Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Away from the little ones

Currently at Singapore on a business trip. It is work like mad mode though. No fun and no shopping pon. Don't have the mood for it actually because I had just been involved in a fender bender. So had to pay for the accident cost, well my husband is paying but I don't feel great if I can't pay some to him kut . 

Anyway the other colleagues are out with their friends and as I am the only token Malay Muslim , I don't feel much like cramping their style. I always feel macam I am imposing on their fun because most of the time they tried to look for bak kut teh or roast pork or beer and they can't exactly eat that because I am there. 

Not that I want to be out and about because being a nursing mom also meant the milk production never ends! Currently am pumping milk like mad to easy the engorgement. That is not fun. There were times it hurt to even raise my hands. At least I have brought along plenty of series to keep me entertain.

Saif masa malam my mom and my sister maid tolong to look after him. Siang antar nursery. My mom said first night tu was stressful for all. Poor baby. Aziz rilek je. Buat laku kejab I heard but that is probably because he is moody on Monday. 

So yeah, can;t wait to get back to KL. Though too bad I can't buy anything for my kids because mom spent most of her time at night pumping. 

Oklah. Kembali pumping sambil tengok Outlander!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another round of books I read where it is all about the men. *groans*


My rating: 2 of 5 stars


On a chilly February day, two old friends meet in the throng outside a London crematorium to pay their last respects to Molly Lane. Both Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday had been Molly's lovers in the days before they reached their current eminence: Clive is Britain's most successful modern composer, and Vernon is editor of the newspaper The Judge. Gorgeous, feisty Molly had other lovers, too, notably Julian Garmony, Foreign Secretary, a notorious right-winger tipped to be the next prime minister.

In the days that follow Molly's funeral, Clive and Vernon will make a pact with consequences that neither could have foreseen. Each will make a disastrous moral decision, their friendship will be tested to its limits, and Julian Garmony will be fighting for his political life. 

I love Atonement. I love the language, the doomed love affair.

In this book, maybe I can't identify with 2 middle age guys having a pissing match with each other. It feels like that.

It was interesting, and I can see why Molly Lane chose really no one because all the men here are inferior. They don't rise from the ashes, the don't have a redeeming quality. None of the characters do.

It maybe the story of that... of pointless narrative leading to a question of morality and the consequences from their action (somewhat vague).

Somehow it does feel like real life. However I like the narrative even though I can't identify with the characters. And if I don't find anything enjoyable about it, hence it was just an OK read.

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The conned: an Oxford don, a revered society physician, a chic French art dealer, and a charming English lord. They have one thing in common. Overnight, each novice investor lost his life's fortune to one man. The con: Harvey Metcalfe!!

A brilliant, self-made guru of deceit. A very dangerous individual. And now, a hunted man. 

With nothing left to lose four strangers are about to come together-each expert in their own field. Their plan: find Harvey, shadow him, trap him, and penny-for-penny, destroy him

I didn't realize it was Jeffrey Archer first book. It was a simple, good, entertaining book. I love the shenanigans. I like how they get one over the conman.

I was troubled that the women have nothing to do but looks pretty, and one character even mentioned to his girlfriend that he prefers his girlfriend to not be fat and basically implied she should stop eating so much. I would have hit the guy with a frying pan!

Except for that it felt very movie-like. A good start, nice follow up situations with all 4 nicely coming in and the ending are tied up nicely like a package though I prefer to read more of how Harvey would react after his learn more of his son in law.

Honor Among Thieves

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Spring 1994, Washington, D.C. - While the Clinton Administration grapples with its domestic policies, a sinister plot is being masterminded six thousand miles away in Baghdad. By using $100 million as bait and spinning a deadly web of corruption, forgery, and terror, Saddam Hussein seeks to embarrass the U.S. with the ultimate revenge: to steal a treasured historical document and then destroy it before the world's media-on July 4, 1994.

As the countdown to Independence Day begins, two agents stand in the way of his nearly flawless plan: Scott Bradley, a rising star in the CIA who is desperate to prove his patriotism, and Hannah Kopec, the stunning Mossad operative who has already lost o much that she fears nothing and trusts no one. Their unrelenting quest to prevent what would undoubtedly be the most humiliating day in U.S. history takes them across four continents and climaxes in a dramatic, triple-twist ending.

Maybe because I am wary of anything that puts Mossad operative in a good light. Especially one who is hell bent on a revenge path. But even if the operative is of another nationality I would hate it.

Of course she would be a supermodel. Of course she would be oh so clever in so many things, but oh so gullible when it comes to the heart. It may was not meant that way, but I found the woman character portrayal here is insulting.

I hate Scott rosy outlook even when he is a spies. I despised it even more that everybody around him died ( the middle eastern as I may add ) but he still lives. It is just such a white thing to do!

I was so enraged about all this that I can't enjoy the book.This one is just so maddening.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kitties Talk

Terasa nak talk about the cats ( sebab tasks keje tak dapat lagi). Dulu selalu naw talk about em, but nowadays as my attention shift to the kids, I kenkadang terneglect jugak the cats. Ye la kan. Semua pandai, makan, berak, kencing sendiri. Sape kata jaga kucing susah? 

To be honest ever since Kurap died, I don't have my cat BFF anymore. Not that these 4 are not close to me or manja, but Kurap was different lah. Even up til now I still have a Kurap sized hole in my heart :(

Though these 4 have their moments la. 

Even the most unfriendly one like Pika2 who even til now does not want any human to touch her please, thank you very much. 

Eh.. what is your childhood trauma.

But she is the one cat in the house who loathe to be outside. And whenever I am cooking, it used to be Kurap waiting near just because. But nowadays Pika2 is waiting nearby like at the picture above. Not that I think Pika2 wanting to be near me because she loves me that darn much, but she was hoping for some scraps. 

I like her restraint though. She loves kitchen scraps. I will boil the bits of chicken or fish that we dont eat and she loves them. Brownie does too but he likes to be outside so he sometimes missed out. Wolly and Bobby urban modern cats they are turn up their nose on them. She will wait until I gave it to her on a bowl baru die makan. Kalau Brownie dah poked his head into the periuk. Or at the sink. Sebab tu I put him outside when I cooked. Huhu. 

She had learnt her lesson though from sitting at my feet. Many a time her tail had been stepped on, and sometimes I yell loudly like "ehh.. pergi sanaaa laaaa". 

Speaking of Brownie... Ini die si nakal. He had gotten so big and actually now is the biggest amongst all here. Padahal he is less than a year old. The kids love him and vice versa. Very good with kids and manja and except for his penchant of human food is the best cat a household can have la. Kalau la kena adopt out, I doubt I will face difficulties giving him away. Haha. 

Aziz kalau nampak Brownie he will like smile and said "Brownie!" and mula la nak angkat Brownie by the tengkuk. Banyak kali dah kena marah Aziz tu, sekarang ni die ingat lagi, tapi kalau die lupa he is not suppose to do that, die buat la. Which is why kids and cats together needed constant supervision. Most of the time I am not worry about the kids though sebab the cats ni, kena gomol ke, dijadikan bantal ke, piat telinga ke, die orang just calmly removed themselves from the kids grip without hurting them. Though adalah sekali Aziz menangis sebab Brownie gigit tangan Aziz while Aziz eating keropok. Huhu. So I told Aziz , Brownie suke makan keropok so lain kali nak makan keropok Brownie ade, kena bagi die sikit. The next time he ate keropok, my husband said he saw Aziz broke off some and gave to Brownie and both coexist peacefully. LOL. 

So yeah, easier to said to the kids what not to do around cats. The cats is cats. 

My tiny little Bobby ni tak banyak songeh la. Problem kencing kurang. Though I found that when I start working and he start to get locked up again in the house, it will start again. Sigh. Why lah Bobbyyy. 

I am a bit concerned of Bobby. I think he had been a bit moody these past months and less eating. Maybe because I don't have much time to give to him kut, but he does seems happy to be outside. Need to rethink if he can be outside. And if I can give him a combo of different food.

Other than that, he is the loveliest calm cat. The only one who come when calls. And loves Aziz too. 

Nampak Aziz je mesti nak baring dekat. I am glad my kids is ok with cats. Aziz sekarang ni sibuk nak tolong scoop taik kucing jugak. Ko tunggu laaa nanti mak kau letakkan as chore rumah bile dah besar nanti. Mesti taknak buat dah. 

Woolly Wolly is everyone favorite cat. Sebab manja. Menggantikan tempat Kurap dalam, suka miau piteously depan bedroom wanting to be let in. Suke lepak dalam bedroom. Ni gambar ni tengah amik while she is kneading my tummy. 

I love it when cats do that sebab rase macam kena massage with tiny hands. Hehe. Everyone likes her. Die tak malu masuk je rumah jiran. Naseb baik la ko comel, tak comel dah kena halau lama dah. She also is the only one who still likes to cakar the sofa. Our new sofa does not look new anymore due to the cats. My husband is NOT pleased. Huhu. We bought a new cat scratcher because of it. While most cats use the scratcher, she use it if she knew I was looking. Haha. Geram je laki aku dengan die ni. 

Ending the post with Wolly not looking too pleased being 'gomol' by Saif boy. Sape suh sibuk nak lepak atas katil kan.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Got back onto the horse

So I got back to work. Had now been working close to a week. I mean like what right... Bukan cakap nak jadi SAHM ke. Well.. that was never definite and I was getting restless. Also the money is also a huge deal. I dont think we are truly financially ready yet for me to be out of a job. 

So I took a contract job. The job is 5 months. Husband like the idea of a contract more than permanent. I dont mind either way. 

Life had been a bit hectic. Macam semalam, I got in a little late because aku sesat barat balik dari Cyberjaya. LOL. Even with GPS I can be hopelessly lost. No need la cakap guna waze ke ape, I will get lost. 

So the little one got sent to nursery and Aziz went to full day at his playschool. Kesian. Paling kesian Saif la because it seems like I bottle trained him too late. He refused the bottles. Pening la kepala duk tuka2 botol2 die. He seemed to be ok with Nuby bottle. Kira before ni die minum paling banyak 0.5 oz, die minum dalam 1 oz and more with this bottle. HOPING THIS BOTTLE WORKS. AMIN. 

It slowly getting ok 

Kesian sangat. Rase bersalah pon ye that I doesnt start him early. Ye la kan. Bile full time breastfeeding it is easier to just  direct feed him rather than all the hassle of the bottle. Huhu. But walaupon minum sikit, balik dari nursery mesti ceria popstar punye Saif boy ni. Muka bersinar2 je nampak orang. 

Aziz cam biasa je la sebab before ni die dah kat nursery. 

Routine tak established lagi because I was a bit of a nomad these past days. At the very least the team members seems cool and nice. Kite tengok lagi 5 bulan! Ok lah. Will update more later 

Ending the post of the 2 boys baru nak pergi nursery. Tengok Saif tu, bukan main interested tengok botol susu abang but bile his own, meraung2 tepis2 tepi botol tu takmaw.


Friday, April 24, 2015

When life gives you lemons

Yesterday was my husband birthday.

And I baked him brownies since my husband is more into brownies than cakes! It was not a very successful brownies. I should just stick to the basic, but I got a tad bit ambitious and try to make frosting. I think it would had been successful if I didnt mistook the sugar. It should be very fine or caster sugar. Instead I used fine granulated sugar. So it felt like a  eating amouthful of sugar when i tried the brownies with frosting.

Yeah. That does not looks good. I actually also overbeat it which is why it looks kinda glazed. From all that sugar that refused to be beat by submission by moi. Haha. So I scraped it off and now the brownies looks depressing.

But actually it looks kinda nice and crunchy before I put the dratted frosting tak jadi tu. I still have like half a bowl of frosting and felt macam rugiiinyee all those sugar and cocoa and butter. Takkan nak buang. I memang jenis susah buang barang sikit.

So I turned it into soft cookies. Aku main agak2 je the amount, but I put in 1 egg, 1 tspn of vanilla and beat the frosting again, then fold in a cup of flour and 1 tablespoon of corn flour.

Walla! Dark choc soft cookies. It tasted a little cakey and sweet but other than that it is GREAT. I think I may prefer the cookies more than the brownies. So instead of making frosting, if life or you got yourself a dreadful frosting, you can turn it into cookies! 

Oh the brownies is kinda nice too cuma manis. I should have lessen the sugar lagi sebab mat salleh punye taste ni memang manis gilo. Got the recipe for brownies at Sally's Addiction. But I like texture and all, and it is a very simple recipe to follow, so I may try again later later on. May omit the frosting kut lepas ni sebab macam don't need to sweeten it lagi.

Malam tu pergi Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse. I think before this it was Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse. Not sure if they changed name or change management.

It was an OK meal lah.

My grilled lamb in black pepper sauce. I like the sauce, Rase if more pekat sikit lagi I suke, but still sedap. 

Husband burger. He felt it is a meh, 

Kids meal which have the grilled boneless chicken and sausages and fries, Aziz suke je.
Since I have no income, so didn't manage to buy him expensive gifts. Beli kemeja je. Sebab I rase kemeja die sikit je. Haha. Susah la nak beli hadiah for guy. (Tapi tahun lepas pon beli kemeja gak hahah. tapi tahun lepas beli 2 kemeja, tahun ni satu je ). Ok lahh tuuu..

Ni tengah pikir ape la lagi nak masak ni. No wonder selalu je I tengok perempuan duk komplen ape nak masak sebab memang susahh pon nak pikir. Haha. Probably something seafood based.

Talking about kitchen

This is how I organized the things in freezer. Put it in individual plastic bags and sometimes I labeled what is what. Senang. Sebab ade certain part ayam sesuai masak certain style je, so buat la label kari ke roast ke, fried ke. Hehe. 

The environmentalist in me really hated that I used plastic but it is the easiest. Sometimes I tried to reuse the plastic, tapi tak selalu la. Sebab leceh. Maybe later on I can be more organized! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Running ragged

My 4 soon to be 5 month old ... is really wearing me down this week. 

I am not gonna say acting up, because he don't really throw tantrums, but he do if I were to leave his side. So for the last week die sibuk nak jadi baby koala. Sampai ade sekali tu I was macam doing this and that and sambil tu tengah tie my Boba Wrap, then tup tup Saif jatuh katil. 

The sound of a baby jatuh is really macam a thud in your heart. Sampai hari ni ade lebam kat kepala. Poor thing. Stress. I letak all the bantal and built a 'fort' like , tapi he is a big boy so can roll over the bantal. Huhu. And that is not the first time, hence the 'fort'. Horror. Worst mother ever. So obvs the fort not working. 

So sekarang ni if I have to do stuffs and he is awake, I sometimes put him in the other room on the floor where he can roll around crying hysterically albeit safely because mommy isnt picking him up. 

So the house is a mess now is an understatement. I remembered reading about it in Baby MD on how the dishes and laundry may piled up, stuffs strewn about but sometimes it is worth it to just let it go. So yeah... takpeee.. setahun je lagi on this clinginess and before you knows it your children will slam the door to your face yelling "I hate you. You are the worst mother ever" because you refuse to buy them Iphone 15 Plus. 

Anywayy.. but its not so bad. If I forget the fact that they are chores needs to be done, meals to be cooked, he is contented to be just beside me, sucking on my kain batik. Kalau bagitahu my mom ni mesti die cakap "nak kena bagi makan dah kut". Yeah. I am not looking forward to the bagi makan part. The just milk part was nice. But hey gotta get the baby grows kan. And I don't want to be mother yang " I will give my child ONLY BM for 2 years because that is all he needs". 

Nasib baik jugak Aziz ni jenis senang jugak dijaga, though I have to say 2 3 hari ni banyak sikit throwdown tantrum die. But budak kecik senang dipujuk, unless baru bangun tido. Huhu. But again, Aziz is quite an easy toddler to manage. I let him play ke , watch TV ke to his heart content. Hehe. Kenkadang macam damn it, why I can't be like other mother yang duk duduk dengan anak die with flash card, but I did jugak la, but with a somewhat clingy baby yang you desperately tried to get to sleep, memang flash card dilupakan. Haha. Sigh. Poor baby. But then I got comforted when I read study that said early reading in child, does not affect the child IQ later in life. I am SURE if I search there are another that have the OPPOSITE view. BUT LET ME BELIEVE THAT VIEW! 

Oh and tadi we brought Saif again to the swim spa thingies tu. This time he macam malas nak paddle here and there. Die contented to angkat bontot and let the bubbles lead him the way. LOL. But had fun. We stopped halfway because he penat and nak susu. Then continue afterwards die lagi ceria. And at the very least manage to get him to sleep afterwards. Huhu. 

Best sangat. I pon rase nak masuk sekali. 

Can totally see his lebam. Ni masa die kat smaller pool dulu. Masuk sini dulu, bile dah comfy pegi bigger pool. 
Aziz excited nak main bola2 tu and campak kat adik die. LOL. I did asked him if he die nak mandi sama dengan adik, but he said . "Tanakkk,... takut".

Ok la. Harap esok Saif tido siang dengan jayanye!

Monday, April 13, 2015

First try failll

Last weekend we tried to potty train Aziz. With dismal results. Kept on asking him if he wants to pee and he said no. Then we kinda got busy and off he went at the living room. At least tak kena karpet. Then tuka seluar and still biarkn die without diapers. Then masa I nak naik atas tengok Saif , nampak Aziz tengah tertonggeng rupanye tengah berak tengah ruang tamu lagi. Bile I cakap suruh gi toilet, die berlari2 dan taik pon bertaburan. :D 

Ah well. Next weekend try lagi. 

Oh we went to Jakel Mall to get kain for baju Melayu . I malas nak beli kain for raya as I have loads of baju biru which is this year theme color at Sarawak side. So save sikit la tahun ni. Though I am not opposed of a jubah. Jakel got a few of nursing jubah but unfortch the mall does not offer alterations. I memang malas la kalau gitu, sebab tak kuasa nak mencari mana nak alter plak lepas ni. 

Then teringin nak try mee tarik pulak just behind Jakel Mall tu. I first ate mee tarik at a food court in Midvalley. I wonder if its still there. 

Anyway I ordered the cold mee because kat Midvalley that is my favorite and husband ordered mee sup that have telo dadar in it. He likes it. I don't really like mine. I think the Midvalley food court punye tu is vastly superior in taste. KENA PEGI LAGI NI NAK COMPARE. 

We also ordered the lambs on toothpick. It looked delicious, but it felt a bit bland and masin to me . Nicer if makan sekali dalam my mee tu I think.

Anyway I bought a new carrier because I want something that is easier to wear. Bought Pognae and loving it so far. I have to say the wrap is more comfortable, however the Pognae carrier is way more easier and less hot to wear. It have a zip that opened up an air mesh for the baby so he wouldn't be so hot. This to me is necessary especially for a hot humid country like ours. 

Bought it at Fabulousmom sebab I have vouchers courtesy of my lovely friends who asked me what I want for a present for this baby, I cakap bagi vouchers je. So I make use of this vouchers and I am happy! Memula I try jugak the ergobaby and boba 4g, but Saif punye melahau.. terus sales assistant tu datang tengok kenapakah. So we try several brands , the Pognae ni he seems to be most comfy. A bit disappointed that they doesn't have Jumpsac because I love Jumpsac masa I last tried it out masa pregnant dulu. Tapi I got these vouchers and I wanna test it out first before buying the carrier. So we settled on the Pognae as while I am not that crazy about the colors, the most important thing is the baby is comfy, so I took that. 

Verdict of the Pognae carrier - Loving it so far. 

Oh on Sunday, alang2 bawak kain to a tailor at Ampang Park,  We ate at Jaya Grocer punye food court El Fresco at Intermark tu. I love my pizza. And husband ordered the steak au gratin which he also liked. And it so very reasonably priced. Aziz pon bantai my pizza 

Pepperoni, though I am more inclined to order Margherita , tapi sebab nak share ngan Aziz amik la pepperoni.
Hmm.. nanti nak pergi lagi la to test out other stuffs and gawk at the stuffs at Jaya Grocer. 

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