Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year Alooming

I have to checked the date twice at my computer today for me to realize that its 31st December. The last day of 2007. It had been a whirlwind year.

Last year had been those with hoping and heartbreak for mine. I love and lost and fought to find that love is not what it cranks up to be. Work wise had been those with desperate pleas inside my head, I have to get out of here or I will be forever trapped. Friends wise, I meet the new and I past them by and never look back.

This year had been all about new beginning. I started my job at end of the year 2006. New job. New friends whom I hope I will never past them by. Relationship wise, I have a brand new fiance. A whole new beginning for me who before this will get all choked up if I tied myself to one guy for too long.

It is also a year where I say goodbye for the last time to my arwah grandmother and say goodbye to my eldest sister's family who had been moving to Qatar. A full year of ups and downs with friends and family and fiance.

And an ending with me resigning and beginning another job to put in my ever expanding CV just when the next year comes.

There is this whole brouhaha regarding me resigning again with my current company is still giving me shits on my resignation. For a thing that is so simple and clear cut, I wonder why they have to "putar belit" it so that it makes my head ache. May all will turn out well. I had done this correctly and as ethically as I could.

My new year will not start as smoothly as I hope. However hope it will be better by leaps and bounds from the previous years. 2008 will mark a whole lots of beginning for me too.

A lot had happened this year. I hope a lot better things will happen next year.

I have no resolution. Only wishes that I hope I would do great at new job and have MORE MONEY since I asyik broke.

Happy New Year to all of you. Best of luck and I hope to read a lot more blog posts next year .

p/s: Oh... This post is totally depressing and boring. I will also try to do better at posting next year. Haha..

another p/s: Maybe I will add just another tiny resolution. I will promise to update my fotopages/or which ever photo album I have more diligently.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Janeite?

Have to confess. My love of Jane Austen at first do not spring from books. Rather, my sister brought home (at that time Video Cassette )the incredibly addicting mini-series of Pride and Prejudice by BBC.

I remembered that everytime after I got back from my boarding school, I would plonked down my bags, get some foods and prepare myself for a 9 hour marathon of Pride and Prejudice (the whole miniseries for what I remembered lasted that long, or less or more.. I may had forgotten). I may had done this monthly. The video cassette suffered incredibly through my repeated viewing (and perhaps my laziness by leaving it lying around ).

My sister bought a DVD collection of it now. It is left untouched. Maybe I will see it again.

From there on, it piqued my interest to pick up her books. Her first book I read was Emma. I thought it was good, funny and loveable. Though I don't like Emma one bit. I read Sense and Sensibility and I don't understand much of it. I read Northanger Abbey and found it a tad bit depressing and more flighty compared to her other work. I read Pride and Prejudice and loved it and wish I could be like Elizabeth Bennet and always wondering if Charlotte Lucas ever finds love. Every year I would reacquaint myself with it (as with Bridget Jones and Anne series). Persuasion is intriguing and I love the story, the heroine is what I should be grown up, staid, sensible. Mansfield Park is a bit overbearing in its morality, but I haven't finished reading it yet. Its my least favorite book by Jane Austen and the heroine have no... gumption.

With all this, does it make me a Janeite? I only knew such a term exist after reading a review of Becoming Jane. I love the movie. I cried buckets. I know. I usually cry at the most average looking movie while moving Oscar-worthy movie usually left me dry.

The story focused on the flirtation Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy had when they were young. It played about that they are in love with each other and suggested that the arrogant Mr Darcy is fashioned after Lefroy. I love James McAvoy (Ewan McGregor move over. I have a new Scottish love), so I love him here. Anna Hathaway is one of my favorite actress too, so the movie is enjoyable by their performance alone. Though it would fare better if I could be saved by the idea of Jane Austen parents having oral sex in the morning.

I also love the character Mr Wisley. He looked like someone *I* would fall head over heels for. Don't worry McAvoy, I would still throw myself at you whenever you are around. I love that Mr Darcy seems to be like a combination of these 2 men (Lefroy and Wisley). However, Mr Wisley maybe fictional, so we can only guess that Lefroy is perhaps the hero Jane Austen molded Darcy over.

We all knew Jane Austen died a spinster. So it is with great interest for many of her fans to know if she could write of love stories that are celebrated till today, she must had been in love. Personally I think she must had. If its with either Lefroy or the mysterious man she met by the sea... who knows. The story of Becoming Jane maybe somewhat of a fictional biopic, but somewhere there's a shred of truth in there. I would love the thought that she did have a deep, passionate and abiding love for someone though.

In keeping with the Jane Austen theme like of this post, I had finished reading the Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowles. I would like to know which critics lauded it as funny. Not. Funny. Not that it isn't any good. I guess its ok. But its just ok. The characters varies, but the secondary characters stories are sometimes left hanging or unsatisfactorily finished.

I wouldn't categorize this story as a light story, nor is it an epic saga. The characters tell their stories of childhood dreams dashed, parents who failed, innocence taken, separation and divorce. It is hardly stuff fluffy chick lit are made of, in spite of what the misleading "critics" quote put prominently at the book. However the characters are as ordinary as everybody else which make it an enjoyable read. Not everyone can get into a wonderful adventure or met a dashing handsome rich young man who fell head over heels for you without no reason at all. And I am glad that the characters do not fall into the same plots as Austen in her novels. That would be a cheap ploy.

It would helped that you had read all of Jane Austen novels before reading this book. Or you would be confused or disinterested in their discussion of Austen's work. I find myself looking forward to this part of the book. Interesting to know others insight of the characters. I myself like to pick apart a book or movies by how the characters are portrayed.

I guess, I would be interested in how the movie played out I suppose, but not enough to pay for it *evil grins*. (Oh yes, there is a movie that had been made of the "Jane Austen Book Club") A more prettier and younger version I suppose.

p/s: I am not a Janeite I guess. Maybe a little bit. A definite fan of her work, but hard core fan? I am not too sure. Am I ?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Daemon Adan

Browsing at the Golden Compass website. I came across this! A blogthings. Heh.

Anyway, this is quite cool I guess. Since other people can also determine my personality by just putting your mouse over the image below and it will gave you the next instructions to go forward. After all, we only see one part of ourselves, the other see the other half. Told fiance and he is pasting his at his blog, and I am doing the same.

He is hopping mad, (thehe!) since after I done his test, from a monkey his daemon had now turned into a crow. Mine so far was first a snow leopard, then a fox, now a ladybug. (Sumenye ker-aii macam tuannye. Hahahaha. I think heard a distant "perasan" from someone) Or is it a ladybug? Hell.. I am growing senile in my early years.

p/s: Eh dah turn balik to snow leopard. Still cumil. Anyhow it will be changeable sampai a few days had past (expiry date of the quiz I believe).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Engrossing World & Plain Gross

Ok. Quickly recapping the 2 movies I recently seen, Golden Compass and Heartbreak Kid. And touch on the movies that I really, really want to see.

Golden Compass is quite nice. Surpass my expectations really, though to be honest my expectations is actually quite low (I don't get the talking polar bear concept before seeing the movie). All the hoopla regarding Christians and atheism and organized religion is overshadowing the movie kewlness. However their argument maybe valid since when watching the movie, you can't helped but found the parallel meaning behind every point.

Those can also be true for the last year? or previous years Narnia. If Golden Compass seems to promote the idea of atheism, then Narnia have subtle hints regarding Bible and Christianity. However further along the movie, those notions are forgotten and what you are seeing is basically a fairytale movie of a girl with a big destiny to save her world.

Like many says, most of us couldn't give a rat ass what is being promoted in the movie, since any logical person could see that this is a movie, hence for entertainment purposes and fictions are ideas created by lowly person such as ourself. Setting that aside, I found it entertaining and am looking forward on how the story would spun to its new adventure. All those daemons animals looking cute prowling around their human, help to increase the enjoyment. So I wouldn't mind, wasting another RM10 to watch the sequel.

To touch upon another movie that seems to insult my sensibilities or sense or both is the Heartbreak Kid. Hanging out with Shima and Seri and Gons, we decided at the last minute to watch a late night movie. As the only options (aside from ghost stories which we are not interested), are that movie, tengok je la kan.

Reading previous reviews, I had to agree. A movie that make you laugh but offend as well. However I am not laughing as much as I am offended. Sound like a prude? Yes. And no. The Ben Stiller character in this movie, practically forced us to sympathize with him. But. I. Do. Not. Care.

The reasons which he was turn off by his wife is not enough for me to understand why he think it is wise to pursue another woman on his honeymoon. The wife is not even that bad anyway. *Groans* The only consolations I have when watching are that Michelle Monaghan character (I couldn't remember the character name, which just show how little I care of their plight), do not fly into his arm immediately and when the cousin whacked the hell out of this guy. I wish that cousin had beaten him up more.

I guess this is why I can't seem to force myself to watch There's Something About Mary and Knocked Up. I like comedy as much as the next person. This comedy doesn't do it for me. I liked Stiller previous romantic comedy , "Along Came Polly" much, much better.

That aside, I am now stoked to watch the year end blockbuster movies. I hope I Am Legend is good, even though I had accidentally read the ending. Gah! Am also waiting in glee for 27 Dresses (James Marsden... yeay!), Atonement, Alien Vs Predator (should be better than the first), Wanted (another Jolie kick ass sexy movie!) and The Other Boleyn Girl especially. I may want to pick up the novel too, but not till later I guess. I like the score from Love in the Time of Cholera and the song sang by Shakira "Despedida" is beautiful, but the movie is maybe dead depressing perhaps. Maybe I will read the book instead. Benjamin Bratt does makes it tempting though.

p/s: It is so cold that I am wishing that I had bought gloves to wear inside the office. I can hardly type comfortably. Explaining my reluctance to blog selalu.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Randomly I Put My Thoughts

  • Insanely tired and sleepy. Did I not say I have to work today? Pbbthhh to that!

  • Hate people who takes MC inconsiderately. Even when I am sick, still have to work. The guy who is taking MC almost every other week seems to have not been reprimanded whatsoever. Yang kena marah is the people who won't replaced him. Biaskah ini? Worst. Boss. Ever.

  • I am still angry with my boss inability to relay information regarding attendance but expect us to always keep updated when he wants to update things on his own time.

  • *Whacked head on table repeatedly* due to forgetting extension for earphone or cable. No decent songs to hear to keep me awake.

  • Really anticipating to watch Gossip Girl, once I got back home this morning.

  • There is 5 hours and more to go so I can be released the torture I called
    work and watch Gossip Girl.

  • Why am I using bullet points? It do not make sense.

  • Am. Too. Tired. To. String. Together. Coherent. Sentences.

  • Damn it. I do not have RM1 note for my bus fare. Am too poor to even afford public transportation.

  • When is "I Am Legend" coming out?

  • Keira Knightley is too thin. Methink she do not eat enough and is lying about her love for french fries.

  • I still heart Keira Knightley.

  • When will this night ever ends?

  • Thinking of UTP days is bittersweet. Will it ever ends too?

  • Oprah Book Club is overrated. Her taste do not coincide with mine.

  • I love my pillows.

  • I wonder why does the sheep cushion (bantal kecik) I am hugging state "Loveliness Tampon".

  • My fiance is nice.

  • Its nice to go lepaking with the girlfriends and pulling an all nighter last night. Its the last weekend with us as singles, before Shims can officially mark the box stated "Mrs" and looking all sage and wise being a married lady. *theehee*

  • Am bored stiff playing Dynomite. But damn, if its not addicting.

  • Stopping random ramblings now.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Morning wandering.. Eh.. It's already noon..

Am I not a morning person?

If I'm not, then why the hell do I kept on waking up early especially on my cuti days? Or if I am, why even after 5 hours waking up from a 7 hours sleep, am I still yawning and feel like my bed is the most to be at place in the world.

My body clock baffled me. I want that prescription drugs that Britney's taking; the one prescribed for those who work in erratic hours and shifts. But Britney's is waking up at 1pm everyday and her pimples are scaring the hell out of me. So prolly that's no good. Maybe I need to try espresso. But coffee in the morning usually makes me barf.

My mother is in town, preparing to go to perform Hajj. We will be seeing her off to Kelana Jaya, later tonight. Am taking leave tomorrow. Yeay! But got assessment tomorrow for one company. Gah! I wonder what they would be testing. *shudders*

Oh, I am currently loving this little shop in Alpha Angle that always sell some really cute clothes. Some of it are very ah lian-like. (My fiance shushes me when I comment this out loudly in this shop; me and my big mouth and the trouble it always brings me,but alaa.. that sales persons know already laa they are selling very ah lian clothes what). However, you can find a few nice selection that looked quite simple and nice. I love it. The price on the clothes I seen so far, all is below RM50. Which suited me just nicely since I am alwaysssss strapped for cash nowadays. And they always change their collection, so there is always something new whenever I pop in.

I am not wealthy enough to go shopping at shops such as in KLCC and The Curve always. Sobs. But I do love to look around.

Oh.. my brother have a girlfriend. Hehe.. Saje nak announce to the whole world. Since it tickled the whole family silly. My brother is such an unemotional freak. Or too emotional that emotion bounces him off. Who knows. My sister wonders out loud, how does he talk to his gf since he usually only gave us grunts or monosyllable mumbles whenever we ask him anything.

Well, my sister also wonders out loud too why does (ANY) guys like me (the thoughts that those guys must be dumb AND blind was blinking so brightly above her head...... *rues*). So who knows what our family is showing to the whole world and not to us.

Hehhe.. nak usha friendster adik aku la gini... *evil grins*

Friday, November 30, 2007


I concede defeat. I can never finish a novel in time for the NanoWrimo. With the getting sick part of the last week, I ignored the writing. Thus no fruits to bear.

Haha. Actually was sick and I couldn't bear the idea to write anything coherently. But laziness is also a part of it and it took me a lot of time to finish a chapter.

I wonder if my story would be continued. I guess it would, but it would be spun slowly. Spanning centuriesssss!!! Ehem.. a bit melodramatic. Nah.. if I have the idea and the free time, I'll submit myself to it and perhaps more chapters will be borne and perhaps an ending.

But now.. I am playing Sims at home. So let the story be for a while. I guess I will try it again in another 2 years time. Why not next year? *winks* Next year on November is gonna be a busy month for me. ( And that's if the current story had finish in 2 years time)

So that's that.

Moving on to new chapters. I couldn't be arsed to comment on the current political rumbling goin on, the eventual price hike for almost everything we see, touch and consume or the entertainment but I do want to say the Hindraf rally.. well.. I don't know what I think about it. I agree on some of the memorandum sent, I found myself disbelieving in others but I maybe ignorant on that matter and I wonder how many people really knows the purpose of the rally. If not a whole lot, it defeated the whole shenanigans.

Ok. Moing to another topic plak (Ala ADHD style) .A bit of a time since I commented on books. So let's touch on those plak. So I just had finish Deafening. And it was beautiful.

Beautifully written of course. The plots and characters are a little too recurrent on many of World War 1 books written, but it doesn't make it a whole less enjoyable.

I am still wrapping my head on all the reason of World War 1 and World War 2, and does the veterans of the World War 1 feels all their efforts awasted when WW2 arrived?

It's hard to say if World War 3 can or did erupt or the matter of when? Some say the new War will be war of econonomy (gahhh.. people had been doing that for centuries, hand in hand in with war of bloodsheds). Some say the Post 9/11, its kinda like a war. I think it is on a bigger and grander scale. Who knows. If it will happen ,we might even don't know it. Since we would be blown up to smithereens by atomic bombs before we realized it.

Truly dreadful thoughts for Friday. Yours truly.

p/s: Am wasting company time reading the WW1 diaries and memoirs. Interesting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gile Malas

I hate to go to a meeting at 7pm. I hate to go to a meeting when it is my off day. I hate to go to a meeting where there is no free food. I hate meeting.


Planning to go to KLCC jab lagi. Lots to buy, but the big "M" is ever-lacking. So nothing to buy, in summary. Nak tengok wayang, but the time yang sesuai cuma cerita Bee Movie, Beowulf and whateva movie yang Magical Emporium tu. I would feel like choking to death if I saw that movies alone. Wait, Beowulf adalah tidak sweet and senseless. But whatever, the graphic don't appeal to me.

Nak siap2 la nih. Sangat malas. Eh... kenapa blogger tanak add smiley dalam function die. Duh, blogger. Come, on. Improve more.

Senseless. Fine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

25 Candles

Yeay! Birthday today. Boo! Sick today.

Lazy to make a long post. As so... nothing particular to say pon. Thank you for the well wisher even though 90% of your guys birthday I usually forgot. I know, I know I need to make more of an effort to remember. So thank you all, it means a lot to me.

Got a brand new CPU for my birthday present. Hehe.. so no complain from me anymore on how my DVD writer do not work or my computer sucks. Its a small CPU, and the specs, gosh... I am at loss when it comes to specs of computer. All those numbers are confusing to my little pretty head. But its pretty fine, before ni dulu nak main Sims pon tak larat, so now I think my Sims can dance around in glee without my computer hanging.

My officemates also dengan baiknye telah membeli pizza dan membelanja diri ini for pizza. Thank you, opismates. Tak sesia keje tonight. :P

My tunang last night treated me for some Japanese food at Kiku Zakura. He have the photos so probably he will post it at his blog or his photo blog. The food is something like you get from Yoshinoya, but better (duh.. of course considering the price )and have more range. My tunang said it was delicious. He ordered the salmon. Mine not so much, since perhaps I ordered beef. Adalah sangat full bile balik, sampai sudah nauseous. Gile mentekedarah makan sampai nak termuntah. Tapi sedap. Huhuhu.

Oh.. well.. that's all for the birthday post then. Happy Birthday to me and thanks again y'all.

Gile malas nak keje.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cheap Books! Cheap Books! Come and read Cheap Books!

What did I do last Saturday morning?


I bought these..

I read Suanie blog early Saturday morning when I was working, mentioning about the Pearson & Penguin Warehouse Book Sale at PJ. Since its a bit near from workplace, I decided to go after work with the fiance. The Warehouse book sale is quite big and it had a lot to offer for everybody. It came to a point that I was so tired (with not sleeping due to night shift) from scanning rows and rows of books that I had to just randomly stand at some spot in front of the table, take a breather and Tada! found what I was looking for.

All those above are what I bought. All around 16 or 17 books and spent almost RM200!! 3 of those 17 are my fiance's photography books. The book cost around RM10 - 15 and the hardcovers one usually at RM20. This is the most I ever spent on books at one go (excepting text books of course). A good bargain and I am not regretting it one bit. Very happy in fact. Early birthday present from moi to meself. Yeay!

The list is.... panjang. Malas plak nak type. But as you can see bought 2 Gaiman's work, got 2 of the Adrian Mole diaries series, manage to find one book that I had been searching for years and thrown in some Classic books to ease my guilt on buying those guilty pleasure chick lits. Wanted to get familiarize with Woolf works and try to see if I would like another work of Kazuo Ishiguro.

Stack of books. Sangat happy, so played around with the books after got home. Crazy!

There's a lot of chick lit (a lot of it from popular authors too) , and mystery/thriller too, Cromwell and Patterson, few of Clancy I see strewn about. However, I refrained from buying Patterson and Cromwell (except Women's Murder Club series) but I just couldn't resist that Predator book. A bit bummed tho that I can't find or they don't have Michael Crichton books.

You can still catch the Warehouse sale since it is there until 21st November. The address is Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Lot 2, Jalan 215, Off Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I get giddy in trying to decide which books I want to read first. Yeay!

Oh, the weekend before this I went to another Warehouse Book Sale at Low Yat Plaza (next to it actually). Not as big as the Pearson one, the books are cheaper but most of it are those by unknown authors. Its get very dizzy and headachy in trying to find the books you want to buy in a Warehouse sale (since there is no such thing called organization), much less unknown books by unknown authors. So at the Low Yat one, I only bought 3 since it is just too tiring to read all those summary. The books I bought there are currently on my Currently Reading list and reading Deafening so far, it's quite good.

Will not have to spend on books for at least another 3 or 4 months. Reading galore ahead!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Am. So. Behind.

Its November bitches. Ehem.

November is a very special month for me. Becoz its my birthday. Hahaha. Its like a month long celebration. Cewah. Macam sangat special.

Actually not. But I do kinda like it when November came. (The anticipation of presents kut.. Hehehe. Sungguh materialistic)

But my birthday.. not till few days yet.. (uiks.. agak hampir jua), but that's not this post is all about.

No sirree. I am writing because of NaNoWriMo. I sign up. Yeps. Yeay for writing. Boo for procrastination. Knowing me, I haven't started anything yet. My word counts is so pitiful I am embarassed to announce it to you guys.

But its the thought that count. Ha! Right? No?

Writing day after day (more like a day in aweek after a day in a week), I found out that being a writer is tough. Finding a coherent plot is a tough steel of nut to break. Writing headlong recklessly is even tougher. I found that I liked editing my stories, damn it. And pondering at the words.

Shit. I am suddenly getting cold feet. WHY DO I EVEN SIGN UP FOR THE STUPID THING WHEN I HAVE ABSOLUTE NO PREPARATION NOR CLEAR IDEA FOR A NOVEL? I can never finish this in time. Argh..

:: typing furiously in imagination due to writer's block ::

Oh, I wrote/typed my story in another blog. If you care enough to look in my blogger profile. However, access is restricted, unless I am prepare to submit myself to pure humilliation.

:: still walking round and round thinking what to write ::

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


.... is amazing.

It is even better than the book or almost borderline there. The first time that I ever hailed a film as so... the movie is better than the book. (Tho reading Neil Gaiman interview, he might takes an issue with this statement) Wow. Let me gape at that statement for a while.

Seriously, its better than some of the fantasy flicks. There are some things that are off ( the pirate ship for instance, I'm not sure.. what is off.. but like it should be better).... but most are OK. Very tongue in cheek and not the conventional magical fairytale and rigid righteousness of most fantasy stories. But that's Neil Gaiman for you.

The intro kinda baffled me tho. What is it trying to narrate? What is the question? What is the answer? More like.. the point is? Skipped the 1 minute intro of bafflement, it was a joy to watch after.

The movie manage to turnaround the boring part of the book to the most delightful scenes in the movie. The climax of the movie is done nicely, as some critics pointed out, not as original (and the climax in the book differs with the movie), but at least its not as anti climactic as I expected. It even turned out nicely even if its as cliche as it could be.

Robert De Niro as the fabulously flamboyant sky ship pirate captain is fabulous. Claire Danes is rightly cast , she is simply luminous. I missed Claire Danes at the screen. I am still searching for Stage Beauty. The hero, Charlie Cox, ehem.. yummy. What is his age again as so I might not feel guilty? His IMDB is seriously lacking in resume. Act more as so I can salivate after you! (Which means, I had taken a peek of his IMDB and there is nothing to feel guilty of)

Come, come. Watch Stardust before it is gone from your cinema. I walked out smiling thinking that I want to buy the DVD. The original DVD. Ain't that something.

Friday, November 09, 2007

All that Jazziness

I list somewhere on a long ago list to see Chicago, the Musical (not the city, but I won't say no to that either..) and occasionally mentioned it. Thus my fiance bought me this, and lauded that it is his idea that we got to watch Chicago. Right :P .. Haha.. fine fine. He bought the tickets and belanje me, so I will acquisence. Right. It is your idea. Haha.

So on 6th November, we got the premiere tickets and were raring to go. Excepting of course my fiance have got to go to Miri on that day. Baru nak resigning to myself that I have to go alone, he made it, albeit 20 or 25 mins late.

Which of course pisses me off since I believe I missed some early bit from the show since I need to wait for my plus one. Its nowhere his fault, but damn I'm still pissed. Sorry, but that just who I am.

Which also causes me to not be able to wholly enjoyed the show as I was steamingly furious. Have to say again, and I know and he stated a few times, its not his fault that he is late... but THAT IS JUST WHO I AM, me who hated waiting and being late for shows (be it wayang or such). Ehem.. now I get that off my chest, let's get on the program.

I won't go into a lengthy review, but here's what I like and don't. Those who wants to know more about what's the story about, of course can kindly head to wiki here (where else..).

I like..
  1. few of Velma Kelly dance numbers. Shows great stamina and skills.
  2. Mama Morton number on "When you're good to Mama..". Great vocal. Wishes it have more snaps and vim into it, in term of performance. But the vocal as itself is spellbinding enough to be kept entertained. Her voice is extraordinary.
  3. Witty and cheeky lines. I meant lines in term of songs and dialogue (that is not incorporate in songs). Even better than the film ( which I thoroughly enjoyed..).
  4. Amos. He was sad in the movie (and make our heart breaks..) and in term of the stage, he still makes me feel the same, funnier even but a lil heartbreaking as the man cuckolded.
  5. The songs and the orchestra. Eiii.. nice... Kudos especially for the orchestral crew on their loud extravagant brassy numbers. I fell in love with the saxophone player (ohhh.. childhood memories flooding back) .
  6. Their songs is really great, even the one I didn't like before .. "We Both Reached for the Gun". The ventriloquist number is awesomeness.
I don't feel like I like..
  1. The sets in general. I felt like we didn't get our full entertainment value in term of the high price of tickets they charged. The sets is lacklustre. It is bright, yes, keeping in theme with Chicago. However... that's it? For a musical stage, that's should be a successful one in Broadway, all we get in term of the stage special effects is bright flashing lights and prison bars silhoutte at the back? Props is few and the sets, is what you see is what you get. Dissapointing. I am not sure if this is because of KL Convention Centre vs Istana Budaya that is more equipped to handle more stage effects,sets and props in its full glory or Chicago don't depend on a whole lot of stage effects or sets. We'll see, maybe will watch Beauty and the Beast next year pulak and compare if its really the case.
  2. The wig or hair or extension on Roxie. Small things to harp on, I know.. Tapi in this production Roxie and Velma have the same cut. So yang duduk jauh tuh2, dark haired and red haired looked almost the same lor,thus hard to differentiate at first.
  3. Some of the dance numbers, especially All that Jazz. Not enough snap and vim as I said before, as much as I like it or expected of a show that boast of its choreography numbers.
  4. The girls are not as scantily clad as I wish. Hahaha.. kidding, but wishes adalah lebey sexeh okeh.
  5. The humongous head that was in front me thus blocking my view especially during the delicious number of Cell Block Tango. Eiiiiii... Okay.. bukan salah production, but still la kann.. Gah!

All in all, I felt somewhat satisfied (even if I was simmering a bit) watching all my favorite numbers in action. Not sure however if I want to give it another go. Rather popped in the CD for the movie version plak. More satisfactory and besto.

So.. abes dah ke Musicals I wish to see? Nah. Wicked!!! Datang lah Malaysia!! Paling bangsat pon Singapore.

From what I heard and seen in little bits in Ugly Betty, Wicked macam awesome and the songs is quite nice. Sigh.. tho methinks its gonna be quite a few years baru a tour would be coming around in Asia.

Oh well..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Catty Attack

I always love cats. Always did and ade cita2 untuk memelihara cat yg lawa nanti2 ( but responsibility of a pet is too burdensome a.k.a malas nak clean up and train said kitties). Well, we don't have any pet cat except for a regular visit from the neighbor cat. Used to have those only on my childhood years. Skang malas.

The thing is we have this problem with kitties, I don't know stray or not (I hoped stray so owners won't feel too bad if I strangle it).

Last year, something crawl up the smoke ventilation thingies to die in there. No.. not from inside, I think it clawed itself from outside, past the screen to the ventilation.

Around awal puasa last year, there is this God awful stench coming somewhere in the kitchen. At first we thought a kitten or a rat had died somewhere at the back. We look around and shrugged our shoulders. Then the stench is becoming unbearable that you have to hold your breath everytime coming into the kitchen. My sister and the maid was looking around the kitchen by then if something had chose to die inside the kitchen cabinets.

Then, rain down the maggots. It feels like thousand and thousand (more like berpuluh2 but coming out persistently) came down from the smoke ventilators hood. We were aghast and nauseous and every disgusting feeling that can be feel are felt as we try to make the best of the situation. (at that time it was night so calling for help is quite impossible). My sister try to put something below the hood so the maggots can be contained sambil sambil spray with Ridsect. We were arrested with the irrational fear that while we were sleeping, the maggots will crawl upstairs and feast on our joyous flesh. Hahahahha.

The next day, the one who installed the ventilator were called and asked as so those ventilators are taken out and replace with a new one. I don't think that those men who replaced the thing quite know what they had gotten themselves into. My sister said they looked quite traumatic after finishing the job. We were never quite sure if a cat really died up there, or something else... since the carcass was beyond recognition by then. It took a bit of a time for us to use that ventilator comfortably now.

Then, there is another problem where cat poos seems to litter in front of the gate since it is quite sandy there. My bro-in-law geram2 and shovel those sands away. The cat must be geram2 as well, cause afterwards it clawed out the kunyit my bro-in-law tanam in the pasu at our house and leave its poo in the pasu as souvenir. Had to laugh at that one.

Now, the cats seem to revenge themselves on our house to a whole new level literally. At first I strongly suspected that a cat poop itself on the roof above my room few months back, twice! It smelled horrible. Gah! Never I had ever hate cat, I hated them now.

Then... probably the roof above my room, is probably not a good spot for them. They chose now to poop at the roof just outside my windows. Thrice! Great. All that is left to do is for me is to invite them in my room and let them shit all over the place.

I am at a loss on what to do. Its there some cat karma that I am not aware of? Had I tortured a cat silly during my youngish undeveloped memory years? Is the spirit of the maggoty cat (if its really a cat), ordered those cats to exact revenge on us for its shitty decision to die in our kitchen?

Gah! This is gonna take some work to rid of the poos! And the smell!

I hate cat!!! I am gonna buy a hamster or a pit bull. So it can chase those cat.. Hahahaha (Maniacal laughter..... )

Friday, October 26, 2007

Raya Surprise

Well.. this is a tad bit late for Raya post. Tapi takpe.

Nothing very special happened on Raya or joyous either. I found out that this Raya, I am even more broke. Ugh. Hate the feeling of being penniless.. I like the thoughts of money always at my disposal to buy pretty things.

The Raya visit to various family members are exactly as it was this year and most of the years before this.

Surprise awaiting however at 7 am on Raya 3rd when my ex from around 5 or 6 years time ago, sms me wanting to Raya at me house. 7 pagi? Loons manekah beraya rumah orang kul 7 pagi? I asked again, and he actually wanting to drop by at 10.30 am. Acceptable time then and I can't very well say not. Not wanting to go into details on the visit... only its awkward. It had been such a long time and the last word we say to each other (not via sms) is how best it is not to see each other.

Conversation mostly focusing on work, and the rest are pretty forgettable really and before leaving I blurted out my engagement which he responded by him getting married on March. Herm.... Well, next year will be a whole lot of wedding engagement needed to be attended to. Though I seriously doubt I am attending his. And for the curious, its not because there is leftover feeling or whatevs, more like.. eh.. malas la and malas jua nak bagi reason to the curious (Esp for those mysterious sms I received on my engagement day... apekah dan siapakah itu???). Not that I dig nasik minyak that much pon. It had been quite some time for me to say anything about my love life in my blog eh? I don't quite relish it nowadays.

What is the other thing that I don't relish much? Announcing my engagement. Yeah, yeah. I am not like other people. I am not the kinda person who is like Wheee~~~ I am so happy y'all type. I'm more like.. I'm engaged, yeah, thanks, So what/where you wanna eat tonight?

Anyhow, giving this piece of news to a few of my school buddies (and one of em I used to have tiniest lil crush on) is a tad bit uncomfortable, since seeing one face drop and continue to not look at me at least for 10 mins, one face looking warily at the couch (I don't think there is any stain on the couch) and 2 face is basically neutral and just blink , makes one rakes brain up to say anything witty ok.

To be fair, only my closest friend in JB knew this and well, she's not in JB anymore and I don't give personal life info to most of my buddies willingly. Heh. I miss her turribly much. Nak jumpa baby Iman and baby baru, Imran!

So people.. any surprise engagement... please give news via IM or email. We won't have the pleasure to see some of the reaction. Life is much simpler.

Oh.. I also manage to see Resident Evil: Extinction on Raya 3rd. Bwahahaha. My friend yang maw beraya complain on adakah ini beraya. Well.. I did really was waiting patiently for Resident Evil, and didn't manage to see it beforehand. Its my only time! Love zombies movie, tho I think RE3 is less disgusting than the other 2 and a bit lembap in term of storyline. And apekah mutant zombie last itu? I totally don't dig that. Waiting for 30 days of Night pulak (vampire lore, better even than zombie). The only lore I don't like is Werewolves. Boring.

Mengantuk la. Oh, I changed the template. Yeps , yeps. Most seems to like the previous one. Tapi takpeler, I think this one is easier to read the blog post and I opted for more simple design nowadays (I think forever pon). Also could not find a nice 3 column template that suit me.

Well then, selamat makan puas-puas di open house. In the office, we are gathering a little raya delights to be eaten (own expense of course) tomorrow, saje2 since we are the type of people who will not get to many open house. If you can join em, make em I say.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radiohead Makes Me Orgasmiscally Happy

I kinda like Radiohead nowadays. Their music suits me in this particular stage of life. Their new album is out and you can get them for free or choose to pay in whatever amount you think its worth at

Its a new strategy they are trying out, and personally I think its kinda great. I don't know if I am taking it up for free or will pay as seeing I really like their music. As the question going around nowadays, How much are you willing to pay for the music?

In another note, I was browsing around articles regarding science and such (Ugh.. bunyi macam intellectually-fakin it, but I'm not, I was merely bored) , and comes upon the article in Wiki, A life in science sometimes becomes a death, too.

Go ahead and read it. Its great to read about the feats of real scientist (*cough* as oppose to celeb one *cough*) and the sacrifice that come upon every single thing that we took for granted on.

Short post. Just a quick note I thought I quickly type before turning to bed. Nighty nite.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sod it with the witty title today

KL is getting back to its jam packed state. Even more so than usual with the throngs of people going everywhere for Raya visit and open house. Sigh.

Raya is okay. Jalan tidak jam. I don't know if its because we went back so late or the extra lane, but its great. Back to KL also tidak jam, which is a first for me for few years now. Wow whee.. Sucks for those who lived on the north tho.

God. Work seems to sucks even more. What more to complain la kan? Ticket is coming in macam water, cuti is unattainable as going to the moon, the pay is blergh. I have a half mind to just throw in the towel, travel to faraway country and work as dishwasher.

Erk. Lil rant there. Wait. Oh.. I was wanting to write about Raya on this post. But I am nursing a major headache and just blergh la. COZ I WANT NASIK LEMAK! I have to wait for a few more hours, and I felt like if I don't eat nasik lemak soon I may burst into tears shamelessly.

Then I felt like I am suppose to write this ditty about Raya, but I kept on swaying off base writing nonsensical things.

I also felt like I am stuck in a rut and all I want to do is to scream and scream and scream. However, I always suck in a breathe and smile and ask on whatever useless thing I can't seem to remember about to anybody nearby as so they wouldn't see that I am actually having a menopausal symptons of rage and mood swings while my period just always coming in twice a month like clockwork.

I always felt like I want to travel the world and live in another country and felt like its unfair indeed that other undeserving people get this chance. In rare moments, I manage to shake myself free of this thoughts by remembering I had actually travel to at least 5 countries and lived briefly overseas in 1 of these countries while there are people who had never set foot out of their state.

I also found out recently I harbor grudges and I don't forgive and forget. I found out to the surprise of myself and others, that even after years that a wrong had been made, even after discussing things out, even after other people thinking its ancient history and forgetting that ancient history, the thing that had hurt me seems as fresh as this morning dew whenever I remembered it and rehashing on the people, I am as polite as ever.. and just that. Just polite and I never refer them as my friend, even if they refer me as such.

I obviously sucks. However I don't really care about it since life is short and work is gonna take a long toll in your life, so I don't really need to see and mince my words for people who I don't think is worth my time.

Okay. Obviously an emotional, senseless rant from a female who have a major headache due to lack of sleep because stupid neighborly kiddies find it amusing to play mercun endlessly for 2 hours straight di belakang rumah yang sempit while some people need to sleep.


p/s: Maybe I'll write a semi sensible post about Raya tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hari Raya Esok

Ala kira je la ini Raya post.

This Raya is getting to be even more bland. My only grandmother had passed away earlier this year. My grandfather had passed away several years before. I never knew the other grandparents on my father side. My sister and her family will be celebrating in Qatar this year. I will miss the sight of Little Kenit frolicking around with kueh raya always in hand. So this Raya, will not be spent sightseeing in zoo. What? Don't judge. Bukan hari raya first pon.. more like 2nd or 3rd Raya.

I never seems to feel the Raya festive airs nowadays. My grandparents used to love Raya so much. My grandmother is looking forward to the food. My grandfather looking forward of his friends visiting. During first raya dulu2, he love to invite his friends (of all races....) to come and enjoy the various food my mom and grandmother prepared. Ketupat, nasi impit, nasi beriani, laksa, soto, sayur lodeh, rendang kering, rendang basah, sate.... (the table used to groan holding all these).

The tetamu would start to come and continue and continue to come until.. almost 11pm. We would then return home, tired of carrying upstairs and downstairs lauk pauk, dishes and cups non stop. Later after he died, I was always confused why the Raya doesn't feel like Raya. I guess its stop feeling like a festive Raya after my grandfather passed away.

Not to be super gloomy y'all. I just found myself on this year coming Raya, I kept on remembering Tok Mak and Tok Ayah.

Favorite moments:
1. Isi ketupat beramai2. I suck but I still like it. He like to asingkan ketupat yg org lain buat. Macam this batch Kak Lina yang buat. This batch Kintan. This batch moi. I personally thought then so that people wouldn't get confused on his superior ketupat compared to us lousy one. Heee. Bile dah makan ade aje komen.." Ini lembik semacam ni.. haa ni mesti Lina nye..", "Ketupat Watie ni macam batu..."

2. Membawa cucu2 and whomever yang jua masih kanak2 beraya di rumah2 rakannye as so we can collect even more duit raya.

3. Have to beratur in a straight line to salam2 and receive our duit raya. Selagi tak cukup forum, cannot receive those green packets from him.

(kenapakah.. banyak favorit moments time dapat duit raya ni. LOL..)

Cringing moments:
1. Dipaksa berkaraoke semasa pegi beraya setelah dibawa oleh Tok Ayah . The things we do...... Probably this is why I have such deep, unhealthy, revulsion towards karaoke?

(Ok.. I don't have many cringing moments ok since I like to repress memory. This memory however can't be repressed due to my mother glee in bringing it up ...)

So peeps, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Drive safe. Don't be a glutton. Kasik lah duit raya lebih sikit pada moi walaupon moi tiada anak lagi dan jua bukan kanak-kanak.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sgt Malas

Gile malas. Sangat sejuk. And hey.. berblogging in BM.

Actually blogging in BM is more tedious for me, because if I blogged in BM I got a tendency to go for ayat2 skima dan sungguh panjang.. dan.. memerlukan penjelasan yg panjang.

Shallow girl. Takpe, try BM rojak-blog tanpa skima. Agak2 buleh?

Rase bloated sebab smalam makan dgn greedynye and minum pon banyak. Makan sup kesukaan.. sup campor yg ade perut. Whee!!! I likey perut! Nampak disgusting, tapi sungguh enak bila dikunyah. Then, in a attempt to clear out content of the fridge, kluarkan ayam Ayamas from last week and panaskan dan proceed to make sandwich of shredded chicken slathered with mustard and chillies sauce. Erk.. lapanyeeee bile menaip.

Semalam went to Jalan TAR with colleagues. Nothing to buy. Hanyaaa beli brooch saje stelah berjalan beberapa jam di tghhari panas!! Tapi malas nak beli baju raya, sebab ade banyak baju kurung yg tak pakai lagi atau pakai hanya sekali dan kain2 yang dulu2 beli kat Tampin dan orang bagi still lagi dalam plastik di hujung bilik. Tudung pon macam blergh.. Nothing interesting. Wanting to buy selendang, tiada yang tertarik dan menarik. Prolly will look at the Curve (lambat lagi la gamaknye) since nak selendang yg dark color untuk matching.. tah la, Ape2 la pon yang perlu dimatching. As for Kueh raya, dah banyak pon and our house actually prefers to server karipap or murtabak (depends on availability) bile ade guest.

Mintak cuti raya sehari sahje which is on Raya itself (yeah yeah.. orang kerja shift, so shut up those normal working hour people pasal knape raya susah dpt cuti ). Don't really mind since tumpang my sis. Her husband have to work until late pon, dan bertolak for JB probably on a very early morning itself. Sampai2 JB agaknya my mom tengah masak beriani. Nyum2.. ayam merah.

Gah.. I am obsess with food tatkala di bulan puasa ini. Sambung baca TWOP. Will blog again, promise, just not coherent post since dalam kepala hanya ada image foodies je!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lydia Teh is being generous

Those who are in the knows of our local authors... well should know Lydia Teh. She's the one who recently wrote Honk! If you're Malaysian.

I have to be honest that I didn't read the book. I was reading the interview she gave earlier.. to NST or Star or.. tah.. and got tad bit envious that she are able to achieve a dream so many can't.. getting a book published, print and quite a lot of people buying it. Mine.. I am too poor. Haha.. Ok ok.. I have a tendency to read fantasy and children books and those books that I love to buy and lovingly add in my ever growing collection. I was eyeing her book and also those Adibah Amin installments and sighing my lack of money and my ever expanding list of book collections to be bought.

But this post is about the latest contest she is throwing!

So are you tight for money? Scrounging in the garbage can for food? Or are green with envy whenever you see someone picking up a book that you had been drooling for weeks (but can't afford) and seeing that person nonchalantly paying it at the cashier? Would you like to at least have a chance of getting either above?

Well, Lydia Teh is celebrating her 10,000 book sales (and from her post maybe more than that) by throwing in a contest of winning either MPH vouchers or McDonald vouchers. Since I am greedy and there is nothing to lose and I am eyeing those MPH vouchers and it is as she said, easy as ABC , I am joining and well.. those who are interested for a chance.. head to here :


p/s: My phone rusak. I am sad. Yeah people, I am currently not reachable.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Suite Francaise & A Case of Need

I had just finished reading the books listed on the left. ( Couldn't think of a better topic at the moment)

Suite Francaise and A Case of Need.

Takes a bit of a time to read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. A bit depressing. No surprise there. It was suppose to be a 5 part novels but the authors only manage to finish it up to only 2 part (Storm in June & Dolce) before being deported to Auschwitz and died there later (reportedly of typhus).

It was an interesting read. It was not an autobiography such as Anne Frank written things on war such as hope and human characters. Its a novel. I could say... a novel about disillusionment of people or how people behave when in wars. I was always fascinated to read about World War II. That is truly a world war indeed.

The book is something like the author interpretation of what she sees around her. What is more interesting, was in reading the Appendix and Preface. The appendix showed us how the authors plot her stories and characters. In reading just the 2 parts, I don't completely understand how the first and the second part are related (excepting for few characters). But reading the appendix,seems that the author have a War and Peace aspirations toward this novel but unfortunately was unable to finish it. All the characters that had been introduced , would be interlocking in part 3 and onwards.

If it had been finished, it would had been a really marvelous novel. It is also poignant and a bit sad to read the letters being sent back and forth, of a man desperate in requesting help for his wife release (Irene Nemirovsky was arrested and deported). What is even more sad is the letter Irene husband, Michel.. sent " Could you please find out if it would be possible for me to be exchanged for my wife - I would perhaps be more useful in her place and she would be better off here. If this is impossible, maybe I could be taken to her - we would be better off together.." . Disregarding Jews, Christians, Nazi, Germans or anything... I am just taking into consideration of a man who is worried for her wife in time of wars and his willingness to sacrifice himself. And the answer his husband received is - several days or weeks later, the husband himself is brought to the concentration camp and sent to the gas chamber.

Also, I am interested to buy a book about a young girl life during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore (Forgot the title). The price however is too steep, at RM50 above. I wonder why books written by Asian and local authors are even more expensive? Bleed local readers to dry kah cause susah nk market elsewhere?

A Case of Need is Michael Crichton first book I believe.

Well, this is indeed his first book that I found not quite as gripping and riveting as his other's work. I'm rather glad that I read Jurassic Park first. Probably I'll rent The Great Train Robbery next. But it's just as detailed a work as you might expect from Michael Crichton books.

The book try to play about abortions and pro choice. The (moral) story focus more on pro choice and none of pro life. This is a bit of one sided, trying to tell stories from that P.O.V.

Ahh.. not so much to talk about that book I guess.

Signing out then.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Something to think about..

People are in an uproar regarding the death of the poor girl. I have nothing to say more.

Those who know me personally, know I have a lot to say regarding this topic since I do think education and protection and campaign on child safety is the utmost importance and a cause I believe in and would like to contribute to , but for this blog.. it would serve no purpose to add more soundbites.

Just let's not chalk this up as another tragedy and hope crimes on children can be lessened.

I also do hope that those who are foaming at the mouth regarding this, would not completely forget about this a week later and the next time they see a child alone, unsupervised, or in a potentially dangerous situation, to not just give casual remarks on their blogs as something to write about.

It feel ... weird to write a cheerful thoughts on the next paragraph considering the depravity and gravity of the past week discovery.

So I am just gonna end my post here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Fall! Oncoming!

Oy. Why should I care? Malaysia weather condition is either raining, hazy or super hot.

There is 1 thing to look forward tho. Brand new series and the start of a new season. My computer is groaning under the weight of Prison Break (which start next week btw and which I don't watch anymore..), Ugly Betty, Shark, Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights and Heroes. Not to mention... Medium, Supernatural and House which I had been collecting. And let's briefly remembered the newly deceased series which I loved, Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls.

Just look at the list above. Isn't that just... amazing... On how much free time I have in my hands to watch them all. {slightly hysterical} Are you freakin kidding me? Free time? What free time? Do you know that I timed carefully in watching my series and try to squeeze in as many as possible even berus gigi pon sambil tgk series.

Ehem. Ok maybe not in that extreme.. but some people are amazed on how many actually I watch and still function like a human being. Which is probably why I only have a blank look to offer when anyone mentioned Manja Lara or whatever it is the latest Sandiwara offered at TV3.

Of course to torture myself more.. I finding myself anticipating in glee of these brand new spanking series.

Wait. I think I just had a revelation on my lack of friends state.

Gossip Girl

What's it about?
A once reigning queen bee (Serena) came back to her old school after mysteriously dropping out in favor to boarding school. She found her BFF (Blair) is the current queen bee whom now shun her. The cause of this.. most prolly is Blair's BF, Nate. Added to the storyline is a pair of siblings where the elder brother (Dan) have an eye for Serena and younger sis (Jenny) is on the verge in joining Blair very much desired popular inner circle. Furthermore, a gossip blog run by "Gossip Girl" an anonymous at the school (and widely read by her peers) provides juicy tidbits and revealing info regarding the who's who, adding fuel to the already bitter rivalries and seethiness of the girls.. and boys.

Why I want to watch this?
Riveting. Hah. Well.. this seems a little bit like OC + 90210. Heck.. who am I kidding. This seems like any other typical High School series but with an even more bitch factor and posh-ness added in. But Josh Schwartz should make this work and I would be interested if he would make this as great as the first season of OC and not make it a drag as it move along (Did anyone remember OC after Season 1?). The preview is great and Kirsten Bell providing the narrative voice (the Gossip Girl) would make me missing Veronica Mars even less; until she kicks ass in Heroes.

When it start previewing?
19th September.


What's it about?
On his 21st birthday, Sam (a true and true slacker) found out the reason why his parent are incredibly lenient on his lifestyle, attitude, education. His parents had sold his soul to the devil. However instead of being send to fiery hell, the price is of him being the devil's lackey, which is by serving as a bounty hunter on hunting down the evils that had escaped from Hell. Not a bad gig for being the devil's lackey, considering his status.

Come. On. The above summary is enough reason to watch it. The preview is one of the funniest scene I'd ever seen for a TV series in recent time (or maybe I laugh easily.. but whatever). This series is featured in Comic Con and is the most anticipated for geeks and supernatural lovers freaks alike.

When it start previewing?
25th September.

Private Practice

What's it about?
Spinoff from Grey's. Addison Montgomery decided to change her life and join the private practice run by her friend and her ex husband in L.A. And I believe no further summary is needed on this much hyped show.

Kate Walsh. Really. I love her character in Grey's and is the sole reason I want to tune in. If this new series were an unknown and the summary goes like " a female doctor who can't seem to make relationship work, try to find new life in a private practice in L.A..." . ZzzZZzzZZz. I probably wouldn't give it a glance over. Ooohh.. and of course, Piz Chris Lowell (of VM fame) is kinda worth a glance over.

When it start previewing?
26th September

Women's Murder Club

What's it about?
4 women who's a homicide detective, M.E, journalist and assistant D.A , team together in helping each other in cracking the latest murder case that baffled them.

Those who's a fan of James Patterson books should know these series. I love the first installment of the series on the Honeymoon killing and the others following are kinda just OK. But the characters written especially on Detective Lindsay Boxer is such a strong character that I always find myself checking out the latest installments. That alone is reason for me to watch this. The preview is quite ok but a bit different from the book. That's understandable though. And of course... Women Empowerment! Yeay!

When its start previewing?
12th October

Cashmere Mafia

What's it about?
Described as Sex and the City meet Devil Wears Prada, its about the lives of 4 (mengapakah mesti 4....) women living a life as a high power executive juggling both careers and family and relationships.

Well.. I like Lucy Liu (one of the reason I watched the horrible Rise is because of her too). And I hope she will bring an essence of Ling into this character. Also, the creator is Darren Star who was the person who brought to us Sex and the City. So..duh.... of course I will watch this.

When its start previewing?
27th November.


Fuh. That's the list.. only 5.. eh.. not bad. But actually there is a few more series that is on my tentatively wanted to watch list but have to draw a line somewhere or I would not have a life anymore or meet any other human in real time!

Those are
  1. Bionic Woman (previewing 26th Sept. Those who loved the 70s series.. must be itching to watch this or plain will hate it.. totally your call)
  2. Aliens in America (previewing 1st Oct. About an exchange student from Pakistan staying with a family in the US. Looks kinda fun.. but prolly will give it a miss)
  3. Carpoolers (previewing 2nd Oct. A show I predict that dooms for an early axe, but the preview is.. kinda funny. A bit like a surburban car pooling chock full of men Cashmere Mafia)
  4. Pushing Daisies (previewing 3rd Oct. About a man who can raise the dead with a single touch. Sounds kinda shady, but people are raving about it. Prolly will take a sneak peek. Who knows.. maybe I will end up lovin like FNL)
  5. Samantha Who? (previewing 15th Oct. A woman who had an amnesia and starting to build her life from scratch. Starring Christina Applegate who I totally heart).
  6. Updated 18/9 .Chuck (previewing 24th Sept. A spy who is 'menyamar' jd normal guy. Not of Mr & Mrs Smith type...)

Reviewing back, I found the above list can be categorized as Chick Flick. I'm a chicka. I see nothing wrong with that.

Let's see if these shows will deliver or get the axe, like last year Runaway which I have to admit is a total snooze midway.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things get depressing

Where do I start?

Let me kick it up with the more important things in my life first and then we go on eh.. So everybody.. well basically most people in the workplace and my family are asking, what happened to the new job?

Frankly I am sick of talking it out anymore. I had just literally talk myself hoarse last week, explaining to my supervisors (including ex-previous), recapping it to interested colleagues and recapped the recapping to other interested parties. The whole goss is like this, got the offer from previous company, need to get some clarifications and some details that are needed to make the whole deal works from existing company (which I had persistently asked from several parties without any satisfactory answer), which then existing company totally ignore and even was insulted to own face. Therefore unable to give any definite answer to previous company offering job, initial great offer was reduce to just blergh OK offer which will set me back with serious debts, so had to tolak the offer and existing company still remaining dastardly tight-lipped.

Currently I am still having work related problems. But let's save it for another time when I got another resolution on. People are telling me that I must now am unhappy now with works with the way I had been treated. I say they are right since before this I was reasonably satisfied with said job, but now couldn't give a damn anymore and just working it through until the pesky terms that are contract can go away.That's that and life goes on and probably as the weary saying goes.."mungkin bukan rezeki.." End of topic.

Second. I am sick. Nothing life threatening ( I hope ), but I am walking around for the past few days in a slight fever-flu and headache pain haze which do not improve my overall mood. Making me only moodier.

My bank account is incredibly low.... and that alone do not warrant any explanation on how it would affect a woman heart, much less a woman who is about to be hit with Raya expenses. . Groans!

Other depressing news!! Yeay.. the world do not revolve around me.

I watched the disastrous Britney comeback... and it was as bad as everyone says. Everything was ludicrous, the getup, the dance moves, the hair.. It's like she is just walking around half drunk, hoping not to stumble, while lip synching mumbling. It was painful to watch, not because I am her fan. But because, knowing her peers looking on mouth agape watching a so called performance from a once boisterous hip thrusting pop star. No excuse of being a has been. Dancing with the Stars that are full of has beens had loads more energy from the 60 year old grandpa popping Latina moves than Britney that night. Sucks to be her at the moment.

You know.. I should not give a crap about Britney performance.. but really.. it is just fascinating to watch a trainwreck.

Argh headache... what other bad news , other worldly events?

Murders..earthquake..war..promises made that are bound to be broken due to election in somewhat nearing time.. yadda yadda.. yeah.. Same ol shit.

Gahh.. headachey..more. Oh yeah. I heard there will be a spin off series of Buffy from BBC (huh....... ) called Ripper. For those who is not acquainted with the Buffy-world, Giles the Watcher, played by Anthony Head who is btw British, in his much younger years was called Ripper. Obviously it would be a Watcher-centric plot for the series.

I am a little doubtful about all this. First of all.. BBC? No spinoff series can be made for the like of Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice kah? And... can he actually pull it off? I love British actors and actress.... but their series.. not as gripping. Well.. let's see if its actually true.

p/s: Headachey.. so obviously couldnt be bothered to spell check and grammars check.. so there will be more errors than usual.. Harhar..

Eh.. not funny.

another p/s: Oh yeah. Selamat Berpuasa and Ramadhan. All this post/msg/email going around mintak maaf and memaafi.. Fine. Whatever. Joining the club... I apologize for anything I did wrong.. (only) and I forgave you guys too ( some of you..)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Uninspiring Post

Bulan puasa and of course Raya is nearing. And unlike you guys.. I am not that thrilled on Raya. Maybe because the possibilities of getting a long holiday is null and money low. But at least there will be Soto. Eiii.. Soto. Cis.. puasa belom lagi.. dah pikir food untuk Raya. Tsk~

Anyway, I am feeling rather uninspired today. Maybe because with all the hoopla and delay with my company HR. Stoopiid. I couldn't be bothered to bother them today. I will storm in tomorrow. I hate unresolved issue. But I usually make it worse by procrastinating that unresolved issue. If it is a particularly bothersome and needs lengthy explanation and tedious work... I will prolong it even more. Not good. But hey.. I did try my sub par best and if the other party is also a procrastinator, its like a long drawn battle.

So.. I am bored.. And I do not feel like typing any original thoughts today. Since I rarely nowadays menjadi poser by posting in the Friendster bulletin boards the personality test/revealers/jokes (you know laa.. the one with.. What's your fav color? What's the last thing you? Do you kill kittens lately? type of questions that people post this up in bulletins thinking or hoping anyone is interested enough to glance over)

Therefore to hold my still few shreds of remaining integrity in Friendster and since not a whole lot of peeps read my blogs, I decided to post this up purely for own pleasure. Uninterested party can now discontinue reading and go back to read your girlfriend/boyfriend blog since I am about to shamelessly do this thingies.. Don't worry.. I am not tagging anyone either since this is not a freaking meme.


Okay this is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS.. type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50words. Don't think and don't go backand change. Doesn't matter how random
just type it! Repost it for all of your friends.

1. Beer: Green.

2. Food: Piping hot!

3. Relationships: Disastrous

4. Your crush : Freeze

5. Power Rangers: Blue and Pink

6. Life: As we know it

9. The President: of the United States

10. Yummy: Mummy

11. Cars: Pixar

12. Movie: Feel good

13. Halloween: Ski mask anyone?

14. Sex: Education

15. Religion: Tolerance

16. Friendster: Sucks

17. Fear: Marriage

18. Marriage: Fear

19. Blondes: Vapid

20. slippers: Flip flop

21. shoes: Mary Jane

22. Asians: Slant eyed and dark skins

23. Pass time: Football! Friday Night Lights..

24. One night stands: Dreamland

25: Cell Phone: Nuisance

27: Smoke: Poof!

28: FANTASY: A reality

29: COLLEGE: Fun, fun and fun.

30: Highschool : Dorky time

31. Pajamas: Cute Flower Prints

32. stars: Are Blinds

33. Fitness Center: Sweaty Men = Smelly

34. Alcohol: Level ph7

37. Money: Necessary

38. Heartache: Sodding stupid....%&*%^&

39. Time: Diamond studded watch

40. Divorce: Finality

41. Dogs: Lolling red wet tongue

42. UndiES: Fancy

43. mom: weathered but can whip a mean meal

44. Babies: A cute bundle of potentialities.

45. Stripper: Pose. Leg High. Chest Jutted forward, back bends.

46. Blogs: V.g

48. Weddings: White

49. Pizza: Pepperoni

50. Kleenex : Tisu lah..

p/s: Not a blogthings.. tp alangkah malas nk cipta 1 lagi labels..for basically the same thing

Friday, August 31, 2007

50th Merdeka. How middle age...

Well.. its the 31st of August. Midnight I'm working yet again. Sounds familiar... yeah.. that's me. Workaholic. Gah! Sangat!

Before this I joined in Vincent's various Kemerdekaan campaigns. This year, he couldn't be bothered, nor can I.

My previous posts regarding Malaysia, were always positive. I cringed hearing the negative thus I couldn't bear to write it down. I hate the thoughts that my beloved country is so full of flaw and our countrymen are sometimes foolish.

I don't know if its a part of growing up or does current generations are so inclined to blame everything but themselves. Looking around, I saw lackadaisical attitudes of our people, the blatant corruptness on our politicians part in managing our country, the disparaging remarks hurled from one races to another and wonder if by growing up meant we only saw the ugly side of society. So I try to push those thoughts away.. thinking our country is not bad.

But really... I love reading other peoples blog and world news. People from all around the world thoughts. The thing is.. we are never satisfied. Americans are struggling on their internal struggle regarding war, immigrants, terrorism, economy. Japanese are struggling on their freedom of speech, changes, opening up to global economy.. and so does China. Indians are struggling regarding education, poverty, corruptness. British and Americans are looking a way in reigning immigrants and the so called alliances with the US, and thus their people conflicts on what is right and what is theirs. And let's not even start on other war torn, poverty or disaster ridden country.

I'm not going to act like I know the state of the worlds and their citizens. I don't. The above is only my opinion in reading the lines and between the lines of the news. It maybe completely wrong.. but that is what I think. What I want to point out is... all of us have our demons.

It's not that its not OK to say we hate our countries. But let's not think that others are better. Comparison is good. But being one dimensional and just hating what is ours is not. They might think we are better. We might think we are better or the worst. The thing is just always to improve. It grates me to hear people complain when I see them as not doing much in improving anything anyway.

When we said our governments doesn't really care when we complaint. Did we do anything more? The way I see it. We get angry about corruptions, but we still rather pay the polis "duit kopi". Our governments body and local company does not know the meaning of maintenance. But we couldn't be bothered to clean the area outside of your house or apartments, saying its not 'territory' anyway. There is such great fuss regarding freedom of speech, but any stupid remarks from ignorant people were made, we issued death threat to them.

Let's not think that I held our governments in high esteem. There are times, when I think changes are needed to be made from the bottom, from the lowly people like me. Yet sometimes, when our politicians or minister embarrassed us to the core, I think absolute cleansing of the top tier is needed.

What's funny now is.. I can't make a summary of my post. I can't even think about solutions, improvements or anything to tie up this post nicely. So here end my somewhat pathetic attempts in blogging about serious issues.

Oh yeah. Happy 50th Malaysia. Hope that even if the big ass humongous demons can't be tackled, we somewhat solved our mini demons before reaching our 100th.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am still thinking. Time is running out..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Goriness & Cheesiness

Am definitely a cinema go-ers movie freak.

Last week, I watched 2 movies. One was Rise: Blood Hunter and the other Ratatouille.

I am forever captivated by B grade (and some C) movies. There is just something on horrors B movie that make it fun to watch. Remembered Critters? Gremlins? The Blob? The Thing? Oh.. the glory of those movies are vast forgotten by those who thinks they are so great to deem only watching Oscar nominated movies. Hihihi... I sound so superficial. Whatever. I love watching Oscar nominated movies too.. but boy. They sure are depressing.

Anyway as for Rise, as far as bad movies goes. It is bad. Enough said. I don't know if its the acting. I had watched far worse acting in blockbuster movies, and this are not that bad. But I think it is maybe the script. Have a sense of humour la (Slap scriptwriter senseless with their own scripts). I am finding myself incredibly bored and yet truly captivated with all the gore.

Is the movie a complete gore fest for you gore lovers out there? Hurmph.. I am not a gore lover, so can't really opine (just pull this word out of my head so , shut up). However am sure glad that I didn't buy any drinks or popcorns. Scene where Lucy Liu gnawing at an old man's arm... yeuch! Oh.. and there's a lot of topless scenes flitting in and out of the screen. I guess they just give up altogether in trying to censor all those boobs.

But I like on how they portrayed the vampires in these movies. Oh.. Synopsis?

Taken from IMDB
"Supernatural thriller in which a female reporter wakes up in a morgue to find herself a member of the undead. She vows revenge against the sect that put her there and hunts them down."

Like most zombies movie, no one ever said the word vampires in this movie. These creatures (as fondly called by some) are not afraid of the cross, garlic, sunlight, do not have supernatural strength and do not have fangs. Thus the way of killings are human-like. I like seeing these variations from the usual vampire movies. Apart from that.. its a yawner. The ending leaves room for a sequel, but judging by how many people are actually in the cinema theatre (5 including moi), I won't hold my breath for one.

As for Ratatouille. Do I even need to post a synopsis?

And duh.. of course it's a fun, fun watch. Makes me want to be in Paris and be intrigued on how Ratatouille taste like. I also do agree with everybody else that it is not necessary to have an all A list stars to voice out characters in animated films for it to be a success. I likey it very much. And I am too tired to type more except..

Brad Bird is the man!

Oh.. and rats is still not adorable even though I do love Remy. Maybe it is because of the absent of any baby rats around? Yeuch.. small, reddish, squirmy, non fur lil rats.

Bersambung esoklah..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Incoherent Rant

This is a good old fashioned rant. So to hell with all english, bm yg molek dan tah hape2.

Damn it la. Apekah bodoh.. apekah sialnye.. apekah sungguh cilakernye.. apekah apekah apekah.

Aku rase dalam sebulan mesti 3 MC ko amik. Harap badan je besa. Takkan antibodi lemah macam budak ingusan yang baru lps baik ciken pox.

Ape ko ingat kite org suke ganti ko? Ape ko ingat ko ni spesel sgt sampai sume org sronok je la nk ikut kehendak ko? Ko taw tak aku keje lebey masa ni... sebab ko la ni. Aku dh la weng, mengantuk, rase macam nk pukul ko. Kena stay la kat opis sampai tgh malam. Pastuh bukannye aku dapat OT pon. Memang ikut suke kepala aku, balik je la kan. Tapi kalo ape2 hal, yang kena bukan ko kan. Semestinye la kan. Mesti sume org jugak yg kena sound. Cam sial. Damnit la. Sume ni.. salah sape. No need to answer .. already know la kan.

I swear to God. If you are in front of me right now, not only a piece of my mind la kan.. memang dah resort to physical violence.

Pastuh.. pastuh pastuh... kalo datang keje .. and actually doing the work takpe jugak.
But noooooo... buat mana yang perlu je. Esok tu.. keje yang lebey2 sume nye lambakkan kat kite. Datang dah la lambat. Balik nak awal plak. Eiiii.. tak sdar diri ke.. Eii Eiii Eii..

Then then.. kalo org lain MC. Taknak plak ganti.. Ooooo ko igt ko besa. Ok fine. Ko mmg besa. Tapi kalo org lain nk cuti.. mesti ade aje la alasan ko.. sakit la.. sembahyang nenek ko la... (dh 2 kali dh sembahyang nenek ko..) . Then.. ade pnah ko offer nak ganti kite org yang keje bagai nak rak ganti org tgh cuti? Shit-0. Aku nk kira brape kali ko MC skang ni.

Sobs sobs.. Nak balik~~~

p/s: Kalo aku taw ko suke2 MC mmg siap la.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Testing Something

This blog maybe under construction.

I want to change something small, but coding sucks. And I sucks at coding. So it can take a while.

So in the mean time you may see the template change to a basic one and praps after a while nothing will changed if I am dissatisfy.


Malas laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Pastuh sejuk plak tuh. Pastuh byk keje. Laters kut I will changed it. Yawn....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Suffer the little children

A group of kids hanging around a particularly shady trees. One boy wearing khakis short and a print shirt was heard..

" Eiii.. Aku tak suke la die ni. Kalau die gemok... aku boleh la ejek die gemuk,"

"Mane boleh ejek die gemok. Die tak gemok.." A girl in polka dot dress is addressing him on being politically correct.

" Hah! Takper! Jom kite pikirkan ape yang kite boleh ejek die..",the boy was pointing to a dejected small looking girl in floral dress.

The girl in a polka dot dress seems fiercely protective of the little girl and put her arms around the little girl shoulder. " Tak baik taw ejek die. Die kecik lagi... die bukan tau ape pon."

Rolling sounds of thunder seems to drown the voices of the kids. The next thing that was heard is an indistinguishable voices of the group of kids but the unmistakable tone of jeering and taunting that was hurled to the poor little girl. A group of kids is now pointing and laughing around the small girl and the polka dot girl, seems to flung back her head standing beside her. The small girl burst into tears.


Kids are often depicted as ones who is without prejudiced, hatred or sins.
Herm.... maybe so, maybe so... but try to look back really hard. In our youthful stupidity, we are often cruel.

p/s: Eh.. macam pernah guna la title entry ni sblom ni for previous long ago post. Lantak la

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I have no self esteem

Right. Reading Effi's blog , I am a bit bleak myself. The weather is not helping too ok. Totally get why he's feeling left out.

There's nothing to talk about. Its the Merdeka month. But I couldn't be bothered. Yet another day that I will be working. While others youth are wasted, beers spilling from their glasses and yelling "Merdeka!", you can bet your life on it that I will be in front of this computer, contributing to the national well-being of Malaysia's economy. So that's me being patriotic and shut up about Merdeka and patriotism.

It comes to a point.. when I shopped for any new clothes or makeup ... I am thinking..what's the point. I rarely go out to meet my friends. Most of them are too busy and of course working on shifts where usually I need to work on Saturday and Sunday had now made me to be a very lonely hermit. My friends from work usually hang out in a faraway place where I couldn't be bothered to drag my ass out there.

Hurmph. Okay. So this a bleak post. Just feeling out of place cause I am decked out so nice with nowhere to go. And I had stepped on some unidentifiable poo. No worries. I do not smelt of poo anymore. My beloved torturous kasut had been washed vigorously with some industrial office liquid soap.

Hey.. macam nak mee rebus Pak Wahid lor. Sobs~ lovely hot piping mee rebus with 2 telor rebus served in the old-type mangkuk-pinggan kaca you only normally see at kampung home. Wanted to go back to JB, but then I thought.. what am I gonna do over there. Only my mom at home, but she is so busy with her rakan masjid nowadays and out most of the time. My cousins are forced-workaholics. My brothers... Perlu ke count them in ?

Takkan tetiba out of the blue nak tepon so called strangers. Hurmph.. okay my used to be good friends. It well maybe strangers since whenever I am with them, I don't understand whatever it is they talk about. Talk about out of place. Ape orang cakap? Macam rusa di kandang kuda? (damn.. I am always bad at Malay peribahasa anyway)

Sometimes I feel like starting somewhere with a clean slate. Tapi kan.. all people already have their history and clique. And I am not interesting enough to be immediately admitted to one clique with open arms.

So.. I love thee my computer. You don't make me feel like a freak.

WoooWoooo.. luar is bleak too

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hana Kimi Crazed

Warning: This post would only be truly understood for those who have a love for Jdo or manga or cute underage Japanese actors.

Serias is now sooo discovering the wonder of Jdo. Hehe. Come and join the love.

I am very very much in love with the series Hanazakari No Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi for short). Soooo funny. Okay.. granted Japanese actors are not that devilishly handsome save for Joe Odagiri and Fujiki Naohito. Ken Watanabe can also save me anytime. But there is something so freakishly kawaii with these pretty guys like Matsumoto Jun, Yamapi, Oguri Shun... (mostly came from Johnny entertainment..) that they can make me double up in laughter and thinks of flowers and butterflies everytime they came on the scene.

So anyhow.. I am always, always rooting for the sidekick or the secondary hero. Like when watching Hana Yori Dango. I know of course that Tsukasa would be with Tsukushi. But it is infuriating for me to know that she won't pick Rui. (Those who watched the series or read the Manga would of course totally understand.. Those who don't, there's a thing called wiki if you want to know more. Utilize it).

The same goes for Hana Kimi. I am so rooting for Nakatsu.. when I know (since I am reading the manga) that Mizuki only have eyes for Sano. Watching the series, I thought the guy who played Nakatsu, incredibly familiar. Looking back, he is the one who played Junpei in HYD2. At that time, I was incredulous when people are talking on how hot he is. Watching him in Hana Kimi, I totally keel over for his portrayal for Nakatsu. Since he is soooo funny. How can you not love a guy who pranced around in women's underwear proclaiming he is not homo and like women. Err.. no one?

Well.. hope it won't turn out to be a drag as the one in HYD2.

Speaking of manga too. I had just finished reading Basilisk. Gaaaahhhh! I like the movie more (Shinobi). Ehem.. spoiler ahead those who didn't read it. It could not possibly be true that after all those reading (okay.. ade 5 volume je... tapi penat jugak laa) and those fighting it turned out that alll those characters die.

Argh. I hate stories that try to have a Romeo & Juliet ending at the end. I don't care if its realistic or not. I like happily ever after. Damnit. Stories are suppose to make me happy. Or at least some characters living life as remorsefully as they possibly can. Yeah.. knowing others who are miserable lift me up.

Oh.. On the left side of the blog for the Jdo currently watching. Ermm.. I am still currently watching all of those. Yeps. I'm a slow Jdo series watcher. Lunch Queen... which had been taken out from my list, I still haven't finish watching it. It took me .... more than a year to watch those. Gahh.. Well.. the storylines dragged a little too. And the sight of hot piping food makes me ravenously hungry. That Lunch Queen had a lot of em in their episodes.

Sore wa Totsuzen are interesting enough. Since I loved Makiko Esumi and Yamapi. But SARS are taking their own sweet time in releasing the subs tho. Don't really mind. I can wait.

HYD2. I still haven't finish downloading nor watching it. I will download it and watch it simply to see on how they would played out the ending. Will it end the same as the manga.. (Now don't tell me.. I want to know myself).

Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta
is fun. A more grownup-way fun in showing how a new wife adapt to her husband family and their old fashioned tradition. Of course I love Nakama Yukie. My fiance bought the DVD set for me so I had stopped downloading it . Guess I'll wait to finish the DVD when I got back to JB and have nothing to do.

The thing is... I simply.. don't have the time. Trying to juggle watching all those series, Jdos. movies, reading books, reading others blogs, playing games and of course works and other life demands.. So many things so little time. I am a person of many interest. People are amazed on how many series I downloaded. I still haven't finished Prison Break season 1, but I had downloaded the complete Season 2. Gah... maybe I am just addicted to downloading series. And I still wished I have the time and the energy to start watching How I Met Your Mother and Brothers & Sisters. But I have to draw the line somewhere eh..

Well.. I am off to immerse myself in reading Hana Kimi manga. While working. Hehe...

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