Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amidst it all

I was reading the reviews on 'I Spit On Your Grave' and horrifyingly despite the reviewers pleas to not fall into the producers expectations; incredibly bad reviews to draw audiences out to see if its as bad as they say, I am a little intrigued. 

Is it as bad as they say it is? Does the film only portray violence and nothing of value can come out of it? I noticed at first that Roger Ebert was disgusted by movies by Tarantino and movies like Kick Ass, where he said the movies just promote senseless violence. While in other reviews I found out that the reviewers are saying movies are depicting senseless violence because it is senseless. Violence nowadays is senseless. 

So what exactly the movie should be? Should it portrayed the reality of senseless violence or bring a moral value or food for thoughts to the viewers to think about violence? Where does the line of portraying and promoting comes in? 

And I am torn either way. I do think the violence and graphic sex need not be shown. Old movies does not showed it, and I think they give wonderful performances and audience know exactly the passion and feelings of the scene without those scenes. 

Long ago, a kiss on the screen was considered as taboo. Cleavage can only be shown just a hint of it. (and in Malay cinemas I think we are going a backwards instead of 'forward', more sexiness was shown then rather than now). Nowadays for an actress to get a first best actress nomination ,they must at least show boobs to show their commitment to their roles (what gives?). Then, full frontal male nudity is not usually shown, but it is slowly getting there. So when I have kids, I will expect a full on sex show during family hours clearly showing vags and poles? ( And True Blood is not a show you want to watch with the whole family eh?)

I may watch my zombies flick and B rated movies about monsters eating humans, however... I have to say I squirmed whenever I watch movie in the like of Saw or Hostel. I hate torture porn. Yes, that's what it called. Torture porn. But I have to wonder too, if the other movies (of zombies and monsters) is the same thing. Fantasy violence is still violence.So where do you draw the line? When you squirmed watching it or when you enjoyed watching it? And why are you (and me) so proud when we say that we enjoyed watching these kinda things?

I mean there's ego, trolling... and there is just plain enjoyment. Like you wouldn't mind doing that to another person. And don't answer egotistically in the comments saying "I can watch Saw while eating and shagging a kitten.". I mean really... if you found yourself enjoying them, aren't you a little afraid of yourself? 

p/s: Nampak gaya long blog post can now only be done during cuti.

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