Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Popular Warehouse Book Sales

I am always thrilled to be in a book warehouse sales. As you all should know by now. 

Also I am not too thrilled about the Big Bad Wolf Sales nowadays because of the crowd. And their promotions. Someone mentioned that people are almost killing themselves in order to win the passes to get to the preview sales and they don't win any prizes either. True. Throw those people a bone la at least. 

On the other hand, they are geniuses in not having to do much for promotion because the fans who hope to get the passes will do it for them. 

Hehe. While I was one of em, but last year, I went for the preview passes and the crowd is just as maddening if I go to other days, so this year I macam malas beria to win the passes. 

Anyway, not dissing the BBW because I want to talk about the Popular Book Warehouse sales. Because I like variety. Also there are some redundant authors in some book warehouse sales, which I believe some publishing houses are not available in the BBW or MPH sales or even Penguin sales. 

Also... I haven't been to a Penguin Warehouse book sales for the longest time. Ade lagi ke? 

Regressed again! 

Last week my sister informed me that Viva Mall had these Popular Book Warehouse Sales ongoing where the books are at RM5. Dirt cheap. The cheapest ever. Ok. 

I remembered that last year I was planning to go when it was held on November, but hari nak pergi tu.. terberanak pulak. LOL. So didn't manage to go. 

And I wouldnt know about this if my sister didn't mentioned it to me, because didn't see this advertised anywhere else. I would have assume it would be held in November like last year. After this, this event would go up my radar. 

Because RM5 people! 

The place was airy, spacious and they provided trolleys!

The place was kinda organized, where it sectioned off the area to Teens, Romance, SciFi, Romance, Autobiography etc.. etc..

Pretty spacious and big eh.

Some of the book selections. The teen section have pretty good YA. It also have psstt.. A banned book section, where I got my Chuck Palahniuk book.

They also sold cheap stationeries where I bought a children picnic table for RM15 and these storage stool that Aziz make use as imaginary car and slide for RM30.

And the books I bought.
For the kids which is like RM5 for 2. 
Cheap kan and this is the only things I bought for the kids partly also, they have loads at home and Aziz seems always want to read the same books over and over again, so biar la dulu. No need to tambah.

Mommy die not content in reading the same book over and over again and the belows are my book.

Because of Jackie Collins recent death and reading of all the kind words that people wrote about her, I feel like maybe I need to be introduced to one of her work. I heard Hollywood Diaries was quite good so .. I picked this. There wre few other Jackie Collins there.

Angela's Ashes .. don't play play. One of the classic books that I feel like.. maybe I will need to read this for the betterment of my literary knowledge.

A few YA I picked at random because it looked interesting 

I tertinggal this book in the pic so I just lift the image from Google to include here because you know I like to keep track of my books. 
I counted, these are around 31 books plus 2 children books.

And I can't resist taking this too because the movie is cheesy fun and I hope the books are so too. And it must be like RM10 tops because the total of all these books are RM170. 

Those are crazy cheap. I had around RM250 on my wallet and was prepared to use the plastic cards, but when the tell me the amout, I was like. Huh.. I should have bought more. 

But I can't because Saif was screaming blue murder because he was hungry and Aziz was tearing up the place like what a bored 3 years old wont to do...  so I didn't have much time to browse ( and my trolley was overflowing) . 

But even in that short amount of time it was so worth the shopping trip! 

I would have up this blog post much sooner but I myself only knows this sale way too late, so I guess, til next year then!. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Another option for cheap books

A while ago I tried Book Depository to buy some books that I am unable to find here. Actually I was so charmed watching Austenland ( if its in Astro, watch it because it is a charming chick lit), I felt like I have to get the novel too which is written by Shannon Hale btw . The cheapest option then was buying it from Book Depository and alang2 buying books online of course it have to be more than 1. Save duit parking and tol and minyak also! 

Anyway.. the other book that I bought is Libba Bray Gemma Doyle trilogy. Felt like, maybe I should buy one first to see if I like it. Then bought it later on. Also only the first book have discount. Hehe. 
Anyway, I read the first book and love it ( though it have its weaknesses), and bile time I nak beli the other 2 books, book depository still do not offer any discounts for these 2 book sequels. And our currency had gone down so much against the USD that it became reallly expensive. 

I tried searching locally but it was still expensive compare if I can buy it online, so I tried different online book sites and stumbled into BetterWorldBooks. From what little I read of it , it sells books but also generate social impact by recycling and promoting literacy around the world. I think for every book bought, it will donate a book to those who need it. So yeah, I am always behind organization that place importance on social responsibility and am happy to try this out. It have new and secondhand books in stocks.

I opted for the secondhand books for both of my books, because why pay more if you have the options to pay less kan. It does state in the page on the used book conditions, if its either have some signs of wear or some definite wear. Both of my books that I want, the books are in good used conditions so I am hoping it will be delivered to me that way. 

I am not gonna provide instructions because anyone which include my 11 year old niece knows how to purchase stuffs online. I used PayPal for my transactions. I was wringing my hands before buying because I don't know if I should buy it now or wait for the MYR currency to go up a bit, but I am glad I didnt wait because the MYR have yet to improve. Sigh. When I bought it was 3.89 MYR = 1 USD. Today is 4.40 MYR to 1 USD. Holy cow. Everyone is worried here in Malaysia on our economic state I tell you. Anyway... this is not what I want to blog about! 

It took a while but that is understandable for international shipping ( and the shipping is like book depository is also free!). Took around a month for it to be delivered to my front step. Literally. The postman put it right by my door last week. 

Mini cars not included

And this is the condition of the books that I bought. 

Yeah. I can live with that. Gonna wrap the book soon and the wear at the edges won't be so annoying.

I like that I have options beside the usual. Also during my online browsing for book sites online, found one locally Book Up, but I couldnt find the books that I want there. But I want to try out selling my books there. My bookshelves are running out of space. Will up a post on how it goes if I do end up selling. 

Ok. Thought of writing the book shopping spree I had done last Saturday, but this post is getting too long. 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday random post

Ever since I sync my phone up with Google it is way easier to post pictures here. Tapiii limit gamba aku kat Google dah tak banyak, really need to find other way. Tunggu lah bile rajin nanti. 

So this Monday edition of a random post goes like 

When I got back from the hospital on Friday tu, baru lah dapat bermesra-mesra dengan the cats. However while the others bese2 je, found that Gollywolly just want to sit on the sofa. There is something wrong with Wolly when she wants to be on the sofa because that is not her favorite place. 

Rupanye demam. Can feel her body temp is warmer than usual. So the whole Saturday was spent on her terbongkang di atas sofa where all of us sit on the floor instead. The cats reign supreme at this house. I dah berkira2 if on Sunday she is still melepek tak bermaya I will bring her to the vet. Because I can see she is drinking and eating and her taik ok je (tak runny) . Anak kandung sakit, anak bulus pon sakit. 

But naseb baik on Sunday she seems ok. She still does not want to go out, but berjalan2 di rumah macam biasa and no longer as warm as on Saturday. Tak payah gi vet! Yes! 

Kurus sikit. Poor Wolly. My sister said tah2 die rindu kan mommy die. Heh. But dont think so, it is probably the haze. Wolly ni memang prone to sickness if the air is bad. 

Saif Condition.
Thank you for the well wishes and he is out of the hospital! Yeay finally discharged to my relief. All those days at the hospital make me really lethargic the whole weekend. And Saif is not 100% yet too. He is still pooping I think around once every 4 hrs. The doctor did say it would take sometime for him to fully recover. Poor baby! Hoping that he would get better as soon as possible. Thank God that is also the school holiday, so nursery die pon tutup seminggu. In the mean time he will be at home recuperating lah. 

Sekarang ni my husband WFH and take care of him, I will be on leave on Wed and Friday to take care of the kids plak. So harap by that time he will stop the non stop pooping. 

Time ni baru balik dari hospital . Immediately terus nak merangkak ke sana ke sini. We sampai rumah at the time around 2pm. I ingatkan nak put him to sleep la kan. Tadek. Sibuk die nak kesana ke sini . Lepaskan geram merangkak after being chained to the iv drip kut. Last2 die pengsan tertidur sendiri tengah2 ruang tamu. 

The doctor and nurses said to give him plent of fluids but tu pon susah amat. He only wants to direct feed kan, and I give him porridge kt rumah semua tolak. Last2 in frustration I give him nasi lembik dgn ayam kurma, baru la selera. Dan teh o pekat. Hahaha. Bagi tu solid la kejab taik die. 

Baru je recently watched 50 Shades of Grey. I avoided the book because reading about how a girl submit herself so readily to a man can make me all ragey but I am still curious for the movie because well,, it will consume less of my time. 

So sambil aku melipat baju and kemas baju, I tengok la the movie. And the critics are right . Sam Taylor Johnson, elevate the material, made it to a decent movie. Dakota Johnson makes us girls/women like Anastasia Steele as she is charming and lovable and sweet here even during the erotic scenes. And the weak link here is Jamie Dornan, Mr Grey himself. He was gile handsome masa Once Upon A Time, but here die macam meh. He is not convincing as a confident man. Basically he does not own the room he walked in. As for the naughty bits itself, it was meh la. Nothing really shocking and when Anastasia asked the worst of the BDSM, and that's it? Lepas tu die nangis when she should know what it is by now. Saying her feelings got hurt? I don't know y'all . You ask for it. And no.. it does not feel rape to me, but is it? is it? I guess it is about punishment and feeling shamed. 

I am so confused . 

I guess its the typical romantic heroine lead wants to change a guy who refused to commit. It only worked in the literary/rom com world. In the real world, you may turn out to be like that poor girl in Mont Kiara who died of asphyxiation. 


Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom's guilt

From Monday Saif was warded at hospital. 

It started from Thursday, like I said earlier when the nursery teacher informed he had a fever. But it then turned to full blown diarrhea and pukes all over the house. 

Husband brought him to the clinic and the doctor said it most probably is food poisoning. 

But the weekend he didnt get any better. And by Monday he was looking like this 

Which scares me. My sister said if the eyes looked sunken, that is a clear sign of dehydration. Brought him to the paeds and immediately the paeds saw him and his face is all serious instead of his usual jokey self and said to ward him.

Giving him random stuffs so he have things to play with.

Saif the next day and his cheek is getting fuller again to my relief. By this time he had refused bottle and only want to directly feed. Which is soooo annoying because we can't give him his ORS. Die punye other medicine pon we have to put quite an effort to force him to swallow it. And the ORS which is for me personally I HATE apatah lagi for baby. So he do not want his formula milk or plain water or glucose water. I can only force like half an oz of ORS water and that took a lot of effort. I even put a bit on his porridge lepas tu die rijek ok. And food is the only thing he wants aside from BM, which is actually pretty oklah . 

Anyway...  during the whole stay at the hospital he is still pooping every 2 3 hrs. Sehari standard berak dalam 10 kali ok. So the doctor is very reluctant to release him. He was tested for rotavirus but that aint it. And today the doctor said that Saif actually had salmonella poisoning to my horror. He can be discharged today, but he may still be pooping every 3 4 hrs. We need to strong armed him more to force the ORS water down his throat then. 

I think most people knows what salmonella poisoning is and the most probable culprit is improper handling of food ( usually from meat or chicken) , which place the blame on me because I also bekalkan food to him at nursery. I am very anal in washing hands and making sure my meat/chicken are cooked thoroughly. Who knows maybe the chicken was not cooked thoroughly. Oh dear.. or it can be from other people.  I am actually at a loss on where/when he does get it, but I also knows 

1. Needs more hand washing before and after preparing food and bagi food. 
2. Proper food handling. 

Sigh. Today I feel very inept as a mother. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On , so overused yet so apt

Got nothing to do at office. Still wrapping stuffs. Oh my contract work here is gonna end soon and only 2 out of 4 people I believed are offered to continue. But I am fine about it because I don't think this is the job for me and am happy for the other 2 because this is great opportunity for them. It was always stated that they hired us so there are more people on hands during the business downtime tu.

I may or maybe not have a job after this. Waiting on an offer. Not too psyched about it, but I also do not want to complain much because people are losing their jobs right and left in this economy and soo many companies especially the one I want in KL are now in a hiring freeze. But like I said, there is no official offer yet, lets seen. In the mean time duduk ofis and keep calm and wrap books on.

The nursery teacher whatsapp me informing me that Saif have a fever and bile sampai rumah found him fussing and crying and with a high temp. He was being very clingy. So mengantuk. He kept on pooping every 2 or 3 hours with intermittent muntah all over me sebab die nak tidur atas mommy die. Husband offered to take EL so I datang lah ofis and he takes care of baby. Saif at the cliniic now I guess. 

Aziz macam biasa die la. We are still trying to toilet train him, tapi sebab we all sendiri tak konsisten so tak berapa nak jadi. But during raya haji nanti the nursery and preschool tutup for a week, and we decided at the time. Tapi die resisted jugak . Macam last weekend tak pakaikan diapers kat die. Die punye lah marah. He came down to the living room and gave me his diaper cakap " Aziz bukan big boy!" Sebab bapak die cakap.. big boy tak pakai pampers. He was so uncomfortable not wearing diaper so we give him undie to wear. Haha. Ah well.. tengok camne lah nanti. 


MINE! ALL MINE! Husband punye teammates mana yang balik dari Turkmenistan bring back this whole plastic of chocolates for me. I especially love that Alpen Gold. I told him beli yang Alpen tu je, yang lain2 tadek takpe. Hehe.

My morning drink. Dan gua ni cheapskate. I don't use the whole packet in one mug, I usually used only half and keep it for another day or later in the day. Partly cheapskate partly I memang suke watery drinks. Haha.

Dan semalam I went to a cafe at my office to enjoy a chicken chop all by my lonesome. Sebab bile keluar dengan bebudak I usually akan order benda yang senang I nak makan satu tangan, satu tangan lagi sebuk pegang budak la ape la especially Saif clingy tu, So nak makan chicken chop kena la pandai cari time. Gitu. Haha. 

Huh. Semalam macam banyak je mende nak update. Tapi bile ade idea tu, time tu sibuk nak balik. SO malas. Heh. Laters then. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cerita basi time Merdeka weekend

I went back to JB that Merdeka day holiday. Saje balik sebab my mom rindukan rumah die. 

It gave me a chance to go to my favorite mall which is Holiday Plaza. This time I do not look for any phone cover. Eh.. I meant did not buy. Haha. The thing with using a lesser popular phone, there is not many phone cover for you. Yang ade pon is very basic like those plastic jelly or cheap looking leather stuffs. I remembered wanting to buy Note2 and was super excited that I can change my phone cover frequently. I got loadsss of Note 2 phone cover. Some are very nice. Sigh. 

Aziz drinking his sundae. Tu rambut tu dah nak start curly balik dah kat depan. So funny. His dad bought a those mcslurry but he was pissed. I was looking at shoes so my husband and the kids go to McDonalds first. When I reached there, Aziz was throwing tantrum because the Mcslurries ( aku type je malas check ejaan sebenar mcslurries)  does not have any red sauce or berries. Rupanye iklan mcslurries laici tu ade gamba laici, where laici kan merah. Die ingatkan laici tu strawberries and he is pissed that his ice cream tadek strawberry ok. So just bought a strawberry sundae je la for him. He really do like strawberries. Sebijik macam mommy die! 

At HP also I bought some simple bata shoes. I kan selalu pakai FitFlop but nowadays I can't wear my old yellow trust fitflop no longer. My feet and ankle punye sakit... I can barely walks at time. So just bought a cheap comfy sandal at Bata at RM35. Aziz pon nak join gak and he bought Upin and Ipin shoes at RM45. Haha. But so sad I can no longer wear Fitflop. Even wearing my new Fitflop is painful nowadays. So I said to husband I will put away my Fitflop for a while and after a month or two pakai balik to see if its just my old Fitflop or Fitflop in general that caused my feet and ankle to ache. 

This was in my Instagram and FB and people are intrigued. Karipap frozen tu biasa la, but kat pasar tani kat JB je people I would see multitudes of frozen stuffs. Yang wrapped with daun apetah tu frozen lopes ok! Aku memang ultimate favorite lopes ni, so I bought one. Dont care for apam because I never was a fan of apam. But di situ also ade kuih puteri ayu also which is also another favorite! But I decided against it because my freezer is jam packed full of stuffs. Frozen donut, frozen pie, frozen karipap, frozen popiah. . Kalau ade zombie apocalypse ( and if power is still running la kan), I would be stocked for at least a year! Which is why last weekend because aku nak kurangkan isi freezer I goreng the donut and karipap. Donut frozen is very nice ok. I used airfryer for my donut which makes it fluffy. I tried to goreng the donut, it is quite nice also, and not oily to my surprise but I rather airfried my donut pasnih.

The rest of the days at JB was nothing much macam biasa, gi makan yong taufu , abc ( which dihabiskan oleh adik aku yang pelahap), mee rebus. The weird thing is I didn't go to Angsana, which is very weird. Angsana tu macam a must go place whenever we family went back to JB. But this time more trips are made to the kawasan kedai area Jalan Padi Emas. Ade banyak kedai2 butik yang lawa2 and quite cheap. There was a new one that opened that have nice kurta. I like! ( and affordable too. ). So I grab one .

Oh we did went to the Hello Kitty Wonderland. Kan ade indoor theme park for the tots. I say tots because this park is very age appropriate for Aziz. It aims for kids from 3 to 5. Expensive too. Kids below 3 or 90cm is free. So all of us included Aziz cousin who we bring along amount close to RM250. Naseb baik Saif free. And we took only the Thomas and Friends park. Did not go to the Hello Kitty one because too girly for Aziz and the one with Thomas and Friends have more rides. Aziz went for every ride except the bumper car, because it is the only ride which requires the kids height to be at least 110 cm. He  is not quite there yet.

But he did have fun. He loves the indoor playground and especially the rides. So yeah, worth the money la. Boleh pulak la I tertinggal my phone at my mom's home at the time so no pics! But there is one from my husband IG. 
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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Is being slightly depressed is catching

Seems like a few of people I am reading in the blogosphere is feeling out of sorts. Which included me.

I am not gonna go into it, because I don't feel like it, but mannn... I wish I can just lie down and watch Friends.

Feeling so demotivated and fat and ugly and a mess.

Oh yeah.

Also its Saturday night but I am obsessed with what the hell am I gonna cook tomorrow. Such is the life of a wife. Macam mana lah jadi yang one of those fabulously rich and famous people who have personal chef. I know Jennifer Aniston have a personal chef who cooked very healthy but tasty meals for her. Bestnyeeeeer.

This is the only time/thing I am ever jealous of Jennifer Aniston. 

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