Monday, May 09, 2016

Money can't buy everything

So I was ironing some clothes last night while Aziz is watching Phineas and Ferb. Last night episode was where the gangs were travelling to outer space in their rockets. 

So after the episode finished Aziz sidled up to me and said 

"Mommy, Aziz nak roket. Aziz nak naik roket". 

I asked him, " Mana nak cari roket." 

" Mommy pergi lah kedai roket." Ah. To his almost 4 year old brain, everything came ready made in a shop. 

" Tadek orang jual roket, Aziz kalau nak naik rocket kena belajar pandai2, pandai baca, pandai tulis.." 

Well.. couldn't really finish off extremely important life lesson to my first born because he had wandered off to watch tv because if you can't buy it, he is not interested anymore. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Kami ke Langkawi sat

I was really hankering for a holiday, so we decided on a short one at Langkawi. I have to say it is much too short. Maybe I should have make it longer, but my leave is not that much so macam malas nak amik.

This time we flew to Langkawi by Malindo Air. We got a good deal at around RM500 for all. We decided for just a short 3 days 2 nights. Not enough!



We stay at Frangipani, because I love the Pantai Cenang and Tengah area. It would not bore me to death say if I were to stuck in a big resort and walkable.

We were fortunate that when we arrived, husband requested for Viva and we got an Alza, nasib baik sebab bag besar kut. Campor stroller lagi. Kalau tak terpaksa la kami meriba stroller.

Then we arrived at the hotel and got upgraded from a deluxe room to a garden villa. Soo happy! Because that means the kids can be loud and we don't have to worry so much on the noise. Heh.

We didn't do much. The first day I directly went shopping because I want to get over the shopping first. Kalau tak rase nak shopping je. So on the day we arrived ,  lepak jab kat hotel, then ke Kuah.

Memula macam nak beli Vision, then i pikir and pikir and pikir, I don't see what I want to use it for. I just like the idea that I can use it directly on the stove. So I tuka, kehendak Vision  ke Pyrex because I want an oven proof glassware for my baking needs. Pyrex is a bit too expensive and I found Arcuisine is really cheap and most of the one I seen for this brand is oven safe. I got the sets one where I have 3 rectangular ware with covered lids and one normal ware, at less than RM150. Am happy!

Yang lain2 tu biasa la, coklat and biscuits. Am regretting that I do not buy more of Jules Destrooper biscuits because it seems like.. macam tak banyak biscuits for moi! Sedih. I love that brand biscuits. Simply the best I ever tasted.

Then on the next day we brought the kids for the cable car ride and I am weak hearted and keep on thinking if we were to plunge to our deaths, people would need to pick us in pieces but at least we will die as family. Gile morbid. Haha. The only one yang tak muka pucat naik kabel car adalah Aziz je. Saif memula nak throw tantrum terus senyap peluk bapak die sepanjang in the cable car.
Aziz absolutely loves it up there. 

Budak cuak dalam kabel car. But at least he just stay quiet.

But the geopark at Langkawi was fun. It is gonna be my last time though. Dengan Saif trying to run around at the top of the viewing place , Aziz trying to climb all over the place. My heart just can't take it. I am assured of my own mortality, but when it comes to the kids , it is just so stressful.

After the cable car ride, we want to get on the Duck tour but alas, boat tu rosak lak. So we headed for the Skyrex, where it is a new ride, yang type 6D tu. It is ala if we are stranded in Jurassic World. Super fun! Yang tu Aziz tak suke plak. Heh. Ade one of this animatronic dino kat luar tu. Memula terkujat i , tetiba die gerak. Then bebudak ni campo this one middle eastern looking girl also refused to budge from there. Bile suruh bergambar taknak dekat pulak. 

As for other activities, just mandi manda di laut and swimming pool je. I rase macam I and the kids tak puas lagi main air and pasir at the beach. I also wished I had the time to take up mangrove kayak! Tah ade ke tak stamina. A girl can dream.

He was a bit unsure about all these sands at first.

Then they are having fun
Memula both are not happy being in the sea bile we try to persuade them to basahkan kaki amongst the waves, bile petang turun ke laut, they are ok with the idea, but still not a big fan of waves. Mungkin sebab bile petang ramai orang and the sea seems a bit calmer. Baru la tak ketakutan mandi laut. 

After mandi laut tu, we will let them in the kiddie pool for a while. 

I can't stand it . LOL

Kekonon nak belajar swimming.

Also went for a walk along the Chenang and Pantai Tengah area bile malam tu. And sekarang lagi modernized la situ. A bit too commercialized but a lot of people would like it. Tak boring la jalan situ.

As for tempat makan, I rase ade banyak gile people saying the same thing like Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq. As we didn't find anything quite noteworthy to add more, ( and most of it I uploaded in IG pon). Our dinner is a pretty ok seafood dinner. Just went to some random place. Not too bad and I have to say better than say dropping by on some random restaurant in KL. We were planning to go to Wan Thai, however bile sampai fully booked ok. We sampai awal, and there were a lot of empty tables, but all of them are reserved. Heh. So we singgah je mana2 kedai makan.

One of our dinner. Kami tak berapa nak buruk lantak sebab yang makannye 2 orang, perut 2 budak kecik takleh nak amik kira sangat. 

It was a good vacation. Everything went smoothly and no on is making a fuss. Kesian to my husband je la sebab tak boleh nak dine at a nicer place masa birthday die on that first nightat Langkawi, but I ordered a cake from the hotel and the cake is really nice so he ok je I think. Heh.

Anyway rase rugi pulak tak lagi lama. Macam still tak puas holiday la rasenye. Hehehe. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Kids

Felt like updating about the kids.

The pic above is taken when I took him for a gym class about a few weeks back. He was crying for a while then warm up when he realized he is having fun. Been meaning to blog about it, but nantilah. 

He is like 95% diaper free. He don't wear diapers in the day, and for about a week or two in the night too. But if the room is a bit cold, he would pee again. So the diaper is on again. 2 steps forward 1 step back. Thats ok. I think he will get there. He can go to the bathroom himself and wash himself too. I had seen how he wash himself and he washes his hands too. Only have to keep reminding him about flushing the toilet. LOL. Such a good boy. 

He is also a good helper. I can mostly count on him to fetch things and he is always wanting to help. And give suggestions freely too. I was thinking of baking cookies and asking him to sort maybe as a first step. I think he will like it. The hindrance of course is baby brother also mahu join kan.. tu disaster sikit la pulak. 

Oh he can also dress himself though he do have problems with buttons and zips. I think a lot of kids his age already can dress themselves but he also seems to enjoy it. 

Obsess on the color orange. He always lament why he doesn't have orange clothes. He used to have a lot tapi dah outgrew la kan, so that baju tu dah diturunkan to his brother. So setiap kali I pakaikan adik die baju oren, die akan bising2 .. "manaaa baju oren Azizz.. Aziz nak baju orennn". So have to start buying orange or yellowish baju again for him. Huhu. 

Bought this pink fat unicorn for him but it seems like it is too big for his tembam legs. Abang die yang pandai main. Rupanye you bounce it around. 

Crankypants ni. Always seems to be crying and being tantrumy around 7pm to 8pm. So I think even after nursery dah bagi makan , it is either not enough or he was distracted to eat much, so nowadays we had started to give him like a heavy supper to eat before his bedtime. Rice ke, or sandwich. Less crying and tantrum during bedtime then. So ok la. 

Like to play hide and seeks with our stuffs. We are constantly missing our stuffs because he likes to take things from the table and then put in various drawers or places or tong sampah. . I had found his keropok lekor in a drawer once.  Always have to look in tong sampah if he threw anything out. 

Can't really speak any discernible language, but he does like to speak his gibberish. Sometimes he does pronounce a clear word or somewhat a word macam "Nah!" or "Nak" I think that are his first words. With me he called "mamamamama". Last week while caressing Brownie yang tengah lounging on the sofa, he suddenly called him "Bobby." Hahaha. So he can call one of the cats name first before calling Mommy or Ayah. 

Brought him to a playground once ( Jumpa Zahid AF dengan wife and anak. Anak die very adorable). Abang die kalau dah jumpa kawan terus totally forgot die ade adik. So have to watch adik die who loves the slide ( who dont!) , Suke gile naik and turun slide. And I don't really hold him because he is now a pro. Another mother pon exclaim tanye " die gi nursery ke.. beraninye" LOL. It is true, but is a child only brave because he is in nursery? Macam kena hantar army training je kat nursery kan. Though then I think Saif got a little bored with sitting down and sliding down, and try to slide standing up. Gah. So have to constantly be on alert. 

One of the nicest part of the day ( or night) is watching these little beasts asleep. I never feel very mother like and I always wondered anew how could I have these 2 boys. 

Friday, April 08, 2016

Home bake (Picture not pinterest worthy!)

It is Friday, and compared to last week Friday, today is a much more mellower Friday. Thus. I like! 
Last Friday was insane. There was an issue of sorts, and then my boss started berating me in front of everybody basically saying I am not doing my jobs in updating stuffs ( which I did, he have selective memory is our running jokes in this office) . 

I was in the midst of updating ( and I am not really feeling to tell the whole story here about the issues, biasa la issues at work kan, lagi2 if dealing with payroll) and he basically stopped me halfway in doing my job, just to vent. All the while he is 'bla bla bla ing' I was thinking... this is not productive at all. So I just stopped him and go somewhere else to get updates. Honestly. Most of the time when he is berating, he just wants to vent. But last week, I just can't. Don't vent in the middle of the office boleh? 

Ok. So that is my vent. 

Anyway, I had been firing my up my oven recently. Maybe because stress just makes me wanna eat more. 

It was my mom birthday and I make lemon cake with frosting. This is an achievement of some sort because this is the second time I tried to make frosting, and it turned out, not bad. First time was a raging failure. Well, the second time it was kinda fail, but then I am the sort who hated to waste thing. Macam kalau tak jadi takkan nak buang all these butter and sugary concoctions kut! Butter and sugar mahal taw! 

So I read that if your frosting don't really fluffed up even if followed instructions to a T , it can be because the temp is really hot. So putting it in a fridge can help, so yeps, I put my frosting in a fridge and after about an hour or so, it begin to fluff up again. LOL . Dapur panas sangat kut. 

My frosting skills is still a lot lacking. Hahahaha. I don't really have cake stand or proper plate for cake so it is kinda hard to frost. Leceh betul. Nak tunjuk gamba atas pon mcm segan. Tapi ini adalah bukti! Saya masak kek. 

Probably will buy a cake stand next. Considering, selalu jugak la bake. And I think dengan bulan puasa tak lama lagi ni, I will again bake the usual date cake again because I want to use up the extra dates that we usually got. 

So last weekend to get away from the stress of that issue, I bake some brownies sebab I promised bebudak yang tolong solvekan issue tu 'belanja minum'. But we rarely go out anywhere and there is not any Starbucks or chatime nearby. Bake aje lah brownies senang and give to them. 

I used a previous recipe for brownies that I had also updated the link here in this blog. Brownies kali ni manis sikit, sebab instead of the usual cooking chocolate, I used some chocolate biasa that I have LOADS of in the fridge. My husband beli chocolate banyak gile last time he went to Turkmenistan. So it is a bit manis. Cut down the sugar in the recipe to just a quarter since there are also chocolate chips in them. 

This brownie recipe should have frosting, tapi aku tak kuasa. It feels too much like a cake plak kalau brownies ade frosting, to me. 

The people at the office likes it, so ok la. Mission accomplished. 

Next plan to bake is either, soft cookies for the kids or cupcakes. Probably cookies kut. Maybe next weekend lah. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sookie Stackhouse Series

I first watched True Blood but then it becomes a tad unwatchable after Season 3 I think. Sookies just seems a lot whiny to me. Someone tells me to try to read the books because Sookie Stackhouse is a much more acceptable heroine in the books. That is usually the case pon kan. 
Kurang 3 books, this is a 13 series books. Took me a year to finish all. 

So the novels series by Charlaine Harris ; The Southern Vampire Mysteries basically chronicled Sookie's life. I would say the timeline from she first meet Bill to the last book event is maybe give or take 5 years? Around book 6 or 7, I was thinking, damn Sookie have a lot of near death events. I think towards the end, even Charlaine Harris thinks it had become a tad bit ludicrous. 

I don't feel like posting a synopsis, because almost everybody knows of True Blood. I only watched the last episode of True Blood just to see how it ends, and I like how the series end. For the book, I am quite satisfied with it too. I can see also that is the only logical way to go.  

Anyway in the book I think 

- Sookie is less whinier. She don't like to talk much, if she feels fed up with it, she will just do it herself. I like it. In the series, she seems almost whiny. 

- I get her relationship with memory loss Eric in the book. In the series, it feels icky, kinda like Big icky. ( You know the movie Big, where a kid grows up overnight to be Tom Hanks, then there is one scene where he had sex. BIG ICK. )

- The earlier books were smuttier, towards the end, it becomes less smutty. I think because she had also experienced a lot, so towards the end it is all been there done that. 

- I wish we had given a look into Faerieland. 

- Love how she wrote the vampires have a cool monarchy system going on for hundred of years, which the humans are oblivious. 

- Love also that most of the relationship Sookie have with her friends and the town and in the end, they all got her back. 

I love the books, though it does gets a bit redundant at the end. Sookie is in some sort of danger, manage to be saved by someone's help. Though it is unfair to say she always relied on someone help. Sometimes she managed to save herself. Sometime she saved others. But you can get a Sookie fatigue towards the end. Which is why, I always read some other books in between reading the book series. I may end up hating Sookie if I don't do that. 

But I enjoyed the book, it is well written. While it may not be complex or insightful but you do have a lot of fun reading it. Way better than some chick lits. Got a healthy dose of girl power, romance and relationship ongoing. The mythology of all the creatures had been setup nicely and not too boneheaded or out of this world. The faery is the most mysterious of them all, but I like it. 

And to close of the series, she also wrote After Dead. In After Dead, it listed if not all, but most of the beloved characters that we come to know and love in Sookie Stackhouse series, on their updates in life many years afterwards. I love that she decided to write this. Feels like a tribute to the fans that continue to read on. She knows the fans love it and this book is specially for the fans and it also brought a firm close lid on who Sookie ends up with. It is kinda bittersweet, but it does feel right. 

I am looking forward to read her other books. I had started already buying the other series. Usually I will kumpul it at the Big Bad Wolf Sale, because they always have Charlaine Harris series there. 

Hmmm.. I haven't finish a book for the longest time. Been busy. I was trying to finish the House of the Seven Gables, but it is so not a page turner. Been trying to take up some other books in between, but not able to finish all. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

My handy dandy helper

I mentioned last birthday, I requested for the most unromantic request. A robotic vacuum cleaner. 
Frankly I am tired of vacuuming everyday and feeling bits and pieces at my feet whenever I walked in the house. 

With 2 toddlers and 4 cats, the house can accumulate quite a pile of dirt and dust. So masa Maybank treats fair tahun lepas , I remembered I was absolutely transfixed at the Neato showroom. Tapi time tu macam malas nak beli sebab I don't know anything about the product yet and to throw down a lot of money on a whim is a little scary. 

So my birthday came, and I insisted to have a vacuum. Robotic vacuum cleaner would be more beneficial to my well being than a diamond. And make cleaning the house chores a bit faster . Anything that lessen house chores is a plus. 

So while my husband is ready to look into Ecovacs , I remembered that Neato booth and I remembered how I like that it is the 'smart' type of robot vacuum. My requirements goes like 

1. It can somewhat scan the room and run through the room. 

2. Can go up a few inches to vacuum carpet because everybody have carpets. 

3. Can vacuum corner reasonably because usually that is where the dust lies 

Why I choose the Neato? 

1. It fulfilled the above. 

2. Reasonably price. 

3. Great reviews. I always scoured reviews in the internet, and for a lot of the other brand it is kinda 50-50. But for Neato, it is almost overwhelmingly good. 

4. A clear place where to send if need for repairs. Need to make sure all the spareparts can easily be obtained kan. 

Went into Lazada to see what sort of Neato they have, because I have no idea where to buy it on a physical shop, found a few models on sale and show this particular model to my husband because it was going for under 2k at Lazada.  It is the Neato XV 11 . It is an old model, 4 years back I guess. But since it was cheap, and the reviews are good, eh why not lah.  

Neato XV-11 . Pic is from Wiki. 

The real thing. People call it ugly. I like its outdated Star Wars quality. 

So the vacuum is now in service at my home for months. 

( I have no patience to write down clear cohesive paragraph, so point form again ) . 

How do I find it? 

The good? 
1. It picked up the dirt and dust nicely. Like I said, I have 4 cats. The amount of hairball is unbelievable sometimes. I have seen cat fur rolling around the house like tumbleweeds. No more! There is some stray cat fur balls sometimes but prett ok lah. 

2. Open corner ( the one not blocked with tiny chairs or whatever, is always clean. 

3. OK battery lah. If it doesn't get stuck, it can vacuum the lower house and got back to its charging station in reasonable time. But my home not that big either. 

4. Easy display. It will show a message if the filter and dust bin is full.

It also have good manners. 

5. Scheduling . Can schedule for it to run to whatever time it pleases you. 

6. Easy to empty the dust bin.

The dust bin is a bit small, so we usually need to clean it after 3 to 4 days. But the amount of dust it picked up is amazing lah

The bad ? 
1. It can get stuck. It is not that predictable. Like usually it can goes around a chair reasonably well, but once it get stuck , it really get stuck, I will place it somewhere else, then it goes right back under the chair and start to get stuck again. I proceed to do the same again with same result! LOL. But it happened only sometimes la. Have to rearrange the furniture a bit. 

2. It sometimes persist in cleaning the same area a few times longer than other area. I have no idea why? Is it because it is way dirtier??? 

3. A bit noisy. Aziz will complain if the vacuum is running when he is watching TV. But not as loud as my old Dyson. 

4. Should have a child lock ( or i couldnt find it). During the first 2 or 3 months, Saif and Aziz were forever turning on the vacuum. Once on, Saif will cried and run to me because he thinks the vacuum is chasing him. LOL. 

Try nak bukak dust bin tu pulak. Nasib baik yang tu susah sikit nak bukak. 

Overall. Pretty good . I am quite satisfied on how it run, the house is less dusty. Cut down my vacuuming hours a lot. Have to run the old vacuum too sometimes to pick up places where the Neato might left out and the carpet. But the Neato picks up dirt and hair from carpet reasonably well too. Better than some Electrolux vacuum I had used I say. ( Dyson is best still. ) . So yes. I am satisfied with Neato. It can get stucks, but it doesn't happened often ( as long as you pick stuffs up) but overall it is better than I expected. A totally worth it birthday present. My friends say I am very practical. LOL. Maybe this year I will opt for an unpractical gift. 

Unfortunately I do not have any funny pictures or videos involving the cats! Damn it! LOL. The cats are quite wary of this moving weird thing, but they just steer clear of it. None try to chase it. Bobby did tried to pee on it. Jeez Bobby. 

One very good thing about having Neato in the house is that it forces me to pick up the kids toy and put it away every night no matter how tired I am because I don't want the Neato to get stuck. So it also forced me to tidy my house a bit. 

Edited: Change the video because I just realized it were unplayable before. So yeps... below are the Neato in action. 



Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peer pressure

This morning while I am rushing here and there everywhere to get the kids into the car.

"Mommy .. Tawan2 Aziz ( *kawan in Aziz pelatness) sume ade barang tawasss, Aziz je sorang tadek" 

Aziz said this with a really mournful voice. Like it is the most unfair thing ever. 

" Haa. Tawas ?? Aziz nak ape? Aziz tadek cawan kee" 

"Bukaannn.. Aziz nak tawaass. Semua ade. Muaz ade.. Syafiq ade..." Selalu sangat nama2 tu kena petik. 

" Tawass? Mommy tak tahu lah tawas tu ape. Cuba Aziz bagitaw Mommy tawas tu macam rupa die". 

" Tawass laa Mommy. Tawas! " Super exasperated by now. 

"Ooohhh Star Wars. Haa nanti la mommy tengokkan" 

Must be the correct one, because he looks satisfied and start to put on his shoes.

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