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Holed up due to a Typhoon in Osaka

On our last day in Kyoto, it was hectic. We got a security message saying typhoon is coming and all public transport will be halted the next day.

People who have to travel mainly tourists are at a loss. We were planning to go to the Railway Museum in Kyoto on the last day. But since we need to catch a train to Osaka ( and of course all attractions are gonna be closed) we just manage to do that. We were panicking a bit thinking that we can't get ticket but we manage to just barely get the ticket on the last train . Phew.

Got to Osaka, all train are halted. So we grabbed a taxi to our apartment.

The above is our apartment. It have more rooms ( I forgot to take pic of the kids room) but tinier than the one in Kyoto. 
It was pretty nice place to stay. Near to train station and many places to eat. We should have stayed longer in retrospect. We dont get to explore much of Osaka even though we are in a prime location. 
More so because on the day we arrive is the day of typhoon so it is …
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New template because it is due

I had been using the last one since I only have 1 child. Now I have 3 and multiple cats. Can't be arsed to make a new header. I hate to buang the old header because any pics of Kurap is precious to me, but I saved it. And my profile pic is still a pic of Kurap looking inquisitively at you, so it will remain.
I like the clean look and also I prefer the dark template although I like the look of a white template even more. I prefer the background of stuffs I am reading about in black I guess. We are getting old. 
But none the wiser still. Maybe a lil bit though.

Can't get enough of Kyoto

High time to start writing on the Japan trip on end of September. I was hoping for autumn, but of course it was still summer. 
I will just be using whatever photos in the Photos. I don't think so we even bring those big ass camera. We just use camera phone. It is a big sad looking at all those camera shops though that used to be teeming with customers... ( I am straying from the topic as usual).
Anyway because of the Typhoon  we were not sure our flight will not be cancelled. Since we don't like to be anxious about it, husband changed tour flight so that our arrival will be at Narita instead. I bought the JR pass at the last moment at KLCC at the JTB counter. Very easy peasy. Need to bring your passport when buying JR Pass though, nasib baik la KLCC dekat. 
So we took a flight to Tokyo last Sept and then straightaway went to Kyoto via bullet train. It was around 3 hrs time so we reached there around 1pm or 2pm. Contacted the hotel and they were flexible enough to let us check…