Friday, October 01, 2010

Random burst blogging on a Friday

I think Effi called it burst blogging? 

I hope, hope, hope, that we don't have to work this weekend. Though the RM350 per day thing is kinda a sweet deal for all the hassle eh. 

Nak bercutiiii laaaa.... silalah dengar jeritan kuuu... (padahal baru je balik dari beraya)

So if my husband jadi pindah Turkmenistan, he said there is familiarization session where the company would pay the expenses of the trip for the spouse to see if the spouse thinks they can move there. I am so going on that familiarization session. Kalau die jadi pindah Turkmenistan la kan. So other that, tadek berita lagi so kenot tanye me any more because I don't know any more. 

Tapi I asked my husband "Turkmenistanye internet ok tak?" . He replied in the negative. My reply towards moving was also in the negative. Throw me anywhere, desert, jungle, but if there is internet, I am happy. 

And also live in a country where if I order books overseas, I wouldn't received my books riddle with holes. 

Yesterday before I went to sleep, I read one of Peejburhan expose mistik blog posts. Went to sleep with the 2 cats curled at my feet. Woke up around 4 am because I felt like there is something bouncing on my bed violently. My first thought was pocong, boleh? I woke up at 4 freaking a.m because I felt something was bouncing around the bed and my first thought is pocong? I then groggily thought to myself that it is ridiculous then took a pillow and libas the pillow at the 2 sparring cats who thought that having a smackdown at 4 a.m on top of their owners is a good idea.

Its Friday y'all! Nak continue debug pulak :(


Cik Seri said...

wahhhh syioknyeeee... but lesson learnt, jgn tinggalkan mknn basah dlm fridge ok (in case u r so going for dat familiarization session!)

Dils said...

Aku derma kat ko je la kalau ade ikan beku lebih gitu..

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