Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random pics with actual words written underneath!

Am feeling a bit blank inside, so let's rev up this blog by starting small eh.

The hardware/lighting store at Bukit Antarabangsa was having some sorta clearance sale, and some of the things being sold are quite cheap. While I much more prefer a standing lamp, but I can't help myself to just like this lamp, and it cost around RM49.90.

Saw it on Saturday, and I mentioned to husband on how incredibly nice it look. (For me, taste kamu aku tataw). I like the lampshade and its color since it gives a 70ish retro vibe which I like. My husband said lets think about it.

So on Sunday, I obviously still thought of it, so husband bought it and currently are placed beside my computer. Because there is no room for it downstairs. Also the safest place for the moment, because the cats aren't likely to make some flying leap stunts in this area. ( One of our wedding frame and a seterika had been broken because of their stunts). Though Kurap spent some time looking around and up the lamp, she didn't touch it. Merely just sniff the thing.

One of the things that we bought from Sarawak, is this Pop Ice stuffs. If you can see it state "Es Blended". 

So last weekend, I remembered I had those and some big bag of ice cubes in the freezer. Took out the blender (yes, the one I blended sambal in. But I rarely blended sambal and even if I did, I occasionally rinse the blender with lemon so the smell and taste of sambal and belacan had then be purified) and blended one of those powdered stuff, mixed with ice and water. The one that I blended was a durian flavor one. It was a bit sweet as usual but taste surprisingly good. You know the ice cream potong durian, it tasted exactly like that.

The one that left is melon, vanilla latte and avocado. I am so trying out the avocado next.

With the parking rates up, some of us in the office are feeling the pinch a bit. Of course in my quest to be and look healthy, where in my step one is eating more leafy greens, I had now upped my green intake. So senang I combined frugalness and healthiness benefit into one,  by bringing salad as my lunch. The Cold Storage at the office downstairs sometimes sell their salad cheap and I bought several. It is easy to make salad, especially since Dila perkenalkan what the salad spinner is all about. Haha. Fail aku. But really, I don't have to wait considerable time to drain the salads. So bagus jugak ye product tu Dila. Hehe.

We'll see how long it will last. I may made it to every other week, because eating salad every day can bore the taste bud and I may grow sick of it. 

But I had been bringing salad 3 days in a row now, and still loving it. I think the awesomeness of the taste lies in the dressing. I usually paired mine with some italian dressing and thousand island. Today because the packet I bought had some caesar sauce in it included, so I used that. And tak kesah la it is not healthy to pile on the dressing, ikut suke la yek but be moderate. BTW I ate my salad with a chopstick. Easier to pick those lettuce yang besar2 tu and easier to clean. Kalau fork ade aje dangling bits jatuh sana sini ( adakah aku makan macam budak kecik ).

I do have some fondness of some Burger King, but maybe I can hold it off til Friday.

Ok. Itu sahaja update untuk hari ni. Nak pergi Arzu la to check their anak tudung nye line. I still like Arzu (cause I think the price is still reasonable).

So.... mari feel a bit more cheerful. Fake cheers to ya!


taqiyuddin bakir said...

hi dils, i want a samsung galaxy tab.. or maybe an iPad if it ever becomes officially available here... just so you know.

Dils said...

Indeed you should have it then.

Anasfadilah said...

salad spinner baguskan?ahahah.sini dapat salad murah kat kedai sayur cameron highlands near my house. salad sangat crunchy,letak thousand island sikit,lepas tu potong hiris telur rebus,nyumnyum

p/s:kalau ada croutons pun best..ehehe :D

Dils said...

best mkn salad crunchy2 ni. And kenkadang trase nak stock up segala jenis salad dressing dlm fridge tu.

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