Friday, January 30, 2015


Lepas balik dari pantang to I saw Brownie punye balls to gotten really big. And he is very chummy with a lovely calico stray depan rumah.

Selalu la lepak sama2 and tenung je si calico ni. Mesti hormone tengah nak warm up and figuring out what he should do. Haha. But I never noticed any mounting and sebelom start baik la hantar untuk spaying and neutering, 

So I buat the appointment at my usual vet whose rate is almost the same as klinik kembiri punye and I decided to spay calico ni sekali as to avoid her having kittens in front of the house again. Before this she ade kittens dekat rumah ni tapi after I balik pantang tadek dah kittens tu. Momma cat je ade. Probably ade orang amik the kittens because they are so fluffy and gebu. 

I nama kan die Siti btw.  She reminded me of Kurap due to the coloring of her fur. So I guess I have a little bit of affection to this cat and hence the TNR (trap neuter release) for her.

So hantar rabu lepas tu and baru amik Jumaat which is today.

I also brought the kitten from my sister house yang mata die nak kena operate to the same vet. Sebelom ni die macam sakit mata and around a week back my eldest sister perasan yang mata one of the kitten ni macam dah nak terkeluar. Horror. 

So long story short, the kitten need to have one of the eyes removed. At least the other eye are OK. So the kitten are operated the same day the cats I brought for mandul also. And boleh balik on Jumaat also. 

One of the eyes yang dah kena jahit since dah dibuang.

The kitten one eye tadek aside, is pretty much ok. Masuk cage di rumah my sis terus cari makan. Hope it continue to be ok. Brownie dah pretty much back to normal dah. Siti je la stress di dalam cage sebab she was a stray kan, mana biasa kena kurung. But she took it ok so far. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hectic lah

Its Friday and I got a a lil bit of a flu here and Aziz is drinking Ribena while Saif is cooing away happily and NOT SLEEPING.
Sebab tadi Saif tanak tido. Tak sempat nak masak lunch for Aziz so I ordered pizza je. Beria nak pizza, then bile makan satu slic jee. Pffthhh. Sebab tengah duk makan, Saif nangis, I left the pizza box on the table and found Bobby manage to open the pizza box by nudging it open with his head dan tengah licked my sambal bilis pizza !!!

Pffftt. Bobby. The heck you did with my pizza!!

Anyway last week we went to Ikea dengan baby wear Saif and Aziz in stroller. Fuh. Went to buy new bookcase for moi ( I am running out of space ) and closet utk Aziz .

As for babywearing,  Ok la the baby wearing though I still need time to be really comfy with the wrap, tapi senang lagi dari handle 2 strollers. Bile Aziz dah tanak duduk dalam stroller, I put Saif in there pulak sebab after 2 or 3 hours in the Boba Wrap die dah bangun dan nak susu pulak.

Met another mother with 2 child in tow and wearing a  Boba wrap exactly like mine for her baby in an elevator and we smiled at each other.

Dalam nak bayar tu time tu la Aziz memekak and Saif pon dah start macam rimas in the wrap, so I headed to the benches and bough apple juice for Aziz and die minum sambil baring beside me and I BF Saif. I gotta say this is getting to be easier the second time around. The first time around, I can never BF in public.

There was some hot issue about this from what I can remember, but to me if the person is appropriately covered the whole time, it should be no issue. I think there is a baby room but I remembered baby room in IKEA with the smells and the poo and yeeeshhh I can't deal with that. Also Aziz wont be contented to be stuck in a room with me, so I just throw on my nursing cover and find someplace a little bit discreet and just BF.
Anyway talking about babywrap and BF ing , I had just watched this video

Funny and exactly of what we mothers are accustomed to... being judged at or judging people on. To me this video only covered a slice of what people with or without children keep on judging about how to raise kid/kids, but the gist of it is at the end of the day, the child is what matter.

Oh so time lunch tu sebab I am sick of nasi , went to Vivo for lunch. Ok la.

Vivo punye dessert murahh sebab tu I went there and the food is OK ish. Hmmm.. Brownie and ice cream. All in all it was a successful outing with 2 kids in tow. Hahaha.

Oh well. Saif dah start cranky die. Later dudettes.

What I am seeing now in front of the laptop.

Friday, January 16, 2015

SAHM in training

Since my pantang had already finished and my home had finished most of the renovation works, I am now at home to take up duties as SAHM. It is hard I tell you. And boring and monotonous. The cooking bits especially yang I selalu kelam kabut. Ikutkan hati nak aje beli tetiap hari, hahaha.. tapi bangkrap la laki nanti. Also lama2 muak gak. After a series of kedai food, nasi , telo dadar and kicap pon sodap aje. 

Also is tiring as the house feels kinda berdebu but husband cakap sebab the front porch area still debu and bising at me because I opened the door. Rimas la rumah tutup, tapi I dah mop satu rumah ( my czer stitches are throbbing now ) baru rase sedap sikit pijak rumah. There are still a tonne of things that needed to kemas. I just do what I can la in the little time I have. 

I had met my gynae for post natal checkup and all was good. Cam biasa die akan buat pap smear and she advised that the next kid .. should be 3 year ye gap. woah. Tapi I initially felt like that pon. Tengok la how rezeki kan, Also after my gynae checkup , bawak Saif for his rotavirus vaccine and his eczema. Last week eczema kat pipi die was really bad . 

It kinda looks painful too.  His paed prescribed Ezenide to be applied for 3 to 5 days . Lepas letak 3 days je dah OK! 

Hari ketiga dah tak merah. Lega! 

Also we can't see from pictures but currently his eyes are grey. Though I think it is slowly going to hazel. I think he is gonna take after his dad eyes. Aziz eyes are dark brown, so kite tengok Saif punye camne.

The cats are super glad I am home and I can see it from Wolly because she kept on giving me her belly to rub. The others just want wet food. And I still cant believe how big Brownie gotten. I think he is gonna be bigger than the other cats in the house. 

And Aziz had now started a new playschool! Sebelom ni die pergi nursery je, and since I am not sure when or if I am going to work , we started him on a half day playschool and tengahhari comes, I picked him up. He cried the first 2 days, sebab semua very foreign to him. Biasa la. But lepas tu he is OK. I think he enjoyed the new school and the teachers like him. 

Anak mommy dah besa

So at least my morning I have a little bit of a free time ( if Saif behaves) and manage to do some cleaning / housework. Lepas amik Aziz tu, kenkadang pening gak la nak juggle. Mostly it looks like this at home around during late afternoon.

My boys!
Excuse the mess, sometimes I just cant bother la. Haha. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Dino Day

I was obsessed with dinosaur when I was small. I try to learn a lot of the dino names and the era though if you ask me now, I can't tell you anything because my mind is like a leaky sponge. 
Anyhow I always like to buy a lot of dino theme toys or clothes or books for my kids. So Aziz kinda likes dino too. Not obsessed but he enjoyed them. 

So when I saw in IG that Dila brought his son to Dinoscovery aku duk la beria ria cakap kat laki aku. ( Yang lagi excited nak tengoknye mak die bukan anak die) . Dekat je, as it is at Avenue K.

So we went there last Sunday ( it was also end of pantang days! ) and I enjoyed it and Aziz enjoyed it to an extent. 

Aziz sampai2 excited terus nampak badan dino ni. With ekor die gerak2. Dekat luar entrance tu ade board with some game ... Aziz sibuk nak main. 

Sebelom masuk entrance. I looked huge tapi walaupon I stress tapi I know the weight will shed off later on. Especially bile nak balik rumah dah ni. Try Boba Wrap and it is easy enough IF you wrapped it tightly around your body and the way doing it is you wrap it around you first and the material trailed di bawah.... Dan I didnt consider before how distressed I am trying to tie it around me at a parking lot sebab I don't like the idea the material trailing the dirty parking lot floor. I am somewhat of a germaphobe. So this thing is DISTRESSING I tell you and I felt like buying JUMPSAC because while the wrap is OK , I just can't handle the thought it had contacted a dirty floor. JUST CANT. ( My mild germaphobe flaring tu) . Ehem. Maybe I should practice without it trailing on the floor. 

Ehem. Anyway. Those interested in knowing the fee is 

With MyKid and MyKad 
Adult - RM25 
Kid - RM35

Those under 60 cm is free ... which is basically babies who can't walk yet. So Saif free! Yeay. Aku baru nak protest if Saif pon kena bayar. 

Adult cheaper sebab it have more activity for kids kan. So we entered and all except Saif were given a vest to wear and activity map and bracelet for the kid. Memula tu Aziz cuak sebab the Dino exhibit was dark and in the dark , animatronic Dinosaur must seems very realistic to a small kid. So awal2 tu die cuma nak clinged on to his father. Nangis2 bile Dino tu bukak mulut. Then bile sampai tempat activity for kids baru die warm up. It took him a while but he had fun in the end. So that is money well spent. 

Place where kids can dig through the sand la kekonon cari tulang dino. Aziz is more interested in digging and collecting sand rather than looking for bones.
Saif pon well behaved slept most of the dino exhibit time and woke up bile abang die dah sampai tempat activity. Manage to breastfed him at a corner while abang continue on. 

Wearing the vest and this is a spot where kids can colours . 

There are 6 activity spots for kids to play with addition to a 3D short movie and colouring area. Activity macam wall climbing and main tail dino tu Aziz takleh main lagi as he is much too small, but he did enjoyed himself on other. Ok lah. Ni kira as bawak die suka suka just before die kena enter playschool baru. 

I was surprised when he requested to climb this dino. Ingatkan memula die takut. Tinggi sebab kena naik tangga but ade orang kat situ boleh tolong and jaga die, so Aziz seems ok. Masa time pergi ni pon tak ramai orang so I like it sebab the kids tadekle berebut for their activity time. 

Tak lama kut sini. Dalam an hour lebih camtu, dengan kite orang gi makan Ah Cheng Laksa. Ok. Baby dah menjerit. :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Tuka gambar to dusk in Tokyo sebab epilepsy aku tengok gamba sebelom ni. 

It had been an eventful year. 

For the world. The Gaza terror ( war is too bias because only the Gazans suffered the most), the Sewol South Korea ferry where a lot of school teens are the major  casualty, the Peshawar school massacre where a lot of children died needlessly on some misguided ideas of revenge, also the year most of the world are introduced to Boko Haram and their despicable acts of kidnapping school girls, the Sydney cafe siege where Muslims every where despaired when one lone man tarnished the name of Islam and the death of two innocents. 

And I am not getting to Malaysia yet. Of course MH370 and MH17. Even remembering it is painful, I can't imagine the pain of family and loved ones of the passengers.  The loss of Air Asia plane recently while it is an Indonesian plane, but it still hit too close to home. Cameron Highlands ravaged lands. The floods in East Coast that is still ongoing. The water crisis in Selangor.

In short it was a bad year all around. 

Personally it have its ups and down. 

The birth of my second son. Rezeki enough to have 2 renovations in a year. Our Japan trip. The addition of the 2 cats. 

My resigning from the company after close to 7 years. Kurap gone from our lives. 

I dont know what 2015 will hold. I am not sure where my career will head or if I will have any in light of this economic downturn. Aziz starting a new playschool. Juggling 2 kids. So much uncertainties and for someone who hated change I guess I feel as if I am in a limbo. 

Lets hope the best for us and Malaysia. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kitchen makeover gitu

Makeover sangat. We were renovating the kitchen this year and bilik air bawah masa bulan 2 dulu. Punye la lamaaa baru aku nak update..  It took around a month and half to siap.

Dari masuk rumah tu we didnt do anything to the dry kitchen. We only added a wet kitchen at the back. Just some space to chop onions and cook, tapi tu lama dah. The dry kitchen we only ripped out some moldy cabinets and left some other moldy cabinets to be used.

The old cabinets

The back of the kitchen and our old meja makan. The meja makan set tu pon is actually from the old owners. You can see the pintu there that led out to the wet area of the kitchen.

During the middle of renovation. You can see the sink there. We put it there initially masa first masuk rumah, then we decided to yank it away for this renovation sebab we hardly use it. 

The floor tu it is not wood. Tiles actually. My husband nak tiles yang rupa wood tu. I ok je

Rindu la Kurap. No moar kucing yang jalan sana sini jauntily with tail up in the air.
Time masa renovate belakang ni since the cat area was used to store all workmen stuffs for about a month tetiga ekor kena boarding. Time ni ade Bobby , Gollywolly and Kurap je. Kucing2 ni lepas kite orang bawak balik terus sibuk nak hidu2 area 'baru' Tu tengah mode kepoci la tu. 

This is what it looks like after it had just finished, yang gamba last tu is our store room atau maid room. 

Kabinet belakang ni is where I stored all my electrical gadgets stuff and periuk or baking ware. We didnt yanked out the tiles at dinding sebab save budget and also eh ok je aku rase.

The see through cabinet tu, I also put IKEA stacking shelf tu so I could maximize the space for glasses and everyday plates. 

That 3 shelf tu I memula mintak 2, tapi contractor lupa. Aku pon malas bising, and there is A LOT of medicine box there. I kept on cleaning up and it still kept on being added there. Balik rumah nanti cleaned lagi area tu. 

What it looked like now when we are actually using the kitchen. Could stand for a less cluttered look tapi tu nanti la. Haha. Meja makan pon we bought new but pakai balik the old kerusi. Meja yang lama tu very bulky and heavy and dah nak tertanggal pon certain part. The kerusi tu ok je lagi. Repaint balik je. Fridge beli baru because old fridge tu tak cukup la. Tah hape harta simpan dalam fridge pon tak tahu. Masak sekali sekala gak. Haha/. 

I didn't take the old picture of the old bathroom sebab tak ingat also it was too dismal looking. 

I  really love the tiles. It is a small bathroom and the white tiles makes it look bigger. 

Kaler kabinet and tiles tu pon I purposely chose a bright color sebab dapor ni tak cukup pencahayaan so dark color makes it depressing. 

Ok ni gambar bunga, tapi sebab aku tak amik gambar plug tu and this picture just happened to have the plug up close, I put it up here. My mom suke the idea of this plug. Macam if you squint at previous pic it is act like an extension. Suke sebab tak payah nak tarik semua electric stuffs to one place. And I love tiles biru tu, it is actually tiles you use for swimming pool. Hehe. 

Sekarang we are renovating the kids room and the front of the house and the library a bit. Tu new year la baru update. Harap bukan end of year 2015 baru aku letak kat blog ni. Hehe. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Of War criminals, Magicians and Lawyers

The Dark Room

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Dark Room tells the stories of three ordinary Germans: Helmut, a young photographer in Berlin in the 1930s who uses his craft to express his patriotic fervour; Lore, a twelve-year-old girl who in 1945 guides her young siblings across a devastated Germany after her Nazi parents are seized by the Allies; and, fifty years later, Micha, a young teacher obsessed with what his loving grandfather did in the war, struggling to deal with the past of his family and his country.

3 stories in one novel. If there are some similar theme with all of these stories is that there are all related to a Nazi sympathizer/officer or are ones.

The first stories was simple and sad. The second of the starving children story on a journey to their grandmother are the one I most can't stand. It is too heartbreaking. I kinda like skim read it. Not that I skip here and there. But I kinda scanned the words without delving much into it. Too painful. The third story is the one I kinda most exasperated with. I guess I don't get the guilt. I get survivor guilt. But the obsession with your ancestors sin is your sin is not something I get behind.

However I might feel about the stories the writing is simple and powerful. For a debut novel, this is a well thought of book. Most of the time I can't identify with the characters but maybe because I can't imagine being in their spot. I hated the way she written the dialogue though.

The Prestige

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A story 2 magicians obsession in trying to outperform each other.

I never watch the movie as I never got the time. Every time it is on I seems to miss it. But I was intrigued enough to pick up the book.

First going in the narrative of Andrew I am impatient on how it will play out. but once it start with Borden I was entertained. Then Angier narrative makes the book even more intriguing and want me to reread again Borden narrative on what I had missed. I love the twist at the end. I am haunted by the ending and wondered what really ending.

If there is one complain I could find is that the ending leave me wanting and with more questions. (Slight spoiler ahead) What happened to Angier? Why there are so many prestige of him?. What Andrew going to do with his brother?

A very entertaining and intriguing story with unsatisfactory ending though it maybe what the author wishes. I did read that Christopher Priest thinks the movie is brilliant and wishes he apply the same way on how it goes in the movie to the book. So I am now wishing I could watch the movie.

The Street Lawyer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About: A lawyer violent encounters with a homeless man who held him hostage sets him on a path of self discovery and a coverup at his firm.

Grisham books to me is like a snack. not filling, but a fast, enjoyable and light reading. This book is exactly that. Though I gave it a 2 because it feels a bit preachy.

Felt throughout the book that I am being fed statistic and facts about homelessness but nothing on the emotion side of it. I never get a clear picture on what kind of person Michael is and that makes him boring, even during the most exciting point of his life he seems to be disassociated.

The summary is that while I enjoyed the book , the story feels hollowed.

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