Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Netflix and Chill

More like binge watching to the point of you feel like you have no identity of your own? 

Don't you ever feels like it? Say if I had binge watched Buffy for instance, I always feel like carving up a stake and go out to the night to patrol and make ready some sassy line for comebacks. 

So when Netflix came to Malaysia everyone is so excited. Well, everyone who loves TVs as much as I do. We subscribed and I kinda love it. 

I started with Master of None . It was ok. Funny. Not a really binge kind of series. More like, if you are feeling a little down then Master of None is a good pick me up without feeling like you had been dumbed down. Aziz Ansari brings a good point across into a package of watchable comedy. Not a bad hour spent. 

Then because I like Krysten Ritter and heard only good stuffs on Jessica Jones, so I started to watch Jessica Jones.

Again, so so good. The thing with Netflix shows are, they are good for binge watching. And Jessica Jones is so addictive. I like the angle of a dark twisty antihero superhero woman. Someone who is damaged and conflicted. I only ever seen Ritter in a comedy, so here where she balance drama, action and comedy ( Jessica Jones is sassy) she is wonderful. 

What is it about? Jessica Jones is a detective with superpowers trying to help a girl from the clutch of an evil man.  A man from Jessica past. That is the short version of the series lah. It does feel a bit graphic novel-ish, as the series is from a Marvel comic, but that is good. The world Jessica lives on is the same world that Iron Man, Captain America, Thor lives on. Post NY alien invasion attack . 

The high point of the series is the villain. Not gonna post the spoilers, but the way the mind games played out is spectacularly addictive to watch ( not as spectacular as Mr Robot, Mr Robot is a more like. WTF? spectacular). I actually went in to watch the series not knowing that Jessica Jones have superpowers. Only after it had been pointed it out then I am like.. oh ok, now I get it. Haha. 

But seriously Jessica Jones is a great show. The supporting players can be improved, but when it was just the Jessica and Kilgrave ( the main villain), it is when the show is at its height.

After finishing Jessica Jones, I am like.. eh what next. Orange is the New Black then! I was never interested to watch it, but Netflix keeps on trying to recommend it to me. So easy to click than to browse I say.

AND I AM HOOKED. So helplessly hooked. Not helping that there are 3 seasons of OITNB ( panjang sangat nak type). 

It is about Piper an upper class girl who got sent to prison because of her past crime, she helped her girlfriend (who is a drug smuggler) carry some drug money to another country. So basically the story deals with how she copes with prison life. 

And it is seriously good. And I love the diverse cast, where it is acknowledged that the people in the system flock together according to races and from there we see the life and past life of each inmate in the show. 

A show about prison can be campy or dark, but here injected with comedy, it straddled the line of drama and comedy perfectly. It feels believable and the emotions pouring out of each performance makes me feel for each and everyone of the inmate. Yes, even the one that deserved to be there. 

And this show is even more addictive than Jessica Jones. It is that good. I love how the main players are women in this show, how very little romance is in the plot. Yes, there is love ( and many are the lesbian love type). But it feels real. It feels more like a telling of relationships than romance. So I love that. And the biggest baddest flirt, is a woman. Like all the man in this show, can't hold a candle when Alex Vause smiles at you. 

I am hoping to finish this OITNB madness, and maybe take a step back from Netflix a bit so I can get back to my usual, average life and tv shows. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wolly gone missing.. for a while

I wonder if each of the cat is gonna gone missing at one point. I had Bobby and Kurap missing once. 

Last weekend went back to JB to attend a wedding. It was nice, the whole family ( my adik beradik) were there which is kinda rare because not everyone lives nearby. 

Usually we send the cats to the usual pet store, but not too long ago we got a flyer advertising a home boarding for cats nearby our home. So we decided to test that out.  

Sent the cats on Friday and off we went off to JB. Saturday morning to, on our way to the hotel, we received a call from the pet sitter saying that Wolly had gone missing! She is very apologetic and sounds a bit afraid , which understandable. She explained that somehow Wolly manage to get out of the cage, by squeezing herself out from the door that is not shut tightly. 

Wolly and Bobby shared the same cage. Only Wolly got out. I think Bobby is like... dude.. your funeral. So she got out and the sitter tried to find her to no avail. 

I was calm, because while she should have checked that the cage is shut tightly, I kinda understand too. And I was convinced that we are gonna find Wolly again. 

On Sunday we went back to KL and petang tu amik the other 3 cats. So the sitter and I tried to search again around her area calling out Wolly name . No Wolly. I was hoping when I got home, I would find Wolly there. 

Only found my neighbor cats having fun with their kittens there it seems. 

So many kittens
So no Wolly and we went around the neighborhood calling Wolly's name and tadek. Susah hati ok. And as for the sitter, I can see that she had put up a lot of effort to search for Wolly judging from the neighbors around feedback saying that they still havent seen my cat and she was really torn up about it. Honestly, I can't be angry. Also my Wolly is being an asshole. 

However it was Sunday night and I don't know what else I can do to find Wolly. And since I usually have to go to work early and came back quite late, susah hati gak la kan how I am gonna find the time canvassing the neighbourhood. Bobby dulu jumpa time weekend, Kurap time maghrib on a weekday. 

. So I edit the Missing Cat poster, which previously I had done for Kurap, 

Missing Cat poster that I just put on my Google Drive. I forgot sometimes how pretty Kurap was. Miss her so much. 

Ni pon pretty gak. I was almost afraid someone gonna kept her to their home forever. 

Thank you for those who shared the night and thank God that I do not need to put up the posters around, maybe God makbulkan doa but Wolly herself late at night that same Sunday, gone back to the sitter house and start mewing like crazy. Probably hungry. The next morning too, my husband picked her up. 2 hari tak keluar rumah terus kucing bertuah tu. 

She was fine. Not hurt, no bruises or cuts or claws mark, and not dirty. I suspect she was holed up in someone home because she is pretty lovable. Mengade sangat. 

Let's hope I do not need to reuse the poster again, at least for a long time. 

As for the sitter home, serik ke nak hantar lagi? I don't know. I think I might give her another chance sebab she was pretty honest and really did not give up looking for my cat. She also refused payment, and I kinda feel bad for her actually. Maybe die sendiri troma and lepas tu taknak dah accept my cats for boarding dah. LOL. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A little update

Last night as I see Saif tottering here and there and suddenly feels like eh, I just  have to update about them, 

Aziz is now instead of playschool had started on preschool.
Still obsessed with Ultraman, a little bit less obsessed on Upin Ipin but this kinda things is seasonal. Tomorrow he may like Upin and Ipin again. 

Makan sikit je. Yesterday we bought pizza and it took him an hour to finish 1 slice. Really!

Likes to make up stories. If we asked him something, he will have some tall tales to tell us. 

Really like playing with ants. Rumah ni is pestered with ants sometimes, and if he found one, he will be like, "comel kan mummy" and put the ant on his finger and gazed at it. 

He is mostly toilet trained. Except for night. Bile tido masih lagi berpampers because when he sleeps especially for a nap mesti terbocor. But ok lah. Memula kan Aziz resist the idea of going diaperless, kenkadang nangis2 nak pakai diapers, so we introduced him to a thing called 'underwear'. Haha. His father bought him those superhero cartoons underwear so he is more excited to wear it. 

Really have to make an effort to teach him something. I macam reluctant to force ABCs and 123s to him. Tapi macam dah nak kena dah. Haha. 

Tottering here and there and everywhere. 

No longer is entranced by YouTube. Like to spend time wreaking havoc around the house, climbing the stairs, and playing with random things, especially pouring lotion and oil out of the bottle on the vanity table. 

We changed his nursery to the one nearer the house because my husband soon will be not available to pick them up and the last nursery have to pick up before 6pm which is hard. So the current nursery we have to pick up before 7pm so more doable. So Saif goes here all day and Aziz after his preschool will have a transit transport driving him to the same nursery. 

Saif is adjusting fine to the new nursery. Actually both Aziz and Saif seems to love it. 

The ummi at the nursery also said that both of them eats a lot there. Especially Saif. Saif constantly cries for food. LOL. 

Last 2 night I woke up at 4 am to find Saif playing at the vanity table trying to get his chubby little hands on to some stuffs. He is definitely more berani than his abang. Abang die kalau bangun tengah malam akan sekadar sidled up to me or bapak die. 

If he wants something he will throw a huge tantrum. Like we were in Midvalley last weekend, and were eating mee tarik. Malas nak beli extra so ingatkan nak suapkan the mee je to both kids. Aziz loves mee so no issue for him. Bile tiba Saif.. meraung2, sampai la bapaknye beli nasi ayam. Haha.

Close to his father and wants to cling to him and sometimes refused to be consoled by me. Huhu.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Kuantan Darul Bauksit


Sorry orang Kuantan but this is what people are talking about and I had just got back from a really nice 1 day trip. There were a lot of tanah merah everywhere though, though pantai beserah don't look red.

But getting ahead of myself.

Since our office is closed at 31st Dec, so we bertolak dalam kul 10 lebih. Brekfast or late brunch at KL . Beli bekal sikit and all sets!

We reached Kuantan around 2pm and ingatkan nak makan at Hoi Yin then I google and perasan Hoi Yin open only for breakfast and lunch. 2.30 pm dah tutup. So we went straight to the hotel je la as sume dah full makan bebukan at hotel. Checked in and baring kejab .

We stayed here

We stayed at Mandurah Hotel at Beserah. It is pretty ok. Clean, manned by mostly local employees and nice and modern. The beach is clean and the staffs are friendly and helpful. The only downside is that bilik air pintu tak boleh tutup. Bukan rosak, but macam pintu toilet gitu, no lock . And it don't close completely so you can see what people are doing. Haha. Saif berapa banyak kali mengendap. Only ok for couple I would think. Haha.

Because it is nearly 5pm and Saif dah start restless lapar, we decided to go to one of the roadside stalls that I noticed that sells mee calong.

Doesn't look much but very tasty. Saif likes it. 

Keropok lekor pon sedap.
Also bought akok die which is sedap gak.

Then petang tu hujan kejab but we still manage  to bring the kids to play on the beach, mostly main pasir je.

Aziz and his father 
We bring the kite because memula Aziz tak excited nak pegi beach. Die kate tanak pegi kat fish. So we warmed him up with kite flying . He loves kite flying. Dan bawak layang2 ni on that day, basically lepas je terus terbang si Doraemon layang2 tu.

The hotel have a new year celebration but we malas and prefers to eat outside. It was raining that night and memula we try to go to New Horizon, penuh, then we try to see Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, but ade la tempat duduk, tapi nampak ramai orang and macam sesak. Bawak Aziz and Saif ni kenkadang rase macam senang lagi tempat yang luas kan, so we opt for Super Top which from what I read is quite ok too. So we went there sebab tempat die nampak luas and selesa.

It was a good choice. After we order tak sampai 10 mins everything dah sampai.

Sotong goreng tepung yang sedap tapi sebab banyak sangat jadi muak. 

Yang lain2

We ordered sayur kailan ikan masin, sup campor, siakap 2 rasa, udang masak cili and husband favorite telor dadar. If we were to go again, I wouldn't mind reordering all of the above except for the sup campor. It was a bit masam to my taste.

Left the kedai full , full sangat sampai later that night Aziz puked all over the bathroom hotel. Naseb baik la dalam bilik air.

Melayan Aziz makan. 
Besok tu we had breakfast at the hotel. Possibly the worst breakfast hotel I ever had. Huhu. Everything is bad, so in the end, I just had bread.

Muka budak2 masam breakfast. Aziz is contented with only sausages and Saif is ok with fruits.

Pagi tu sambung balik main pasir . They had fun for about an hour and it started raining, so we went back to the room and packed.

Makan kejab at Hoi Yin becuse mee kari die nampak delish je. And it was pretty nice. Isi banyak dan sedap.

Afterwards pergi ke Berjaya Megamall and then to rumah Iz to see her kid and furbabies.

Singgah beli the famous mango cakes afterwards at Kula Cakes . So many people in beratur and yeps, deserving of the hype. Sedap sangat. So many taste in the cheesecake. Not just cheese. Rase nak beli satu kek terus lain kali. Do not have pics here though.

Then barulah balik KL after buruk lantak at Kuantan.

Hope that the bauxite issue will stop soon as it will be really bad if people stop going there because the people who are bauxite mining can't keep their shits together to not let it affect the environment. Seriously, how hard it is to keep it not leaking to sources of water and not let it spill all over the place. ??

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Briefly to Melaka

Ok. You can't have it either way is it? Either the job is relaxed and you don't learned anything or super stressful but learning a lot. Huhu. Though I am beginning to feel a lot of dissatisfaction .  And tired. So tired. 

Anyway. Last week we went to the Bayou Lagoon Melaka for some family gathering. It is only for one night but the kids had fun. 

They are absolutely no pictures taken when we are at Bayou Melaka. LOL. 

There are pictured of the kids munching on nuggets though. It was jam all the way and we settled for some KFC on the go. Since KFC nuggets is really good the kids enjoyed it. Saif lah paling suke. He hates rice nowadays. 

We reached Melaka just in time for check in. Petang tu terus bawak bebudak gi mandi, and because I didn't bring an extra pair of underwears ( terrible I know), I pon malas la masuk pool. Have to buy some bikini underwears from the hotel later on. LOL. 

Semua orang malas keluar hotel. My sister and BIL went out to tapaw seafood for us, and even then I am incredibly full sebab my mom dah bawak bekal nasi lemak banyak. Malam tu some of us decided to go out to Bandar Melaka. Kekonon nak gi Jonker Walk, tapi Jonker Walk tutup, nan hado. Haha. I didn't go out pon sebab I am too mengantuk, preferring to just sleep with Saif. 

Then besok pagi tu after breakfast, the kids played in the pool and I kemas2 barang2 untuk checkout. Sekejab je kan. Then my sister ajak pergi Freeport. But start masuk Alor Gajah , jam ok nak gi Freeport. My eldest sister patah balik makan cendol bakar je which is on the way back, sebab die tak jumpa parking. The others found parking including us and decided to go terus. Alang2 dah bersesak. 

Sebab it is like the middle of the month and I had just spent money on clothes, was not too keen to go shopping pon. It was ok la. Exactly like JPO, as for the stores , I don't know. I think I prefer Mitsui Outlet, just because the stuffs there are more affordable and .. air conditioned. Haha.. My husband bought a shirt and that is it. But memang ramai manusia, and they have food trucks at the entrance which is good because I remembered going to JPO during lunch hour masa awal2 bukak dulu and we don't have much choice either you eat at food court which don't offer much or expensive restaurants. The food truck were a big hit. They also have some ice coffee/frap stands which is a good idea since it is a hot day. 

Balik tu kite orang makan durian sebab I dah excited nampak durian.

It is still not cheap. We bought durian sultan I think.. which is for rm36 kut. It was good durian, but I had better. My sister ingatkan stall ni yang buffet durian tu, Haha. No lah, I think my limit untuk makan durian adalah 2 biji kut. That is on a good day. Nowadays 1 durian pon dah cukup. Aziz taknak makan, Saif is eager for more than just a few taste, tapi I tak berapa bagi sangat. Haha,

Hari jumaat petang tu dah sampai KL. Tu pon lewat sikit sebab I nak ikut jalan lama2 sebab on the way pergi Melaka the day before tu I perasan ade orang jual daging salai. 

Terus beli 1 kg worth of daging salai. I tak tahu la mahal ke murah, but cheaper than the packed one in Jusco, which sells around RM20 for sekali makan ( for 2-4 people). 

Yang ni die bagi RM40 per 1 kg. So I bought 1 kg and gave half to my sister. Cukup la untuk 4 kali buat masak lemak. Daging salai selain with kerabu or masak lemak , untuk lauk ape lagi ek? 

My sister said kena simpan dalam freezer kalau tak berbulu. Huhu. So this is all the one going to the freezer. 

Ok. Will promise to update more. Heh. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

BBW 2015

LOL. My husband is like... "but you said you don't want to go because you had shopped a lot during the viva popular sale".  But the books beckoned, and hence I came. 

This year I do not get a preview pass because simply I never try to win any. Huhu. I had foreseen I dont think so I can take leave for the preview pass. And I felt during my last preview pass shopping, macam.. eh.. no big deal lah. 

So I told my husband I feel like going because Aziz is sleeping at my sister house so we only have 1 child that keep us distracted. So by 7.30 am I had changed and bathed Saif jugak sebab die poo poo so nak taknak, mandikan terus. Sampai at MIECC around 8 am, and we found out Saif pooped again. Yessh. Manage to clean him up lah before looking for books. 

We got out of there around 10 am, just nice before the crowd settled in. 

Reached home and picked up Aziz and Aziz was excited to find brand new books.

Ade pakai utk wrist. Aziz so excited. Turned out tadek battery. 
Aziz do love books. 

So for a somewhat clearer look, those are the children books that were chosen by my husband mostly,

Some of Saif books. 

And the big guys/girls books as below. 

This time I was surprised that the amount is over RM400. I spent way less on the other sale. My husband pointed out that we takes a lot of children book this time. I guess so. Also I noticed most of the books at the BBW is at RM10 instead of RM8 of yesteryears. Still cheap, but more. Understandable because our currency is really weak now. 

Glad After Dead is there because I am 1 book and a half away from finishing Sookie Stackhouse series. I am so gonna miss Sookie soon. 

The coffee table books my husband bought. Bobby sibuk nak jadi model. I kinda miss Kurap whenever I bought big bags of shopping home. No cat is more kepochi than her. 

Ok. That's it. I am so mengantuk. Gonna sleep naw. 

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Last weekend stuffs

A bit tired because yesterday Monday was cruel. It was closing payroll time so everything has to be urgent and things that cant be solved immediately will be escalated even to the CEO. Cruel I'll tell you. But at the end of the day everyone was happy, well somewhat. 

Last weekend was Aziz and Saif performance and review day. Aziz was supposed along with his class mates to sing and dance and clap and jump. But he do none of that. Instead he stand in a corner and lift up his shirt looking like he doesnt want to be there. Ade la masa2 he will go and play with the tabir kat belakang. Actually most of the kids refused to sing. LOL. The teacher kinda like embarassingly apologized saying that they had practice but I don't mind lah. You can't really force a bunch of 3 and 2 year olds to do stuffs when they don't want to. I think they are a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. At least no one is kicking and screaming. Actually there was 2 incident , but he refused to be on stage and the other one, was a girl who very enthusiastically try to jump and fail and cried. Poor baby. But I like it that they try nonetheless. 

Looked at all the tots. Just seeing them on stage is enough. Hehe.

Afterwards it was review session of the kids. Macam the last one, Aziz received loads of praises because he is a cheerful playful little guy. A little naughty but to be expected lah. Saif however we were informed is a bit tantrumy, clingy and refused to do much except wants to be carried. Which is a bit of a surprise because at home he can be everywhere. Maybe he is a bit overwhelmed by the kids. But the tantrum , yes, Saif nowadays is a bit of tantrum thrower. He will scream and lie down and kicked if he doesn't get his ways or throw things to the floor if he doesn't like the things or pissed at you. I am trying to get him to give things nicely now.

The teacher also said Saif eats a lot, so now I had tuka their punye bekas makanan lagi besar sebab die makan nasi separuh pinggan. The baby thermos just wouldnt fit all of the rice I tried to put in.

Makan pau kacang merah dalam kereta. Comot sebelom sampai. Kena tuka baju. 
On Sunday pulak we had to attend a wedding at Senawang on my husband side. I am always pleased if I got an invitation to a wedding because I love wedding food. Hehe. And this wedding it does not disappoint. Ade sambal sotong kering and keropok lekor! Keropok lekor die plentiful and sodap. Weekend tu plak I tetiba terasa cravings nak keropok lekor. So nice when what you want is suddenly presented to you. Alhamdullilah. 

Then we went singgah at Mitsui Outlet to see what the fuss is all about. I have to say it is nicer than JPO because the choice between brands which we can afford is greater and they have air conditioned so we are not exactly sweating in between shops. My husband likes it because there are a lot of those street brand name shoes that he likes in there. The restaurants also looks nicer. Maybe I will go there again but it is so out of the way that it can only happened rarely lah. We don't buy anything pon. I am looking for another pair of work pants, but couldn't find the one I want. Last2 beli toy untuk Aziz je. 

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