Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Point form

- Masih tidak sempat amik gamba juadah berbuka pose, but hey, I reached home usually at 6.30 or 6.40 then solat, then terus masak. Takde nak pic bagai. 

- Semalam masak labu masak lemak and telo masak kicap je. Sahur tadi bangun lewat. Husband makan roti je. I memang roti je, sambil2 tu roti aku kena sambar dek Saif. Die macam Aziz gak masa kecik. He will wakes up if I wakes up. Huhu. Bawak la koala bear tu sekali sahur. 

- Had a major battle with Aziz today. He throws a huge fuss in waking up more than usual and refuse to wear his school uniform. Because I dah tak larat dah, I asked him what he wants to wear and he tunjuk t-shirt spiderman. So die pegi sekolah pakai lah baju spiderman and seluar sekolah. Jangan sekolah rendah buat perangai macam tu. Cikgu disiplin tak heran ok!  

- I am really hankering after sushi. More importantly sushi zanmai for no apparent reason. Maybe sushi king. Dulu ade kedai jepun bukak kat Ukay Boulevard but dah tutup tak sampai beberapa bulan bukak. I really feel bad for kedai2 there. The only thing that seems to thrive there is Pegaga. Kafe Skrin pon not bad gak. 

- Punye le malas goreng donut pon kat airfryer. I suke sebenarnye. This is actually the frozen donut and I like how it turned out, rase die padat. Not as fluffy as I like, but ini pon sodap. 

- Working here, company ade provided nursing room which is great. But bulan puasa ni I prefer to pam susu at surau because I can strecth out and rest my eyes. I am actually very careful in not letting myself fall asleep because that means a massive headache when I woke up from my nap. I don't like that. So I deal with the sleepiness with just relaxing and playing Candy Crush (Helloo!! Level 1000 now ok . ) . Sometimes if I had run out of lives, I will read books. I can't deal with being stuck at the desk all the time. Gile pening. Time like this I miss my old company and Midvalley. Haha. 

- Oohh.. and I didn't mentioned it here but my Medela ice pack got stoler from the nursing fridge freezer. I am so mad whenever I think about it. I don't label the icepack because well, normally I see people dont label it and if we put it there at a certain spot.. then it is ours la. Lebih kurang like that. Then bile petang tu nak amik , it is gone. I put up a note requesting it back,... but tadek okeh! Meaning that person memang steals the icepack. Gah! I like to think breastfeeding mothers as people who wished the best for their child, which also in turn should makes them pretty decent human being. What kinda makes me furious is the knowledge that a mother would do this, steal stuffs. Ugh. Pro tip: If you left your ice pack and needs em to bring your breast milk back home. Use ICE!. Or buy ice! You should realized you are missing an icepack early on the day sebab nak pergi pump or nak letak dalam freezer kan.. so you should have plenty of times to make ice. I had done this several time sebab I memang pelupa, but I basically have plastic bags or ziplocks in my drawers and I will put ice in them as a temporary ice pack for the milk. Simple je kann... tak payah resort to mencuri other people stuffs. *feeling all riled up*

- Hmmm... 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out of sorts


Had been feeling out of sorts ever since last weekend. During the weekend Saif would not sleep at all and because of that I have a raging migraine on Sunday which had it effects to the workdays. Saif no if is awake at 4 or 5 am  is no longer content to sit quietly and play at his cot. He will pulled his brother and my hair just for the hell of it. Hahaha. 

Tapi not funny because he also now like to ceku or cakar people because he wants to feel our face. I was so angry when he scratched my eyes. Haha. I know like how you could be mad at a baby, but anger is irrational. 

That brings to mind to the abuse of Nor Zuliana. I don't know how the heck it could escalate up to that point but it is scary. I am prone to anger when things dont go my way. You know how we got all this advise that you should always hold your child and be there yada yada yada,, rainbows and stuffs. I honestly thinks you know yourself what is best for YOU and your child. 

If the baby wont sleep after numerous and numerous of trying, and I am at the end of my line with Aziz bising.. "lapaarr laa" .. I leave him cried out. ( Safely in a cot or I put him in a buai). I biar die menangis, while I do my stuffs. I know if I picked him up I will get angry because there are 1001 things to do, but he wants to be held in all his waking moments. So yes. I leave him. If you are angry, just leave them somewhere and just cool down. 

Nobody is perfect but nobody should hurt a child either.  Let's do better! Macam semalam I marah Aziz irrationally because he took a long time to pakai kasut die. He is only 2! Almost 3..but yes, sometimes I expect so much from him when comparatively he can do a lot of things compare to some other kids. Lepas tu die nangis. Then adik die jugak nangis. Husband tadek. I am like Gah. But after putting Saif to sleep ( which he immediately wakes up and continues to cry) and I pergi bawah to mintak maaf to Aziz which puts him in a better mood. 

Nonetheless .. may God protect our children .. from others, ourselves and themselves from abuse and destruction be it spiritually or physically. 

I may not be a great or even good mother, but please do not let me be a bad one. ( I am also sorely tempted to tied my fallopian tubes this bulan puasa. The hunger and thirst do not bother me so much. But the tiredness and not sleeping is killing me because I can't combat those feeling with a drink of water)

Btw.. this is always at my hands now. 

Way better than minyak cap kapak or tiger balm. Though I am ok with tiger balm , but minyak kapak do nothing to me. I prefer to carry this around during bulan puasa ni compare to my phones to combat my nausea ( from eating sahur .. yeah... sucks kan ) and pening kepala . Also helps with the mengantukness. Huhu. Husband bought it on a  Thai Airways flight not sure if it sold here. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IFlix and ...

Husband tried to subscribe with iFlix. Those who are not in the knows, IFlix is kinda like Netflix, where you pay to watch streaming tv shows or movies. Right now the services is only available in Philippines and Malaysia. I tried it when I was Singapore but I can't sign in saying "out of country". 

It offers some popular old series and fairly good list of current tv shows. You know I am a tv addicts. This is tailor made for people like me! I haven't looked through the movies list yet because I am too busy rewatching Friends. Yes! They have all seasons of Friends! I was just before this considering to buy the dvds which gonna cost a lot. But now it is in IFlix. I am so excited! It have other current shows. Husband is watching Suits and Arrows in IFlix. 

Got some cartoons, old tv cartoons and gotten Aziz to watch Bananas in Pajamas which he kinda loves. Got animated movies too for the kids.  It is now offering a month trial (wait I read up in the site it is only for 14 days.. but we have been using it for free for a month now and still can watch all this shows)

I am going to continue with Iflix! I think even with Astro is gone, I won't notice though Aziz would surely do. His Upin and Ipin and Ultraman fix is in Astro though. Oh, we need to use a browser for it for now so definitely needed a computer or a laptop or a tab, so the options are we connect our laptop to the tv using hdmi cable. Don't ask me the steps because my husband set it up, but I think it is simple enough.  Below is how it is setup in our house. 

Got mini screen(laptop) for playing and the tv screen for actual viewing. That is the very first episode of Friends btw. Rachel wedding headpiece was out of this world. 

Hoped IFlix is here to stay. The only thing we wished is that it offered subtitles but maybe it depends on the show.... like I said I haven't really browsed because whenever I put it on, I quickly play Friends . So thumbs up to the founder! 

Oh... continue on.. 

Sebab semua orang share ape die orang buka day to day.. I pon nak cakap gak. Though I don't take pictures of mine. Sebab dah kelam kabut. Mana taknye. Sampai rumah 6.45 camtu.. terus la ke dapur. Menu semalam is just daging paprik and telor dadar. Sebab daging paprik tu dah ade sayur semua kan ( walaupon I only consider leafy green veges as true sayur) , I just put kobis and carrot in my paprik. And buat telo dadar. Masak nasi . Habes semua siap dalam 7.15. Can't believe I manage to masak in that short time because orang tak terer masak macam I ni memang lembap dalam dapur. Tu pon sambil jenguk resepi gak. Haha. Masa paprik pon kena tengok resepi . Most of my recipe I used to cook for day to day ni.. I usually take it from Mat Gebu. Maybe because we are both Johorean so taste for food macam asam pedas, kari, tu macam sama and I usually like the food I cooked when I used his recipe.

Also... to me the ultimate brush bottle! It is the middle one. I like it sebab the sponge does not easily come off after vigorous brushing. Ini pon aku berharap semoga sentiasa ade di Giant :D

Monday, June 22, 2015

More updates!

I am definitely on a roll this month. Feeling kinda refreshed. Which is weird. 

Anyway... this weekend was kinda busy with feeling lethargic and lazing at home. Saif is still cranky from not being well and I was going bonkers. I was thinking.. "wait.. wasn't he such a good happy go lucky baby.. what happened". I guess having a fever and a flu would do that to a baby. 

Buka puasa with my siblings on Saturday and made kueh keria from purple sweet potato which throws my anak2 sedara off. Sunday I tried Ayuni beef keema recipe and it turned out nicely. Though I eat mine with rice, I can't help but think that it would be nicer with a roti canai or chapati. Lupa beli. Then malas nak patah balik dah. 

With abang bobby. Bobby dari dulu if nampak ade baby he will sprawl dekat situ. Macam nak suruh uli2 perut je kan.

Die habiskan semangkuk peas. Good boy sangat.

Mula2 tu tak sabar then after few spoonfuls he lost interest and bawled his head off. 

His appetite has gone up somewhat. Masa sakit kurang sikit nak makan, but I noticed he really like sweet food like pumpkin and sweet potato. Bagi buah like apple and pear puree he refused to open his mouth ok. And if he is in a good mood he can finish a bowl, but semalam a bit cranky lepas 5 6 spoonfuls he is more interested in playing with the spoon. 

Perangai suke berdiri ni tak padan dengan 7 bulan. Wow. He is 7 months today. He is always trying to stand. I usually find him trying to stand in the middle of the night. When I opened my bleary eyes to look at him, nanti die akan tersengih2. For this weekend I am getting him accustomed again to the living room. Die nak lepak kat bilik je mostly and would only crawl around on bed. So getting him at the living room biar die biasa and tak takut. 

Put in Aziz face in front of my beef bowl. Pergi Midvalley baru2 ni noticed Yoshinoya dah bukak balik and I was ecstatic! I love Yoshinoya. Terus I lupa niat nak makan mee tarik sedap kat food court. Aziz pon suke the beef bowl. Though it was really crowded. People are jostling for a table. Next time would book a table first before getting a meal because sometime you can wait a while. 

Ok suddenly got really sleepy again. End post now. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Holding in a sneeze

While I am writing this. Apparently I am sick. Have a flu. No wonder I felt so bleary and out of sorts. 

Then my husband is down with sakit mata. My baby is still feverish a bit. Aziz the one who is healthy and well. I am making him cook my buka puasa lah macam ni. 

Yesterday I was planning to buy kat pasar ramadhan kan? Haram tadek. Went to this little stretch of road that used to have plenty of nice variety of food. I don't know if they started or not, tapi obviously there is not a lot of stalls. And I was searching for nasi  ( and I very very rarely beli nasi berlauk ), then apart from the nasi berlauk, there are only 3 other stalls selling nasi and all of them are selling nasi ayam kunyit. You know. pieces of chicken with long beans or carrots slathered with tumeric and goreng. 

It is delicious but I kinda like meh .. and why are there like 3! And all the kuehs are sold out because I only manage to be there are 7pm. So last2 I balik empty handed. 

But husband had already buy murtabak raja from our favorite kedai earlier, and my sister give me bubur lambuk dari surau and I goreng karipap which I have loads in the freezer. ( My mom and aunty likes to give me frozen karipap and anything requiring effort usually I will put off so I have so many karipap to last me a year) . 

So technically I didnt cook ( karipap frying is an exception) but did not buy at pasar ramadhan either. Hehe. 

I will not be cooking for this buka puasa either sebab my sister dah bagi lauk. Also my hidung is having a flowing tap moments, so it was never on the table. Sahur I masak! I hope. But have to. Sebab weekend usually required more energy. 

(Sahur pagi tadi pon tak masak sebab obviously too sick but my husband just reheated the leftover murtabak for him and I bakar roti . I love bread and butter. I can eat that for 5 days straight be sick of it and then get on it again 2 weeks later )

Thursday, June 18, 2015


That is how I feel.

So hows you guys going.  Manage to wake up for sahur and cooked. Well just one dish. Put in udang goreng with a bit if bawang and chilli and abit of tumeric. It was nice. But I think it is a bit too much for me for first sahur. Yes me who who don't eat heavy meals so early on the day.

Ikutkan hati memang malas, tapi dah nama bini orang. Also am breastfeeding so need plenty of enery and fluid to get it going la kan. There was some reheated sambal tempe and kentang which was nice and I tune in Sleepless in Seattle while eating at the living room since Saif is there so he can golek2.

Tapi Duke jam la plak. I wonder if daily memang akan camni, because before this Duke usually smooth je.

I am not cooking for buka puasa today sebab simply I am not feeling it. Boleh gitu. Haha. Also a bit pening since my body is adjusting to this not eating and drinking phase. Hmm.. and so so cold.

Actually I am horribly sleepy made even more terrible because there is no work... so hence I typed here. Which is why I sounded so incoherent.

Ooohh.. also manage to print out resepi untuk biskut raya. I told my husband tahun ni malas la buat sebab ade tiny babe yang susah gile nak tido. Tapi rase nye bole kut buat satu je. Hahahaha. Kite tengokkk nanti. If I made it, I update it.

Hohhhhh... baru pukul 2.20 pm kee.

2 jam lebih lagi.. what to do what to do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reels and Small Screens - A seriously lenghty post with no real substance.

Updating because aku tadek keje wehhh.. boring. 

As for the cinema ( the reels in topic....), my husband and I we took turns watching movie at the cinema. Sebab susah la nak bawak tots and a babe. Husband usually go to watch his movie at night or me during the day on a weekend afternoon. I remember my colleague asked me who I go out with to watch movies if husband is watching the kids, and I said alone. Terus die buat muka pelik. Haha. I mean biasa la tu. To get my girlfriends with me bole kut, but then it would take longer, sebab of course la nak kena lunch la ape la or minum2 ke. If I go alone, I buy popcorns and soda and that is my meal. Though I think I will no longer buy it.

Sebab sometimes I can't really have soda if sakit perut ke, sakit kepala ke or time pregnant ( sebab the pening afterwards is just not worth it) and then they charged the ice lemon tea yang cikai tu rm5 and the popcorn cost like rm12 tambah gst dah nak close to rm20. Yeeesshhhh! That is not worh it. Next time I am stashing a bottled ice lemon tea or mineral water in my bag. And a sandwich or snickers. Bloody hell that is daylight robbery RM20 for an ice lemon tea with artificial lemon and a small tub of popcorn.. Not to mention cinema dulu kan kalau beli tiket online ikut suke la nak pilih seat mana. Tapi now if seat yang atas sikit rm20 bawah sikit yang buat sakit tengkuk rm18. Gile I tell you. I don't know if buy directly same price like that or only online je kena. I havent bought tickets direct at the ticket counter since forever. 

Anyway.. I decided to watch San Andreas. My husband is like pelik because he knows I would like Jurassic World better being Chris Pratt is in there ( his IG is cute. His love for Anna Faris is swoony) ,, tapi I had always liked big disaster movies and big disaster movies are best seen in a cinema. So it was ok, nothing spectacular and everything is predictable but I had a good time. 

Nak review ke? Tak perlu kut. It is a dumb disaster movie that are done well entirely by the earnest casts. The Rock never disappoint y'all. 

I wish I have the time to watch Jurassic World in the cinema, but I am not sure how I am gonna wrangle that out during bulan puasa. Tengok wayang time puasa is not that satisfying if we can't have something to munch on. I'll think about it. 

Now for the small screens. I am still the same. Obsessed with TVs. And this post seems apt with the season finale of Game of Thrones yesterday. I will give a list from the top of my head on the tv series I am currently still watching or following , and some opinions on it. ( May include spoilers like those who are not updated in the latest Greys Anatomy or Vampire Diaries. )

Game of Thrones - Incredible for the last couple of episodes. It improved tremendously by getting Tyrion to Daenarys. And that white walkers slaughter of the wildlings and the watch was seriously great TV since forever. Last night episodes was full of death and uncertainty and I don't know if I just can't wait for the book or for the series. And which will come out first?!!? 

Outlander - I love this series. People had been lamenting about the amount of rape or threat of rapes in this series, but it is not that outrageous to me. The series made me wants to go to Scotland more! Ohh.. those who want to watch this series, don't watch it with kids or parents. Nudity and sex abound. I was surprised at first but then learned that series from the Starz network usually have this. 

Greys Anatomy - Derek died. I honestly dont care. I never like them together anyway. Yes. I am still watching this . Will tune in till the end I guess. It is a fun relaxing watch. Macam the thing I usually look forward to watch on a Saturday morning with my tea and toast. 

Vampire Diaries -  Nina Dobrev had exited the show! And that means no more Elena. I actually am looking forward to see how they gonna do the next season because Elena was such a central figure in the whole story. 

The Originals - I kept on hoping Klaus to die. Or Caroline to go there. I have no idea why I watched, but i guess if nothing else ade, just watched it la. 

The Good Wife - Had deteriorated a lot this season. Maybe just by focusing on Alicia , it just feels really heavy and boring. Julianna Margulies have the screen presence but what made it fun to watch before is how all the cast interacted with each other. Christine Baranski for instance, is awesome in whatever scene you put her in. And that whole 'splicegate'. Don't know who is in the wrong, but it just made Margulies looks worse and frankly I kinda leaning in the belief that Julianna Margulies is kind of an asshole.  ( so more many thoughts tapi lagi panjang )

The Flash - The best new series of 2014/2015. Seriously, Watch it. 

Gotham - Meh. Only ok when Morena Baccarin came in. Before this it was too dark and depressing.

iZombie - Created by the same people who did Veronica Mars. Expect loads of snappy , quick, witty dialogue. Which I like tremendously. ( This is the same reason why I love Buffy and Gilmore Girls). 

Scorpions - Good procedural show. Nothing to shout about. Laughable in the this is kind of ridiculous .. but boleh la for an hour tv. 

Reign - Incredibly ridiculously historically inaccurate. Francis is taking a long time to die y'all... But.. seriously pretty actors and actresses. 

MARVEL Agents of Shield - Ok lah. This season is a bit smoother compare to last season. But not really something I look forward to but bile start to watch it is quite enjoyable.

MARVEL Agent Carter - Better than Agents of Shield, which is solely because the chemistry between Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy is just too good. I love James D'Arcy. 

Big Bang Theory - Hey! It is still on! Ok for a quick laugh. 

Parenthood - The series finale was ages ago. I love Parenthood. Good family drama that always manage to make you choke out a tear or two especially when Monica Potter is sobbing. Will definitely miss Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman. Hope to see them more. 

Nashville - Gotten really soapy which do not deter the awesomeness of Connie Britton hair. Love the songs sometimes, mostly watch this when all the series I had watched finished or when I am doing chores. 

Scandal - Olivia Pope is no longer awesomesauce. And Fitz is the worst! 

How to Get Away With Murder - Pretty training wheel lawyers trying to lawyering and murdering. Oklah. It is good that it is just 13 eps. Don't think I can stand it if it is 22 eps. 

Hart of Dixie - Rachel Bilson as a small town doctor is cute and totally not belieavable. It was a fun show lah, have its up and down. Usually am bored by it, sometimes charmed. But it finished at Season 4 all neatly tied up with a bow. 

Downton Abbey - Wait.. is it starting yet? Watch it for Lady Mary but am thoroughly charmed with the cute quiet romance of Carson and Mrs Hughes. So hell yes I am still watching because it seems like Matthew Goode will be there for next season? 

Elementary - My husband still watching it, and it is still there in the computer. I love Lucy Liu so I watched it. A good procedural show. Have its hits and misses but the case of the week are charming and usually not predictable which I enjoy. 

State of Affairs - A Homeland wannabe ( I dont watch Homeland but that is the feels I get).They didn't manage to portray the main characters well, which is why I guess it got axed midway. 

Constantine - I love this! But it got axed. That actor here is more Constantine than Keanu Reeves could hope to be. I wish there is more. 

The Mindy Project - Another axed show but got move to Hulu. Hehe. So it lives on. Love and am exasperated at Mindy Lahiri and Danny and love Mindy Kaling. 

Jane the Virgin - A charming show in a telenovela sorta way. But I seriously dont care. I dont think so I will watch the next season kut because I keep on forgetting that I havent watched the finale yet. 

Once Upon A Time - Why.. why am I still watching this after the whole Elsa debacle. That was bad. But Lana Parilla is just too good to let go hence I stay. And Hook is pretty and got distractingly long eyelashes for a pirate. 

So roughly I watched about 20 tv shows. Wow. Well there are some that are axed or I decided to quit. Tapi mesti aku nak tambah tengok lagi. And I am also still watching Orphan Black, and Hannibal and Inside Amy Schumer ( another must watch, she is a great comedian ) , Didn't comment about these 3 because only watch like one eps each and havent started on Hannibal yet. Always like to marathon Hannibal, then I will get like really sick by the beauty and gore of the show. 

I should have aspired to be a tv writer.  

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