Saturday, October 09, 2010

What I do today (kemudian I rambles)

Hari ini saya pergi main violin. Tengok-tengok jari, kuku panjang macam cik ponti. Pegang satu string pon macam pegang 2 string. 

Balik-balik buat brunch dan makan sambil menonton Vampire Diaries. Saya officially declare Vampire Diaries is far superior. True Blood sekarang banyak bergantung dengan 'shock factor'. 

Selepas sesi bermalasan habis, proses membasuh tempat kucing dan dapur bermula. 

Bah. This listing out of daily activities is tedious. Let just say, the place got cleaned ok. 

Also, macam mana tah I FB search an ex, and was surprised to see him there. And WHY am I surprised? Hello Dils! You're not the only one who knows how to get connected ok? (talking to myself in the first person and changing it to a third person and change it to a second person , make me feel like I am somewhat mentally disturbed). 

So if you found out he/she had add your friends as their friends and not added you? When he/she is not even in the same circles as your friends? How'd that make you feel eh? No secret I got a few exes, and I found them at FB and I gathered they must've known I'm in FB too, I wondered if they also took a peek and goes something like Robin in HIMYM ... "Finished with that.." or worse ..."God, she got ugly, glad I'm finished with that."

And why I myself do not want to add them in FB? I don't know. I guess I myself am not incline to add them as friend. I am sure as glad we are not friend now, and I am not going to pretend that I like having them as my friend now, even FB friend. However, there are a few exes that I don't mind to keep in touch with because like I said, its over and done with and there is no hard feelings now between the both of us. Except for some spiteful times that I like to twist the knife so to say, and make some bitchy remark. But honestly, I wish them well. Only I also wish I am MORE well. Kan kan kan? 

But I already rehash the above. Some end well, some not so. I guess the not so, I don't like to be reminded of them. But I hope they wish me well too.

Got to go. Makan,makan,makan.

p/s: I haven't step on the weigh scale ever since Raya. Am afraid too....

p/s 2: My God. My cats are noisy.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

so anyway, i ran into fadhli in an RnR on the way back from an open house. Had a short chat with him and i introduced myself as taqi. He gave me his name card, i didn't bring any of mine so he took my phone number, so i told him my long name then he was like 'Huh? taqi? taqiyuddin? Ah! i know you!'. bah. All this while he thought my name was zaki and don't really know who i was except that i was from UTP and i looked familiar.

maybe i should be more loud and not as soft spoken.

Dils said...

Heh Fadhli. Friendly chap there :p

But I can never imagine you as loud and boisterous! Being soft spoken is part of your charm!

iceroll said...

No surprise there taqi. Fadhli was known as Macho back in UTP. U know, somebody known as Macho, perhaps because he is so famous, and u expect he will recognize a mere human like us? Hehe

Cik Seri said...

taqi oh taqi.. ngeeeeeeee~

Dils said...

Pandai la ko. Huhuhu... but aku byk je tak recognize orang lain in UTP pon, walaupon batch sendri

Cik Seri

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