Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 3 - 2nd Round

Like I said before I want to go again. Initially wanted to go on Tuesday alone, but husband would also like to add a few more books to his collection. So there we go again. 

This time around I have more time to browse the tables. However I noticed a lot of popular authors are not stacked, e.g. Julia Quinn (which I heard people lament that they are not able to find any) and Alexandra Potter.  Jodi Picoult titles, gone too.

If you can spot a cat photobombing my pic.

I think I bought around 21 this time around ( dah upload ni baru nak terkedek-kedek kira buku thru this pic). Oh, and a lot of Charlaine Harris titles too was not there. Oh well, I still manage to find 2 ( I am trying to buy True Blood in chronological order so I won't jump the stories). And found a few that I was considering to buy at some random bookshops a while back. So all is good. 

It got really pening when I goes over to the children section though since I wanted to buy something for my niece and nephews. Now the kids there. My God. They are tearing at the books, like "I want to see this first!" "Nooooo, I wantttt". Some of them run amok and bumped hard into me, which makes me feel like, gahh.

And I found out that it is pretty hard to find books for young girls around the age of 5-8. I think I spent ages there just to find an ok book that I think my niece would like. There's a lot of books for young boys but not enough for young girls. A lot of  books that deals with icky, dirty, smelly, farty type of subjects. So I just settled for a sticker book that also have a story about a girl who turned into chocolate. The story is quite cute.

Now for a closer look of the books are below, sebab aku malas type tajuk. 

The lovely hard cover one near the bottom is Irene Nemirovsky short stories. 

The below is my husband piles. 

The Robert Rankin books look kinda interesting. One of the summary goes like 

"There is big and evil magic abroad upon the face of the Earth. History has been changed. The Germans have won WWII. America is a nuclear wasteland. And worst of all, the breakfast menu at The Wife's Legs Cafe in Brentford is serving Bratwurst rather than the proper big boys' British banger. ". 

Ho yeah. Maybe I'll steal it away and read it. 

So I think that's that for me. No more books. Unless Fables dah keluar. Tapi I had already checked the release date. It will be released in December at the U.S so for it to reach here, most probably next year.

Total books bought at this sale for the 2 days: 37! Waahhh...Tolak books bought for the wee kids, 33. Hoh!

Ah well, I consider it as my early birthday present. Yeay!

No more books. No more books. Heh. 

p/s: Ohhh.. and I am giving out one of the book above to someone. Ini adalah bukan giveaway style blogger popular ok. Ikut suke aku je la sape aku nak bagi.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh... books.. those were the days..

Dils said...

Maybe these days, you are reading children books to your kids eh?

shu said...

wah heaven!

ashikin said...

i don't know why, but i always go for a book with unique cover. hence, 'her fearful symmetry' looks divine. sigh.

Dils said...

Best kan.

Tapi kat London ade byk flea market yg jual 2nd hand buku seperti Georgette Heyer and can get for the price like 1 pound! Aku so jeles. Sile la pegi Shu and buat aku jeles.

Haha. I bought chic lits books based on the cover.

But I like the Time Traveller Wife, so want to see what Her Fearful Symmetry is all about.

Ita Shadila said...

banyaknyer bukuuuuuu
I havent read a single book for the past 7 months!!
Last skali aku baca masa menunggu hari nak beranak.. hari aku branak Shasha brought 4 books for me to read in case i'm bored at hosp (macam la aku kene tahan kat ward lama ngat) & in case i have nothing to do masa confinement kat kg.. well guess what? aku tader masa duhhhh

i miss my cat too :( she's too nice.. n faheem is too ganas.. kucing tu x marah, x lari biar je faheem tepuk2 tarik2 bulu dia.. kucing yg penyabar.. aku pun hangin bila faheem tarik rambut aku..

motif kan aku bebel pjg kat sini.. nak delete mcm rugi aku dha type pjg :P

Dils said...

Tu ade org ckp. Bacalah byk2 before getting kids nanti tadek masa. Haha. Guess it is true.

Bagus betol kucing itu. Kucing2 aku tak penyabar dgn bebudak. Jgn kate bebudak, dgn aku pon kena cakar kalau time tu die org tgh emoism kalau dipegang.

And biasalah komen panjang2. Haha.

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