Friday, September 17, 2010

A cat bag is fine too.

A cat bag actually. My mom recently asked if I wanted to kirim a Prada bag since it is on sale in Qatar and my sis can get it cheap. While I love Prada, the shoes, clothes, bags... All are amazing and lovely. But even at 60% off I've to fork out half my month salary to something like that.
I lagi rela beli beg yg ade motif kucing rege RM20 from Bintulu y'all. My husband offer untuk belanja a big pink plastic Swatch watch that I'd been eyeing tapi rase bersalah pulak. So I hunt up a big pink plastic watch everywhere and found one at Wangsa Walk mall that cost only RM15. Lagipun I can also buy a big yellow watch later guilt free kan.
So the point of this post: adakah aku magnanimous, economical ataupon a cheapo?

p/s: am back at kl!

Sent on the go. Or on bed.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

you are all three... you make being magnanimous effortless, being economical exciting and being cheapo trendy. you are special.

Kasapsky said...

mmm... kalau aku rasa perlu, kebas je time tu sebab there will be not 2nd time jumpe barang tu lagi. If too expensive, i will try come again later. Kalau ade lagi mmg brg tu akan jadi milik aku... haha. 1 benda nak cakap, ni mith tapi cam leh pakai. Jgn guna barang-barang yg ade gambar haiwan especially cat. Bawak suey. Tidak digalakan. Sebab mostly aku jumpe org yg pakai beg ke moto yg tampal gambar kucing, slalu kena langgar dengan motokar.
p/s: kena panggil mith buster untuk siasat... hehe

Dils said...

I like being special. Just like everyone else. Heh.

Wooo. Wooo. Sampai hati ko sampaikan bala. Heheh.

First baca mcm eh, eh.. tapi malas nak pikir since I think I got a lot of things with animals motif in it, and I don't think anything really terrible happened to me while I have them with me.

Ke orang eksiden tu actually pakai Hello Kitty? Mungkin Hello Kitty itu bala...

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