a lot of things to do... which I am lazy to start or finish. Basically its not done la. But hey. I am lazy? That is old news.

Very mengantuk some more. I am getting sick with liaising with this particular person regarding this labeling thingies. I mean la kan. I thought that when you start with the requirement early on the project, you had already agreed on the labels that are in the system. What I DO.NOT.NEED is someone to keep on changing the bloody labels in the hundreds so near to the live date. I think whenever this person is particularly free, his thoughts would go like.. "Eh... I am so free ar. What gonna do eh? Ah yesss, let's go over those labels again and see what more things I want to change eh?"

Argh. So demotivating la weh. How I can proceed with my other works if I keep on receiving emails daily on why does this label have not been change yet and what does this mean. And more labels to be change even though we had gone over it 2 or 3 times already! And if its a new applications or labels I might understand! But its ALREADY in there for the past 3 month!

Argh. I rarely rant so much about work. So there. Abes.

In a more stress-less note, I am FINALLY at Level 2 for my violin class. And NO! I am not posting any file of me playing it. I am improving but my playing would still sound like a whale mating. I am a bit menyesal why did I not take piano. But nak beli piano pon satu hal. You think piano is so cheap meh? Anyway, violin is definitely a challenge, and bad as I sound, for a few hours in a week, it would drive out any other thoughts that maybe swimming around in my head.

Oh.. and yes. I had finally finished reading American Gods. Only at the ending that it pick up the pace a bit. Not to say that it's not enjoyable. I like the short stories of the 'gods' and the belief that Gaiman intricate in there as a sort of backstory to Shadow journey. My next book would be Anansi Boys. But the book is a hard cover one. I do not like hard cover book. I prefer the paperback copies as I can carry it around easily in my bag. I like to read everywhere, especially while waiting to cross the road at Maju Junction which at times can stretch to the longest 15 minutes of your life.

I am blogging more often eh? More things for you to read! Even if its nonsensical!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Some people are incompetent

I read the story of this woman murder and was left feeling ... despair.

It tells the story of a how a woman try her damnedest in all her physical and intelligence power to survive and ask for help, yet still doesn't come out alive.

What saddened me more is how the case is also botched by a missed 911 call. The case of where dispatchers forgot to inform the police on the streets who is on the lookout for this girl, of the 911 tips they received and agents not following up. I don't know the stressful working environment of an emergency line call center (911, 999, whatever emergency line set up), so maybe people and me are judging them harshly.

However, if an important call somehow get lost through, there is usual some kind of repercussion. And this call probably had indirectly caused a life lost. The agents should have at least follow up. They didn't. They should have logged it in the system, they didn't (in my previous job as a call center agent that is ground for dismissal especially for critical customers). There are so many BASIC things that as a call center agents what more ;a 911 operator and police dispatchers where calls are about life and death matters, should know that I understand how people much less the family of the deceased can get angry. A 60 hour suspension... seems trivial.

This make me think of a past local news story on how a domestic problem not being taken up seriously and resulted in a girl's death. I can't remember the full details of the story, but as far as I can remember a girl called the police or 999 and informed that the boyfriend is going on full pyscho mode on her and was trying to kill her. But the police simply raked it up as a simple domestic problem ( perempuan manakah yang mengada2 saje2 je call polis cakap boyfriend saya nak bunuh saya?) and didn't send anyone. I think her father or abang discovered her bloody body the next day. She was stabbed repeatedly. The father expressed his sadness and displeasure on how the case was handled but I can't remember reading it any longer. This just prove the complete incompetence of some people when handling an emergency call.

I myself remembered calling for help, when a "Mat Salleh" woman was stabbed at Petaling Street few years back. The call center agent is such a moron that I myself kinda hope that she had change her job as a sales assistant where the most she could botched up is by looking dumbly at a customer while people are asking her question. She kept on asking me where I am, and I informed her. She kept repeating the same question, and at the same time sounding mighty pissed off which make me pissed off . She tell me where in Petaling Street exactly. I said I have no idea, I am new in KL. I think I said some of the thing which I saw which she dismisses. I mean hello... I was like 19 I think, so I maybe a tad bit gullible at time. But couldn't you have lead me a bit on how to help, how exactly I can describe my surrounding. Do you expect people to immediately know this while a woman is screaming in pain in front of them while her husband is going around panicky asking for help.

Some people are such an incompetent fool that it amazed me why people are paying them to do such shoddy job. Imagine my relief when a police officer emerged so I just ended the call immediately. I doubt that the idiotic agent is the one who send the officer.

I left Petaling Street that day with a complete faithlessness in our emergency response agents.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

At last

I manage to change the look.

But I don't think it is quite... stable yet.

The template looked kinda messed up in my laptop. But fine from my desktop. IE and Firefox tested. Firefox had a little white space in it.. but at my laptop had a whole lot of white space. (If anyone found my blog looking like this pls inform).

If there's a whole lot of complaint from your end (just inform me if it looked messed up) or if its still looking messed up from my laptop I may change. But that gonna take weeks. Heeee. Not that I tinkered much with it; after all this is a ready made template, but I.AM.LAZY.

Also updated the link list a bit. Buang the blog links that seems to 'terkubur'. No point in keeping those around eh.

Sunday already eh? Weekends are too short.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

TV Gossip is my coffee

So early this morning, heard that Shannen Doherty is in talks to come in the remake/rehash of the new show Beverly Hills 90210. Whooop! Yeay all around. I miss Shannen Doherty. I no longer watched BH 90210 when she no longer around back then (the college and the working years sucks too). I even miss her in Charmed though I don't hate Rose McGowan (as she is so white-liciously babelicious.. and yeah, the fact she used to date Marilyn Manson drop her points a bit, but she still a babe) I was just thinking that I could afford giving the show a miss. But Brenda back again to terrorize the people at BH? Hell yeah, I will be watching!

I do hope that the actors won't go into strike! Its going to sucks if we would have a 10 eps per season again.

So I heard the awesome movie which is REC which I have YET to watch (SO NO SPOILERS PLZ) but the DVD is currently languishing at home waiting for me to pick it up are going to be reamericanize remake by Quentin Tarantino. Hurmmm... Maybe I will watch it this weekend. Maybe not. Hmmm as long as I watch it first before the Tarantino's one is out.

Oh.. read somewhere that they (had/want to?) sign up James McAvoy in doing a Wanted sequel ( of course, since they got loads of profit from that movie). The down side is that it seems really far fetched (not to mention spoiling the first movie) if they somehow manage to revive Fox again and another thing. The fear of the curse of a sucky sequel! The up side, James McAvoy! Yeay! Though I kinda doubt he wanted to sign up again for the sequel. Let's see if tis rumour hold any grain of truth.

They are really pulling all kind of stop for the this upcoming Batman movie eh? All sorts of posters had come up even as early this year. I am kinda harumph with all of it but I kinda like this one.

Racking up my brain for any e-news related thingies that I want to squeal about. But couldn't find any... Anyway will be watching Hancock tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When life get tough... sell it out?

So a man frustrated with his life.. sold it for USD400,000 ++. [Source]

I wonder who's the sucker that would want his life. But considering it also included the furnitures, car, motorcycle, jet ski... it doesn't seem that bad.

If the house is big enough, furniture non-horrible, good car and motorcycle with not so many miles and properly maintained... that seems like a bargain. Though I would certainly hold off on the job and the introduction of the friends.

Imagine the conversation "So this is X, he bought my life. So long... I am not going to stay here anymore and leave to some exotic place with the money you gave me in exchange for my shoddy life" ?

So perhaps it is an OK bargain. Though I did raised my eyebrows when I read this excerpt "I guess I'm a little bit disappointed at the final price, I'd hoped it to be a little higher than that,"

You want to leave your life of disappointments and despair and you are a disappointed why people are not jumping on the chance to throw more money at you to get your 'life'?

But I guess most of us would disappointed if our life is not worth millions.

And of course, we now get other people wanting to do the same where for e.g. there is one woman wanting to sell her house and a shot at marrying her (the guy who is buying the house tho I am not too sure if she will accept guys who do not want to buy the house but just marry her).

The ad says:

“If you want to live the never ending dream and experience the real love, life and the romance you have always felt was a fairytale then this is the vibrant outstanding woman of your dreams! To sweep this European Loving Lady off her feet send in your application right now.”

Any takers? You got a wife readily available?

I do suspect that perhaps she actually macam keberatan nak jual rumah die but need the money. So she sell the house, marry the person who buy the house, she get the money + house + husband.


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