Friday, September 27, 2013

Dah lama tak update about the bulus

Kesian la kan.. macam di anak tirikan pulak. Bukan di anak tirikan , tapi dah memang title anak bulus. Hehe. Sesekor pon lagi independent dari Ajis.

Tak reti buang taik dan basuh mangkuk makanan je.

Anyway... semua maseh ok.

Kurap cam biasa.. ade je mende berlobang. Telinga lobang, bontot lobang, ni kepala pulak.

Sikit je luka tu.. besela. Drama sikit tengok luka. Takut jadi macam telinga die hari tu, terus bernanah. Husband masa mandikan la perasan. So I put some betadine on it. Betadine is safe for cats ye, tapi agak2 la tuang tu. Better lagi dillute dengan air sikit before letak, tapi I tak dillute pon. Letak sikit je. So sekarang ni dah ok sikit. Kena perhati je la, takut bernanah. Bernanah kat kepala satu hal pulak nak toreh keluar nanah tu.

Ni mesti kes gaduh dengan kucing tah mana-mana. Kurap ni tak friendly dengan kucing lain mahupon human. Friendly dengan moi je. Dengan little Ajis pon die pandang selek jek. Macam 'hoiii sebab kau la aku tak boleh tidur atas katil lagi ok'. Ajis pedulik ape. Tapi Ajis pon taw jugak, with Kurap die tak mesra alam sangat. Sentuh pon hati-hati. Kalau dengan Bobby die tenyeh2 Bobby tu sesuka hati.

Cakap pasal Bobby ni...

Comel je kan. Nampak inesen. Baik. Gebu. Putih, sesuci salju. Ptuihh. Sekarang buat perangai kencing merata-rata. Ingatkan sejak Fasha dah tiada , no more masalah tu. Sekali bole pulak datang. I had checked the pees, no blood. And tengok die kencing kat litterbox, no problem, kencing normal and laju, tadek rupa tahan2. ( kalau ko tengok kucing kau lama je kat litterbox, kencing sikit-sikit... better bawak gi vet. Mungkin ade batu karang . Batu karang can lead to death in cats, and in fact for male cats.. lagi prone untuk batu karang than female ). Panjang pulak bracket tadi.
Anywayyy... aku rase sebab I am Jackson Galaxy wannabe, ini adalah masalah territorial. I duk feed the strays depan pintu rumah, dan he saw the male cats come and go makan depan rumah die EMOISM. He don't like it that these cats came into his house, so he is peeing here and there and everywhere. So I stopped feeding the strays. (kesian... but sometimes I feed them outside the gate instead if I saw them but don't feel so guilty because neighbor all around rajin feed the strays jugak. Sampai ade stray pandai pilih makanan lagi. ).
Currently still tak stop peeing, so I guess the next step is to let Bobby go out one or two hour a day, kasik die mark kat luar rumah instead of ON MY SOFA. I am really hoping this would help because cleaning out cat pee out of fabric takes time I don't have. Bobby behave please!


Wolly baik je. Angel catified. Selain dari suke menginja pukul 2 pagi lompat2 macam arnab sana sini... no problem with Wolly. Die inquisitive. If memasak ke buat air ke, kena hati2. Die suke tetiba senyap2 datang. Hidu2. Hidu2 molek tak ape. Ni try jatuhkan mende yang aku potong tu la. Tumpahkan milo atas karpet putih ku laa. Walaupon angel, tapi kenkadang tu kena jerit gak la. Haha. Cuma kena adjust je la position letak barang tu kalau Wolly datang. Die memang busybody.
Paling tak boleh blah. Suke masuk bilik air nak minum air dari jamban. Eiii. Geram.

Alsoo.. been meaning to blog this. If you have an extra money and feeling charitable and want to do good for these previously stray cats, please give a bit to the below shelter.

Their FB page is here :

What they do is, they took in hundred of stray cats that was previously in Pandan City in JB and setup a shelter for these poor kittehs. They relied on people donation to keep things going and currently are struggling to keep up. I am not a volunteer nor an admin, however I had been following their progress and I think their cause is worth highlighting.

So if you do, please give a bbit to these poor kitties.

Their Maybank account is as below. Those who wants to know more.. you can head on to their FB page.

Maybank 5513 3353 1459 (PER PENGKASIHAN HAIWAN) 

p/s: aku gi gatal pi  tuka template. will change back to the old one again. Found none to my liking... unless I want to pay

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Muzium Negara

I went to Muzium Negara at long last. Last Saturday tu patutnye nak pergi KL Sentral je to settle my PTPTN. Habis settle, which took a while because there were a lot of people! (However I have to say, kudos to all of the young staffs there yang I can see that they had been working overtime but still smiling and if not, at least always replied back every enquiries politely).

Anyway, tadek plan nak pergi Muzium, but then Mahameru jam and we don't feel like joining in the fun, so we made a stop to the muzium. RM2 je pon per pax masuk. Sama harga dengan aiskrim kon yang dijual by pakcik aiskrim luar muzium tu.

It felt, short and like there is a lot more things that could be displayed. I am not sure if there were more, but we went to the Muzium Etnologi ( the orang asli punye exhibit which is quite nice and detailed) and the main building.

Dengan ayah at the Muzium Etnologi

The main building have 4 different segment to it. ( I think). The prehistoric, the before penjajahan (Malacca, Kerajaan Kedah, Champa and all that), the colonial era and Malaysia now. 

Like I said, it felt like there is a lot of things that are left off, but it was better than expected. The display is interesting and uses technology in their display quite well to attract the young people. I especially geeked out seeing the Perak Man skeleton. That was cool. 

Though IMO,  our royalty could help to lend more things kutt... 

But.. Aziz seronok je. He behaved mostly and I think the muzium is more to us because ape budak kecik tahu pasal muzium pon. He does like cannon a lot though. I was not so mobile as period paid so bapak die banyak take over. He walked around having a blast especially since there are primary schoolchildren around to gush all over him. He liked that more than any cannons. Die sibuk nak ikut those schoolgirls tu. LOL. 

Bersuka ria depan singgahsana

By the end of the museum visit, die pon pengsan and we go home too, as we were wiped out too. 

Oh, the week before we went to Aquaria jugak, but no pics from my end sebab my phone habis battery. Only this from my husband IG je.

He is using my finger to point at the fishes. Sometimes he do that when looking at things in the tab. Mungkin die ingat ini adalah screen tab jugak.

I don't think so he quite gets the Aquaria. He did likes seeing the fish, but only if the fish swam really fast. He also like if the fish came right to his face. Apart from that, apa die tahu jaws dan ikan pari besar kan. Haha. Maybe after a year or two we will bring him again. 

I enjoyed Aquaria too, though I missed out on the Piranha feeding. Super bummed out. Really wanna see how fast they chow down food. So if you wanna go, try to see the 'show' you want to go to and go during that time.. or left feeling bummed like I did. ( Sebab mahal kuttt.. kalau harga entrance macam muzium negara pergi hari hari pon takpe ). 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Well.. it had been a while

So we had been maidless for around 2 weeks now. At first it was ok, then it got a bit tiring.. however I have not regretted in my decision to send her back!

Why did I send her back.. well come.. let me story mory lahh,

She did not listen to instructions at all. I asked her not to do stuffs, and she wont do it for a while then she continues doing it if she knew she wont get caught. She also alwayss talk back, on how she does thing is right. Which pissed me off. I know , I know she can explain but honestly, she always tried to cut me off in when I am explaining why she is doing thing's wrong. And if she got caught on why she is doing this thing wrong, she will said "kepala die pusing.." That is just the tip of the iceberg.

She rarely bath so she really smells. She is lazy, she don't help me out preferring to stay in her bedroom 22 hours out of 24 hours. Yes, in the weekend, she is out of the room at 7 am and will go back in at 9 am. And don't come out... unless going to the bathroom or cook for herself. She don't ask questions, even after many many many times I had asked her to ask me things first before doing or handling things she never handled before. Which is why I don't let her vacuum or near the washing machine, because she broke my rice cooker and kettle. It may actually be near to the point of breaking, but she never said anythinggg if things are broken. I just find it out of my own. For a while, she had a friend, and every weekend, she will be at her friend house from morning till maghrib. I am of the opinion that maid should have a day off in a week, but saturday and sunday? Ok. That is fine too if other days she did her job. 

The sink look disastrous. The table and counters are never wiped. She only sweeps and mopped the floor twice a week, and only at the living room and kitchen and not anywhere else., and not under the sofa or chair or tepi2 dinding. No.. I did that.. . If she do the dishes I had to do it all over again because it is still oily. And those are her dishes.. I meant things she cooked. She don't even have to wash my stuffs. 

Well.. those are amongst it. She did have her good quality, with constant supervision and direction she can be fast and useful. However I can't do that. I can't be beside her overseeing all the time. She also loves little Ajis, so many times I just let it be and malas nak bertekak dah, because thinking she did take of Ajis and seems to love him. However because during those trial months I am unsatisfied with her work ( the never listening to what I am saying part) , I sent her to jaga my son at my sister house. So my sister maid can also oversees. 

But the thing that broke the camel back so to speak.. betul ke, is the lying. If I caught her doing something that is not, she always denied vehemently when I know exactly she had been doing it. I can't think of an example right now, but it had been done constantly. She always lie, but never to the point of stealing I think. Which proves me wrong.

When we brought her to Bintulu, she got caught stealing some of my ipar stuffs. Before this people kept on asking why we are sending her back.. she is rajin... *ptuihh*. Yes. Kat rumah orang bukan main rajin lagi, if she is at home, duduk la die dalam gua die ( I called it gua because she likes to be in the dark). Tapi I malas nak explain.. I just haa ye laa. Then she stole some stuffs. It is not expensive stuffs, but it still stealing. 

She got caught. We didn't confront her with the stealing, rather than asked her where did the things go, when the things was found in her bag. She said, no she didnt touch anything. Fine. We went to JB and she got caught again stealing. Some money and some food. I didnt mind if she wants the food, if she opened it in front of us or asked us ke. What makes me even more angry is she always 'up'kan diri die cakap ... " Saya ni baik orangnye. Hati saya suci.. bersih..." . And this happened. Which  just proves words meant nothing. 

So yes.. before the stealing was unravelled I was long unsatisfied with her. I think she knew it too and it only makes her angrier with me and in turn me angrier with her. So before things get out of hand, I asked husband to just send her early and we put little Ajis in a daycare. Then the stealing happened. I am not sure if she did stole some stuffs from me, because when I noticed things are missing, I will asked her repeatedly and told her, "jangan cakap saya lupa.. I know exactly where the stuffs are" .. then she will produce that stuffs. 

I don't think so I want a maid anymore. It is bothersome and if in a stroke of good luck you get a good one, well it is good, but most of the time we were left with the subpar one. For mine, she can be OK if there is someone always overseeing her. Someone older. Because she thinks I am young, she ignored what I said, I noticed if it were my mom or husband she will listen more. Senang kata memang payah la. Tengok la, if anak kedua or ketiga I changed my mind. There is plenty of moms out there who can cope without a maid . For now I am struggling, but to be honest I think the house even if it is more kecah, is a little bit more cleaner.  I always more for sweeping and mopping that decluttering. Heh. 

So itulah my experience with a maid. I am not saying the whole lot of them is bad. I had been living with maids for years, my mom , my sisters semua ade. But I happened got the person who is unsuitable for me. My ex maid so to say, should be at a house where there is a lot of people and someone who is always at home to keep an eye on things. I am on the other hand, who is alone with baby cannot do that. Ah well la kan. 

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Peristiwa no 1

Aku tekan atas. Ade 2 orang awek tekan bawah. Lif pintu ke bawah pon bukak. 2 awek tidak sedar. I panggil and tunjuk die lif dah bukak. Die orang pandang aku side eyed je macam I ni amacik yang tak layak dipandang bebetul and geleng-geleng indifferently dan continue berbual. I pon indifferently senyap je la tunggu my lif. Lif pintu ke bawah tadi nak tutup. 2 orang awek tadi baru sedar. Terus kecoh berlari arah lif dan cuba buka pintu lif yang nak tutup tu guna 2 tangan!! OMG!! So bahaya!! Aku tengok je....  Nasib baik bukak lif tu, kalau katup dengan tangan2 die orang sekali. Tak ke menyusahkan aku yang nak lunch. 

* tu la aku panggil ko buat kerek...bukannye aku suke2 nak berkenalan ngan korang ok*

Peristiwa no 2

Nak masuk lif. Dalam lif ade seorang jejaka metrosexual yang handsome. Die tekan pintu tu tutup sebab cepat gile pintu tutup -_- . Aku pon... "Fine ..aku taknak naik pon. Muka je handsome tapi kerek". Sekali tengah duduk dalam ofis... tengok jejaka tu jalan tepi.... hahahaha.. satu ofis yeee. 

Ni dedua peristiwa lif semua dalam masa lunchtime tadi. Ade moral of the story ke? 

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