Sunday, September 09, 2018

To Osaka or Not

We were scheduled to go to Osaka and Kyoto end of this month, but then Typhoon Jebi happened. It seems really tasteless to moan about the typhoon when people actually died, but the typhoon also caused major damage to the airport we are planning to arrive and embark at. Current news report

So now with a lot of international flights yet to resume and status of our flight is still unclear ( saw today flight to Kansai was cancelled ) , it put a damper on my plan a bit. We can still refund the flight and have time a bit to cancel the hotel booking, but I am not sure if I should or want to.

I was really hyping to go to Osaka and Kyoto. Maybe this is a sign not to go until things are a bit calmer. But the Japanese are renowned for their quick fix of problems. Even so, how quick? 


And I don't even have the heart to go anywhere else partly because booking another flight and hotel in such a short time is gonna be so costly. 

We will see if we get to go. 

Maybe the next update?

Friday, July 20, 2018

Lets just put July here and I rambled about Kdrama I love

Its July. Bulan puasa come and gone. Raya come and gone. And still I haven't blogged. I am a little ashamed if I must say. I used to say that I can't imagine not writing.

And here I am not writing. I have no idea what I do with my time. I also found that I have no time. My obsession with Kdrama nowadays certainly does not help. Tho if the kdrama I watched is a bit of a drag, or the heroine keeps on crying, that puts me off. I hate heroines who cry.

So because I have time, ( even though the house is a disaster), the absolute top list of Kdrama I love and love and love.

Top 10

  1.  Reply 1988 ( Solely for the reason of Park Bo Gum) ... and this is at the top even though every eps is so goddamn long, because this drama is why I have now started to watch Kdrama. It spurs the love.
  2. Queen In Hyun Man ( Most kdrama flounders midway, this one have the story well thought out of and the chemistry is amazing). 
  3.  Black ( this would be the top if not for the god awful ending. wtf kinda ending is that)
  4.  My Love from The Star. ( Helloo Kim Soo Hyun )
  5.  Dream High ( It is soooo addictive. And the story does not disappoint even if its cliche) 
  6.  Reply 1997 ( It have a laidback sorta feel to it and the zaman is closer to what we were experiencing ).
  7.  Oh My Ghost ( My favorite actress . She reminded me a lot of Inoue Mao). I was torn between Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but Oh My Ghost have a better mystery and tied it up quite nicely even though I don't really like Park Bo Young timid character in there. 
  8.  Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I think that what it called sebab aku malas tengok balik. I love IU. She is so sweet. She did pretty well, holding her own alongside the many cast of hotties. It was pretty good and people hated the ending, but I am ok with it. 
  9.  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joon. This drama is so sweet and cute. 
  10.  Let's Eat series. Season 3 is coming soon. And I can't wait to watch Yoon Doo Joon stuff his face and I wishing that I can also eat Korean barbecue without the fear my kids are gonna scald their hand. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A New Malaysia


First of all. Selamat menjalani ibadah di bulan Ramadhan. My ramadan is pretty low key. It is just me and the kids. Havent been to pasar ramadhan yet, though I want to. It is easier to cook because going to pasar ramadhan with kids is not something I can muster up the energy for. We will however look for baju raya probably tomorrow at Melawati Mall probably. 

Senang je sekarang since Melawati Mall ni dah bukak. Before this if I wanna look for stuffs, there is KLCC or Jusco AU2. Which the former parking rate is getting ridiculous throughout the years and the latter don't offer a lot of choice but still I like going there for movies and treating the kids 'makan kedai'. 

Anyway. Just because it was a historic moment for Malaysia, I feel like I have to put it down here. We voted BN off. And that feel good. The euphoria last for a week I tell you. For 3 days after the election, I am stupidly happy. It feel like a burden had been lifted. I never realized before that I feel this hopeless, this suffocated with the previous govt. 

Now I feel a little bit lighter. Like I can hope for a better Malaysia for my kids. Have you been reading about Venezuela? I can't. Well I did for a little bit, but then I can't. Venezuela is in chaos and turmoil due to economic failure and this boggles the mind because Venezuela is rich with natural resources mainly oil. But oil prices dropped. Then the people don't have anything to eat. They have to go to another country because they ran out of food. I see a lot of parallels between Malaysia and Venezuela. Our reluctance to change. Our over reliance on oil output. The corruption.  And when I see Venezuela news I stiffened and found I can't breathe. I feel like if we continue in this path, this is our future. 

So when the EC announced the date, I went back to JB with 3 small kids. Naik bas. Alone. People tell me semangat betul. Isn't it. But with all these corruption news and my fear on our state of economy, I feel like even 1 vote should help. So I went out to vote. And we won. I am so happy. 

However that happiness soon is replaced with anxiety. But I am trying to remain positive. The new government is barely a month old. They are not taking baby steps. Which I appreciate. People expectations are also crazy. And I wish they would reigned it a little bit because you are putting your expectations on a bunch of leaders who are either too new or too old. But anything is better than what BN did. So in PH we trust, because currently there is not much we can do. 

But. More but. An important but. If they fail us, we will vote again. They will do better. And that is our hope. 

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Gone to Singapore the last school hol

We stayed at Village Hotel Bugis

The stay at the hotel was pretty great. Clean spacious with good amenities. And most importantly near to good eating location.

Because of that we ate

Excellent delish briyani

Delicious murtabak. 

We also ate McDonalds because it is easy and also why not.. 

We were not long in  SG. The main trip was going to Science Centre which is actually pretty cool. Almost like Petrosains but with more diverse range of topics presented 

We were outside the science centre here. We also went to Snow City which Aziz had a blast. But that place basically a scam to buy photos so no phone photos! 

Went to the Gardens by the Bay and we didn't manage to get tickets to get inside since ticket counter closed at 8pm. BUMMER.

Went shopping a bit. Just trying to get some LUSH product because I like their body cream and added in a soap and a foot scrubber.

We only stay for 2  nights. Singapore is too expensive for a lengthy stay so we got back to JB to stay in my mom's house and spent a couple of night there pulak. 

Saturday, March 03, 2018


I had been coasting along 2018 without knowing what I had done. Actually I do.

It had been busy. Kids had been sick. Then I had been sick. Kids sick again. I felt like only last week I have a semblance of normalcy.

I had also been an ardent fan of Kdrama. Never scoffs at a thing I say. You might turn out to be a diehard fan. Which I am now. KDRAMA is fabulous. They have excellent camerawork and cinematography, the scripts can be a hit and miss but even if its a miss, it hugely entertaining.

I may do some reviews of sorts because I have no life. Later. I have some sewing to do. I have boys. They ripped stuffs up. I feel like I constantly sewing . 

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Gonna be 2018 soon.

Haven't been updating here too much. So I am gonna list down what 2017 had been for me

From January til June basically had been pregnant and most of that time had been battling morning sickness and basically lazing around the bed.

Around March or April, found a kitten at the middle of the road and brought her back and nursed her.

Was not planning on keeping her, but then Brownie had run off to live with another family, and I am lazy in finding responsible adopters, I decided to keep her.

Gave birth to a baby boy.

Hired a daily maid to take care of house. The maid quit after 3 months.

Went to Ipoh and Penang for holiday. Finally stay at Hard Rock Hotel. It was below my expectations honestly.

Doing absolutely nothing but still busy as a housewife. The kids mostly ok. Trying to teach Aziz to read with some good improvements. I am not sure how to tackle teaching him maths yet.

Saif decided his name is Baba.

The baby or Sarip Dol as we called him, is a very fussy sleeper. My back is hurting .

We just got back from Bintulu staying there for a week due to my husband brother getting married. That is the last of the sibling married off now. Uneventful except for the initial touchdown , where instead of the plane landing in Bintulu, we were flying into a storm and the plane could not land, so we ended up staying overnight in Miri instead.

Husband had taken up a position in Turkmenistan again.

Huh. I can't think of anymore. Pretty sure a lot of stuffs happened, and of course the big one is the birth of my third son. So yups. It was a big year indeed.

Let's see what 2018 brings. Hope for a less messier house.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bye November, Hello December

From my new laptop. 

Hahaha. Eh I wish I could insert emoticons here. Who knows maybe in 10 years time, emoticons are included even in staid news article. 

I dont think I have raved about my baby. Terrible. I should have update more about him, but maybe I should start now. 

He is gonna be 6 months soon. I had already fed him solid. Eh I know lah. I saw that he is ready and I am only starting once a day baru. He hated avocado, but love the store bought rice cereal for baby. So whatever works! 

Anyway. I think I had mentioned that I had someone who came in during the day to help out with the kids and the chores. She quit after 3 months. I don't think I am that hard of a person to work with, but whatever. I think she found a better paying job and I hope she can keep at it because she is kinda terrible at my work. 

I hate relying on helper or maid. It is just something that I don't like. I don't like strangers in my house. So that means my house is messy and sticky and greasy sometimes. Sigh. With 3 kids I don't know what I am doing because the second after I mopped the floor it is sticky again after the kids had their food and snacks. Sigh. 

Anyway, I was planning to talk about my baby Sarip. He is not a cuddly baby. Meaning that he loves to be carried but hugged when sleeping, not so much. I miss that. Aziz when he was a baby especially loves that. I think he still loves it now because he always seems to be at someone armpit when he sleeps. Now it is brother. 

Sarip also love the new buai. I was thinking that perhaps this time my baby don't need no stinking buai. But how the hell other mother manage to put down their baby to sleep without it, I don't know. My kid will quickly wakes up once we put him down or stop patting him. And once my helper decided to quit, I will waste 2 or 3 hours I can spend cleaning just trying to put him to sleep. Buai it is! 

Other than that, he is the sunniest cheerful baby ever. He loves to smile. He have a hint of a dimple coming in, but not quite come through when he is smiling. In  16 years time girls would go gaga over that. LOL. ( Perasan anak akan jadi idola ramai)

It is now cuti sekolah and I had lost 3 freaking kgs, for I don't know what reason because I keep on reaching for chocolate when I am stressed out. My kids decided to help on one of my sanity chocolates and I almost lost my mind. I totally now I understand what the mother in "Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup" now feels like. 

Stopping now because I have my eye on a book I wanna buy at Betterworldbook. I have no idea why I keep on buying books when I have hardly time to shampoo my hair. 

Here's a picture of Sarip feeling disgusted at the idea of me shoving avocado in his mouth. Your loss Sarip! Mommy totally gonna make herself jus alpukat using your stock of avocados now! 

And hello... I am typing I this from my brand new HP laptop courtesy of my husband gift to me for my 35th birthday. I am 35 right, I am in denial of my age after 33. I am so excited to own a laptop that is my own. Not a loan, and not from work. But my own whatever the hell I am gonna do/install laptop. I wish I can put up a rude wallpaper but I have kids to think about now. 

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