Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Kids and baby


Masa ni adik buli abang, abang cry, so we asked him to mintak maaf and hug. See Aziz tear stained face.

Let's start with the littlest baby update first. He is OK. Insya Allah. Currently 26 weeks. Baru lepas jumpa gynae and my weight shot up 3 kg, terus kena warning kena cut down makan sikit. LOL. (tapi i tak rase i makan banyak pon).....

Anyway oh I did update the baby in the womb is a he. We are gonna have 3 boys! Husband picit kepala je la. I have to admit I was a little disappointed but to be honest, not too disappointed. I was prepared for a life of all boys in the family if it comes to that, so I am happy either way. There is a little longing to shop for cute things but I have nieces for that. 

As for Saif, he is becoming a handful. I don't know if it is the middle child syndrome ke ape but he not as easy to handle as Aziz. If we open Youtube for him ( if he found one of our old functioning phone we keep on to keep the kids entertained if needs be), he will be so transfixed and addicted. If we took it away he become so tantrumy and shouty and needy that we decided to just hide all the gadgets. Thank God the kids already know their own parent phones are off limit so we don't have that hurdle yet. Other than that, he is also a little bit more messy, a little more selective hearing and a little more destructive than his brother. 

I also think because he is so cute, he can get away with so much at school. We are still finding ways how to punish him effectively, so there are a lot of trial and error to see what works. Also my husband found out that Saif called himself 'Baba'. We have no idea where he gets it from, maybe at school or if he likes Puffin Rock that much or he likes Babar the Elephant story. Who knows. But he refers to himself Baba. Sometimes outright refused to acknowledge his own name. Kecik kecik dah make own stand. I asked Aziz why his little brother called himself Baba , Aziz said " Sebab Adik suke jadi baby." Maybe jugak. Who knows. Aziz the only one who can translate what his brother wants bile Saif cakap tak clear. 

As for Aziz, well we had just settled the pendaftaran and pengesahan sekolah for the darjah 1 intake in 2019. Sometimes when he consoled his brother I felt like he is really big, and bile daftar tu, I still can't believe it he is gonna start school. Not soon , but imminent! He is really excited because his cousins all goes to that school so we will see how that day goes, in 2019. 

As for the now, he is very interested in his littlest brother. Always asking when doctor is gonna cut open mommy punye perut. I was a bit relieved I akan kena czer just for the small mercy, I don't have to explain yet baby come out from 'down there'. To him the logical way for now is for doctor to cut his mother open. 

Apart from that, perangai wise, he is a dream most of the time. A bit lazy when it comes to study, but I malas push. I seen that he knows his number and jawi, but alphabet still a bit weak. Haih. Let's see how la kan. Mostly interested nak main or tengok Netflix. 

Oklah nak tido. Main candy crush dulu. Dan sedikit wordament. Then tido. 

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