Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2nd trimester now

.. but still feeling pukey. Sad indeed. However it is not so bad. It is no longer 24 hour agony session. More like it comes and goes at all hours. But it is not too bad compared to a few weeks ago. I can eat at least. Though still have to choke back down vomit a couple of times a day. Disgusting I know. But better than puking all out and crying afterwards. Vomit and crying goes hand in hand. 

Maybe need to give it a couple or more weeks before I can feel fully like myself. My sister is like, why are you not cooking, but the thing is even looking at the kitchen, I can feel bile coming up. Terrible. 

So to list out all of the things I feel pukey around -

  • The smell of grass and fresh earth mixed around. Holy crap this is the worst. 
  • Cat pee. (and the stray cats who keep spraying around not making this any easier)
  • Detergent and soap smells except for precious few I can abide by. So I can't smell my freshly laundered clothes without feeling like tearing my clothes away. MaxKleen is cool so been using that now. 
  • Air Freshener. Husband had given up on this. Scented candle is ok if not excessive. 
  • Teh O. I can't drink it. If I did, then I will feel a major urge to puke. The aftertaste is blergh. 
  • Sausage. Even the smells of sausage I can't stand. 
  • The taste of ginger. So that tips the internet keep on giving that ginger can helps. Hah! 
  • The usual strong smelling food being cooked itself. Bau food court anyone? Gah! 

The things I can abide/or make me feel better are: 

  • Milk or anything milky drink. If I am feeling pukey, this makes it ok. Which is weird, because people usually avoid milk in fear of puking. 
  • Very cold icey drinks. But this is normal kan. 
  • Have to eat nasi consistently or the next day, I will get a massive puke feeling. Baby ni penuh demand. 
  • Chewing gum consistently. 
  • Minyak kapak FTW. I tried all sorts of oil, but minyak kapak is the best reliever so far. 
  • Hearing music at loud volume. It kinda takes the mind away. Tgk movie pon tak sebegitu. 

Ok lahhh.. Itu aje. For the baby, nothing to update. I hope he or she is well, healthy in spite of my earlier unable to eat prenatal pills phase. Be strong baby. You need it to face your 2 abang. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I should be writing something

I should. Maybe it should be of my trip to Siem Reap which was great. But I am much too blergh to write. 

Because I am now 10 weeks pregnant with the worst case of morning sickness I had ever experience. 

Warning: Just puke related complain ahead.

I had morning sickness when I was carrying the 2 boys before. But this one.... this one takes the cake. I hope this baby is the best baby who would grow up to be the best person ever because you are putting mommy through the wringer here. ( I want to say hell, but there are plenty of mothers who are going through difficult health problems while carrying their baby... so yes, not actual hell yet). However this is my space to complain so I shall complain. 

I was elated to find out I was pregnant because I really want a third and I feel like it is better 2 or 3 years apart among siblings. So Yeay. It also means I had put off finding jobs because going to interview while holding the need to puke is not exactly appealing to anyone. So saya berserah je la. I am glad that I did quit however and then got pregnant because the constant need to puke is incredible and the guys in office probably wouldnt like it hearing that. Also it would be unpleasant. 

Previousl pregnancies, morning sickness started during evening. Now it is all the freaking time. Immediately after I eat, immediately after I open my eyes. No smell is nice. I hate the smell of food. I hate the smell of my kitchen. I can't go near my kitchen without feeling like I have to puke now and there. 

Kesian to my husband who now have to pick up the slacks because I can't do anything much except sit or lie down. I am hoping when second trimester comes it would be easier. Please let it be easier!. And of course here's hoping the baby is healthy because momma can't seem to hold down much liquid. I loathe to skip folic acid, so I tried to take em even though most of the time I have to puke everything out before I can sleep. 

Well.. then. Maybe after the morning sickness over I can then post more. Here's hoping. 

Next update I hope I will be less complaining. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Say something

It had been a while. Was I busy? I guess I was... anyway, keep trying to update but then there are other things to do.

What I had been up to? House chores I guess. Going to classes. Oh yeah, I quit my job. The commute is terrible. And I feel like it is too demanding a bit, especially those late night and frantic phone calls whenever my kids are sick. So I am kinda a housewife. I don't say I love it, but I don't hate it also. Been trying to find suitable job but it is hella difficult. Also I am a bit picky. LOL.

I have to be because I got some limitations. But I don't feel like explaining why I quit my job because holy hell aint people judgmental about that. I mean not like me not having a job is gonna affect these people with opinions, but that does not stop them from expressing it. So I dont feel like saying it in FB especially because you know how FB can be like. IGs is a place for my cats so that is not really applicable.

My friends knew, well some, but I am not exactly announcing it. I am announcing it here, because I feel like if I don't say it kinda hold back on the things I want to babble about in a blog.

So what I had been doing... actually apart from housework, I had been doing something else, but I ain't feel like like say.

I will post again. Will be going to Siem Reap soon, so we got that to look forward to in a blog.Heh. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mini splurge at the Popular Warehouse Book Sale

This year instead of the BBW sale, I much more antcipated this Popular Warehouse Sale because it is cheaper. RM5 instead of RM8 the usual in BBW . Like the previous year it was held in Vivo Home Shopping Mall . 

Went there on Thursday night, spent about an hour. Dont get to browse much because I was tired . And the rows of books are like these. 

The Popular Warehouse Sale do not have such a wide range of bestsellers normally seen at BBW, but maybe I don't really have the time to dig through. However one thing I like about the Popular Warehouse sale, there is some pretty good stationery and some toys. 

Was thrilled to find the lapdesk, which is around RM24 I think, because I was looking for something similar since I am now using my husband old Surface and the Surface needs a pretty sturdy flat surface for me to use it properly with a keyboard, bought some toys for the kids. The Hot Wheels cost RM10.99 for 2. 

Also bought a magnetic board , not pictured. 

My books, counted about 17 minus a recipe book on biskut raya . Heh. I already have Mansfield Park, but this hardback edition is pretty nice. Most of these books are unknown to me, so finger crossed I find a gem.

Aziz books , which is all he chose for himself. He chose The Eating Monster book for Saif. Satu je buku untuk Saif. LOL. 

Oh and those wanting to go, it is still on till this Sunday. Don't expect the BBW range of books and cara susunan, but you may find what you want and the kids book and stationery is a steal. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Harry Potter and the Misunderstood Child

Yes the title is different, but this feels more apt lah

Everyone was clamoring for this book when it first came out. But then silence. No gushes on how good it was or "shit..  so Ron/Harry/Snape/Hermione do whatevs". 

Now the summary is, it is set just before Albus Snape Potter started his Hogwarts year. He befriended Draco's son. And basically dark forces are still in play even though the good side had win, thus Harry as the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement had his hands full. He also have quite a strained relationship with Albus . So the story is mostly centered on Albus. 

As for the review... let just say, this is not a book. This is a screenplay because JK Rowling I guess feels like the other people who can't go to London to see their play also deserved to know the story. Which is kinda true. So the book feels bare-boned and without a soul. 

It delighted me that Albus went to Hogwarts but it also makes me yearn for all those description about Hogwarts which makes the Harry Potter book and world so engrossing. Which is why I finished it around 2 or 3 weeks. It just feels meh. I meant it was interesting to know what the characters that we love so much end up doing but it doesn't feel like the Harry Potter books that I know. Even the Hermione, Ron and Harry voice does not feels like their voice. I guess the screenplay kinda like stripped it down a bit. 

I wish we gets a book with more description on it, but I guess we have to keep on wishing because JK Rowling mentioned this is the last Harry Potter books she will write. 

Those who loves the little descriptions in the Harry Potter books will probably get this, because we are a little bit obsessed. But at the same time, maybe a Wikipedia summary of the book will suffice too , yeah, that is a little mean, but it does feels like it. 

We will just have to content ourselves with rereading the Harry Potter series then to immerse in the Harry Potter world. 

p/s : I am super excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Feels like a Harry Potter for adult. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saif and Aziz update of sort

First of all I wanna start with the Raya of 2016 updates. What the eff la Dils, raya is like ages ago. Buttt... well, nothing special pon, though I manage to wake up late masa raya which pissed off my husband, huhu, stress tul. But no worries afterwards lepas tu ok je. 

I aint feeling like uploading one Raya pic because there is no decent ones except of the kids and those are in FB so biar lah. But masa raya ke 3 tu, we went to Kluang to visit some relatives and came back with these cute bicycle. 

Aziz is not thrilled that he have to kayuh beca for his baby brother. Anyway, the bicycle is safe enough but I was upstairs when it happened , it seems like around 10 pm after we finish beraya and the kids are still hyped up , they were playing downstairs and heard suddenly Saif cried like I never heard before. You know the difference la kan, if your kid nangis jatuh sebab sakit, or nangis sebab something is like seriously wrong.

So it seems like somehow when trying to get down from the bicycle he fell and hit his head on the sharp edge of the wall. And at first there seems to be a lot of blood which scared me because he is still a baby. 

Off we went to the clinic and then to the hospital. Left Aziz at my mom which Aziz was sad about, but cheered up when we opened his favorite show. So berkampung la us 3 at the emergency up til 3 am. The wound was cleaned up and options was given. Alhamdulillah nothing is wrong and the cut walaupon a bit deep but small so he don't need any stitches. Just let it heal naturally and not shower his head for 5 days. Masam betul la kan. 

He was crying piteously for mommy here. Kesian baby boy.

Also I just now realized I didnt do a "Hey Aziz is 4" post. This is why I am not a top mommy blogger, 

Anyway he is now 4. And I realized he is plenty of smart, kind and basically a very lovely boy. A bit loopy sometimes and have a tendency to tune people out if he is concentrating on something. Like his fav tv show. 

I decided to just send birthday cake to his school and make party packs to his class and nursery. 

I ordered his birthday cake from my sister friend. I like her cakes and I know she can do drawings so she did this. Maybe it is not so grammatically correct but eh.. ok je. I tanye Aziz sedap ke tak die jawab off topic. So who knows. Haha. But he was excited to see this cake sebab die cakap nak kek Iron Man so Iron Man la die dapat. I dont opt for the edible image because Aziz hated those edible image. I think Jaja ( the baker) did a pretty good job too. 

And the party packs, amongst the chocolates and raisins and candies, I also put in those cheap Marvel superhero coloring books with cheap color pencils, and printed an iron man mask for the kids for them to play around. 

Printed and pasted it onto the box , kekonon ikut theme.
Also buat some queen cakes or some might know as fairy cake. Kinda like a cupcake, but more lighter version .

I had just learned that making icing is hella easy. 
Party packs ke nursery. Class lain . 
This is the class sebab class punye ade buku kaler. Huhu. 

Anyway, majlis die pon time masa jamuan hari raya so that I don't have to do things twice and more kids get to enjoy cake. He was pretty happy about it and I don't ask for pics because eh.. I dont mind. He is tickled that he came also also with a bag and said somebody gave him coloring books and colour pencils. Which he lost immediately. Sigh. I hope the other kids enjoy the coloring books though. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Whats in a name

I am checking the name list of past and present employees in my company currently.

There are 16k of them. This is a sucky job.

Anywayy.. it does gives me a glimpse on how we Malaysians name their kids..

1. So many A. So many name start with As .

2. Not enough C.

3. Someone name their son Awie. Peminat rock kapak.

4. There is also a someone who name their kid Erra Fazira ( a somewhat different spelling so I am being a p&c here to not divulge the full name). Maybe Erra and Awie should meet.

5. There are way too many Danial and its variantions in Malaysia. And Fariz. And Farah.

6. Short names are the best.

Also when Aziz need to be in a hospital before, I was very very thankful that I have a very short name. It gets so very tiring filling up so many forms. 

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