Thursday, January 23, 2014

We went to the zoo

Last weekend punye update dan hape2 lagi. 

Cuti Thaipusam tu we went to the zoo. And I think the timing is just nice sebab semua orang not going anywhere sebab takut jem at MRR2 and there is not many people there. Dah la hari tu angin sedap je. 

We sudah terpacak depan zoo kul 9.15 selepas breakfast di mamak sebentar. Energy mesti kena ade. Nanti tak larat. The zoo entrance is RM30 for adult weh sekarang. Pengsan. Ape aje tak mahal. I think it is because there will be a whole lot more attractions later on. Masa pergi tu ade construction die buat untuk walkway ke dalam tempat gajah, tempat orang utan and few others. Also coming soon 'Panda'. Hoi. Excited ok nak tengok Panda. Nanti dah ade panda nak pergi la! 

Anyway it was nice timing la. Datang kul 9, round keliling sat sempat tengok animal show 11 am then 12pm dah balik. 

Budak kecik excited tengok gajah and the lions. I think mostly he just like running around. I pon suke gak. Been a while that I went to the zoo. Last time I tanak pergi lagi dah sebab the sight of the sun bear patched fur depressed the hell out of me. Rase nak nangis ok tiap kali teringat. Couldn't find the sun bear again. Mati kut T_T . Anyway no animal looking too depressing so I came out looking ok except bole aku cherry berry time kat zoo ni. Tak best tul. Dah la I really like to walk. Spoil mood sebab nak kena sibuk cari toilet. LOL.

Ape... ade zirafah... die tak nampak ok zirafah ni memula masa tunjuk. Mungkin sebab die nampak kaki je kut.

Asyik gile tengok rusa makan
Oh. And if anyone gonna be bringing their child, better sapu krim halang nyamuk tu. Banyak gile nyamuk gigit when we went into the bird areas. Or maybe you can avoid going into the bird enclosed area tu . Also the fees for under 3 yr old is free. So yay!

Next time maybe we can aim for the bird park or the petting zoo we heard so much about. Laki aku tengok sungai kecik kat zoo tu mula dah reminisce die rindu nak gi sungai and air terjun. I ajak mandi dulu die tanak takut ape2 jadi kat anak die. I told him we wait until he is 2 la kut. Kang nanti jadi macam ade a friend of my sister ni kang ... anak tak kenal sungai. First time pergi ulu yam tanye bapak die "kenapa swimming pool ni banyak batu". Haha. Budak bandar kan sekarang. Masa I lived in Pahang dulu if my dad was around almost every day we pestered him untuk bawak pergi air terjun. Shopping mall??? Mana de shopping mall kat Bentong wehh.

Anyway..the next day we went tengok tiles for our kitchen and the bathroom downstairs. That was boring so takyah la aku nak tunjuk gamba tu kat sini. Actually interesting untuk kite tapi mesti boring untuk yang lain. Bawak dak kecik and just carry him on my shoulder sampai tertidur nyenyak kena dukung.Excited thinking about the new dapur nanti. SO MANY CABINETS I CAN STORE MY STUFFS. I am especially excited in storing my cleaning supplies. Dah la laki aku suke beli pelbagai jenis cleaner. Tak cukup rak nak simpan.

Anyway about his update .. nanti la I buat bile die dah setahun setengah. Time fly fast! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Smells like no other.

My house smells. Like really smells. I was baking on a Friday night and kept on getting distracted by the smell. Because I am a scaredy cat, I asked husband to look into all the drawers in the kitchen sebab I taknak kena assailed with the sight. No luck. We looked at the roof ( from upstairs bedroom and he said a cat poop on the roof) Durjana betul kucing tu. Tadek tempat lain kut. Memula I macam ok... maybe a poop smell. But then besok pagi tu bau tu naik sampai tingkat atas and told husband ini adalahh BAU BANGKAI. Only bau bangkai je bole merebak satu rumah macam ni.

Husband found the source then. Die nampak dari drain yang kite orang turunkan hos washing machine tu, ade lalat banyak kat area situ. Our house at the back ni we renovated so it covered the whole back area. So the washing machine is inside, however the drain where we salurkan air will go to longkang. The longkang overlooks the back area which housed few strays. One of the cat had crawled in and either sick or trapped and couldnt get himself out. I say sick because if the cat mewed we would surely heard it and try our damnedest to get it out. Not\w it is dead and rotting underneath the tiles and cement, in the drain.

 I can barely go towards the back without gagging. Kucing-kucing pon where the back is their home kept on throwing up hari Sabtu tu. So all the cats slept inside the house sekarang. Currently husband on EL so he can oversee the work being done at the back of the house. We need to pecahkan the floor tepi washing maching to get to the drain and get the carcass out. Poor kitteh. Lepas ni we will put a netting on the lobang longkang tu so tadek lagi makhluk terperangkap masuk dalam.

BTW, I successfully baked decent cookies, some are too keras sebab faulty oven dan jugak crying baby, tapi mana yg terover baked tu still sodap padaku. Love the recipe though I need to halve the sugar. Mat salleh punye resepi ni memang manis sakan kan. I got it from here: . The one I baked above is Chewy Brown Sugar M&Ms cookies. I got loads of Smarties in my fridge dan aku tak suke Smarties itu sebab I make cookies so tadekle pembaziran. Bile masukkan dalam dough macam banyak, bile baked macam tak banyak la Smarties tu. Lain kali I will add MOAR!
Nanti aku nak try key lime cupakes die. I LOVE key lime cakes and jumpa resepi ni is making me squee. Habisla pertambahan lemaks.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Short sweet or not so, book reviews

The Harp LessonThe Harp Lesson by Emma Tennant

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Plot: Set in Revolutionary France, this atmospheric novel explores the life of Pamela Sims who leaves her humble English home for a life as an illegitimate in the Parisian court, known as 'La Belle Pamela'.

My says : Tedious. Confusing. Better off reading Wikipedia and I would gleaned more about La Belle Pamela than this book.

The OutcastThe Outcast by Sadie Jones

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Plot : 1957, and Lewis Aldridge is travelling back to his home in the South of England. He is straight out of jail and nineteen years old. His return will trigger the implosion not just of his family, but of a whole community.

My says: The start was great, the middle was heavy and sad, the ending was meh. A bit anticlimactic towards the end, however the story of how a parent could really messed up their child, resonated with me.

A bit of an uncomfortable read sometimes, but that is more on how the story goes. Recommended read but not recommended if you are not into dark and dreary book which is how I picture this book is. 

The GatecrasherThe Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot: Fleur is beautiful but lazy and, at forty, spends her life looking for rich men who can provide her and her teenage daughter with a glamorous and effortless existence

My says: Surprisingly I like it. It doesn't feel silly, no character falls or stumbled or says things she didn't meant to. I like it.

Fleur is a one note character and even in the end remains an enigma. However the characters around Fleur are much more interesting ( and likable!) than her which save this book.

I like how the ending goes. I like it that happy ever after does not mean happy ever after. It could mean, I take what I can get and I can be happy about it.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Spring cleaning my bags

My husband heaved a big relief. My bags which I placed behind the doors is getting too numerous  that we can hardly open the door halfway. Hehe. 

Thrown most of the broken or battered up looking away or the one I don't use anymore. 

Simpan the other one, in various dustbags and bags organizer. I also found a total of RM120 tucked away in various bags and many many coins.  hoh. Husband rolled his eyes at that one. Macam jumpa harta karun pon. 

So the one that is still nice but I don't wear anymore because it is too small for my everyday and not so everyday needs are these: 

See.. all clutch or in near clutch size. Those leather looking ones are MNGs. Gave them to my sister maid if they want it and if they do not want it they can chuck away.

Yang lain2 tu clutch which I don't wear and I have no idea why I bought em. So stored them away to storage I guess.

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