Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tiny human inside me is growing healthy and well so far, Alhamdulillah. Nothing major during the last checkup (last Tuesday), just to reassure me that baby is growing well. 

Interesting to note that the doctor remarked "Ok, I can see no cleft palate. That's good."  Alhamdulillah on that point to and interesting to know that it can be detected from the normal scan at 6 months. 

Got the second shot for the Hep B vaccine which was much more painful than the last shot. Gile grimacing, and nurse tu tanye "sakit ke kakkk.. sorryy". Heh... tadek la sakit2 sangat, tapi bukan macam kena gigit semut laa. At least by today tangan sudah tidak kebas. 

Baby macam biasa active dalam perut. Aku boleh rase die tekan2 pundi kencing taw, which is not fun, sebab I geli2 taw. I found he is more active when I am eating or in the middle of the night. Kalau tak rase die gerak2 tu risau la gak, but then bile die dah start gerak2 rase lega. Camtuh la kut mothers will feel anxiety for their child from then on. It is good sebab I selalu takut je I ni lacking in maternal instinct. I don't really like kids, I find them cute and all tapi nak layan tu... malas kutt. So I am not the favorite aunt of anyone . Haha. So maybe with my own kid I feel differently. 

After all, I can be incredibly maternal to my cats, I can't imagine feeling any less when a baby comes along kan. Right now it is still feeling surreal. I don't feel overwhelm with love towards the tiny human, ( which some people find horrible ) but that does not mean I don't care. I care a lot about the well being of this tiny human and I know I love it. But overwhelming love for me is to know its bad and good attributes and love every second of it, which I am looking forward to it bile tiba masanye. 

I was contemplating to go to the antenatal class or not, sebab aku ni memang malas. Lagi2 MALAS kalau kena pergi sorang. Kalau awek lain sume duk breathe in and out dengan husband kat tepi, nak aku buat dengan sapa. Bawak Kurap kang. Tapi macam interesting nak pergi, to know the correct way to breastfeed and mandikan baby and all that la. But only if husband is available la as it is one full day, so to face that alone adalah tidak mahuuu. 

As for clothes, semua sudah tidakk muat. Seluar dipakai adalah sume maternity type, which is mcm londeh pon ade. Mencik taw. Duk tarik2 seluar macam very dorky. I already got the passed around maternity clothes, from my sister in law. Lepas beranak sume simpan dalam 1 beg besar, sealed and then passed around among sisters or sis-in-law bile die pregnant. I only bought seluar maternity je for now sebab baju maternity satu pon I tak berkenan. Currently I am wearing a lot of baggy2 clothes instead of the maternity one. Lagi selesa, also sejak pregnant ni, I don't like to layer my clothes sebab panas wehh. Bile orang kat opis ni duk selubung dengan sweater and shawl, aku masih rilek lagi. 

Ok. Enough pregnancy update for now. 

Other babies. Cats! 
Dah janji nak letak gamba Bobby. 

Excess perut melondeh di lantai. Teehee
Bobby ni sekarang major improvement, kurang sikit nak gigit2 kaki orang and jari. Ade la jugak if you encourage him, but most of the time he knows people get really annoyed with it sebab gigi die bagaikan jarum weh. 

Mende warna warni tu adalah renda  my skirt yang I cut off sebab buat gatal kaki je, and I wear the skirt dalam rumah je. Tak perlu renda2. I usually let the cats play with some very random stuffs before I throw it away. I know this is the type of thing Bobby likes to tear out. You can see the end of the renda is really frayed because he teared it to pieces. 

Another major, major improvement is he ceased or kurangkan aktiviti pengotor die yakni, selet bontot kat lantai instead of cleaning it himself selepas berak. Benci taw kena lap2 lantai. At least I put his litterbox di belakang rumah where slippers are needed. I saw that he rarely does it nowadays and I hope this will continue to he no longer do it. Aku tataw la kenapa, I read cats do that sebab berak cair , tapi taik normal je. I chalked it up to, kurang didikan dari ibu kandung. Heh. I think mother cat are suppose to teach their young this basic thing, and setengah mother cat adalah very neglectful and Bobby plak kucing abandon, so tak sure la sempat diajar ke tak. 

Ade another cat wants me to adopt him, part time. Part time sebab, bukan hari2 die tercongok kat rumah, tapi ade la seminggu tu 3 4 kali ade mintak makanan or just want to sleep. 

I got back from my doctor checkup on Tuesday and found him sleeping at my porch. 

Ini lah kucing yang I named Jejai. He have the same fur marking and coloring as Fasha, which is why I named him such. 

Gamba Fasha ni macam blur. 
Kesian taw Jejai tu. Busuk gile la tapi. Husband nak mandikan die, tapi Jejai dapat larikan diri. I sendiri memang susah la nak mandikan kucing nowadays. You have to get a good grip. 

Jejai ni walaupon kucing stray yang busuk, memilih taw. Kalau nak makan, die nak yang fresh dari balang je. Yang dah lama kena letak dalam bekas tak mahu. Melampau tul. Die nak masuk rumah but I don't let him because as a fully grown male cat, which is not that well behaved , die suke duk spray2 kat dalam rumah. Selalunye kena pintu je, which I don't care much sebab boleh lap je. Sekali die spray kat sofa. Tension je nak kena bersihkan. Puteh pon tak pernah buat camtu. 

Alang2 sume gamba kucing ade, letak sekali Puteh. Muka pathetic gile. Time ni maseh stray and die buat aksi begging untuk mintak permission duduk tepi.  He was a very polite cat taw :(

Puteh kucing comel yang passed away last time pon , every time I kasik die masuk rumah when he was a stray was extremely well behaved. He did spray2 a bit, but at the time he was having UTI issues, so I gave him a pass. Tapi tak pernahh laa die nak spray selamba badak kat sofa aku okeh. Ye pon dekat dinding2 and pintu je, but I can just clean it up.

So Jejai just have to content himself untuk spray2 dekat kereta husband je. Hahaha. Husband is irked of course, but I told him, he is a male cat that can't help himself. The only thing to do is get him to be 'fixed' (neutered). But first he needs to be given a good bath first sebelom kite orang sanggup nak hantar die ke vet.   Tengok nanti husband nak try lagi mandikan die.

Ops. Tertinggal gamba Kurap, just because to completekan all the kucing sets. 

I was working from home at this time, dan inilah perangai Kurap if I am working from home. Nak jugak duduk atas keyboard tu. At one point, by just sitting on the keyboard, from my system product webpage that is open at the time in Firefox, she manage with her butt to direct it to go to the Nintendo DS punye website. I have no idea how, because I myself have never open that page. Dan buat aku tempted nak beli Nintendo DS lite. Ini adalah hint ke ape Kurapp? 

I think cats secretly are nerds. 

You know having cats, give you incredible amount of patience. I am glad I took care of cats because it gave me confidence that maybe I won't be as hopeless with a baby. (maybe just freak out a little)

p/s: entry panjang. Takpe kasik can because I rarely update nowadays. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 things

Husband had been bugging me to update. I told him I have no idea what is there to update.  I think I am becoming stupider day by day. 

He told him, just update about the cats or pregnancy . Meh. Maybe I would do these short burst blogging in one entry whatever topic come to mind eh? 

Book - A Dance With Dragons. 
I read the book slowly which is something I don't do. Maybe because I get tired easily nowadays, but a lot of the time also because this is currently the last book to last me until 2015? 2019? Until G.R.M.M released his Wind of Winter.

The book is a massive improvement over the Feast of Crows, just because all the usual favorite characters are back, Jon Snow (HUNK! You can just imagine Val hoping Jon Snow would hop into bed with her) , Tyrion ( he's a bit bitter in this book which I don't really like because I feel like slapping his face, but he got better towards the end ) and Daenaerys ( which still remain a mystery to me on how does she think. Well apparently 50% of the time, she thinks with her vagina. But she is what... 17 , 18 in this book? So that is forgivable. I think ). Davos is growing on me, so does Theon. Not that he is likable, but he is interesting to read. 

So the book is awesome, but I am sad. Because I have to wait forever for the next book. This is why I don't like reading uncomplete series. I very the tak sabar one. The next book in my to read list is Alice in Wonderland? I tried to read it once, but gave it halfway. The narration style seems ... a bit off to me. I will be trying again. 

Cats ( well, I have to push in the cat update in kann)

I had a dream about Fasha last night. I dreamt she poops on my pillow. Haha. I have no idea what that meant but in the dream I was just glad she is there, that I don't mind as much. I also had a dream about her several weeks ago, where she is glad to find me and come running to me. I miss her a lot. 

Tak jumpa any new gamba Fasha here (work laptop). Ade kat komputer di rumah, so nah gamba Kurap

Nowadays it is Kurap who will woke me up at some ungodly hour. Half the time she wants to poop, the other half is because she wants me to stroke her fur. Mengada ke tak kucing aku ni? When Fasha is around, the tugas to wake me up was Fasha. Kurap just lies around somewhere waiting for Fasha to successfully woke me up. Let me see if I can remember what ways she used to wake me up. 

1. She lightly bit my foot. Afterwards when I slept, I tucked my feet neatly in the blanket. 

2. She countered that with lightly bitten me on my hand or finger. I countered that by tucking in my hand or finger in pillows or blankets. 

3. She sat on top of me staring at my face until I woke up. Very creepy though it only works half the time. 

4. She mewed at me. That doesn't work at all. (Though for Kurap it works because Kurap is very loud).

5. She chewed at my hair. Though I suspect that is due because she likes the smell. Whenever I used to shampoo my hair with Loreal (the pink color bottle one that smells like bubblegum), she will do this and not only to wake me up but other time, just because. And it does wakes me up, because yucks!

6. She teared out the tissue out of the tissue box that is placed next to me one by one, noisily. She does not do this because she is bored. Well, maybe she is a bit bored, but she stops immediately when I woke up to stop her doing it and bounded happily to the door. 

7. She licks my mouth or lightly put her nose at my lips. Haha. That is the surefire way to wake me up. Cat breath! So this was one of the last method she tried on me. Sedihhh. 

I tried to find a cat with her fur marking. Susah tahu takkk.. Susahh. But wouldn't it be unfair to the cat since I'll expect her to be Fasha? 

As for Bobby and Jejai. The male cats in my life, nanti la update. Panjang sangat dah update about the cats. 

Android Games
I am currently addicted with playing Samurai vs Zombies. 

Best taw. It works a bit like Plants vs Zombies, which is I love to play again and again, but unfortunately Sony tablet don't support it. Heyyy... aku sanggup bayar nak game tu ko tak support haa. In the game, you've  protect the village from a horde of zombies by calling forth all the various assistance provided, villagers, bowmen, priest and use special power like katana slash, lethargy. It is really fun and addictive. I was stuck at Wave 33, ( wave = level ), and it got annoying. So I reset and try to play again to see if i will be stuck at Wave 33 lagi. 

I am still playing Draw Something which is like last month or 2 months ago punyer latest game apps sensation, but it got old really fast. I just occasionally opened the app nowadays when I got nothing to do and play it. It got especially boring when people DON'T DRAW anything but give hints in words or straightaway give the answer. You kinda lose mood to play, sebab macam tak sporting laa gitu. Yang buat fun playing it still is with my husband, sebab boleh kutuk-kutuk each other punye drawing.

Sims Freeplay pon I got bored because, I am tired of waiting around in real time for the action to finish. 

What other game apps yang best? 

I think ok laa tu untuk update. Masa untuk work time. Rightt 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

XY or XX

Let's get it out there. I am having a boy. 90% confirm lah. Kalau tetiba keluar girl, I terima je. Did I ever tell you the story of myself as a fetus? Hehe. 

Tadek la story bebenar. But my mom always told us that when she was carrying me, the doctor checking her told her that she's carrying a boy. She said the doctor confirm this 3 times. And the family was thrilled, because my parents already have 2 daughters, so a boy is a welcome change I think. And then... Voila! I came out! A girl! A complete surprise to all. Yes, I always aim to surprise even as a fetus. ( and to answer my friend who asked me once, I don't have a penis, hidden, undescended or otherwise. Or my gynae would probably mention that)

So taking pengajaran so to say from this true story, sometimes things maybe different from we thought. So long as he is healthy (or she), I am happy. But also I also kinda have a feeling very early on that I gonna have a boy. Not because of any superstitious or old wives tale or what. Because something that my gynae had mentioned. 

She said, that if we are aiming for a specific gender, intercourse during the early 'subur' period will more likely to produce a boy, and the later it is into the subur period, you're more likely to get a girl. I did my calculation based on that when I found out I was pregnant, so I was kinda expecting it to be a boy. Not that we were aiming for any specific gender, sebab tak kesah la kan. But this kinda thing does make it interesting to know and I know of some couple after a succession of girls or boys, do want to get another gender, so maybe this will throw the odds in your favor. Also note the 'more likely' remark mentioned, because gender is also determined by a variety of things, ( DNA of particular parent, bla bla.. aku kalau boring aku kenkadang baca science article on things I find interesting)... so you never know. 

Panjang cerita gender baby ni. 

Nowadays macam biasa. I think the nausea is getting OK. Though I still feel like throwing up a lot of the time. But that is an improvement from most of the time. So yeay? 

Apart from thattt... ape lagii. Oh yes, husband had gone back to Turk. But I think I am more able to wash the dishes now. The key is to stay away from lemon, lime or citrussy smell. Which is sedih sebab I like those smells tahu duluu. My dishwasher is now aloe vera and cucumber smell so I don't have to immediately throw up after washing my dishes. 

Also last week baru lah first time I felt the baby kick. Aku tengah syok2 ratah leher ayam, I felt a persistent kick at my lower abodomen. I was kinda like.. huh.. weird stomachache. Then I realize it was the baby kicking. I think I might had felt it before, but I just thought my stomach is acting up. It is kinda weird how alien your body feels to you when you are pregnant. It feels surreal that a tiny little thing is doing all sorts of acrobatic thing in my stomach. Whenever I try to imagine it, my mind kept on thinking of that scene from Alien where the thing burst out of him. Hah. Cerita Alien adalah awesome ok. 

I think I am blanking out. Maybe later, more updates.

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