Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning thoughts

I guess many knows about the commotions regarding the plan to build a mosque, nay! A prayer hall (surau) near the Ground Zero. I am not gonna comment on that. The comments and thoughts on blog Effi is enough to satisfy you (and I like that many commenters there are nice enough to not be an Internet asshole and agree to disagree).

What I am thinking of the many comments saying religion is the cause of war. 

Is it? 

I am always on the thought that economy (power and money) is the main reason. Religion, is just an excuse they are throwing to rile the pious commoners up to fight the war that they are waging while the perpetrator who thought of war sat nicely on their plump cushion looking at maps while trying not to yawn and the commoners are the one with the blood on their hands . The Crusades? Yes it is waged by the Church and the kings in Europe. Yes, it is about conquering of Jerusalem. But all I see is a control on a much revered holy site where if won brings them control on economy from pilgrims. Control on economy = Money =  Power. T\

But hey, I am just deducting from what I know and it kinda irked me that people dismisses religion as bothersome and cited this is the reason why there are wars in the world. I am sure there are a few misguided leaders citing religion as the cause and start a war. However from what I learned enough of the past wars it is an act of control over power and economy. They only needed a reason to conjure up to give these men at arms reason to kill each other. 

So the fault of fighting for religion instead fall on the commoners?

I remembered the documentary regarding Pol Pot,  where the leader of a secret police division were interviewed and(kinda like Gestapo) is now living in seclusion. What he said, touched me. I can't find the interview but from what I can remember it goes in the line of. "Pol Pot maybe the leader. But many people here (who reported supposed traitors and caused many innocent people to be shot and hang) never even knew who Pol Pot is or what is their agenda. Yet we killed each other anyway. We are to blame too"


taqiyuddin bakir said...

yup. hate your neighbour? then he must be a traitor or a rat. kill him! pol pot decrees it!

i read somewhere about a witch trial in india. heck it was not a trial at all. it was a lynching. there's this old lady in india, very old, people accuses her of being a witch (of course! old reclusive wrinkly ladies are always witches... young reclusive pretty girls will always need to be married off to the loudest, foul-mouthed young man). so the mob gathers and burn her alive! and then the author of the article commented that the real reason behind the lynching was that they needed her land and to get it, they need to kill her.

I bet not one of them realizes this, and they sincerely believes that she's a witch.

Dils said...

That is horrific. I mean she is old, they can always wait for her to die?

I guess its all I want it to be mine, I want it now.

Basically, it doesn't take much of anything to make any person into a killer I guess.

Kasapsky said...

dunia akhir zaman. Semua dah tertulis dlm Al-quran. Jelas dan nyata. Sometimes i accept the idea if everyone in this world all wipe out, this world will peace again. But, the true is we just human, and the reason Allah send us to this world just for test for us. One thing people always forget's is we got another life. Eternity(Akhirat). Tujuan utama kita idup di dunia adalah untuk akhirat yg kekal abadi. Why we always chasing the period life rather than eternal life. If all people can see the true akhirat, i believe everyone will start pray and love each other. Just for thougth...

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