Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Convoluted Rants

Ranting post.. so I am not making sense..

I'm weary of jam at the Ukay Perdana in the morning. People there are inconsiderate, the roads are terrible, the traffic light are just for decorative purposes. What a difference 10 minutes later or earlier can make during morning rush hour.

The government suggestion to expand the LRT or those other electric train to a wider part of the suburbs is commendable. But I do hope they would also think about upgrading the carriage (increase the number or at least the damn size la kan.. PUTRA LRT), and their ticketing maching (stupid la if you can enter RM notes only once). There's a lot of people using the LRT, the existing one right now.. This morning I had to wait 3 train to past me by for me to be able to squeeze my not quite thin nor fat frame into the sardine can . Upgrades are needed. Surely after 10 years the money we paid for the LRT rides, does it barely cover the cost of operations?

Sometimes I just hate shoe store sales assistant. I know la.. and I pity them sometimes, if the shoes I want to try on are located in a far end of their store and they have to fetch ladders and tiptoes and such and there's a lot of customers. But if I stuck my bloody foot in there, and don't feel comfortable wearing it or my that particular brand or design is not my usual size... Stop persuading me and saying actually its okay, it will stretch la bla bla. It is definitely not okay. It is me who is putting down my hard earned cash and it is moi who will wear it.

Malaysia tabloid trash are notorious for their obscurity. Datuk X and Actress A and Direktor H littered in the gossip column.. that are supposedly to be some berita about gossip. But I might as well read Brief History of Time in German and I would make sense of it rather than reading our senseless tabloid gossip that I believe only the reporter (if they may call themselves that) themselves know what the heck are writing about. Due to these very vague mention in the tabloids, that I think those spam emails, and forums spreading vicious rumours and condemning local artists/politicians flourish.

Pak Lah nak kawin lagi? Ikut suke die la kan. He was single. Have loads of money... stop saying he is a horny old dude or whatever. The people that "mencemuh", I bet if they are in his shoes, they would take a hot sexy upcoming new artist as their new wife and then quoting "Saye jatuh hati sama A kerana sifat penyayang dan lemah lembut dier.." .Whatever lah. Same as those yang bising2 over Sharifah Amani baldness. Those are the one either wishing they could be her or be with her.

Hoh... panjangnye. Full stop for now. Need to count my tickets. Stupid tickets thingies, have to count one by one.

Laters. Maybe I will continue Convoluted Rant Part II.. heh.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A ring later..

I'm going to Vietnam again. So.. before leaving, I am tacking in some old news.

Yes, as the picture suggested. I am engaged. Most knew it. Some don't. So here.

The engagement was held in KL on the 27th of May 2007.

Hence the reason I am bankrupt a bit.

How was the majlis? Arrr.. The food was great, everything's went on smoothly, many came.

How is it being engaged? Pretty much the same, except I kept on leaving my ring everywhere.

How's me? Honestly, I don't know. I felt... I feel.. Well.. I can't say can't I? :P


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Penning Off ...For Now..

You scored as Neither, You think neither like a man nor like a woman. What you are you may decide for yourself. Most people will consider you strange, alien, weird or funny. You are probably quite interesting.









Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
created with

"You are probably quite interesting". Thehe. This statement tickled me. I don't know why. Probably I imagined that it is being said like a questioning remarks, eyebrows raised, a hint of disbelief in it...

But this is a short post and a short note.

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'll be even more sorrier (if that's even a word), since I know this hiatus would be a lot more longer. So you would probably not be seeing a long post for a while. Maybe I'll try to tack a short note here and there.

I am busy working and will be travelling soon.

Promise to update... arr.. when I am not sleep deprived. (I currently feel I could happily kill anyone to get a bed and sleep without any disruption)

Another thing, those who know Gohan @ Amalia Khairunnisa ( ala.. yang drive QM40 masa kat UTP tu) , one of my really, nicest, goodiest friend, please sedekahkan a prayer to her father, En. Abd Rahim who passed away yesterday morning (2nd June 2007).

I am really sorry for her loss, this good friend of mine, and I hope she and her family would be strong.

Al Fatihah...

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