Thursday, April 05, 2018

Gone to Singapore the last school hol

We stayed at Village Hotel Bugis

The stay at the hotel was pretty great. Clean spacious with good amenities. And most importantly near to good eating location.

Because of that we ate

Excellent delish briyani

Delicious murtabak. 

We also ate McDonalds because it is easy and also why not.. 

We were not long in  SG. The main trip was going to Science Centre which is actually pretty cool. Almost like Petrosains but with more diverse range of topics presented 

We were outside the science centre here. We also went to Snow City which Aziz had a blast. But that place basically a scam to buy photos so no phone photos! 

Went to the Gardens by the Bay and we didn't manage to get tickets to get inside since ticket counter closed at 8pm. BUMMER.

Went shopping a bit. Just trying to get some LUSH product because I like their body cream and added in a soap and a foot scrubber.

We only stay for 2  nights. Singapore is too expensive for a lengthy stay so we got back to JB to stay in my mom's house and spent a couple of night there pulak. 

Saturday, March 03, 2018


I had been coasting along 2018 without knowing what I had done. Actually I do.

It had been busy. Kids had been sick. Then I had been sick. Kids sick again. I felt like only last week I have a semblance of normalcy.

I had also been an ardent fan of Kdrama. Never scoffs at a thing I say. You might turn out to be a diehard fan. Which I am now. KDRAMA is fabulous. They have excellent camerawork and cinematography, the scripts can be a hit and miss but even if its a miss, it hugely entertaining.

I may do some reviews of sorts because I have no life. Later. I have some sewing to do. I have boys. They ripped stuffs up. I feel like I constantly sewing . 

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Gonna be 2018 soon.

Haven't been updating here too much. So I am gonna list down what 2017 had been for me

From January til June basically had been pregnant and most of that time had been battling morning sickness and basically lazing around the bed.

Around March or April, found a kitten at the middle of the road and brought her back and nursed her.

Was not planning on keeping her, but then Brownie had run off to live with another family, and I am lazy in finding responsible adopters, I decided to keep her.

Gave birth to a baby boy.

Hired a daily maid to take care of house. The maid quit after 3 months.

Went to Ipoh and Penang for holiday. Finally stay at Hard Rock Hotel. It was below my expectations honestly.

Doing absolutely nothing but still busy as a housewife. The kids mostly ok. Trying to teach Aziz to read with some good improvements. I am not sure how to tackle teaching him maths yet.

Saif decided his name is Baba.

The baby or Sarip Dol as we called him, is a very fussy sleeper. My back is hurting .

We just got back from Bintulu staying there for a week due to my husband brother getting married. That is the last of the sibling married off now. Uneventful except for the initial touchdown , where instead of the plane landing in Bintulu, we were flying into a storm and the plane could not land, so we ended up staying overnight in Miri instead.

Husband had taken up a position in Turkmenistan again.

Huh. I can't think of anymore. Pretty sure a lot of stuffs happened, and of course the big one is the birth of my third son. So yups. It was a big year indeed.

Let's see what 2018 brings. Hope for a less messier house.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bye November, Hello December

From my new laptop. 

Hahaha. Eh I wish I could insert emoticons here. Who knows maybe in 10 years time, emoticons are included even in staid news article. 

I dont think I have raved about my baby. Terrible. I should have update more about him, but maybe I should start now. 

He is gonna be 6 months soon. I had already fed him solid. Eh I know lah. I saw that he is ready and I am only starting once a day baru. He hated avocado, but love the store bought rice cereal for baby. So whatever works! 

Anyway. I think I had mentioned that I had someone who came in during the day to help out with the kids and the chores. She quit after 3 months. I don't think I am that hard of a person to work with, but whatever. I think she found a better paying job and I hope she can keep at it because she is kinda terrible at my work. 

I hate relying on helper or maid. It is just something that I don't like. I don't like strangers in my house. So that means my house is messy and sticky and greasy sometimes. Sigh. With 3 kids I don't know what I am doing because the second after I mopped the floor it is sticky again after the kids had their food and snacks. Sigh. 

Anyway, I was planning to talk about my baby Sarip. He is not a cuddly baby. Meaning that he loves to be carried but hugged when sleeping, not so much. I miss that. Aziz when he was a baby especially loves that. I think he still loves it now because he always seems to be at someone armpit when he sleeps. Now it is brother. 

Sarip also love the new buai. I was thinking that perhaps this time my baby don't need no stinking buai. But how the hell other mother manage to put down their baby to sleep without it, I don't know. My kid will quickly wakes up once we put him down or stop patting him. And once my helper decided to quit, I will waste 2 or 3 hours I can spend cleaning just trying to put him to sleep. Buai it is! 

Other than that, he is the sunniest cheerful baby ever. He loves to smile. He have a hint of a dimple coming in, but not quite come through when he is smiling. In  16 years time girls would go gaga over that. LOL. ( Perasan anak akan jadi idola ramai)

It is now cuti sekolah and I had lost 3 freaking kgs, for I don't know what reason because I keep on reaching for chocolate when I am stressed out. My kids decided to help on one of my sanity chocolates and I almost lost my mind. I totally now I understand what the mother in "Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup" now feels like. 

Stopping now because I have my eye on a book I wanna buy at Betterworldbook. I have no idea why I keep on buying books when I have hardly time to shampoo my hair. 

Here's a picture of Sarip feeling disgusted at the idea of me shoving avocado in his mouth. Your loss Sarip! Mommy totally gonna make herself jus alpukat using your stock of avocados now! 

And hello... I am typing I this from my brand new HP laptop courtesy of my husband gift to me for my 35th birthday. I am 35 right, I am in denial of my age after 33. I am so excited to own a laptop that is my own. Not a loan, and not from work. But my own whatever the hell I am gonna do/install laptop. I wish I can put up a rude wallpaper but I have kids to think about now. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Its November!

That means birthday month!

For me and Saif. And also our anniversary. Which this year is our 9th anniversary. Which happened to be Saif birthday too.

I am asking for a laptop because I don't spend much time at the computer table. I hope I make good use of the laptop.

Also you know, I should typed a lot more about my darling baby Sharif Dol. His name is Sharif, but we called him Sarip Dol because.. P Ramlee movie la kan.

I had not been typing a lot in a keyboard that I am losing my fast typing skills. Damn. Gotten lazy with smartphone since I used text predictor a lot. Nak spells pon dah lose skills. Damn.

I guess it is true people say that the advent of smartphone is not necessarily a good thing. We depended too much on technology that a lot of our brain left unused or consumed by inane things like reading about how Megan Markle gonna marry Prince Harry for instance.

Anyway. Later!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

October comes in ...

and no update in Sept? 

I wonder what I had been doing. ( Eh I know la. Absolutely nothing). 

Anyway, last week we did a sorta belated birthday party for Aziz. 

He was lamenting he wants a party and since he had been a huge help to me and also he is a very nice kid, he deserved a party even if his birthday is 2 months past. 

We invited his classmates and a few of my friends only lah. Decided to do it at my sister clubhouse. A pool party! Because I couldn't be bothered to make up activity for kid. The only activity is main dalam pool je okeh. 

My siblings as usual is a great help with everyone contributing everything from chicken wings to cakes and desserts and main courses. Heh. 

The major thing should be is the kids had fun... and judging from 1 kid shouting " I am having so much fun!!" I guess it wasn't so shabby. 

Though I am not keen in repeating this again. I even pulled my muscle the day before and that hampers my enjoyment and preparation a bit. 

A video and I took only 2 photos kut! LOL!

Aziz very much enjoyed it and he was overjoyed on the presents he received. He was even nice enough to give one or two present to his brother. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Just some update. Nothing much

Feels like rambling abit. Kesian this blog is hidup segan mati tak mahu. With Twitter, IG and FB where 'micro blogging' is easier, trying to typed out few paragraphs is like a major efforts. But I should write more.

Day to day.
I feel like meh. I was typing the previous words and got distracted by cat videos. That is my life now. With the occasional giving foods to my kids.

And I started this about a week ago and havent yet finish. Like what!

Anyway I really should not have any reason to procrastinate. I have a helper around the house. She came in from 8 and goes back at 5 or 6. So I don't have to clean or mop and somebody is around to look after the kids during the afternoon which let me have a lying in session with the baby. I want to say nap, but like I said before. I don't sleep during the daytime unless very very tired or sick.

Then start from 6pm things get a little hectic. Feed the kids and wash the dishes. Easy on paper, but sometimes the baby refuse to cooperate. Used to be he will be asleep, but nowadays the littlest one would throw the most tantrumest tantrum from 6.30pm til 8pm. I think I am slightly losing weight due to his particular hour only.

After the kids are all asleep then I have 1 hour to myself. Ah yes. I don't think so I can cope with the housework if I am working, but who knows. Many had make it worked, and if people ask like before how I can cope with 3 kids, you will find a way lah to make it work. It is not like I can give the kids away. D'oh.

I honestly have no ideas what to type more. Eh I will get back to it lah. Also am planning for a holiday in Penang soon. Yeay!

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