Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Independence Day

Today is Merdeka.. hip hip hurray for Malaysia ...
We had come a long way I guess.. but there is still a lot to be improve on..
Patriotism is something deep down .. not something that you just shout at every once a year.. and I hope all of us remember that

I am very sleepy today.. and Just suddenly thought of my blog that is sadly lacking my attention.. But I have better things to do kut.. (yeah rite)

I know.. it needed a hell lotsa improvment.. BUT I JUST DONT HAVE THE ENERGY NOR TIME TO DO IT.. the fact that I kept forgetting my password didnt help either..

Friday, August 13, 2004


Hari ini saye sgt malas:

  • Kerana kena jumpa sv esok tp tadek progress
  • Kena tepon sketeri kompeni nk wat FYP yg tataw ape2 utk wat pojek
  • Ade quiz yg pyscho
  • Ade nyamuk bwh meja
  • Jdorama yg dicari tak jumpa.. bdk v5 majuk kaa??
  • Fax surat tak dpt.. pastu UTP nye staff tak kasik pon laie nk fax laie.. Vudus tul..#$%^&)^$$#^ words that cannot be utter again

Minggu dpn saya akan malas laie kerana:

  • Jumpa sv laie walaupun tadek progress
  • Tepon laie sketeri kompeni utk wat FYP
  • Kene wat progress report
  • Jdorama tu mungkin tak dpt jumpa laie
  • Kena bungkus bunga

Skian Terima Kasih~

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