Friday, January 26, 2007

Chivalry is Dead

Before I proceed with the above, I just have to say... damn. This room is too cold. Cold as a witch tits as what the olden people of the olden country says (New perumpamaan English for the day, kiddies!). I felt like my brain had frozen and the only thing that I can move is my fingers and my eyes as they blink. So probably I am gonna write this post as slowly as I can since I need to continuously warm up my fingers by occasionally hiding it snugly under my sweater.

Usually, on morning shift, I'll take the LRT to KL Sentral to take the opportunity of the free shuttle bus they provide. Some people snickers saying bas kilang. Helloooo. I am embodying the true Malaysian culture of maximising free things ok. Show some support here. Now sleepily waiting for the bus under the bridge while unfailingly feeling like a homeless bum, I observed on the people that share the same kind of work tag I am wearing.

Most of the people seems to not share my sleepiness or boredom. The women are either at the back waiting or sitting or near the end of somewhere. While most of the men make the beeline straight to the spot where the bus will stop. They are not waiting as on queue. More like clustering in one group, laughing with one another and looking around trying to see if somebody will dare to take their spot. Really, I don't think I am imagining this. Its like when the bus came, they went clamoring into the bus to get seats as if a pack of zombies are after them and look quite willing to push any elderly, pregnant women and little children under the bus if they dare to go ahead of them. So thanks the little things in life where I don't see much elderly and pregnant women aboard (and I don't think little kiddies are allowed there) or I would painfully seethe inside. Not to sound racist or (whats the word for people who are prejudice on people from another country), but I did notice that these pack of men are largely consist of Indian guys which I believe do not hail from this land. There are some random Malaysian and other people whom I know of other nationalities included in those pack, but most of the Malaysian guys seems laid back and let other people through first. So hey.. I think our ad might be working. Or they just don't give a crap to go through that hassle of getting a seat.

Now.. not to sound as if the guys need to give up their seat to any random women or me. Heh. Hell, why should they give their comfy spot for some woman they don't know and usually not hot either. But to actually fighting for spot to get into the bus or lrt? Pushing or 'langgar' girls/makcik/ kakaks yang menunggu sama.That is not kewl y'all . Nor does laughing2 in the bus saying jokingly to their friends saying they should give up their seat for others (while we know that they wouldn't) and laughing at people that have problem trying to stand or hold on to dear life while you are sitting on your butt. It make you look childish. Even though we don't think anything of you if you dont give up your seat, we would think even less of you if you do the above.

Sometimes, I kinda miss my colleague from my last workplace. Most of them are Indians and Chinese. They were really... gentleman. Now.. if I dare say the word gentleman to any Malay guy, they would laugh and think that I meant gay. Huh. But these guys, they like really care. They always advise us to take care at night. Willing to help whenever or whatever things we ask for. Always wanting to walk us to the car. Say don't have pon, they will go like. "No.. its dangerous out there. I just accompany you". Its nice. You don't get that level of caring from your boyfriend sometimes. (And hate to admit it, but I am kinda scared of going to my car at night). And I think even the Malays there (few of 'em) were as gentlemanly.. (though I can't see much example in anywhere else). Either they were influence by the power of goodness all around or somehow my boss really knows how to pick the gentlemanly type of guys. Haha.

And they always open the door for the girls. Hah. I know, I know, I was kinda "guling-guling" the last time a guy opened a car door for me and I was struck dumb. But its nice ok, if once in a while some guy would gladly hold the door wide open instead of smirking at us while we are struggling with boxes of papers or laptops and at the same time tagging the door, thinking probably we look funny or am quite a pussy in handling heavy object. No. I did not ask for you to carry my heavy load, even though that SHOULD be nice. However do we need to ask you to help us to even open the door. Instead we are annoyed by those smirk and will think, "damnation, I would open the door myself even if it kills me."

Well.. not to say that only the Chinese and Indians have these chivalrous behavior. It depends on the people I would say. It just happened that somehow my previous workplace I am lucky enough to meet many of em. Some of my Malay friends are beyond nice too but I can't say the same for the rest of my friends and acquantainces. It just that, I found it hard to meet find such behavior from Malay nowadays. So.. why arr? Do they afraid that this not-obviously-a-hottie will think that these guys have a hot for me when they try help? Or is it just what they are?

Me. I blame myself. Probably am being too hard for the other species of my race. Or I just happened to observe them more than any other.

"You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentleman-like manner"

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Friday, January 19, 2007

Tak Nak Letak Topik

Bole tak kalo nak marah?

My ranting had always been in Malay (Or as so as I can see/remember). So Melayu pasar + English rojak la arie ni yek. In here, there are 2 systems that I need to use. One of them is ok enough, hassle free, except from the now and then minor annoyances. One of the system,... is enough to bring me to tears.

Ade macam marah tak.. kalo nak apdet 1 mende pon mcm tunggu ayam jantan nak beranak. Gahhh. Tu jangan cakap kalo nak apdet 10 mende. Rase mcm nk buang komputer je. Tapi bukan komputer problem pon. Pastu bole tak kalo ade lebey dari 30 ticket masuk sume nak kena solve cecepat. Sume nak kena apdet, time apdet hang. Gaaah lagi. Geram sehh..

Pastu, pastu, kalo tuka skit mende je.. die wat hal. Tanak apdet laa. Lembap laa. Kuar 1001 macam error message la. Argh. Sengal taw.

Pastu, pastu, jangan nak marah2 ye kalo mende tu tak sempat buat.

Sangat ngantuk. Tak saba nak cuti. Cuti2 bole tido, guling2 atas katil, sambil tgk buffy.

Eh.. dah tak rase marah dah.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OMG. My Blog Had Been Hijacked!

That's what I thought at first when I opened up my blog this morning, and notice instead of my old post. There is this post about margin thingies coming right at the top. Something like you see on your spam inbox regarding stocks thingies that you have no idea what they are saying.

Since I had just woken up, I was only slightly miffed.. (my sleep haziness is still very thick) and considered to complain to blogger. All I just did just login to blogger and deleted that post. I think that probably some spammers had randomly found out the address I used to publish blogger post via email. Very irritating la gini. But then my last attempt in using the address to publish resulted in verryyy late publishing, I don't feel any regret in deleting that options.

We will see how it goes. If it happens again, definitely need to complain.

Tomorrow night shift again. Le sigh. Its been ok. I was only at first kinda blurry on when does yesterday, today and tomorrow happened.

I should had gone to the bank to pick up my replacement Mastercard to ganti for the card I cancelled in regards to some company spouting my credit card number like they are in close relationship with me. The story is a bit long, probably another time. Summary goes, in fear of fraud since the company know my complete number and the verification number, I cancelled it altogether before I will get max up on the bill.

My long weekend was not spend on doing anything except a bit of spring cleaning. Only a lil. Since I will go all out on next week. Try not to go out to the city as am refraining self from spending money since I had completely blown my budget (kekonon budget laa) with my shopping spree last week.

But I need to go shopping lor since my shoes look like someone that have polio wears them. Marah taw. I bought these 2 crocodile shoes since they are sooo comfyyy. But they are so flaky. Pakai several months later, strap falling off, heels coming out, the shoes are horrendously distorted. So word of advise. No matter how tempting and comfy Crocodile shoes are, just forget it and head for another shoes store. Soo I need to buy one new comfortable walking a long distance without killing my feet shoe to replace the one that yang cacat itu. Will probably look at Hush Puppies or Clarks later on. Nxt month, next pay. And I want to cut my hair and redyed it again. Whee~~ Nice taw. Tu pon next month ok.

Well.. off to Giants to buy some eating supplies which I can easily cook whenever no one at home.

Thursday, January 11, 2007



I have the mood to blog. But nothing to say. Actually.. I have a lot of things to say... but.. well.. uh...... perhaps its not the time.

Its the first time I am on night shift today. Kinda curious to see on how I would hold on to dear life adapt on working night shift. Also a bit worried on my car being parked all nighter in front of those shops.

Got plan to go to uptown for midnight feast.. whee~~~ so excited. Gah.. ckp uptown je.. perut dah lapar. (Lament: Macam maneeee nak kurusss ni kalo asyik laparrrr aje)

Anywayy.. I gotten bored waiting for all these lovely series to start again and had started to watch DVDs. But am keep replaying scenes from Ugly Betty which have Amanda in it in moments of boredom. The look of sadness when she heard Daniel saying I love you to another... *sigh* You know the scene where he says she (Sofia/Salma) takes his breath away , heart beat faster, sweaty palms.. Haih.. I knew it too well... and kinda miss it and its kinda painful when thinking about it, but I still miss it. But.. I digress.

Anyway.. I am soooo in love with the Amanda character in Ugly Betty played by Beckie Newton. She's so sassy and cute and annoying. Love it whenever she coos and purrs and moans. Hahaha.. am so turn on :p And as also convincing myself that I am not a lesbian, let me just say how HAWT Christopher Gorham is. He is Henri, Betty new love interest. Come on.. if in real life, even though if he is such a major nerd and wear grandpa glasses, gals in the office would be swooning whenever he came to any floor. He is kinda like Clark Kent. But cuter!!!

Ok. Girl fan mode off now. Wait.. not yet. Also need to say.. on how utterly mad I am on the spoiler of Gilmore girls episode.. Not that I have anything against spoiler.. more like the writers on Gilmore girls and all fans of Lorelai/Luke in general. I don't like them (Lorelai-Luke) together! And I currently feeling all fluffy and nice and warm just seeing Lorelai and Christopher together, that I kinda hate watching the upcoming episodes knowing what in store for them. Gahhh.

Girl Fan crazy mode are totally off now and I am left with nothing to say. There is always tomorrow.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year lagikah?

It's been a bit of a time since I blogged. Heh. No excuse. Just lazy meh. Well.. and a bit busy.
Its 2007. And its now the 3rd of January. Time flies.. and right now it is grudgingly trudging on slowly.. Anyway, before it gets too old. Happy New Year. Hope you all got a nice new year day/night to start off 2007. Mine was... blah.
Everyone since to be hell bent on making resolution left and right. Me... I had made one.. about 2 years ago.. and I think, I had fulfilled almost all of them. So I am going to take a rest from this resolution business for this year and do as what I like.
Well except the kickboxing class. I will now buried that azam. RIP. I don't think so I have the time nor the energy to go to the class. Maybe I will reconsider or change to another resolution/class later on. Heck, maybe I will take that pole dancing class as an alternative.
But as for the other resolutions, I do need to lose a few kgs again. Gahh. Women and their neverending quest to look skinny/slim.
If there is truly a genie in a bottle that grant people wish, I would wish for either 2 things. To have high metabolism (but still great B.O) so I can eat anything without worrying the added 'benefits' OR when I travel by plane, do not throw up.
Yes... if the genie is kind enough to lend me another wish.. maybe a bit more money. At least enough for me to pay off my loans?


Ei... gatal tak. Dah post entry yg mengatakan.. post tak sampai.. pastu sampai plak. 3 hari plak tu.. br nk sampai. Eiii.. Gatal.. gatal blogger ni.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Again?

I am so pissed.

I written a fairly medium length blog post, post it, and blogger somehow lost it somewhere in cyberspace.

It do not even gave me some garbled language on why does my blog post was not posted. Gahhh.

Well.. I don't feel much like rewriting again. It wouldn't be as good? or as bad? or as 'feelin'... ?

Just want to say.. while 2007 still fairly new, Happy New Year.

Me? Got no resolution, as written in my previous blog post that are now lost, I just want to do whatever I want or like or have to do. (Not like we think much about our resolution when we get to Feb, March... and so on).

So do whatever you want to do too. Happy resoluting your wishes..

Chicken Chop does seems rather tasty right now in my mind.

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