Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eating my words

When Sofina 1 first came out, I was a little too late to scene. It was all sold out and I was envious on those who got the yellow one. The yellow one was really pretty. When Sofina 2.1 came out,  I remembered telling my friends I was not interested in Sofina 2.1 because of the studded strap. Felt a little too punk rock for me. Haha. Though I actually like punk rock looks. 
Sofina 3 yang first batch tu I just barely aware about it and  tell myself, like.. helloooo you are jobless and moneyless and have loads of handbags already. I got the Lancel before this after all because it vaguely reminisce the yellow Sofina I like so much. Haha. Though yang third one ni is prettier than the 2.1 for me sebab contrasting color of the top black handle and bottom tu and warna body tu.
But then bile the second batch came out, I was bored I took a peek, and found out that ehhh..rupanye ade another strap la, the studded strap is detachable lah. ( like duh!)  and felt like.. to hell with no job and no money and no place to go out and bring out another handbags. I belilah!
Like the taupe one, but that one sold out. I tried FashionValet but all was sold out there, I tried Sometimes and the nude one is still available. Hmm.. after all I never have any bags with that color. Oh wait. Ade, tapi itu kain. Totally tak kira. Haha. So my husband noticed me all intentlike on the computer one night and he asked me
" What are you doing"
"Beli bag"
Really. I have no self control. Pffth.
So I got my bag.

And when it is in my hands, I have to agree the studded strap is actually pretty and kinda make the whole bag. I dig the studs after all.

Though when I tried it out and about, I put away the studded strap sebab easier for me to use the bag as a sling bag bile bawak anak ke sana sini.

But sekejab je la pakai sebab beli bag macam mana pon, I akan go back to my Storksak. I never mentioned this trusty old bag kutt.. but I like my Storksak Olivia and it is the best bag purchase! . It is my diaper bag so barang2 dalam tu memang dah siap la. Extra diapers ke, towel ke, tisu ke, etc etc.. so when out with my kids using the Storksak je la. Used to be when I was working I would rotate my bags. Tapi tak keje, my bags dont see the sun la so to say.

Vietnam 2013. Comel kecik je Aziz je masa ni. And montels. At Bin Thanh market carrying Aziz and my Storksak.

I laff you Storksak. Why I macam malas nak tuka2 diaper bags. Well, there was one incident when Aziz puked right into my bag. There was A LOT of puke. Balik rumah tu , cleaned up or buang any unnecessary puke covered contents , rinse the bag and throw it into the washing machine. Basically it is one tough bag since it is all nylon satin and washed easily and no puke smell! And the bag still looks like new too. The bag memang dah kena muntah multiple times and tumpah susu jangan cakap la.
So yeah, I will be donning back my Storksak. The pockets in the Storksak is really unrivalled to any other la to me. And it kinda looks a little bit like Miu Miu which is why I bought it in the first place. Total impulse buy!

Also Aziz is prone to puke in the car. Until my kids will not puke in my bag, the Storksak will make regular appearance as a diaper bag.
Memula cite pasal Sofina 3 tetiba buat endorsement tak berbayar pasal Storksak lak. Haha.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ipoh kembali

Last weekend went to Ipoh because my husband's friend is getting married in Gopeng. Since Gopeng tu dekat sangat dah dengan Ipoh I excited la nak ajak die kesana. Sesaja imbas kembali kenangan lama , jalan2 ke UTP, tengok balik bandar Ipoh.

I dont take much pics of the wedding though Aziz had a LOT of fun playing at the yard by himself.  Saif baik je. Tido the whole time even though panassss. One interesting thing about the wedding is ade stall apam balik!

Apam balik die sedap. Ade yang the crunchy apam and there is also the regular one. Even the regular one are very nice. Isi banyak dan nipis just nice.

After the wedding we then checked into the hotel that we booked which is the Ipoh French Hotel.

A new boutique hotel. Located in the middle of town, in front of KFC 24 hours and next to The Store and Cathay lama tu.  Bring back a lot of memories as dulu2, my friends and I always go to the Pizza Hut seberang jalan tu during weekend. Now Pizza Hut ade kat depan Taman Maju ok! And McDonald pon ade. AND Domino's! Basically no need the weekly sojourn to Ipoh which we UTPians tends to do dulu. Pfftt. Jangan kata weekly lagi, rase tengah malam nak gi mamakking at Ipoh pergi je... UTP students now have it good.

Baby not included

I love that tiles. Nak buat macam ni laaa kat bilik air sendiri nanti. Tahun bile tah. 

The room and bathroom. We took the room that have an superking size bed. Sebab nak muatkan 2 muatan lagi atas katil. And it was pretty great we took that bed sebab everyone got their space on bed.

Malam tu we went for dinner at Restoran Simpang Tiga and fuh mencabar betul makan. Dengan Aziz berak tengah dunia kat restoran tu and Saif just won't stop crying, hilang terus selera makan. Dah la tertinggal my pouch yang isi the diapers extra bebudak tu at hotel room, tapi naseb baik Guardian dekat so husband bought all the necessary and bawak tuka Aziz there.

As for the restoran, we ordered sup sayur campur, ikan stim and telur dadar.  It was pretty ok though the fish texture was a bit weird. So it kinda offset also rase ikan tu. Dengan berpeluh paksa Aziz behave and Saif menangis aku pon terus tadek selera sangat nak makan. But I have to say the sup is quite nice. Jus pon menepati cita rase. Not too watery.

Siap pergi Gerbang Malam lagi after dinner which is kinda like Danau Kota punye night market tu. It is like 10 mins walk from the hotel so jalan je. It opened at 9pm pon so kira early la. I think dulu2 bukak kul 10 kut.. Last time we went there as students ade la 15 gerai kut at most. Memang tak happening lah. Now panjang dan sesak!

I put Saif in a wrap and Aziz kena pimpin with my husband. Saif terus tido while on the way there. Ade la beli mende meraban2 you buy at those pasar. Beli Aziz satu toys sebab pasar macam tu kan penuh mainan and still on the way back die throwdown tantrum sebab nak toys lagi and refuse to hold our hands. Menaga la aku at Aziz and I pimpin his hand on the way back and terus die senyap .

Besok pagi tu pegi pulak Pasar Karat.

These are the famed antique pasar of Ipoh dulu. I first went there with other students masa it was still held by the riverside. Lawa dan tenang je jalan dulu. And so many books.

Nowadays tadek sangat dah books. Ade la a few stalls selling antique stuffs but I rase makin berkurangan dari dulu. Stalls yang jual stuffs from Cameron pon tadek sangat. Banyak baju bundle and the usual baju, kids clothes and tudung.

Kali ni we decided to put Saif in a stroller sebab siang panas sangat die nak berwrap bagai dengan mommy die. Can even eat breakfast dengan aman sebab Saif baik je tido.

Afterwards pergi Ipoh Parade sebab my husband knows I always want to take a peek into Novel Hut. Memula cari tak jumpa, ingatkan dah closed ke ape, rupanye moved to another location.

Before there was BBW sales, this is my go to place during student days for cheap books.

Catch of that day so to speaks.

Mula2 ingatkan nak cari makan area Batu Gajah ke area UTP ke tapi dah kul 12.30 dan Aziz dah start lapor. Tengok orang kat food court beli sizzling mee macam sedap je, kami pon beli gak.

It was ok lah. Quite nice jugak la. Tak sesedap kat food court Kinta City dulu, tapi I known from previous experience yang the mee there no longer sedap cam dulu so tak kuasa nak pergi there.

Went to UTP! Last time masuk after graduate dengan kawan2. We went to see the cafe and stuffs. And round tengok blok2 asrama we used to stay in. Cant believe it had been that long. Sobs.

My first asrama in UTP. Port bergayut kat bawah tangga tu.

My room in V4. Masa memula masuk we are the first ones yang rasmikan these rooms and we were so excited because it was so pretty then. Dulu tadek shed untuk basikal tu .

Now tak masuk pon cafe and all. Malas pulak nak punggah anak2. Just pergi to the dewan canselor to take pics because our dewan and library is pretty awesome k.

We then headed to Teluk Batik and kinda like a waste of time jugak because
1. Aziz takut laut and last2 main bubble je there
2. I hated the beach unless it is really clean like Redang.
Masa kat Teluk Batik pon ade this kakak tanye nak beli kerepek ke tak. I tanye satu je and she suruh beli 3. I wonder why la these people yang jual2 these stuffs ni mesti nak push kite beli in bulks. I cakap la I dont have RM10 on me, tapi I nak kerepek die jual tu jugak. So I bukak dompet ade la dalam RM5 je and to my surprise kakak tu pon datang next to me and tengok inside my wallet. I macam surprise gak la. Die macam RM5 pon bole la and bagi I 2 pek kerepek and took that RM5 before I can say anything. Huh. Honestly I think this is the last time la I beli from these type of people. Tadek adab dalam menjual!
Anyway we let Aziz main in the playground to his delight. He doesnt care about the sea. All he wants are gelungsur.. Teluk Batik also had changed the last time we went there. There are now boats with banana boats and it is kinda scary to see all these boats so near dengan bebudak mandi kat laut. I don't think I am the only one who disapproved. Ade awek kat situ dating dengan boyfriend die pon I can heard expressing the same views. They had put a lot of shop lots which a lot of em are vacant too. And a sad derelict looking museum. And a nice playground though.It is kinda sad la. If they let it be and just make it simple, benches, playground, good path to jog pon dah OK. No need to over commercialized a recreation place.
Malam tu saje nak gatal try one of these hipster cafe mushrooming like crazy all over Malaysia. So I chose Gomok cafe yang dekat je dengan our hotel. Bawak stroller sebab nak kasik Saif tido. This time he behaved and slept the whole meals through.

One of the wall at the cafe

Saif tengok syok isap jari. Which is what he likes to do nowadays. Kecik je cafe ni. Macam half a kedai je, and I can't be arsed to stand up to take pic of the whole kedai pon. Ramai pon malam tu. Ade 2 sets of family gathering there.

I ordered the Philly cheese steak which was pretty good. Nampak cam kecik tapi bile tiba last bite tu dah kenyang menggila. So not bad jugak la. Husband punye is nasi goreng with tomyam and ayam rendang. His nasi goreng is delicious. Ayam rendang tu husband suke, I am not a fan of rendang so I guess it must be ok.

My favorite part is the drink. Delicious. My green tea is sedap though if I realized it came with bubble tu , I had requested it away, I tak suke bubble hitam tu. My husband ordered some sort of raspberry yogurt with this nice pop bubble. Seriously sedap. We had half a mind to order second round of drinks but we already have 2 cendols waiting for us in the hotel fridge and there are people waiting outside the cafe for tables. So mintak bill je la. And the price of the drink is very reasonable at RM3.50 for my drink. Kalau KL cafe2 macam ni mesti air RM8. Menyampah betul order air kat cafe in KL ni.
Oklah. I had not updated blog posts this long since forever.  Naseb baik takyak masak arie ni so boleh curik time update pasal last weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to old passions

I used to love JDo. I will usually scour through D-Addicts or asian drama wikis for new japanese drama. So masa pantang hari tu, rase macam free and also all my US series is in their usual hiatus, so berjinak la kembali ke alam JDO. 

I was never a fan of K-drama. I found it is too cheesy and too lacking in humour. So yeah.. don't give me Kdrama recommendations. I will never try to see it. :D 

So being a fan of the then Hana Yori Dango .. I usually follow the drama the cast acted in. And recently watched these 2. 

One is Shitsuren Chocolatier. Translated in English as Heartbroken Chocolatier. 

It have Matsumoto Jun. I always like him though I never think of him as cute. But he is so adorable when in his roles. 

This drama is about Sota (Matsumoto Jun) who had always been in love with Saeko (Ishihara Satomi). He became a chocolatier because Saeko loves chocolate and leave to Paris to learn how to be a chocolatier after Saeko rejected him. After becoming an established chocolatier, he came back with a plan to win Saeko heart through chocolates. 

At first I felt the drama was cutesy a bit ecchi, but by episode 5 and 6 I am frusrated with the whole lot of em. It is a comedy which something Matsumoto Jun really excelled at. Though I had to push myself a bit to finish it and I do like the ending. Not the usual shoujo ending.

The most enjoyable part of the drama is all the chocolates they shown. Damn it I really craved chocolates then and I almost forgive the detestable characters just at the view of Matsumoto Jun serenely tempering the chocolate. Yums. 

It also introduced me to Ishihara Satomi. 

I only have lukewarm feelings about her character and thought she is very pretty but mostly I was distracted by her makeup especially her lipstick. I kept on trying to find her lip lines. I always wonder why some women wants to put lipstick outside of their lip lines. It is so distracting. 

The second JDo I had recently watched was the 2012, Poor Man Rich Woman. 

Oguri Shun is like my dream man, man. He is tall and handsome and so blur looking. I had a major crush on him during HYD days. I still do I guess. Haha. 

And he played the role Hyuga as the billionaire genius brilliantly. He was cocky but unsure. brilliant but hopeless. Love it. I like how Japanese drama have a drama about game programmers though their aim to make a nationwide govt system for citizens is laughable and insane. But it feels like we IT people do have a world in entertainment. The world does not just revolved around spies, police, lawyers and doctors. ( And in Malaysia , vague businessmen)

Ishihara Satomi also starred here which makes me jealous because she is so cute here beside Oguri Shun. She played Sawaki Chihiro as soon to be graduate desperately looking for a job and despite her prettiness I can't help but felt like I identified with this character. She is just a hardworking, ordinary woman trying to get her place in the industry but can't seems to get in because she is just ordinary. (though in real life her prettiness would surely factored in. )

Gah. So sweet. And I also thought in this jdo in account of her being a simple girl and tone down her makeup I can make out her lip lines, but I can't! I am forever distracted by Ishihara Satomi lip lines! 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Been a while

I dont have any blogging energy at the moment. So many things to write. So malas to write. And how is it possible being no work, the housework still seems endless and neverending.

Not helping that Saif is really demanding milk nowadays. Dulu I usually susukan die dalam 10 mins gitu je. But now it can take half an hour or even an hour. So the day just passed by. In the mean time, the house gets dustier, the craps getting nowhere moved and I just barely manage to wash dishes and do laundry the most.

Anyway.. I was in JB during the week before CNY, saje kekonon nak enjoicing, but was not to be because Saif was sick and his cough was getting so bad that I was getting real worried. He had a mild bronchitis anyway. Then I got sick, where I was feverish for about 3 days and sampai sekarang I still have a mild asthma and cough which I cant get rid of because I am really particular of what medicine I take when I am breastfeeding. Sigh.

So that is all the complaining aside.

Saif can now roll over! Sooner than his abang. I remembered Aziz can roll over when he was 4 months lebih. Tapi he got bibik at the time, and all the time being carried, baby akan lambat sikit nak usaha.

So nowadays that is all he wants to do. Letak atas katil and he will roll over and tengok kiri kanan sampai penat dan nangis because he can't roll back to his back again. But he got the knack of it now that if he is tired he can lie his head down, so less crying when rolling over.

Muka gelak2 bile people talk to him. He is a talker. He absolutely loves it when people talk to him and he will try to coo back. Already can see the difference in personality dari abang die!

As for Aziz.. hows the playschool. I can't say what is the difference made to him, but he does seems more talkative nowadays. He love the school and I love that they have sports day and swim days so he have some exercise which he normally don't get with me.

Routine die adalah balik sekolah, tuka baju and all, tengok Big Hero 6, minum susu dan nap. Then woke up cranky because I think he took it after me, where I hated nap too. My sister said when I was little I absolutely dont sleep during the day but just roam around the house like a destructive little beast.

My days got busy for a while because I have my mom in town and my sisters taken leave for medical reasons so they got some free time to go out during the day to bring mom out. Gi IKEA la. Wangsa Walk la. And few days back pegi Tim's Terrace with my sisters and mom for some coffee, cakes and savouries.

When we entered the shop this is the array of goodness that greeted us.

We ordered baked mac and cheese, shepherd pie, chicken pie, nutella chocolate cake, salted chocolate cake, lemon curd and lemon cake.

I don't take the picture of the whole lot of the things we ordered only this.. because I usually start to eat those food I ordered before remembering taking pic of them.

My lemon cake and green tea latte and my sis caffe latte. 

All the other cakes were quite good and the highlight of the things we ordered, is the baked mac and cheese because it was very good and unexpected in its spiciness. Not something you would order for your child, but for yourself it is a very sinful meal. The only thing I found lacking is the size of the cakes and one of the cake we ordered I felt like it had been baked 3 days ago, which I don't particularly enjoiced. If it was so, cakes that was days ago should really be half price lor. 

But the coffee was great and I love my green tea latte. Will consider coming back here because it is so near, but only with friends or family and not with little Aziz running around. Oh he was not here anyway, I sent him playing with his cousins. I do bought a nutella cheesecake for him to compensate him not accompanying me. Haha. Lagi best die main dengan cousins die lagi pon. 

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