Thursday, April 03, 2014

Aziz dan terselit sedikit pasal food.

Aziz is 20 months old

We bought him that cheap winded toy from some cheap store in Bangi selling kids and women accessories. I love those shop! Dengan itu happy la die kejab sementara menunggu makanan.

Big boy who likes to babble when he is happy. Babble in his own language la.Language is still so-so. He understands what we says but mulut bagaikan menyimpan emas . If he wants something, he will take your hand and direct you to whatever it is that you have to take it for him. 

 Dua ekor ni bergaduh nakkan laptop. Sekor nak tengok Mawa Kawa, sekor nak membuta situ. Kelakar pulak tengok die tolak2 Bobby sambil cakap " Babyyyy... angannn... angannn Babyyy". Pelat habes. Mawa Kawa tu favorite kartun die. He can either watch Mawa and Kawa, Elmo's World and Sesame Street. But Mawa Kawa tu die dah naik boring kut. Have to admit, kenkadang aku pon enjoy tengok Mawa Kawa ( I think it is actually called Misha and the Bear). Incredibly cute!


Last 2 weeks balik JB sat, brought him to the chinese senseh. Or is it sensei? I got tired of spooning him cough medicine dan kahak die masih tak baik. So the senseh gave him this medicine and in 3 to 4 days his kahak is gone! But it is back now.. tapi not as bad as before. I think if I go back to JB will brought him again. 

This senseh that we go to in JB is pretty famous kut. I heard the receptionist mentioning that after they were featured in the newspaper a lot of people flocked to his shop. There are the father and son team. We had came in before when we try to get pregnant. I guess it does work, because after 1 or 2 months drinking that vile herbal concoctions I was pregnant. The son does not specialized in fertility I think because he mentioned need to wait for his father if wants to speak about getting pregnant. Though my husband swears up and down the last time we goes we were attended to by a female. The younger doctor said nope, no female worked here... don't know. My memory not that good. Huhu. 

Baik je masa kena cukur bebudak ni semua.

Anyway we went back to JB sebab my cousin getting married and my niece ( Kak Lina new daughter!) punye majlis cukur jambul.

During the wedding. Ade budak ajak Aziz main tepuk tampar dan lari2 keliling meja. Die ikut ajeee.

Also for the first time ever dapat makan kat warung rumah Tok Mak ni, the whole family together. If you can see at the back there rumah papan tu is my late grandfather house. After he died in 2002 I think, my late grandmother moved in with us and the house was since disewakan. Then someone approached my mom to turn it into a warung, ( rumah sewa masih lagi di belakang, the girls don't want to move out and content to be near the warung. ) Warung tu bukak pagi je I think but business must be good. And the food was good! Especially suke roti arab die.  Anak aku main sana sini. Orang lain makan dengan aman. So terpaksa la take turn aku dan laki aku makan breakfast.

Tiba2 nak cakap pasal Korean food la kan. Tapi hoi sedap gile laaa sambal sotong atas tu. Dah la banyak gile. Sampai rase nak termuntah. But sambal sotong die style sambal sotong Korea la. Ape tah nama.. aku je panggil sambal. Masam2 manis sikit. Nasi tu is my favorite. Felt like brown rice + kacang sikit. It is just a small stall dekat Gardens ni. Opposite Cold Storage. Ramai frequent.

Another of my favorite Korean food is the yakgaejung at the Gardens food court. Betul kan tu. Spicy beef soup. Ini adalah makan yg lama untuk makan. Nak tunggu panas tu reda lagi. Nak menyuap nasi tu dan sup lagi. Cuma KENAPA BEEF KO ADE 4 HELAI YANG NIPIS JE.  Sejak dua menjak ni, kadar beef yang ade dalam sup tu makin lama makin sedikit. Tu je selekkkk die.

Post ni diakhiri dengan gambar Aziz yang super comel. Mak die suruh pergi kat panda tu tangkap gamba, pandai je posing. Sah bukan ikut aku bab2 kekurangan photogenic ni. Naseb baik.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bloody night and missing cat

Last weekend did not start out great. In the middle of Thursday night, I was downstairs with husband rearranging stuffs in the kitchen, heard a bump upstairs. Know immediately my son sudah jatuh katil. Run upstairs and was aghast to find him with blood pouring down from his mouth. Panik, I tell you. Panik. Manage to see that he cut his lip only falling, but the all the blood just made it all look so ghastly.  

He didn't want to put any pressure or ice to his mouth. Sakit kut and he is a baby so of course he wouldn't know that it is suppose to make him better. All he wants is being hugged and while being hugged used my shirt to wipe his blood. Good enough la. It was ok tomorrow. Horrible blown up lips but he was only fussy during the morning and normal afterwards. Kids are resilient. If it were adult, we will moan and bitch about it for daysss. Till today, there is a little bruise, but it is healing nicely.

I really should have put some tilam on the other side of the katil, or at the very least some very plush carpet kan. Put idea forward to husband. 

Aziz suke nyakat Kurap.

Then for the other drama at the weekend. I let my cats out during the weekend. They are happy , I am happy. Most of the time they just roam about my tiny yard and sometimes if feeling adventurous, go 2 or 3 houses down. Kurap is more adventurous since she came from a strays from around here I think, so she always went further and I rarely worried. Die suke duduk feeling strays belakang rumah. So when she didn't came back that evening, I was not too worried. When night came, I was a bit worried and keep on calling and looking around but she didn't jaunt her way back as her usual way. By morning I was feeling VERY worried. 

Aziz and I went for a walk that Sunday evening and keep on calling Kurap name. A very long walk around the housing area. Jalan depan, belakang , tepi, lorong. We came back empty handed.

By Monday I was crying. Kurap is my cat. She had been there for me from way back. We adopted her when I was recovering from my miscarriage, and she was there for most of my lonely days and my pregnancy sickness days and my grief over Fasha death days. So yes. She is a huge part of my life. We tried to tips on how to recover lost pet, and Monday is day 3, I was just about to create a poster and tried to search in SPCA. 

Tips: If you are in Ampang, your pets get taken away from the local council, check the SPCA since sometimes it will take them there. If not, just try to contact your local councils where they put your pets and do this soon because usually they will be PTS around 3 days to a week.

Lepas balik kerja tu, since my son is at my sister for a while, I decided to go and look again at the lorong belakang my house. Called Kurap name and various cats answered. Then I kept on hearing a persistent mews from a kitten. Go to the source and saw the kitten that I almost squashed with my car in the middle of the road 3 or 4 days before, mewing at me. Went to it and was surprised that I heard Kurap distinctive meow very loudly. 

Looked around and then I saw her inside a house and she was mewing at me from the window at the side of the house. ! Subhanallah, there is a reason why I manage to save this kitten, she is the reason I found Kurap, but by then the kitty had scampered off somewhere. May you stay safe kitty.

Anyway, rang the doorbell and tried giving salam... but it seems that no one is home in the house. Lights are on, but all seems locked. Saw that the bathroom window is wide agape, so I immediately knows that Kurap got herself in and can't get herself out. 2 of the side window is opens slightly, so I have to push it further and get Kurap out ( at the stare of a young boy who I think, must be thinking that a robbery is in progress ). Then I have to try to get the tiny window shut again, but that was really hard, but I think I manage. 

So yeps. Kurap had an adventure. She was also very pissy when she got home and very hungry too. Kena tenteramkan her for a while. I think being shut out was a bit traumatic to her. Found her not very far from my house and I think I had walked past by that window calling her name twice before. Maybe she was sleeping at the time or couldn't hear.  I guess it is right when people says don't give up when searching for a pet. Kena grounded ke? Besok tu sibuk nak keluar but she just stays at the yard and then slept the whole afternoon off.

Looking every bit like the diva she is

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


MH370. We will not forget.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girls weekend

My school friends from JB decided to have a girl weekend. Walaupon most of us are JB girls born and bred, but most of us are now staying/working in KL. Except for 2 , one in Terengganu and the other at JB. 

Since mereka yang jauh decided on the date, I decided on the hotel. We stayed at the Royale Bintang since it is easy access to semua tempat. Yeps. All of us ( who have kids) left our kid(s) with the husband at home. Kemain laki2 ni semua pesan bini masing2 to jaga perangai. Amboi.. macam kite orang ni dulu party girls je.

Had lunch at Tony Romas, sit around and talk, bowl, sit around and talk and even gift exchange ( sebab we are still high schoolers at heart) then keluar makan and talk and jalan ke Jalan TAR tatkala Jalan TAR nak tutup dah, then go back and talk. 

It was funny because we kept on asking so what is the gossip.. and it turned out there is no gossip. Some mild things of who marrying whom but no jaws were dropped last weekend. I think since we are older and most are just concentrating on work and kids, there is nothing really to talk or think  of other people. We are officially adult. Mostly we talked about work and kids and talk about the old time and old feuds ( biasalah jiwa muda zaman remaja, kawan putus kawan , kawan balik). 

Tuka-tuka hadiah. Kelakar.

Only one can't stay overnight but she is around for most of the goss.

It was really good to just hang out and just knows that something never change. Years later you can still anticipate exactly on what and how they talk about stuffs. So weird. 

Bawak Aziz to jumpa the aunties. Auntie Nai tak pernah jumpa lagi. Tengok banyak orang die tak kenal, terus shy.  Husband came early to pick me up so I have lunch with my familia instead and left the remaining girls to their next activity.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things happening

We went to Kuantan on Sunday. Very last minute due to my husband's cousin was involved in a major accident and was coma for a day. He is recovering know and Insya Allah will recover fully to our knowledge so far. 

So we dashed to Kuantan in the morning and reached there afternoon. Aziz would not sleep the whole way there.. which is tiring to me who can't sleep the night before. Cause that means I have to entertain him the whole way. Nearing Kuantan he had throw a huge tantrum from being stuck in a car seat for hours. So just in time la we sampai. Fuh. I am quite strict about him being in a baby, but not really anal about it. Sebab he doesn't stay still dan pernah jatuh terhantuk kepala at the armrest , dan benjol. So memang most of the time he stay in the carseat. 

We went to the hospital. Since the ICU unit don't let children come in I stay behind to follow Aziz wandering around the hospital. Afterwards pergi singgah kejab to Iz Yahya punye store untuk finally meet up with my online friend and her furkids dan shopping sekali la kat pet store die. 

Sempat jumpa Muez the blind cat who is VERY active and sweet and manja. Dan die duk main dengan Aziz for a long time sampai Aziz dah start main ganas and I have to take the toy away from him. Die duk membedal Muez, sian Muez cuak.

Aku rase ni Mandy, bulat macam pregnant, tapi dah neutered. Garang gileeer. Biler angkat die sana sini die duk berbunyi emo jee.

Muez tengah rest kejab while Aziz play with the cat punye toy. I am really impressed with Iz punye pet store. It is so nice and clean and friendly and so much variety! Pet stores aku pergi kat KL pon tak banyak variety macam Iz punye store. Kite orang sempat rembat satu litterbox lagi yang macam dalam cage in the picture above tu.

Dan menunjukkan kite orang ni cat crazy people, terlupa nak ambik gambar with each other! Hahaha. Amik gamba kucing je lebih. Ptuih.

We went back to the hospital but I stay behind with Aziz and later we just hang around with his extended family for a while. Then decided to pergi to Teluk Cempedak pulak. The last time I went there is more than 10 years ago, so things have definitely changed! Very commercialized, not sure I like it, but that is the way it goes I guess.

We kenalkan Aziz to the beach! He doesn't mind the sand.. but he doesn't like ombak thank you very much. Ombak jahat. Bile the water comes near die run to me and hug my legs . Taknak go in the water. Padahal kat dalam swimming pool macam pro sangat nak berjalan sendiri dalam air tanak orang pegang. That is him running away from the waves.

Mostly he just really enjoyed the kite flying. Duk cakap and tunjuk 'ayang-ayang' ulang kali. At one point one of the kite jatuh near him, die run to it and ambik and begin to shake it. Naseb baik tak koyak layang2 orang. Nanti la kite orang bawak lagi pergi taman layang-layang ok.

 Lepas tu makan at one of the gerai, nothing to shout about, but it does serve it purpose and went back home. Masuk kereta, he minum susu and terus tidur kepenatan. Fuh.

That's that.

By the way we are still renovating the kitchen and it is nearing completion so excited for it to be over! The house is so dusty and I am having one of my asthma 'episodes'.. no fun I tell you. Feeling lethargic the whole week and was even on MC on Tuesday. 

And the cats are still at boarding. Poor kittehs. We put them up there at first sebab takut die orang ingested cement. We had heard ade cat mati makan or lick some of the cement around them, and it hardened inside and the cat can't poop and died. Horror. I rather pay more for them to be safe and be contained somewhere else. Lagi pon Gollywolly is allergic to dust. wahahaha. Over sangat kucing aku. 

Then the belakang pon still penuh dengan workmen punye barang, which is where the cat usually stays so we extended their stays there. If I have time , I pop over to the petshop and pet them and buy them wet food la. Kesian the cats. They are so loud when they see me. Orang kedai pon cakap, Kurap tu tadek bunyi pon die dengar, I masuk kedai je, terus die berbunyi. Sian Kurap. Die kan anak mak. So she must take it the hardest. 

The cats at boarding. Bertahan lagi for a few days ok, by next week you all will be at home.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BBW Fireball

The Firesale. Was wavering to go or not to go... but I really want to see if Matthew Reilly The Tournament is available since I saw it on someone blogs. To no avail. But I got some books which I had been looking before so it is not a total loss.

Ni adalah gambar exit. Haha. Was too pysched to get in and look for books that I only remembered to snap pic after I had paid for mine.

My stacks. I am an avid fan Georgette Heyer, but not her murder mystery detective novel. Found Shannon Hale which I like and the third book of the Matched series. Manage to fill the gap of my yet to read Sookie Stackhouse books.

Tangan Aziz mengapai2.

I also bought 4 books about cats! One is just fun quotes books, the other is fun facts about cats, the other 2 are of short stories of cats. Good to read on a downer day I say.

2 tshirt, one for Aziz and one for husband. 3 books that are picked up by Aziz. He picks up all the books that have sounds. The old McDonald one I picked for him. And that Emma book is for me.

Menekan2 button buku die repeatedly until he got bored.

Short post! Ending this post with gambar Aziz asyik tengok boats kat Mines, mommy die duduk tepi penat bawak buku.

p/s: I always updated my books that I bought, so it is easier for me to look back and list which book I need or haven't read. . Hehe.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Words. In paragraph.

Things are changing. A lot of people are resigning from the company and a lot of people are not feeling too good about it. I am also thinking am I cut out for a SAHM existence? But I don't feel it. I also don't feel the confident to go back to the other side . It is scary. I am getting way too comfortable in my life and work here and it is a relaxed atmosphere. But a lot of the 'orang kuat' in the team are leaving I am not sure how the work gonna be nanti. 

I think the cats are getting fungal infection. Ugh. Kena sapu cream. At least tak kena shove down pills down their throat

Feelings in general. 
Like all over the place

Weekend is a coming. 
Hallelujah! Wait. Can we say that. Am I going to hell for saying that? Will the soon to be formed syariah police dragged me away and shame me ??? 

TV series in general (mainly 2)
TVD - Not really feeling it that they turned Damon into such an asshole and not killing Katherine off. If Elena takes him back. I will have MORE FEELINGS. And not so pleasant one too. 

Hart of Dixie - No one watches this but me as far I know, but I love this show and to my surprise since they paired Zoey and Joel , I love them so much. I love it that we don't see how they get together, I like how the slowly brought Joel characteristics forwards that I swear if the writers want to break them up I will have UNPLEASANT FEELINGS. Deserving caps. 

Laki beli baju kat London dan I gemuk walaupon saiz adalah betul tapi it seems so tight. Ugh.  He also bought me a handbag. Yeay! And books. More zombies books. Reading about zombies is just as riveting as watching them. 

There is the fireball sale going on. It is tantalizing, but I have books that can last me a lifetime. Ok. Maybe 5 year tops. So many things to do this weekend though. However I did manage to win meself the BBW preview pass for whenever wherever it will be held end of this year. So yeay! 

Being better
There is a lot of posts going around about how we should all you know basically thinks positive of others, being nice in general. I whole heartedly agreed. Am already implementing this.

 Before this I don't get a lot of the moms blog, not being a mom meself. But then  I am, and was very engrossed reading a lot of the mom blogs and found it quite gems. Like I can totally variasikan my son youtube views to not just Upin and Ipin and Pocoyo, which he shown only a slight interest. He loves phonic songs and Mawa and Kawa so much since I heard that their kids love it too. Or how to prepare the simplest of meal to your kid and they love it. That don't work with mine but hey I gained a lot of knowledge. How to treat cough. How to be patient with your kids. And that what marvels me. 

I have to admit. I am not a patient person. ( I am getting confused between patience and patient so bear with me) . Sometimes I lash out at my kid, especially during those tired, no one to help me around days. It burdened me with guilts and the best way for me to fight back those impatience is reading all these accounts from the mother , on how their kids are like this or like that, that some laugh, some grit and bear. So those mothers push me to be better with my kid. Reading on how patiently they layan their kids make me feel, hey this is normal, no your son is not being a hooligan, he is being a normal boy. So yes, those mother tips on how they handle their kids help me. So yeay to mom blogs! 

People may say blogs are getting out style, but I always love blogs and reading em, and the love never quite go away. Only it is sad when good writers no longer write. 

Ok. Lunchtime. And yes, heard another news that another people is resigning. *submit resumes to the winds in panic*

Sebagai penutup, here is a pic of the kid and my cats, and I think it is the cutest because it is hard enough to snap 3 cats altogeter, this is a surprise.

The loves of my life

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