Monday, July 25, 2016

Whats in a name

I am checking the name list of past and present employees in my company currently.

There are 16k of them. This is a sucky job.

Anywayy.. it does gives me a glimpse on how we Malaysians name their kids..

1. So many A. So many name start with As .

2. Not enough C.

3. Someone name their son Awie. Peminat rock kapak.

4. There is also a someone who name their kid Erra Fazira ( a somewhat different spelling so I am being a p&c here to not divulge the full name). Maybe Erra and Awie should meet.

5. There are way too many Danial and its variantions in Malaysia. And Fariz. And Farah.

6. Short names are the best.

Also when Aziz need to be in a hospital before, I was very very thankful that I have a very short name. It gets so very tiring filling up so many forms. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

This had been too long

Will jot down more. Because will seriously have more time later on.

Now off being busy. Yeuch. 

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