Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Muddling through the words

Gah! I was/am/should be super busy!

Less busy currently because I had finished my works. Well, kinda, almost. Needs to test out things. When I was testing out things earlier, aku sudah mahu hendak hyperventilate when I see there is no error message for a thing that should have an error message. Ingatkan dah tak betul ke , kena buat balik ke, or did I do something wrong with the code and messed it ALL AND NEEDS TO START ALL AGAIN FROM SCRATCH, OMG I WANT TO DIE . Sekali check balik document, memang betul la tu. Wargh. Panik, panik.

Good God. I can't imagine being a programmer in my 40s, I'll be sure be having a high blood pressure + heart problems whenever deadlines are nearby and I can't seems to think out a solution on why does the bloody thing could not be save.

In other good news. I got a raise. Yeay! Yippee! It couldn't have come at a better time, especially with the new house and me being broke almost every time ( Remember last time, I told you my lunch money is RM2, now scratch that. It is nada. Duit ku cukup2 untuk parking je, so makan, makan la di rumah). It is quite a significant raise and to get such amount in such dire economy when people are being laid off here and there, I am really grateful. Syukur Alhamdulillah. At least I can buy something nice for my husband this year for his birthday. (Lambat lagi, birthday die bulan 3 tapi aku suke beli-beli hadiah ni).

Oh, everyone had talked about our late Sultan Johor , his death, berkabung and not. The people in JB will most certainly felt his loss. Especially those who lived near the istana I reckon, because he really liked to mingle among the people. And he really loved Johor. And despite his 'colorful' personality, the people can't help but like him. I wondered what will happened to his buaya-buaya.

I was wanting to post a picture of Kurap doing her most favorite things when I am sitting down in front of the computer, but I felt so lazy to turn on my bluetooth, activate the receiving bluetooth from the computer, transferred the file , save and upload it here. It sounds like tooo much work. I'll save it for tomorrow then.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its Friday!

The title is like a counter to the earlier post. Seems apt. I am coming up as blank to post. Will trying to spew some crap out to make me feel better and make my blog seems less stale. The SAP system is incredibly slow which is why I had turned to blog.

Weekends now consist of doing things for the house, so will post more if I got more things to update other than clean the damn house.

Want to lunch, but do not know what exactly I want to eat. Actually I do, but I am broke so I am being incredibly frugal by buying lunch that cost less than RM2, which does not amount to much lunch. So I had dropped some kilos lately because of my frugality caused by my 'broke'ness. Even my cats eat better than me. Sobs! But that is because they prefer cicak to dry cat food.

Before this we had a cicak (translation from bahasa: gecko lizard) problem at home. There seems to be a lot of them. And its incredibly annoying to see cicak droppings here and there. It is disgusting. It is even  we overlook to tudung sajikan food, the cicak will come and lick food. Disgusting aight? And to the people who don't know before that cicak does this, so sekarang rajin-rajin la sajikan makanan.

After we had brought Fasha to our home, there is no moar cicak! She like to chase them around and eat them. Disgusting. Some people said, cats don't actually eat the things they played with. Totally not true. I had seen with my own 2 eyes Fasha chewing on cicak and cockroach and swallowing it. Yeuch! Now, did I put off your appetite. It's my intention.

Of course there is now new problems at home, where Fasha sometimes brought in cicak and cockroaches in the home because they ( Fasha and Kurap together now) had chased all those creatures living in the house to oblivion. But of course many of those creatures cannot escape their grim future.

Ok. This post is less than inspired. Later.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Its Monday

and I am woozy.

1. Got up VERY and TOO early on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, need to service my car. And on Sunday am up at 6 am because my cat peed on my bed and I woke up because my legs felt wet. Yucky very much? Yes, indeed. Woke up husband and he asked if it was me instead who peed. My husband is a charming man. Kurap and Fasha will now sleep outside FOREVER.

2. The house cleaning is still in progress. Its going to get worse as renovation works had started today. I am starting to wonder if my weekend are ever going to be relaxing.

3. So I am beginning to be woozy which is also contributed by my crazily non-correctly aligned specs. I hope that tomorrow the kedai would siap my new specs! Grrrr....

4. Am pissed with myself and McDonalds dekat MidValley. The latter for giving me 5 piece of chicken mcnuggets when it should've been 6. The former, for not checking first before taking her take away to the office to munch. 

5. And suddenly my program can't be save. Gah!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A pinch of romance never hurt but a fistful?

I was driving today and managing not to hit another errant motorcycle on the road, when I thought of something. On a side note, I always found myself hitting a motorcycle. Some are my fault, some are totally theirs. Damn it la, bile kereta bagi signal can you see that we are going into it and not prone to braking  semasa tgh membelok. Somewhere out there, there is a probably a voodoo impersonation of my car and me and someone is sticking a needle or playing dart with it.


Mari start semula. I was driving today and somehow my mind flashed towards Mills & Boons. Girls would probably know it. Guys , some probably do. To those who don't...

Yeah. Those books. The covers that always have some ripped muscled men, with waxed chest. I meant those chest are waxed y'all but in the books, the guys are suppose to be macho? Whatever.  Back when I was in high school these books were hot! Girls brought them to schools in exchange for other titles of M&Bs that other girls might have. The schools administration kept on confiscating them too saying it is morally corrupt because of the quite descriptive sex scenes. No worries, we exchange our M&Bs at religious schools then where there were less 'spotchecks' .

After a few months of reading those M&B books I grew tired of them. It is always girl meet boy, misunderstanding occurs AND (little rant here) the misunderstanding is always because of the girl fault. ALMOST ALWAYS. And the misunderstanding ALWAYS happened just after a very hot sex.. Then there some hot making up to do with an equally hot make up sex scenes or at the very least a PASSIONATE KISS.

Because I am extra rajin today, I deign to make a flow chart of the usual M&Bs plot lines flowchart. Click on the image for a larger picture if you are squinting to read it.   And because I am not Effi, nor does this computer have or capable of running a Photoshop, I used MsPaint to illustrate my point. +1 Microsoft point?

So I turned to Judith McNaught, whom one of my high school mate when I was in SAKTI introduced to. She was obsessed with them. Now Judith McNaught stories are more interesting (usually the historical romance one) and she have more flair with words than the usual authors at M&Bs. But after reading some of her stories, I got a little bit, disconcerted as you might say. The cliches of the M&Bs are there but there is another thing. That is the hero is sometimes a complete jerk who can act violent towards the girl. Yes, in some M&Bs stories I read, the guy is somewhat violent and a jerk, but to my recollection they had never actually be violent towards the girl he is in love with.

In one of her book Whitney, I Love You, a hero got so angry when he thought the girl he wants to marry had lied to her and gave her virginity to another. So what the 'hero' did was that he practically rape her. To punish her. Right. In the scene, he seduced her into bed then before any warning, he forced himself on her. Then got horrified knowing she is a virgin. Ok, was. If it were me, I would kick him on the nuts and tell him to piss off. But no, the girl went all weepy on his arm. Gah!

Then if that is not terrible enough, the poor girl marry him because she 'wuvs' him or some nonsense like that. Then she got pregnant and the dumbass 'hero' husband suddenly thought that is not his baby and his wife was impregnated by somebody else. So he got all angry and violent and refused to see his wife leaving his wife brokenhearted. I don't know what to say to that except if she was raped by you earlier, I would say she deserved the right to go bone any gentlemen or peasants.

Then in another book, Double Standards (also by Judith McNaught). I can't remember exactly what happened but I did remembered that hero finding out that the girl, he is in love with is actually a liar and a schemer. So in a fit of rage he seduce her and then push her against a table painfully.Which the heroine then believed she totally deserved. Gah! Why the submissive attitude towards violence?

After that book, Judith McNaught books kinda lose their appeal to me. To be fair some of her other books are somewhat entertaining and devoid of violence. At least with these new sudden burst of chic lits authors, no matter how pathetic their heroine can be, I must say none of them would abide violence.

Though I do have to ask, why does all of the heroes I encountered in books must be at least 6 feet tall. ? Why, why, why? Okay, I have to admit that I myself have preference over tall men. But that is because I am short. So I would like to balance my offsprings DNA a bit. Which is why in my sadly pathetic novel-in-progress which is still in Chapter 6 after 2 years, I featured a 5 ' 5 hero! I mean, a relatively normal average height guy could be your Prince Charming! So don't discriminate authors and authoress! Let the short people have their adventures too!

Bah. I want to go home now

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mini rants of some kind with a smattering of ramblings

Diet pills vs Poop pills.
You know the diet product women swears by? Actually I don't know too, I never taken one because my sister would probably kills or the very least cause bodily harm to me . I know of some women taking them though, saying untuk membuang toxic badan dengan pooping so your badan can shed kilos by shedding those toxic. I am calling bulls on that. Bullshit. It is not diet pills. Or health supplements. It is called laxatives. So women, stop deluding yourself. If you are eating it to poop more to shed kilos EQ laxatives. It is probably more healthier if you eat a lot of fruits instead of drinking that tea.

Update on ME. Because this blog is about me. So I will update about ME!
My specs sudah hampir patah. Don't know about other people, but if my specs sudah start senget benget, I would be having such a massive headache. New specs! And no I would not camwhore with my new specs.

Marriage and whats not.
Its weird on how angry I can be of some other people random comments on other people blogs. Did I phrase that correctly? Oh well. There's this blog where the person wrote that she cannot imagine being married to a woman. (The woman is bisexual). You know, I never care much if you are bisex, les or gay or whats not. I even agree that same sex marriage can be legal, of course not in the religious legal POV but the law that have nothing to do with religion sorta things. But that is my POV on how the U.S system should works. Its different with Malaysia and its Islamic laws for some and not the others aight. But that is a completely different argument for another sets of people.

What I had digress from saying is, why does when a person said they do not want to marry... other married people is all jumping up and down saying they should marry because bla bla bla... companionship... bla bla bla its the greatest thing ever bla bla bla? Can't you STFU? Even I, a married Muslim person found that annoying. If a person wants to get married, they will. Sometimes these marrieds people are like a cult. So eager to pull another member in.  And don't even start if you are an Asian. Tak kisah la Chinese or Malay or Indian. Macam social stigma pulak not being married. So whatever rock your boats.

Chuck episode 3 sudah habis didonlod! Boleh tengok. So end of rant. Eh, I thought there was more. *shrugs* Later.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home Improvement

I remembered I used to love watching Home Improvement. Back then Jonathan T. Thomas was the thing. I remembered when buying Smash Hits, there is always a poster of him at the middle of the page. I think I was guilty of putting up his poster too. Hehehe. Then I saw him again in Veronica Mars and he does not change at all. Masih katik sebegitu. Dan suara macam itik. Ah well, so weird on how your tween or teen heartthrobs then seems to be so alien to you now and when you looked at them again in your 20s you will be like "OMG-DID-I-USED-TO-LIKE-EM". Though I do like to state here and now, I was never ever enamored by Devon Sawa, RIP. ( I meant Jonathan Brandis actually. Terrible mistake. Got both mixed up, and no I am also not enamored by Jonathan Brandis. Sorry Devon Sawa! )

Okeh, sudah melalut ke mende lain.

Anyway, I told y'all we had paint the 'gerobok'/almari white. We also painted the katil white. There is a complete bedroom sets with bed, closet, side tables and dresser. Setakat ini, only these 2 we painted. So here are pics for proofs.

 The closet above is still in pristine condition and to throw away a perfectly working and quite big furniture is almost a sin. Apart from the color, I really do like the closet. It is big, spacious, and  have a separate wardrobe for my husband and I.  But we hated the color. Look at the color! I can't even describe it but  I just can't stand looking at it. Whenever I looked at it, I just feel like shuddering.

So we decided to paint it. At first I want red, but that would be too much and itshard too predict if it would come out nicely. The safest option is white. This is how it turned out.

Ignore the hideous mattress. We had not move in yet and have yet to put any sort of cover or cadar on it.

Now isn't that better. There are some imperfections, yes. But we are not looking for a trophy here. As long as the color is different and not too hideous I am satisfied.. I left the middle deco unpaint, but it looks kinda weird. At first I just wanna leave the leaf unpaint, but I can't draw A LINE straight even with the help of a ruler, so lets not get ahead with own self abilities aight.

So tengoklah if rajin, I or husband will cat again the deco itu white and touch up a few things here and there. We had ran out of white paint at the moment so it maybe a while.

Next project. Painting the meja makan pulak.

p/s: My husband had finished (almost) painting the living/dining area olive and yellow. Yes, weird combination. We had looked at the color wheels and palettes until almost nak muntah darah tengok all those different colors but I decided to just go with whatever color we like, so he picked one he like, I picked one I like. He asked me to take pics, but I forgot and malas la pulak. Nanti2 la.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The customary Friday rambles

Crimes in the neighbourhood.
Mom's house at JB got broken into, though thank God at least when it happened she was at KL with us. My uncle noticed the door is ajar and called my mom. My mom had gone back to JB with my brother to oversee and report to police. Because we don't have laptops or super sleek computers or LCD panel TV or barang kemas nor buttloads of cash stashed somewhere at home, the thief(s) took my mom watches, my brother Sunway Lagoon watches (itu pon nak amik. Syida belikan untuk Apo kan? ) and various coins left at the house. Mesti die rase rugi je pecah masuk. Padan muka hang, mintak2 lepas mencuri tu jatuh longkang or kena gigit dgn rabid dogs. (walaupon tadek dogs sgt kat BBU).

Bandar Baru Uda memang penuh dengan petty thieves. I blamed it on drugs addicts. Before this we had car light stolen (2 times I think), jeans stolen: countless time, house was broken into just before we moved in and right after barang2 sudah dihantar masuk, someone umpil the grill and took my brother wallet yang die letak tepi tingkap, tong sampah dicuri: countless time ( tho my mom blamed it on a crazy uncle who like to walk around with a tong sampah and she suspected that tong sampah was ours).

New house
My husband is being super rajin and had continue to cat the house after working hours. Aku? Aku sampai rumah pon pukul 8.30pm , tadek mood aku nak pandang cat. Hahaha (alasan....) I helped him out in painting the robok (almari to you non Johoreans) and katil white last weekend though. Very satisfied. Before this it was a hideous green. Kinda like mud green. Really hideous, I told you. I want to show you pics but I couldn't be arsed to find my camera and I haven't taken the after pics yet. So besok la kalo aku rajin aku upload.

Weekend plans
Don't really have any definite plans for the weekend. Need to clean up the house again though, sebab we had just about to finish painting the room and the pest control had just finished with the anai-anai problems. So semestinye rumah tu kembali kotor so kena mop 3 4 kali balik. Wuaaaaaa! Takpe. Treat it as exercise!!! Namun weekend ini walaupon my husband would disagree I would still love to hang out with my friends lorrr... Boleh kan?

Book: 5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
Oh, I had finished reading 5 Greatest Warriors. Matthew Reilly new book yang sequel to 6 Sacred Stones itu. Would be hard pressed to find it at local bookstores though since my husband ordered the book from Kinokuniya. I was like "Waahhhhhhhhh!" when I found out he had ordered the book.Aku yang avid reader ni pon tak kuasa nak order and even when Neil Gaiman had keluarkan buku "Graveyard Book" pon I waited until a warehouse sales to get it. Yes, I am cheap. But that is because I know collecting books can be quite expensive so bookstores chain had become a last resort for me to buy a book. I can wait out a storty(except Harry Potter because if I waited even a week I would be bombarded with spoilers left and right)

Anyway about the book. Pretty satisfying ending. More fast paced, though there is no such thing as character depth or development, but its a pretty good thriller book. I would not get bored reading it again.

Oh, I am thinking if I should go to the chocolate fair at Midvalley today. Macam menarik je kan. Nanti pegi usha la..

Update: Yes. Sudah membeli chocolates!

Not much imported chocolates. But there is a lot of locally made chocolates though. There is one booth of beautiful chocolates from Russia that I would love to buy, but its for display only. So sad, too bad. Anyway. Bought the above chocolates dalam RM10 per bar. It is less actually, the Lindt one is RM8, the Swiss one is RM9, the Tudor one is RM9 and the above yg 2 chocolate bar named Hezlique tu (I think its local) is RM10 for 2 bar. So ok lar tuh. Nyam2. Chocolates.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Red go-go boots and a sinister box

Things been ahappening during the weekend. Mainly cleaning the new house. Yes, my husband and I have bought a house and in the process of well, kemas and whatever. Long arduous process and that would take another post which I would later tell, if my husband don't

Anyway, terasa macam nak tulis review muvi. So here it is.

All About Steve

What its about? 
Sandra Bullock (Mary) is a socially awkward woman who fell in love with Steve (Bradley Cooper) and followed him through the country.

  • Thought I would hate the movie, but I did enjoyed it. 
  • Mary is silly and a bit insane but endearing. 
  • You can drown in Bradley Cooper's eyes. 
  • The movie is good for relaxing as there is nothing exceptional going on, but the silliest thing. 
  • Not Sandra Bullock best movie, but she seems to be having fun. 
  • Basically a mediocre fare with that I will compare and rate it to 2 decent bruschetta

The Box

What its about? 
A couple (James Marsden and Cameron Diaz) is presented with a box with button and given a choice. If they push the button, they will receive a million dollar but some random person in the world that they don't know will die. If they don't, well, nothing will happen basically.

  • Horrible, boring movie. Was literally bored to tears. 
  • Kept on repeating to self and husband... "I don't understand this movie." "I don't get it" "Damn, this is boring". 
  • There are some scenes that literally do not make any sense in any way I try to think of it. I understood the message, but the story and scenes ? Not so much.There are some that I go like .... why the hell do they even show that if that does not help the story!
  • The movie is actually an adaptation of a short story "Button, Button" (I think that is the title). The story was either poorly executed, should not be translated to screen for more than an hour of viewing or should stay as a written short story and be left clearly alone. 
  • James Marsden as an eye candy, could not save this movie for me. 
  • The only good points I could think of: James Marsden is a darling. He and Cameron Diaz got some pretty good chemistry. 
  • My advice is : Stay the hell away. It would be better if you read the book. If I would rate it, I would just give it a paltry 1 green M&Ms.

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