Friday, November 28, 2014

Ways to Wear Sandal ..

Like any other women I am obsessed with fashion and people criticism on what you can or cannot wear. I never get the view that you must wear heels to look good and va va voom and all that jazz la kan. Especially those who keep on saying that if you are short, heels are the way to go. Balderdash! As a person who is short, I'll say ... own that shortness! What's the deal with being tall anyway ( except if weight gain is more noticeable on short people.. ok la that is a huge plus ). But pfftt.

During my first working years I could rock a heels like nobody business. I mean I had once boasted that I think I can jungle trek in heels! Gile ko riak. Naseb baik Tuhan tak tunjuk dengan patah riukkan tengkuk aku lepas aku buat statement tu. But biasa la, usia makin meningkat and we are more wiser.  Because face it, heels are not the type of shoes you would want to trek through a city or going to a leisurely beach walk. And ridiculous kut nak grocery shop kat Jusco pakai heels.

Thus sandals is one of the option. My personal favorite is a strappy sandal. I think it was huge once when I was in uni. Everyone wants to wear a gladiator sandal.  The kind of clothes that goes with sandal wanita ini?
Annie looking simple with jeans and tee. Basically this is what I would look like minus the startling beauty / figure and plus the weight and extra layer of clothes for min Muslimah compliance.
Or for the non Muslimah compliance a short pants, basic shirt and a slammin jacket. I really dig that strappy sandal. WANT ONE!
Jumpsuit is one of em.
Skirt and tee paired with the right sandal actually makes the outfit stands out more. I always love a bedazzled sandal to go along with my skirt... though my skirt is usually a long one.
And of course the right sandal with your long dress for that walk during your vacation trip feels just right. I usually packed a sandal whenever I go for a holiday because there are some place that just aint right wearing regular walking shoes. Candlelit dinner at a sidewalk cafe in Rome ke kannn...
Basically the key is if you are into casual and easy peasy and want a touch of feminity to the outfit, sandal is the way to go lah.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

An unfortunate products placement

First of all this product placement is totally unintentional. Haha. My husband was looking through my pic phone gallery and he just showed this to me. And I instantly got what he saw. Haha I wwondered why I didnt see it when I took the picture. 

I was wanting to blog about the anti stretchmark cream I used throughout my pregnancy. 

For my first or rather second pregnancy I used Bio Oil for about 2 weeks before only using Burt's Bee Belly Butter. I think I had mentioned this before but I love this product. It is fragrance free so it only exude the brief lotion smell. It is wonderful on the skin. Does not left you feeling oily or greasy . And we know it stay on the skin because when I took a bath I can feel the lotion washed away by the water. And totally easy peasy applying since it can be easily smooth around the skin.  

For this pregnancy kekonon nak save up I try using Bio Oil. Burt Bees dulu less than rm100. Now dah naik harga. Rm108 I think. So I used Bio Oil balik .Boleh lah. The only things I dont like about Bio Oil is it left you and your clothes feeling greasy. 

Then my bio oil dah nak habis and I can't seems to find it at the nearest pharmacy around me. I noticed Palmer Cocoa Tummy Butter at the pharmacy and felt maybe I will test this now. It felt more like planta rather than butter because it takes a bit more effort to apply across the skin since it is like hardened lotion. 

I dont like the smell of cocoa either. After a while my skin feels itchy. Not allergic more like it does not provide enough moisture for my expanding belly. 

I used Bio Oil balik but the itching was still there. I used it sama2 with Palmer Cocoa Tummy Butter but those I used at my thigh and once or twice a week bile time I misplaced my Bio Oil. 

But the itching persisted and after a while my skin tummy became dry and flaky. Walaupon dah letak Bio Oil 2 or 3 times a night. Last2 beli balik Burt Bees. After using it a few days no more itching or flaky skins. Mahal pon mahal but so far no stretchmarks. Fuh. 

I guess there are something that is just worth the price kut. Next pregnancy memang tak tuka mende lain dah! Wah baru je beranak dah mention pregnant lagi. Haha. 

P/S : banyak la blog posts nanti sebab menatap phone je sambil nyusukan anak. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Newest member of the family!

Memula nak cakap the fourth member but then I tak kira kekucing lagi. Hehe.

Anyway. After I post my entry of that 39th weeks tu , terus malam tu contractions. I planned on vbac but not to be. Czer gak. Will give more details on later post.  The gist is my baby boy whom I called Saif was born on 22nd Nov 2014 on 3.12pm. Healthy and well Alhamdulillah. We are now at home. Well my sis home for pantang. My mom here and there are more people to take care of Aziz.

In the mean time it is sore nipples, painful recovery, zombified state due to no sleep and lacking in taste food time for me. And trying to cough just after czer is torture.


Friday, November 21, 2014

39th weeks!

Woooww. 39th weeks. Time ni I dah bersalinkan Aziz dah. Dah selamat keluar hospital dah rasenye pon. Hehe. 

Ni duduk rumah ni sibuk prepare barang2 for baby. I already sterilized the bottles and the breastpump and all those storage bottles. Bought Avent bottles tapi tu tak sterilized lagi because I plan to BF kan. But them anything can happened, so I bought also Medela teats bottle yang sesuai for newborn so if I need to bottle feed baby breast milk or formula dah ade la. 

Assorted mismatch socks and mittens yg kehilangan the other pair

Baju baby pon dah basuh semua, pampers dah beli. Got a load of clothes from my sisters. We usually akan pass around the baby clothes to those sesape yang akan deliver. Tapi I cakap to my husband beli la jugak 3 4 pasang new clothes for the baby so he would have things that are his own and not anyone else. 

Beg hospital pon I dah packup though maybe needs to put in a few more items like baby oil or minyak telon dan my books. 

Went to the gynae last Wednesday for my checkup. PCMC dah tuka procedure die. Dulu we straight go to level 6, now kena go to the registration at lobby and isi form insurance or whats not. I think so many people had been complaining about the long wait for the billing, guess this is one way for them to fasten things up. There are some improvements on the wait time, but not too sure la. Kena tengok lagi next visit. But most probably my next visit will be my last visit pon :D 

Sekarang ni I got tired more easily and easily pening and not much of an appetite. The baby weight pon kurang sikit banding Aziz, now he is on 2.6 kg. Aziz dulu at this time was 3.0 kg. But the doctor said it is a good weight. Kali ni punye visit kena la buat the dreaded vaginal exam. Ugh. Tapi this time I dah boleh expect and more relaxed so it is not painful cuma uncomfortable je. 

Next visit lak my gynae said kena buat CTG nak check if dah start contractions. Heh. I mintak my husband teman and told him bawak la die punye laptop because probably this is gonna take a long time. Sekarang ni tak feel lagi ape2 contractions. Sekali la Braxton Hicks tu I think. Ni kena kira movement baby je la. So far baby active Alhamdulillah. 

Now ni tengah counting days la ni. Most probably I will go straight to my sis house for my pantang afterwards. Beg duduk rumah my sis tak kemas lagi. Tu nak buat hari ni laa *fingers crossed* . 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Update on things

Baru lepas beli tiket Mockingjay! Yes. Sambil2 tu I am trying to play my jigsaw puzzles yang I bought satu pada masa dahulu di Jepun tapi baru buat border je. Sebab nak main jigsaw puzzles kekecik ni tak boleh ade gangguan kanak2 kecik. Kalau hilang ade mak menaga nanti tengok puzzles tak habis ade lobang. Rupanye bile main puzzles time ade kucing pon sama naik tension. Semua time tu la nak manja2 duduk dekat atas puzzle lah, nak kunyah puzzle laaahhh -_-" . 

Anyway. Ini cerita 2 weekend lepas. My husband have a team building event at Sunway hotel. Memula aku ingat ni masuk sekali Sunway resort. Rupanye tido. Mak buyung ade sedikit lega sebab mak buyung tak larat nak bawak anak bujang die terkinja2 kat Sunway lagoon at 37 weeks. 

Sepatutnye my husband pergi lah ice breaking session and makan-makan hari Jumaat tu, but we only manage to check in at 12.30 am sebab I still have to work kan dan banyak pulak keje time dah nak berenti tu. Sebab dah penat ngan ngantuk, I only manage to snap the picture of the room. Lawa! I like Sunway hotel. 

Aktiviti2 lain di hari Sabtu and Ahad tu lebih kurang free untuk family , tak free untuk staff dept. So while the spouses have to go their activities, the family do whatever lah. Most of the time it was spent at the pool. 

Pakai boyar princess sebab boyar pinjam. Hahaha
If it is raining or I malas to go in pool, Aziz berbubble bath di bathtub. He likes it. 

Sempat la round Sunway Pyramid sekali. Tadek ape menarik untuk dibeli pon . Bought jigsaw puzzles for Aziz to keep him occupied in the hotel room. Ended up mak die buat jigsaw puzzles tu dan Aziz letak the last 2 pieces and laughed gleefully like he had done the whole thing. We stayed for the whole Saturday and checked out on Sunday. 

On Sunday tu lepas lunch at the hotel tu Aziz dah bising nak mandi pool balik. Siap bukak baju and seluar sendiri bersedia untuk terjun. Tapi dah nak checkout dah anak. Haha. Kesian die. So while husband settled what needs to be settled bawak die tengok patung elephant at the outside of the hotel yang die sibuk nak tengok dari first malam sampai tu. 

Oh and the food at Sunway hotel tu besttt! Tak amik gamba lah sebab bile dah jumpa makanan memang aku lupa semua mende. 

Oh. Last Thursday tu I plan nak tengok Big Hero 6. Mementang la surirumah. Bawak la Aziz sekali because I think he would enjoy it and my husband decided to join tengok gak time office hour. Aziz enjoyed it tremendously. It is a great movie! This time we bought yang couple seat tu, tu pon rase cam sempit. Nak buat camne, mak besor. Nasib baik couple seat sebelah kosong haha. So I get to sit with relative ease and Aziz lagi la besar tempat die nak ke sana sini. He loves the movie and most of the time he paid attention to the screen. Ade sekali tu I pandang sebelah and saw his father is holding him while he is doing the superman pose bile time Baymax tu tengah terbang. He tried imitating Baymax punye kungfu moves la kat situ. 

This movie I would recommend for those yang nak bawak anak masuk wayang first time. They would most enjoy it. Lot of actions and Baymax is soooo huggable. Not to mention kucing dalam movie tu Mochi. I told husband I wish they would make patung kucing tu instead. Sebijik cam Kurap gemok. 

Hari ni pergi checkup gynae pulak so hantar Aziz to taska earlier than usual. Aziz dah faham bile nampak mommy die pakai tudung meant that mommy die pergi jalan-jalan and mesti la 'NAK IKUTTT JALANNN'. Sampai je pintu taska, menangis la die depan pintu. Sebab ingatkan gi jalan-jalan. Poor baby. 

Besok update pasal pregnancy ni la. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Housewife or career break?

Yesterday was my last day at the company. I had been there close to 7 years. 

I don't really know what makes me decide to quit my job just before I went on maternity leave, but part of the decision is that I want to take care of my baby more than just 2 months. Aku selalu kesian memikirkan baby kena hantar to nursery when they are just 2 months old. I won't take a maid after the experience I had last time and asking my mom is just out of the question. I don't like to burden my mom or in laws in what should have been my responsibility. Also partly I just want to enjoy taking care of baby in that age. 

Before this my company do have an option for the employees to take career break which is basically unpaid leave (which can range from 1 to 6 month), however, 2 of my colleagues in my team tried to apply for career break for them to take care of their newborn baby but was rejected by our recent management. They then quit because they don't see any other way.

I don't want to go through the hassle after seeing their struggle to get their leave approve only to be rejected at the last moment so I quit too. Partly why I quit is that I don't really like the direction where we are going after the recent management change. And also we didnt get any pay increase for almost 3 years. A lot of bad outweighing the good. Though the good is good woo. We have an incredible flexi hours. We get to WFH ( if there is a valid reason though before this it was even more easier to work from home, so people finding it fussy nowadays that we have to give really good reason). The past 3 month, I had been WFH because I am working shift too. But apart from the great flexi hours which is kinda great if you have family, I do think it is time to leave. 

What is my next plan? Jaga my newborn for a while, and maybe get back to work after 4 or 6 months. I still yet to open my resume for headhunters in various recruitment site because I can't be bothered to entertain call during my pantang only to reject interview request. I also have to acknowledge that it can be quite hard to find a good job nowadays. A lot of company are retrenching their employees. Therefore I am keeping my option open. 

Had been saving up for a while though so I can still pay my insurance and car without resorting money from husband, that should last me up to 6 months if I am careful. But I did warned my husband that the possibility that I maybe out of work permanently if there is not enough opportunity ( childcare and work ) can present itself. 

I don't know. We will see in 2 or 3 months time what is the next step in my life would be. In the mean time, surirumah la aku. ( Laki tanye sarcastically if this means I will lipat baju2 afterwards.. haha... he usually does that. ) . Hari ni nak kemas rumah. Besok nak tengok wayang :D

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pika2 and Brownie

Marilah bercerita pasal the new addition of anak bulus this year. Not so new la. One of them was dikutip on March 2014 and the other August 2014.

Kite start dengan Pika2 dulu la. On my way to work I use the AKLEH and from MRR2 I will need to lalu Petronas Ampang tu just before going up to AKLEH, so masa driving tu my eyes caught upon this kitten who is cowering beside the road. So I quickly turned onto Petronas and pick up the kitten set it beside the kedai Mesra stesyen Petronas. Then I head back to work.

I sometimes picked up kittens in the middle of the road ( because kittens are dumb and that is why you see a lot of kittens being run over ) and set it on the side of the road when I chance upon them while driving, but this one kinda sticks on my mind. I was feeling like I don't think so she can survive at the station. No one will gives it food and the station is right in the middle of a very congested and busy road. I am doubtful it will last a week.

So masa lunch time tu I made up my mind to take her to my home. I picked up an A4 box from the office so I have something to put her in while in the car. Went back to that petrol station and found her cowering underneath one of a parked car there. She looks so pitiful. I tried to grab her but she ran away to the drain, so one of the car wash guys came over and help me to pick her from the drain.

Put her in a box and I asked to stay quietly and not pee nor poop there. She decided to explore the car. Naseb baik tak membuang

So away we go. I set up one of the cat cage I have at home as any new cat as per usual have to be quarantine first to make sure any penyakit tak kena to the other cats. I have to set it as fast and as comfortable as I can make it, put up some food and water and off I went to work again.

Bobby sniffing the new arrival. 

She got some pretty bad case of mange (kurap) and skin issues. Actually up til now her skin is very sensitive. We got her to the vet and the vet gave ubat kurap orally. That is a relief that only the vet have to do it but if she is not better the meds will be administered again in 2 weeks time, so I have to take her to the vet up to 3 times before the kurap goes away.

Muka kesian. Telinga sangat berkerak. I wear gloves when I touched her. 

In daylight you can see her skin issues. Masa ni I baru mandikan die before going to the vet. Just so I could get the dirt off and kerak2 off her. I did the best I could with the condition I was in.

Ubat kurap administered orally. 

I have no idea what to call her. Kurap was already taken . Heh. But after about 2 or 3 weeks in the house I found her sitting contentedly on a Pikachu chair. So I called her Pika2.

Sitting there peacefully

while looking at Aziz. 

Right now she is quite healthy and had already been spayed. Masa spayed tu pon banyak songeh gak, sebab her stitches did not heal quite as nicely so it took longer than the other female cats I had. Naseb baik ade my husband to help apply her antibiotic cream. It took usually one or two weeks for my previous cats to be OK but her stitches needed 3 weeks to heal. Maybe its the vet, maybe I didn't take better care of her. But I am glad anyhow she did get better.

Looking much better now

At this time her fur looking quite nice, this week not so nice partly sebab I step on her then I think she overgroom that part I pijak jugak. Emo aje ko ni Pika. 

She is mostly quiet, don't like to go out much, prefer to be alone, though if she wants something she will stick by your side like glue. Selalu sangat kena pijak sebab she likes to be so close and quiet that we didnt notice she is there. Baru je minggu lepas I terpijak die sampai a huge chunk of her fur tercabut. Haha. Dahla die memang ade masalah with fur. She likes to overgroom herself and maybe there is some too much shedding going on. Also she pukes a lot that I grew quite tired of cleaning it. So we changed her food to Cat's Eye recently and after a few days no more puking! Her fur also seems to be improving somewhat. I think. I am still figuring that out, though she had stopped her overgrooming. Hope it will only get better. Tension aku tengok badan die ade part togel2.

Oh. Did I mention that right after I picked her up to my house, the next day tu I found out I was pregnant. Haha. Pening kepala nak handle problematic cats while pregnant. During those first days tu memang I wear gloves when I touched her and washed my hands regularly. And prayed that all will turn out ok. Actually that should be the practice. Always wash hands regularly people. Especially if you are exiting a public toilet. Euww much? 

Brownie entry into this house is not that dramatic. We just got back from raya and I can't remember what I was doing late at night, but all my cats are at their 'kandang' and I kept on hearing this persistent little mewing sounds. Sekali at my front door. This tiny kitten wants to come in because it is a rainy night and somewhat cold, and I think he wants some warmth. He was and is still the cutest little thing.

That first night we found him or rather he found us. Ko tengok la tahap kecomelan tu

We let him in for a while played with him because that seems like what it wants, then him outside again with some water and food. He was wearing a collar and a bell, and I thought it will go back to wherever he comes from. So day after day he is still there at our home and always frantic to go into the house. He wants to be an indoor cat with occasional playtime outside damnit!

Very the demanding

We asked around but nobody seems to know where he comes from dan almost put him up for adoption to one my friend but that fell through. Rupa-rupanye after about a month later we found out he came from right next door. Rupanye our next door neighbour ni baru je kutip die, but my neighbour the sort of people who put their cat outside. Die kate die kesian tengok kucing ni berkeliaran kat kedai mana tah so she picked him up and brought to her home. Haha. Kite orang tanye selang 4 5 6 rumah but didn't asked orang sebelah. We never thought it could be her sebab I thought I already know all her cats. Lupa pulak die pon in the habit of picking up strays ( but not exactly spaying and neutering them which kinda irks me ). Since she saw I kinda claimed Brownie as my own, she decided to let me keep it. Anak dia kata kira ni present untuk Aziz la. Haha. Ok la tu. He and Aziz seems ngam together pon. Husband memula nak push jugak suh I adopt him out but after Kurap died die malas nak push. I kinda like having Brownie around too.

And occasionally we found him asleep in the cutest of pose

He is not that much of a hassle. Cuma bile datang sini, cirit birit lama la. New cat adapting to new food tu biasa la, but Brownie ni lama sikit. Tapi2 lama I taw kenapa, sebab orang sebelah bagi die makan gak, so he have to adjust to that food too. Haha. Also at first I thought Brownie was a female kitten, tapi minggu ke minggu macam makin besar lak balls tu, so lepas tangkap gambar tunjuk kat my cat group in Whatsapp konfemla Brownie ni jate. Nasib baik nama kinda unisex. I named him Brownie tu pon sebab there was this female cat in instagram I follow who looks kinda like Brownie.

He is the cutest kitten dan sampai skang my niece masih menaruh harapan mommy die bagi die bela Brownie. Tapi selagi die tak setuju untuk scoop taik kucing no cat for her. Hehe. Brownie ni nakal and active dan suke gile duduk atas laptop. I can't do any work if I he is around sebab he likes to jump on the keyboard. Very active (typical kitten), go crazy when we are eating so eating time we have to kurung him for a while or he will shove his nose on your plate but sometimes can be very manja by jumping up and sleeping right next to you while we are watching tv. 

Bincang ape tah. 

Aziz tengah nak tujal2 kepala Brownie

Aziz likes to pick and manhandled him but he seems gentle enough with Aziz. Selalu gak kena reprimand Aziz. Budak kan, ape die taw, but also we need to be very stern if it looks like Aziz is hurting the cat. We are blessed with very gentle cats. The only cat yang tak gentle is Kurap, but Aziz knows to not mess with her then and she kept her distance with Aziz too. Rindu kat kucing Kurap gemok.

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