Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lydia Teh is being generous

Those who are in the knows of our local authors... well should know Lydia Teh. She's the one who recently wrote Honk! If you're Malaysian.

I have to be honest that I didn't read the book. I was reading the interview she gave earlier.. to NST or Star or.. tah.. and got tad bit envious that she are able to achieve a dream so many can't.. getting a book published, print and quite a lot of people buying it. Mine.. I am too poor. Haha.. Ok ok.. I have a tendency to read fantasy and children books and those books that I love to buy and lovingly add in my ever growing collection. I was eyeing her book and also those Adibah Amin installments and sighing my lack of money and my ever expanding list of book collections to be bought.

But this post is about the latest contest she is throwing!

So are you tight for money? Scrounging in the garbage can for food? Or are green with envy whenever you see someone picking up a book that you had been drooling for weeks (but can't afford) and seeing that person nonchalantly paying it at the cashier? Would you like to at least have a chance of getting either above?

Well, Lydia Teh is celebrating her 10,000 book sales (and from her post maybe more than that) by throwing in a contest of winning either MPH vouchers or McDonald vouchers. Since I am greedy and there is nothing to lose and I am eyeing those MPH vouchers and it is as she said, easy as ABC , I am joining and well.. those who are interested for a chance.. head to here :


p/s: My phone rusak. I am sad. Yeah people, I am currently not reachable.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Suite Francaise & A Case of Need

I had just finished reading the books listed on the left. ( Couldn't think of a better topic at the moment)

Suite Francaise and A Case of Need.

Takes a bit of a time to read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. A bit depressing. No surprise there. It was suppose to be a 5 part novels but the authors only manage to finish it up to only 2 part (Storm in June & Dolce) before being deported to Auschwitz and died there later (reportedly of typhus).

It was an interesting read. It was not an autobiography such as Anne Frank written things on war such as hope and human characters. Its a novel. I could say... a novel about disillusionment of people or how people behave when in wars. I was always fascinated to read about World War II. That is truly a world war indeed.

The book is something like the author interpretation of what she sees around her. What is more interesting, was in reading the Appendix and Preface. The appendix showed us how the authors plot her stories and characters. In reading just the 2 parts, I don't completely understand how the first and the second part are related (excepting for few characters). But reading the appendix,seems that the author have a War and Peace aspirations toward this novel but unfortunately was unable to finish it. All the characters that had been introduced , would be interlocking in part 3 and onwards.

If it had been finished, it would had been a really marvelous novel. It is also poignant and a bit sad to read the letters being sent back and forth, of a man desperate in requesting help for his wife release (Irene Nemirovsky was arrested and deported). What is even more sad is the letter Irene husband, Michel.. sent " Could you please find out if it would be possible for me to be exchanged for my wife - I would perhaps be more useful in her place and she would be better off here. If this is impossible, maybe I could be taken to her - we would be better off together.." . Disregarding Jews, Christians, Nazi, Germans or anything... I am just taking into consideration of a man who is worried for her wife in time of wars and his willingness to sacrifice himself. And the answer his husband received is - several days or weeks later, the husband himself is brought to the concentration camp and sent to the gas chamber.

Also, I am interested to buy a book about a young girl life during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore (Forgot the title). The price however is too steep, at RM50 above. I wonder why books written by Asian and local authors are even more expensive? Bleed local readers to dry kah cause susah nk market elsewhere?

A Case of Need is Michael Crichton first book I believe.

Well, this is indeed his first book that I found not quite as gripping and riveting as his other's work. I'm rather glad that I read Jurassic Park first. Probably I'll rent The Great Train Robbery next. But it's just as detailed a work as you might expect from Michael Crichton books.

The book try to play about abortions and pro choice. The (moral) story focus more on pro choice and none of pro life. This is a bit of one sided, trying to tell stories from that P.O.V.

Ahh.. not so much to talk about that book I guess.

Signing out then.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Something to think about..

People are in an uproar regarding the death of the poor girl. I have nothing to say more.

Those who know me personally, know I have a lot to say regarding this topic since I do think education and protection and campaign on child safety is the utmost importance and a cause I believe in and would like to contribute to , but for this blog.. it would serve no purpose to add more soundbites.

Just let's not chalk this up as another tragedy and hope crimes on children can be lessened.

I also do hope that those who are foaming at the mouth regarding this, would not completely forget about this a week later and the next time they see a child alone, unsupervised, or in a potentially dangerous situation, to not just give casual remarks on their blogs as something to write about.

It feel ... weird to write a cheerful thoughts on the next paragraph considering the depravity and gravity of the past week discovery.

So I am just gonna end my post here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Fall! Oncoming!

Oy. Why should I care? Malaysia weather condition is either raining, hazy or super hot.

There is 1 thing to look forward tho. Brand new series and the start of a new season. My computer is groaning under the weight of Prison Break (which start next week btw and which I don't watch anymore..), Ugly Betty, Shark, Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights and Heroes. Not to mention... Medium, Supernatural and House which I had been collecting. And let's briefly remembered the newly deceased series which I loved, Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls.

Just look at the list above. Isn't that just... amazing... On how much free time I have in my hands to watch them all. {slightly hysterical} Are you freakin kidding me? Free time? What free time? Do you know that I timed carefully in watching my series and try to squeeze in as many as possible even berus gigi pon sambil tgk series.

Ehem. Ok maybe not in that extreme.. but some people are amazed on how many actually I watch and still function like a human being. Which is probably why I only have a blank look to offer when anyone mentioned Manja Lara or whatever it is the latest Sandiwara offered at TV3.

Of course to torture myself more.. I finding myself anticipating in glee of these brand new spanking series.

Wait. I think I just had a revelation on my lack of friends state.

Gossip Girl

What's it about?
A once reigning queen bee (Serena) came back to her old school after mysteriously dropping out in favor to boarding school. She found her BFF (Blair) is the current queen bee whom now shun her. The cause of this.. most prolly is Blair's BF, Nate. Added to the storyline is a pair of siblings where the elder brother (Dan) have an eye for Serena and younger sis (Jenny) is on the verge in joining Blair very much desired popular inner circle. Furthermore, a gossip blog run by "Gossip Girl" an anonymous at the school (and widely read by her peers) provides juicy tidbits and revealing info regarding the who's who, adding fuel to the already bitter rivalries and seethiness of the girls.. and boys.

Why I want to watch this?
Riveting. Hah. Well.. this seems a little bit like OC + 90210. Heck.. who am I kidding. This seems like any other typical High School series but with an even more bitch factor and posh-ness added in. But Josh Schwartz should make this work and I would be interested if he would make this as great as the first season of OC and not make it a drag as it move along (Did anyone remember OC after Season 1?). The preview is great and Kirsten Bell providing the narrative voice (the Gossip Girl) would make me missing Veronica Mars even less; until she kicks ass in Heroes.

When it start previewing?
19th September.


What's it about?
On his 21st birthday, Sam (a true and true slacker) found out the reason why his parent are incredibly lenient on his lifestyle, attitude, education. His parents had sold his soul to the devil. However instead of being send to fiery hell, the price is of him being the devil's lackey, which is by serving as a bounty hunter on hunting down the evils that had escaped from Hell. Not a bad gig for being the devil's lackey, considering his status.

Come. On. The above summary is enough reason to watch it. The preview is one of the funniest scene I'd ever seen for a TV series in recent time (or maybe I laugh easily.. but whatever). This series is featured in Comic Con and is the most anticipated for geeks and supernatural lovers freaks alike.

When it start previewing?
25th September.

Private Practice

What's it about?
Spinoff from Grey's. Addison Montgomery decided to change her life and join the private practice run by her friend and her ex husband in L.A. And I believe no further summary is needed on this much hyped show.

Kate Walsh. Really. I love her character in Grey's and is the sole reason I want to tune in. If this new series were an unknown and the summary goes like " a female doctor who can't seem to make relationship work, try to find new life in a private practice in L.A..." . ZzzZZzzZZz. I probably wouldn't give it a glance over. Ooohh.. and of course, Piz Chris Lowell (of VM fame) is kinda worth a glance over.

When it start previewing?
26th September

Women's Murder Club

What's it about?
4 women who's a homicide detective, M.E, journalist and assistant D.A , team together in helping each other in cracking the latest murder case that baffled them.

Those who's a fan of James Patterson books should know these series. I love the first installment of the series on the Honeymoon killing and the others following are kinda just OK. But the characters written especially on Detective Lindsay Boxer is such a strong character that I always find myself checking out the latest installments. That alone is reason for me to watch this. The preview is quite ok but a bit different from the book. That's understandable though. And of course... Women Empowerment! Yeay!

When its start previewing?
12th October

Cashmere Mafia

What's it about?
Described as Sex and the City meet Devil Wears Prada, its about the lives of 4 (mengapakah mesti 4....) women living a life as a high power executive juggling both careers and family and relationships.

Well.. I like Lucy Liu (one of the reason I watched the horrible Rise is because of her too). And I hope she will bring an essence of Ling into this character. Also, the creator is Darren Star who was the person who brought to us Sex and the City. So..duh.... of course I will watch this.

When its start previewing?
27th November.


Fuh. That's the list.. only 5.. eh.. not bad. But actually there is a few more series that is on my tentatively wanted to watch list but have to draw a line somewhere or I would not have a life anymore or meet any other human in real time!

Those are
  1. Bionic Woman (previewing 26th Sept. Those who loved the 70s series.. must be itching to watch this or plain will hate it.. totally your call)
  2. Aliens in America (previewing 1st Oct. About an exchange student from Pakistan staying with a family in the US. Looks kinda fun.. but prolly will give it a miss)
  3. Carpoolers (previewing 2nd Oct. A show I predict that dooms for an early axe, but the preview is.. kinda funny. A bit like a surburban car pooling chock full of men Cashmere Mafia)
  4. Pushing Daisies (previewing 3rd Oct. About a man who can raise the dead with a single touch. Sounds kinda shady, but people are raving about it. Prolly will take a sneak peek. Who knows.. maybe I will end up lovin like FNL)
  5. Samantha Who? (previewing 15th Oct. A woman who had an amnesia and starting to build her life from scratch. Starring Christina Applegate who I totally heart).
  6. Updated 18/9 .Chuck (previewing 24th Sept. A spy who is 'menyamar' jd normal guy. Not of Mr & Mrs Smith type...)

Reviewing back, I found the above list can be categorized as Chick Flick. I'm a chicka. I see nothing wrong with that.

Let's see if these shows will deliver or get the axe, like last year Runaway which I have to admit is a total snooze midway.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things get depressing

Where do I start?

Let me kick it up with the more important things in my life first and then we go on eh.. So everybody.. well basically most people in the workplace and my family are asking, what happened to the new job?

Frankly I am sick of talking it out anymore. I had just literally talk myself hoarse last week, explaining to my supervisors (including ex-previous), recapping it to interested colleagues and recapped the recapping to other interested parties. The whole goss is like this, got the offer from previous company, need to get some clarifications and some details that are needed to make the whole deal works from existing company (which I had persistently asked from several parties without any satisfactory answer), which then existing company totally ignore and even was insulted to own face. Therefore unable to give any definite answer to previous company offering job, initial great offer was reduce to just blergh OK offer which will set me back with serious debts, so had to tolak the offer and existing company still remaining dastardly tight-lipped.

Currently I am still having work related problems. But let's save it for another time when I got another resolution on. People are telling me that I must now am unhappy now with works with the way I had been treated. I say they are right since before this I was reasonably satisfied with said job, but now couldn't give a damn anymore and just working it through until the pesky terms that are contract can go away.That's that and life goes on and probably as the weary saying goes.."mungkin bukan rezeki.." End of topic.

Second. I am sick. Nothing life threatening ( I hope ), but I am walking around for the past few days in a slight fever-flu and headache pain haze which do not improve my overall mood. Making me only moodier.

My bank account is incredibly low.... and that alone do not warrant any explanation on how it would affect a woman heart, much less a woman who is about to be hit with Raya expenses. . Groans!

Other depressing news!! Yeay.. the world do not revolve around me.

I watched the disastrous Britney comeback... and it was as bad as everyone says. Everything was ludicrous, the getup, the dance moves, the hair.. It's like she is just walking around half drunk, hoping not to stumble, while lip synching mumbling. It was painful to watch, not because I am her fan. But because, knowing her peers looking on mouth agape watching a so called performance from a once boisterous hip thrusting pop star. No excuse of being a has been. Dancing with the Stars that are full of has beens had loads more energy from the 60 year old grandpa popping Latina moves than Britney that night. Sucks to be her at the moment.

You know.. I should not give a crap about Britney performance.. but really.. it is just fascinating to watch a trainwreck.

Argh headache... what other bad news , other worldly events?

Murders..earthquake..war..promises made that are bound to be broken due to election in somewhat nearing time.. yadda yadda.. yeah.. Same ol shit.

Gahh.. headachey..more. Oh yeah. I heard there will be a spin off series of Buffy from BBC (huh....... ) called Ripper. For those who is not acquainted with the Buffy-world, Giles the Watcher, played by Anthony Head who is btw British, in his much younger years was called Ripper. Obviously it would be a Watcher-centric plot for the series.

I am a little doubtful about all this. First of all.. BBC? No spinoff series can be made for the like of Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice kah? And... can he actually pull it off? I love British actors and actress.... but their series.. not as gripping. Well.. let's see if its actually true.

p/s: Headachey.. so obviously couldnt be bothered to spell check and grammars check.. so there will be more errors than usual.. Harhar..

Eh.. not funny.

another p/s: Oh yeah. Selamat Berpuasa and Ramadhan. All this post/msg/email going around mintak maaf and memaafi.. Fine. Whatever. Joining the club... I apologize for anything I did wrong.. (only) and I forgave you guys too ( some of you..)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Uninspiring Post

Bulan puasa and of course Raya is nearing. And unlike you guys.. I am not that thrilled on Raya. Maybe because the possibilities of getting a long holiday is null and money low. But at least there will be Soto. Eiii.. Soto. Cis.. puasa belom lagi.. dah pikir food untuk Raya. Tsk~

Anyway, I am feeling rather uninspired today. Maybe because with all the hoopla and delay with my company HR. Stoopiid. I couldn't be bothered to bother them today. I will storm in tomorrow. I hate unresolved issue. But I usually make it worse by procrastinating that unresolved issue. If it is a particularly bothersome and needs lengthy explanation and tedious work... I will prolong it even more. Not good. But hey.. I did try my sub par best and if the other party is also a procrastinator, its like a long drawn battle.

So.. I am bored.. And I do not feel like typing any original thoughts today. Since I rarely nowadays menjadi poser by posting in the Friendster bulletin boards the personality test/revealers/jokes (you know laa.. the one with.. What's your fav color? What's the last thing you? Do you kill kittens lately? type of questions that people post this up in bulletins thinking or hoping anyone is interested enough to glance over)

Therefore to hold my still few shreds of remaining integrity in Friendster and since not a whole lot of peeps read my blogs, I decided to post this up purely for own pleasure. Uninterested party can now discontinue reading and go back to read your girlfriend/boyfriend blog since I am about to shamelessly do this thingies.. Don't worry.. I am not tagging anyone either since this is not a freaking meme.


Okay this is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS.. type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50words. Don't think and don't go backand change. Doesn't matter how random
just type it! Repost it for all of your friends.

1. Beer: Green.

2. Food: Piping hot!

3. Relationships: Disastrous

4. Your crush : Freeze

5. Power Rangers: Blue and Pink

6. Life: As we know it

9. The President: of the United States

10. Yummy: Mummy

11. Cars: Pixar

12. Movie: Feel good

13. Halloween: Ski mask anyone?

14. Sex: Education

15. Religion: Tolerance

16. Friendster: Sucks

17. Fear: Marriage

18. Marriage: Fear

19. Blondes: Vapid

20. slippers: Flip flop

21. shoes: Mary Jane

22. Asians: Slant eyed and dark skins

23. Pass time: Football! Friday Night Lights..

24. One night stands: Dreamland

25: Cell Phone: Nuisance

27: Smoke: Poof!

28: FANTASY: A reality

29: COLLEGE: Fun, fun and fun.

30: Highschool : Dorky time

31. Pajamas: Cute Flower Prints

32. stars: Are Blinds

33. Fitness Center: Sweaty Men = Smelly

34. Alcohol: Level ph7

37. Money: Necessary

38. Heartache: Sodding stupid....%&*%^&

39. Time: Diamond studded watch

40. Divorce: Finality

41. Dogs: Lolling red wet tongue

42. UndiES: Fancy

43. mom: weathered but can whip a mean meal

44. Babies: A cute bundle of potentialities.

45. Stripper: Pose. Leg High. Chest Jutted forward, back bends.

46. Blogs: V.g

48. Weddings: White

49. Pizza: Pepperoni

50. Kleenex : Tisu lah..

p/s: Not a blogthings.. tp alangkah malas nk cipta 1 lagi labels..for basically the same thing

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