Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ju-on Well

Saje nak tunjuk to Dila ke-creepy-an well at the Kota Lukut yang I mentioned in my earlier post.

Just felt creepy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The entry with all the anni and birthday ramblings.

On the 21st November - It was my birthday. I turned 28. When people asked me how old I am gonna be? I kept waiting for other people to answer my age because after the age of 21, I can no longer keep track of age. Not because I am coy about my age, because while 28 is old-ish to the young, we had yet to reach the middle. Also I am somewhat relieved that a long ago prediction someone made about me that I am gonna get engaged at 25, broken off the engagement at 27 then married at 28 and have 3 kids by 30 and divorced by 31. I have long ago try to see the mathematical possibility of that (the 3 kids in 2 years), but never mind now that because it does not come true.

My husband bought a very early birthday present which I didn't consider as a birthday present :p . But he also bought lilies in a basket (which gives the ethereal elegant lily, somewhat a stout look). But I love him for that ( knowing I like lilies instead of roses but not knowing enough I don't like it in a basket but being sensible because hand bouquet is impractical. When does anything romantic is practical? )

A funny thing is that I asked my husband for nasik lemak and he went out to buy them. I was thinking that he took a really long time to buy the nasik lemak and when he came back I went downstairs to make tea, while he rearranged all the books we bought in our bookcase. I went to the table/bar in the living room where the mails are to look at mails on the table/bar (I am obviously groggy and dazed and slightly insane to look at mails on Sunday). Then I went back again in a zombiefied state of mind to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of my husband asking something and me answering " I can see your mouth moving, but I can't hear anything that comes out of it."  While we sometimes say this to each other jokingly, I really meant it that day. He followed me to the kitchen and asked again , "so do you like the flowers?". I turn my neck to see out at the living room
and voila it seems like out of nowhere there are flowers on the table/bar! Seems that I only noticed the flower after it had been pointed out to me.

That is a long paragraph about noticing flowers. God. It must be tiring to be a writer.

Also, on the 22nd November was our 2nd anniversary. What's more can I say to that? Except I am glad that I am married to a guy who is willing to climb the many steps on a hill

to see crumbling walls.

 Not much to see on the hills to see too. Except for a creepy old well (that reminded me of Ju-on) and walls. The museum is quite nice though. Well maintained and informative enough.Oh. We went to PD just after Raya Korban. Saje2 holiday.

Also on my birthday, we had our anniversary lunch at Delicious at Jln  Tun Razak. Since I always want to go there since from the road it looked so posh and nice and yuppiefied.

My verdict, I don't think so I am going there. Maybe at Midvalley though just for the dessert. 

My comment on the whole affair : 

The ambience was nice and posh and all with all the saxophone playing and rich expats kids playing at a corner and distinguished looking women having their lunch and gossiping. But it was so freaking hot. Maybe it is because we are sitting at the window, stillll? I was so uncomfortable going through the whole meal that I can't quite enjoyed it and thus feeling quite snappish and irritable. And the server gave my onion soup with no soup spoon. Pizza Hut pon I get better service. Bah!

The food was not terrible. My duck spaghettini was nice though I felt it a tad bland, and my husband felt his salmon is no muss and no fuss. Though my drink was great (maybe it was all the heat, but it felt so delicious) and the cheese on top of the onion soup was goood. I guess their specialty really lies in the dessert. My lemon meringue was intensely sour and creamy. I love it. My husband whatever muffin looking thing with the ice cream was delicious too. 

But all that was marred because of the heat. I just felt like getting out quickly of the restaurant. One of the most unpleasant dining experience. I remembered remarking to my husband that I feel more comfortable sitting at a mamak at this hour.

Well. That's that. Anyway its been a week, but things had been a little hectic (little does not even describe it, I felt like hyperventilating when I thought of my work) but I just now manage to finish this post. So happy post anniversary to us.

Okeh nak continue baca komik. Later. Hope I have more time to blog.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Sale - 3rd Round

I swear! This was the last! After all, when I got back to KL it would be over anyway.

We went to the BBW sales, on the way back home to JB. Alang-alang kat tepi highway, I mahu singgah shopping lagi. Well, getting into the South City Plaza was a breeze but getting out to the highway was a nightmare. 

Anyway we got there, and from what I can see a lot of books had been taken up since there are a lot of empty spaces on the table. But that does not deter me in the least. I was planning to buy 5. Hah. Right. In the end I looked at dismay on the amount of books on my bag.

So here's the customary gambar of books.

The above is 16 books, 3 of those are my husband (the Robert Rankin one). And that left 13 books for me. 

Grand total books bought for moi: 50!

Good God y'all. I could start a mini library actually. 

And during the holiday, I manage to finish the painstaking long journey of Charles Stewart (the Georgette Heyer book Royal Escape) at late afternoon after reading it for weeks and finished reading Madeline Wickham  'Cocktail for Three' in the span of 5 hours. I should have brought the Inkheart trilogy and finished Inkdeath once and for all. Holiday = Reading books without interruption for me. 

Lastly, I maybe too late, but Selamat Aidiladha to all. Hope you had a great feast. I sure did, based on the amount of food consumed. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 3 - 2nd Round

Like I said before I want to go again. Initially wanted to go on Tuesday alone, but husband would also like to add a few more books to his collection. So there we go again. 

This time around I have more time to browse the tables. However I noticed a lot of popular authors are not stacked, e.g. Julia Quinn (which I heard people lament that they are not able to find any) and Alexandra Potter.  Jodi Picoult titles, gone too.

If you can spot a cat photobombing my pic.

I think I bought around 21 this time around ( dah upload ni baru nak terkedek-kedek kira buku thru this pic). Oh, and a lot of Charlaine Harris titles too was not there. Oh well, I still manage to find 2 ( I am trying to buy True Blood in chronological order so I won't jump the stories). And found a few that I was considering to buy at some random bookshops a while back. So all is good. 

It got really pening when I goes over to the children section though since I wanted to buy something for my niece and nephews. Now the kids there. My God. They are tearing at the books, like "I want to see this first!" "Nooooo, I wantttt". Some of them run amok and bumped hard into me, which makes me feel like, gahh.

And I found out that it is pretty hard to find books for young girls around the age of 5-8. I think I spent ages there just to find an ok book that I think my niece would like. There's a lot of books for young boys but not enough for young girls. A lot of  books that deals with icky, dirty, smelly, farty type of subjects. So I just settled for a sticker book that also have a story about a girl who turned into chocolate. The story is quite cute.

Now for a closer look of the books are below, sebab aku malas type tajuk. 

The lovely hard cover one near the bottom is Irene Nemirovsky short stories. 

The below is my husband piles. 

The Robert Rankin books look kinda interesting. One of the summary goes like 

"There is big and evil magic abroad upon the face of the Earth. History has been changed. The Germans have won WWII. America is a nuclear wasteland. And worst of all, the breakfast menu at The Wife's Legs Cafe in Brentford is serving Bratwurst rather than the proper big boys' British banger. ". 

Ho yeah. Maybe I'll steal it away and read it. 

So I think that's that for me. No more books. Unless Fables dah keluar. Tapi I had already checked the release date. It will be released in December at the U.S so for it to reach here, most probably next year.

Total books bought at this sale for the 2 days: 37! Waahhh...Tolak books bought for the wee kids, 33. Hoh!

Ah well, I consider it as my early birthday present. Yeay!

No more books. No more books. Heh. 

p/s: Ohhh.. and I am giving out one of the book above to someone. Ini adalah bukan giveaway style blogger popular ok. Ikut suke aku je la sape aku nak bagi.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 1

So I went pretty early in the morning (10.10 am) and leave early too (10.40 am), since its a working day and all.

Basically the below are what I bought. Around 16 books altogether, though one book, I put it in my husband piles so he paid for it. Hehe.

Julia Quinn books disappeared quickly like hot cakes. Its insane I tell you.  When I first spotted them, there's not many left, so I took all the titles (which I don't have), after 10 mins I walked past the table again, its almost gone.

Super happy that I got Ice Station and Area 7 by Matthew Reilly. I love his books. So thrilling. And can't wait to see what's Pompeii all about. I mistakenly thought Robert Harris = Thomas Harris. Different person, but still if the title is Pompeii, I will buy it.

Was looking for other title by Kate Mosse, but only found this. Bah. Maybe next time.

Do I spy Jodi Picault there? An author I swore I won't read because her books are always so dead depressing or so I heard? Buying it for my sister in Qatar. Hope she likes it. And probably I'll read Jodi Picault once and all, to see if her style suit my preference.

The above there is my piles. That's it.

Those are my husband's piles. Aside from the Bourne series, he picked up a few reference books too. So while I am only content to stay in the fiction realm, my husband is sensible enough to buy books that increase actual working knowledge. Some photoshop and engineering valve and pipes and thingamajits stuffs. He is such a nerd. And he got so excited by all those reference books that he was asking me when we can go back again.

My books = 15 books = RM120. 

Husband's loot = Tak kira sebab not my books I don't care + 1 of my book = RM106 ( I think).

And I am like... ITU AJE? Have to go back and BUY MOAR!

Also the below books are NOT from the BBW sales, but from some obscure sales in Ampang Point for some charity stuffs. You should go there if you like old books from old authors, some books ok jugak price. Not as cheap as BBW but still better than the usual.

Now, aside from the Matthew Reilly and some chick lit and Terry Pratchett there (which cost less than RM 8 I think), aren't those books such OLDIES. Just looked at the cover in Couples. I have a weakness for silly teen romance novels. Correction . 1980s silly romance novel. The one that the cover models usually have Farah Fawcett hair. It is such a joy to read, especially after a stressful week or day. And Doctor Zhivago ! ( I don't really mind if the books are torn as long as it is readable and the price matched the condition). God, I hope I CAN read it. It is such a classic, that I know I have to buy the book.

So that's that. After another trip to the BBW sales this weekend or Tuesday (of course I am going again, do you think 16 books can satisfy me?), I hope I can refrain myself from buying more books at least this year or at most the middle of next year. 

If not I have to check myself into some sorta Books Anonymous.

Note : BBW sales is at Souty City Plaza at Seri Kembangan (I think). More info about the sales, you can get here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zombies Apocalypse : White Meat or Dark Meat?

Did not mean that in racial term or disgusting term ( suddenly am reminded of a certain hilarious smut manga).  Had just been watching The Walking Dead and the character said something along the line of "There is no longer, white, nigger or white trash. There is only white meat or dark meat. White meat is the alive and dark is the dead." Excellent series. I implore you to join me in my zombies frenzy and be disgusted together watching the series.

So the question is will you be a zombie or a survivor? So in line with AMC awesome new show. It got me thinking, if say we are in the midst of a zombies apocalypse, how sure are we that we can survive? I mean sure, we saw all these movies that the people somehow manage to dodge all these zombies lunging at them. While random strangers suddenly shrieking, gone down, is now dinner. So why the other people who got eaten, got eaten? Are you following my logic here?

So in various zombies movies rules, here's MY probability predictions if you are more likely to survive or chomp on some poor soul brains.

  • If you are a woman: are you a hooker ?
  • If not, do you sleep around and are proud of it?
  • Are you racist and not afraid to make your view known?
  • Are you incline to be violent or had records/moments of violence? 
  • Are you obese/fat?
  • Were you involved in any way beforehand in the creation of said zombie apocalypse?

If you say yes to any of the above, I'll say about 90% chance you're most probably gonna be lunging around groaning for some fresh meat or fresh meat strewn across the street. 

  • Are you above 19 yrs old? 
  • Are you consider as a minority group/race?
  • Were/was you a hooker/stripper ? Were is the definitive word here. Basically had you resigned from such profession in search for greener pasture before the T-Virus Rage Virus zombie apocalypse came upon us?
  • Do you work in a secret underground office dealing with biological/pharmaceuticals stuffs?
  • Are you a single father with child in tow?
  • Do you have a hero complex?

Do you say yes to any? I say you stand 50-50 chance of surviving.

What about those who stand a very good chance of surviving eh. If you are any of the below, most probably you'll be riding to some forsaken land somewhere while the sun set.

  • In a group of survivor, you are the only teen/child. 
  • You are a single mother with child in tow. 
  • Female with a knack in weaponry. (and moral tendencies) 
  • You have mutant abilities.
  • You are a retired stripper with machine gun as leg. I mean really. If you're dead when you've machine gun as leg, you just got what's coming.

Yeah, I ran out of scenarios after I put mutant abilities there. Feel free to add em!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sume sekarang random la

Sebab bz bebenar and sakit kepala and tension and sebagainye la. 

Currently at office. Which sucks. Nasib baik boss belanja Starbucks. Time2 belanja la you wanna try coffee or frap that you wanna try. So ordered Creme Brulee Macchiato. Btw, hari ini nye promotion buy the Creme Brulee Macchiato, and free one. So my colleague took another one.

Initial plan for this weekend is to go back to JB. But I agreed to work this Friday. So here I am. Mak pon kate, kalau kena kerja takpela. Also, since I am taking a week leave during the Raya Haji,  I think it's only fair I agree for the overtime today. Raya Haji kerja ? Sorry la. Unless arahan daripada Yang Besar Big Boss di Bilik Sana. Kalau terjadi scenario sedemikian, aku bawak je laptop balik JB. And P1 Wimax skali. 

Talking about P1 Wimax, I was cursing the ISP a week back, sebab time aku nak WFH, tetiba signal tu jadi weak boleh? Then I went to my sis house since she have TMNET, it seems the line is insane and macam orang TMNET ade upgrade something kat taman perumahan tu. Gigih jugak demam-demam tu aku pergi mamak nak dapatkan WiFi. Connect to wireless dapat, internet connection; ping pon tak dapat. Emo lah aku di Twitter about P1Wimax and my husband tukang emo skali, because he likes to share my pain like that. 

But the P1 Wimax team in twitter was surprisingly helpful and fast. He gave the account number and they called right away to determine the problem and even calling at 9 pm the next day trying to solve the issue. 
While the signal sometimes makes me wanna tear somebody lungs out, but the service is pretty awesome. 

Oh, and its working ok now. Seems like tetiba the usual place I place my modem, the signal could not be detected. Saiko kan. So what we did is we put the modem at the tingkat 3. Haaa senang. And my husband have to beli wayar kabel yang panjang berjela so it can connect my desktop computer at the 2nd floor. Lecehness. But it works! So I am not gonna complain (much) as long as I get my internet fix. 

Did you know the Walking Dead start today? Awesome? I tried to read the comics. I swear I try, but the absence of color like I am so used and pampered by Fables make me yawn and lose interest. I will give it another try and see if I can get myself interested. By the way, the miniseries of Cinderella of Fables super rawks. I love her character the most, though in real fairy tale tales, I like her the least. You let yourself be push around by 3 people all your life and clean their shits, and you get lucky somehow to get a fairy godmother to give you a makeover and meet the prince. But in Fables, it tells the AFTER of happily ever after. Which gives to so much more kick ass character development. And if you macam malas nak kumpul graphic novel, I tell you, you should consider buying 1001 Nights of Snowfall, which are all kind of awesome. And it is a one-off and prequel to all the characters in Fables. And the news that they are creating another Cinderella of Fables series, is MUCH MORE AWESOME. Tapi, bilakah Fables baru nak keluar ni? Seems like I had been waiting forever!

Ok. Kite bersambung nanti.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random pics with actual words written underneath!

Am feeling a bit blank inside, so let's rev up this blog by starting small eh.

The hardware/lighting store at Bukit Antarabangsa was having some sorta clearance sale, and some of the things being sold are quite cheap. While I much more prefer a standing lamp, but I can't help myself to just like this lamp, and it cost around RM49.90.

Saw it on Saturday, and I mentioned to husband on how incredibly nice it look. (For me, taste kamu aku tataw). I like the lampshade and its color since it gives a 70ish retro vibe which I like. My husband said lets think about it.

So on Sunday, I obviously still thought of it, so husband bought it and currently are placed beside my computer. Because there is no room for it downstairs. Also the safest place for the moment, because the cats aren't likely to make some flying leap stunts in this area. ( One of our wedding frame and a seterika had been broken because of their stunts). Though Kurap spent some time looking around and up the lamp, she didn't touch it. Merely just sniff the thing.

One of the things that we bought from Sarawak, is this Pop Ice stuffs. If you can see it state "Es Blended". 

So last weekend, I remembered I had those and some big bag of ice cubes in the freezer. Took out the blender (yes, the one I blended sambal in. But I rarely blended sambal and even if I did, I occasionally rinse the blender with lemon so the smell and taste of sambal and belacan had then be purified) and blended one of those powdered stuff, mixed with ice and water. The one that I blended was a durian flavor one. It was a bit sweet as usual but taste surprisingly good. You know the ice cream potong durian, it tasted exactly like that.

The one that left is melon, vanilla latte and avocado. I am so trying out the avocado next.

With the parking rates up, some of us in the office are feeling the pinch a bit. Of course in my quest to be and look healthy, where in my step one is eating more leafy greens, I had now upped my green intake. So senang I combined frugalness and healthiness benefit into one,  by bringing salad as my lunch. The Cold Storage at the office downstairs sometimes sell their salad cheap and I bought several. It is easy to make salad, especially since Dila perkenalkan what the salad spinner is all about. Haha. Fail aku. But really, I don't have to wait considerable time to drain the salads. So bagus jugak ye product tu Dila. Hehe.

We'll see how long it will last. I may made it to every other week, because eating salad every day can bore the taste bud and I may grow sick of it. 

But I had been bringing salad 3 days in a row now, and still loving it. I think the awesomeness of the taste lies in the dressing. I usually paired mine with some italian dressing and thousand island. Today because the packet I bought had some caesar sauce in it included, so I used that. And tak kesah la it is not healthy to pile on the dressing, ikut suke la yek but be moderate. BTW I ate my salad with a chopstick. Easier to pick those lettuce yang besar2 tu and easier to clean. Kalau fork ade aje dangling bits jatuh sana sini ( adakah aku makan macam budak kecik ).

I do have some fondness of some Burger King, but maybe I can hold it off til Friday.

Ok. Itu sahaja update untuk hari ni. Nak pergi Arzu la to check their anak tudung nye line. I still like Arzu (cause I think the price is still reasonable).

So.... mari feel a bit more cheerful. Fake cheers to ya!

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