Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The end of Ramadhan

It felt that it is so fast. A bit tired from tukar duit at bank tadi. Beratur around half an hour to change money.
Tak best langsung.

 I bought a new Crocs which I had eyeing before. Before it was RM200++ but now it is RM99. Tapi bile dah pakai lama2. Tak best. So dengan itu I nak beli new shoes that I had been eyeing before which looks and rase comfy. Dan I perasan all my shoes are now rubber shoes ( macam crocs tu, if not crocs itself).

 My Note 2 sekarang buat hal. Battery refused to charge, or drain. It is one or the other. Senang cerita kena beli battery baru. Haih. Last month I dropped my phone and the screen pecah. Not retak, but memang pecah la. Immediately kena repair, that is RM800 down the drain. Ni tukar battery ape pulak rege ni. Maybe I am better off with Xperia Z. Grrr.

 I am enjoying watching Orphan Black. It is only 10 eps, but they are good. It can get a bit OTT sometimes, but the acting is impressive. Apart from that, I am also watching Hannibal and Parenthood. Parenthood is delightful although this season is a bit heavy on the cancer stuffs. Hannibal is quite good, cuma ick factor when the cannibal elements tu masuk. Dengan itu I can't wait for the new seasons of series to start as my series is running out. *check bile first eps Downton Abbey dah kluar* *damn keluar in Sept* I guess I will watch The Americans next then.

 Also ever since the twt_malaysia talks about anime and manga, I am back to reading manga. Lagi2 sejak download app Manga Rock. Lagii laa obsessed baca. Am now reading High School of the Dead. It got some hilarious ecchi stuffs. Tadi masa tunggu at bank and bukak phone to baca manga, boleh pulak the page yang bukak tu tunjuk all those nekkid shoujo looking girls. Stress kejab as the guy at behind me memang bebetul behind me so boleh je nampak what I am watching. Besar pulakk tu tunjuk the tits. LOL. And yes it is not good to read it during Ramadhan, but to be fair, before it open up to that page in inappropriate place, there is not much nekkid things going on for th manga. So I switch to read Emma and the Earl which is Julia Quinn in manga form.

 As for last post when I say I tak pergi pasar ramadhan, by now I had only went 3 times. Twice to the small row of gerai yang opened at Bukit Antarabangsa. I prefer going there now sebab ade gerai jual apple crumble, strawberry and blueberry pie yang sedap. Sebelah tu pulak jual lemonade mint air yang also sedappp. The kuih and lauk there pon is quite good. My bro in law bought sup daging die one day and it tasted homemade. Kalau order kat kedai sup sup ni kadang-kadang there is one taste that I don't like, macam over msg ing or rempah sup die guna saks ke.. tapi gerai yang jual ni their soup is very good. Sedap lah. Hmmm ingat balik sedap pulak the pies. Still have some of the strawberry pies in the fridge. So later.

Ajis boy will turn 1 year old this Saturday! Oh my. Good timing that his father will be back hari Sabtu tu jugak so we plan untuk berbuka di luar. Mommy will order Ajis boy punye cake and eat it too. Planning to shopping raya for Aziz that Saturday pon. 

Wolly tu memang suke teman Aziz main. Aziz tu pulak mesti punggah barang mainan kucing tu. Mainan die die buat dek 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Update - Reilly, Gregory, Alexander & Kinsella

Ice Station (Shane Schofield, #1)Ice Station by Matthew Reilly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the book? A team of scientists discovered a spaceship in Antartica and hijinks ensues in the forms of military combatants trying to gain control.

I always like Matthew Reilly. He writes entertaining adventure action thriller books that is not boring. If you are looking something that is close to reality, his books are not it. But for mindless, wham, bam, shoot and good testosterone fun. This is it.

While I always lament that his weakness is in writing out characters, but I like Shane Schofield much better than Jack West Jr. His humanity is much more fleshed out here though I still like to know what makes him as he is. Maybe the next books will give more.

This book, it is fun. Simple. Action packed. We got spaceship, a cute kid, a seal, gun vs cross bow battles, killer whales, hovercraft race. Action packed I told you!

Expect only that and nothing more and you get yourself an entertaining read, which I did ( because I already know what to expect)

The Constant Princess (The Tudor Court, #1)The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About? The early life of Katherine of Aragorn.

I am intrigued of Katherine of Aragorn. She must be an extraordinary woman, and this book, seems to think so too but however manage to not highlight it.

While many agreed that she perhaps had consummated her marriage with Prince Arthur, I think the author stretched herself too thin with, Katherine supposed death bed promise. I would like Katherine much better if she lied because of ambition.

The book skipped the major part when she married Henry the 8th which took away a lot of Katherine achievement as queen. Maybe the book mostly is how when she is queen.

I like the book enough, but Katherine is reflected kinda poorly here and it is hard to like her. All in all, kinda underwhelming book when it could be so much more.

The Cat Who Wished to be a ManThe Cat Who Wished to be a Man by Lloyd Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's it about? Exactly as the title. Lionel, a pet cat of a wizard wished to be a man and travels the world. So he did. Except he only travels to a town. Close enough.

It is a cute and wonderful book. A book like no other and it is a fun read. I love it when he tried to get used to be a man. Lionel is funny, earnest, honest and kind. A book that I believed children would love. A cute tale which I will save when my son is older for us to enjoy together.

Mini Shopaholic (Shopaholic, #6)Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The last book of the Shopaholic series I gather, but I don't know the ending seems to hint on more. *groans*

Well, those who are familiar with Becky Bloomwood, a shopaholic will know what it is about. This time is with her daughter, a Mini Becky in tow.

Sigh. Where to start. I may quite possibly hate her now.

- She is selfish, a liar, in denial of own issues, childish, immature, does not want to better herself.

She is basically a horrible person especially to her husband. Honestly, why the hell Luke still like her?

Sophie Kinsella, did mentioned that she wrote the book with the economic depression in mind, and try to incorporate that in. If by incorporating meant other people paying for your luxury... what an easy way out.

I don't think so I can read another of her series. I may burned all the sequels except for the first book. The first book seems ok enough, but if the shopaholic is no longer a shopaholic why the need of another and another book right?

Monday, July 22, 2013


I think every mother yang baca kisah tragis of the kid left in car duk terngiang-ngiang. I am not gonna comment much about it except for a person who had locked Gollywolly in (!!!! Bad Owner!!!) for 3 hours di tengah har panas and Kurap for 4 hours dari petang ke malam.. I kinda understand how this can happened. 

Yang Kurap tu happened a few months back. I balik dari kedai kut and groceries was at the car boot. I had opened the car door for a while and then open the boot. Then after I take the things from the carboot, I terus tutup the car door. Petang tu cari Kurap tak jumpa. Malam tu keluar lagi cari Kurap, tengok die tengah baring belakang kereta pandang I. Fuhhh. Cuak kejab. But I agak2 the time die terperangkap tu is not that hot tapi dalam kereta still panas gak. 

Then minggu lepas I was down with flu. Amik MC, bought groceries then sampai rumah I let the cats roam free while I unload my groceries. On my second trip to the car dari rumah tu, ade tinggal cat food je nak unload then tetiiba Gollywolly went in the car. I tutup pintu kereta as in my head I will put the plastic beside the door and go back to the car. It shouldnt take a minute pon. Kereta kat porch je pon. Bukan duduk kondo or bungalow besar. But I forgot. In my head I think all the groceries had been unloaded. I terus masuk rumah and continue to do some stuffs. That was around 12.30 kut. Then pukul 3 petang I bukak pintu and panggil the cats name. Terus nampak Gollywolly with her front paw at the dashboard and legs at the seat peering at me. Horror ok. Tangan ketar jab while I open the car door.Door opened and she terus loncat keluar and pergi baring tepi pintu. I brought her water and wipe some water on top of her head, she drank half the bowl. 

So people who said it can't happened. It can happened. This time it was cats, who knows I might forgot, in my sakit kepala after unloading groceries thinking of chores, I might leave my child strapped in. This are called Forgotten Baby Syndrome. I was lucky with the cats that they are ok. I needed to really double check. And a lot of the stories I read, it is not that they didn't think of their child, it is that in their mind, their child is already at their babysitter/nursery/home. It is like any other day. 

Tadi masa park kereta pon I glanced at my baby empty carseat. Not that he is gonna be there as I sent him by foot to my sister house with the maid. Tapi nanti bile maid dah tadek that have to be a practice kan? There are a lot of tips. 

If you go to There is a lot of tips and few gut wrenching stories by parents whose child had died in cars. Half of those because they forgot. Most of those who forgot, there is a change of routine. A sick child. Not enough sleep. Busy schedule. Another half is when child playing in car and got locked in. That should also be a practice. To train kids that a car is not a toy. Car keys needed to be out of reach. Cars need to be always locked. 

I think one of the tips I can try is placing stuffs at the carseat belakang and before walking away from the car to check the back. I will start this today. This should be a habit. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Updates on various

Bulan puasa ni .. is a challenge. However the challenge is not of tahan lapar or dahaga. The exhaustion. If hari biasa if I am exhausted, drinking water or a little perk me up cokes, lemonade, coffee, choc will lessen the desire to sleep but since puasa kena la powered through. I usually sleeps late since I prepared Ajis food, and pump milk. Walaupon dah diintroduce dengan formula, I found out that he is not keen on it. He much rather go without, so tak sampai hati la to stop pumping or lessen the pumping as he is not 1 yet. Mommy gigih la pump tengah2 malam. Which resulted me to not waking up sahur as I am much too tired. My sahur consists of only drinking water je. Kenkadang makan roti or dried fruits. If it is the weekend then I will try to eat a bowl of oats as weekend is more tiring as we are on the feet more usually. 

Tapi since before tu I dah ganti 19 days of puasa before, so tadekle shock sangat badan bile Ramadhan tiba. Cuma penat je la. On the upside, I shed some kilos! Yeay! Cikgu violin pon cakap dah kurus la. Wahhhhh! 

As for puasa pon aside from tiredness. It had been good. Buka puasa at my sister house. My sister usually cooks and I pulak tadek masa nak beli ape-ape pon sebab balik tu busy nak pump susu. Kalau awal, then I singgah to pasar ramadhan, but as of today, I had been once to a pasar ramadhan. Nothing appetizing pon. There is also nothing specific I want untuk berbuka pon. Cuma sekali je. I want sandwich ayam I buat sendiri. Haha. So masa I MC last Monday I buat la sandwich ayam. Hmmm.. ingat balik sandwich ayam ni macam best je. Maybe buat sandwich tuna? Tapi to be honest I don't really like sandwich tuna, sardine maybe tapi I tak kose la nak masak. Ayam rebus je. Then carik2 ( Macam susah naww nak masak sardin pon kan... nanti la). 

As we are deciding to send away the maid, I am racking up the brain and contact to see of any suitable babysitters or taska. If husband is still not back, then a nursery in Bangsar is kinda my only choice because my working hours and office, punye la susah I nak sampai Bukit Antarabangsa before 7, how la to hantar taska there. From the forum, people say the fees can range up to 8k per semester. I cakap kalau 8k per semester baik amik maid baru. But we will see. Asking husband for thoughts adalah sama macam asking my cats for advise. Maybe sebab he is over there, so takleh nak act sangat or he does not realize. 

Anway... lepas Raya ni I will update on how things go. The thought of sending him to taska kinda breaks my heart, but this is also the best for both of us I think. Which is why top notch taska la mahu di cari. In the mean time, frakkk... I tak apply leave lagi. Leave raya ok. 

Raya tahun ni. Di Sarawak. Hehe. I had only been there once before ( bukan Bintulu but kampung nenek die). So this year at Sarawak with baby in tow and bringing along the maid jugak. Tak tahu la mana nak sumbat semua orang bile nak balik kampung Balingian. This time with baby Ajis along, I guess it would be more interesting. Though untuk orang yang biasa raya kecil-kecilan with only a few of my adik beradik and only sometimes venturing out of the house, I am not exactly exhilarated at the thought of raya with sedara mara yang berpuluh ramainye under one roof. Bukannye ape. Tak biasa. Raya kalau kat JB, siang meriah, kul 12 dah boleh tidur! Muehehehe. 

Ok la. Nak apply leave. Kang ade tak beraya langsung sebab lupa nak apply cuti. Hehe. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Entri basi about the last pet fair

Busy ka?

Banyak ke nak update.

I had realized I didn't update about the Pet Fair last month. So short update. Went there and the layout is a bit different, but it is more spacious though.

Bought some stuffs for the cats.

Ape yek di beli. Oh collar , makanan, pet tags ( ade 2 tu pet tag bumper sticker, payung, ). Tak de la banyak sangat macam tahun lepas. Teringin nak beli pet bed, tapi malas la pulak, dah le mahal. Baik aku try beli kusyen daiso RM5 tu dulu tengok die orang nak tidur gak situ. Masing2 ade port masing2 suke tidur kat rumah, semua tempat tak sesuai letak kusyen or bed. 

This time punye pet fair got lots of foods stuffs. Sape yang nak intro new premium food for their cats ok la kan, tapi aku malas. Hehehe. Beli makanan tin je sebab murah, ( and they like it). Other, is mostly catered for dogs, and cats stuffs punye booth pun tak banyak. Hmm. Tahun depan camne la kan. 

Paling best sebab dapat buat pet tag. 

Muat letak nama and no phone. Kurap punye dah tertanggal sekarang, tapi tag tu ade lagi la, cuma tertanggal. Nanti nak kena beli loceng baru and pakaikan kat die. Rege die, buy 1 free 1. Rm20 = 1 pet tag + free 1. So dapat la 4. Yang keempat tu letak no phone je, backup pet tag. 

Pet tag ni yang paling kecik sekali I found la amongst the big2 one ( it seems the seller mostly target it to dog owners, so they didn't expect that a lot of cat owners wants for their cats too). Bobby punye paling lawa. Die la nampak paling hensem sekali pakai pet tag. 

Ade beli satu lagi pet tag, tapi tak pakaikan lagi kat die orang. Pet tag ni macam ade bar code and then boleh scankan kat phone bile pegi website yang ade tulis kat pet tag tu. So kalau kucing tu hilang ke, orang yg ade phone boleh call nombor hotline kat situ or pegi website situ and check details pet tu. Awesomekan. Rege pon awesome la RM45, besa sikit. Nanti la, bile kucing tu nak kena gi boarding ke baru pakai. 

Tu kotak pet tag tu yang just bawah dagu Kurap tu. Tak register lagi the cats in the website. Nanti la buat. Muehehe.  Test semua sekali kan.

Ok la. Mari tutup entri basi ni and I wish you all Selamat Ramadhan. Bulan puasa ni kurang mood sikit update blog. Busy pon. Will update more.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

11 months old!

Aiyooo. So fast la sudah 11 months. Soon he is gonna be a toddler. Ohmai!

Today I saw that another 2 teeth di gusi atas is gonna pop up soon. Sobs! Now I know why mommies always want a new baby. It is so sad when their baby leaving their babyhood.


He can stands lagi lama. Starting to put his feet forward to walk tapi macam tak confident lagi.

He can climbs down the bed. But so far he only did that once. I am not encouraging it. Heh.

I bought him mainan where you need to put various types of shapes blocks to go into the box. He only likes to throw it around if left unsupervised.  If supervised playing he can manage to put some shapes in. He knows the star shapes block suppose to go into the star shapes hole cuma he dont have the knack to pusingkan it to go in. Sometimes can sometimes not. Cool. Because mommy cant wait to buy baby castle lego so she can play pretend to build castle with knights. Hehe.

Speech not so much. Babbles. Screams. But boys are usually a little bit late in term of language development than girls. And I am always in the lookout of signs of ADHD / autism ever since I saw my little cousin had one. But it is so hard to detect in babies. It is kinda one of my fear. So yeah. Tawakkal .(And no I actually dont believe vaccination is the cause of autism. He havent had his MMR jab yet but I am waiting til he is one then we will give it. My sister the doctor advised to wait till baby is at least a year old for the jab)

Less needy. He currently likes bruno mars lazy song so that is a welcome respite from the daily taylor swift. But still if I am there and I dont pick him up nanti muka die monyok.

I noticed he likea to eat rice. Not so much pasta or pies. And pisang. Suke gile pisang. Or he may like buah. Maybe masa pregnant dulu everyday I duk makan buah je kut. Macam last sunday I bagi die mac and cheese and I put bananas in it. Laju je makan. Selalunye dalan 45 mins jugak la nak habiskan. Ni dalam 20 30 mins dah habis makan. Fuhhh. Kena add pisang in everywhere ke.

He likes to play with his cousins and the cats. Ade tu die nangis I panggil Bobby suruh jaga (suke hati je ko dilaaa) and bobby duk gesel kat ajis, push ajis to lie down and try to sit on him making ajis laugh. Bobby marvellous with Ajis. He really likes my baby.

Tidur masih lagi nak berputing. He only needed it to fall asleep though and after dah it will falls off.
Next month he is gonna be 1 year old. Oh my. Time sure flies.

Abang Bobby cakap stop! Dia nak naik gak. 

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