Sunday, November 28, 2010

The entry with all the anni and birthday ramblings.

On the 21st November - It was my birthday. I turned 28. When people asked me how old I am gonna be? I kept waiting for other people to answer my age because after the age of 21, I can no longer keep track of age. Not because I am coy about my age, because while 28 is old-ish to the young, we had yet to reach the middle. Also I am somewhat relieved that a long ago prediction someone made about me that I am gonna get engaged at 25, broken off the engagement at 27 then married at 28 and have 3 kids by 30 and divorced by 31. I have long ago try to see the mathematical possibility of that (the 3 kids in 2 years), but never mind now that because it does not come true.

My husband bought a very early birthday present which I didn't consider as a birthday present :p . But he also bought lilies in a basket (which gives the ethereal elegant lily, somewhat a stout look). But I love him for that ( knowing I like lilies instead of roses but not knowing enough I don't like it in a basket but being sensible because hand bouquet is impractical. When does anything romantic is practical? )

A funny thing is that I asked my husband for nasik lemak and he went out to buy them. I was thinking that he took a really long time to buy the nasik lemak and when he came back I went downstairs to make tea, while he rearranged all the books we bought in our bookcase. I went to the table/bar in the living room where the mails are to look at mails on the table/bar (I am obviously groggy and dazed and slightly insane to look at mails on Sunday). Then I went back again in a zombiefied state of mind to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of my husband asking something and me answering " I can see your mouth moving, but I can't hear anything that comes out of it."  While we sometimes say this to each other jokingly, I really meant it that day. He followed me to the kitchen and asked again , "so do you like the flowers?". I turn my neck to see out at the living room
and voila it seems like out of nowhere there are flowers on the table/bar! Seems that I only noticed the flower after it had been pointed out to me.

That is a long paragraph about noticing flowers. God. It must be tiring to be a writer.

Also, on the 22nd November was our 2nd anniversary. What's more can I say to that? Except I am glad that I am married to a guy who is willing to climb the many steps on a hill

to see crumbling walls.

 Not much to see on the hills to see too. Except for a creepy old well (that reminded me of Ju-on) and walls. The museum is quite nice though. Well maintained and informative enough.Oh. We went to PD just after Raya Korban. Saje2 holiday.

Also on my birthday, we had our anniversary lunch at Delicious at Jln  Tun Razak. Since I always want to go there since from the road it looked so posh and nice and yuppiefied.

My verdict, I don't think so I am going there. Maybe at Midvalley though just for the dessert. 

My comment on the whole affair : 

The ambience was nice and posh and all with all the saxophone playing and rich expats kids playing at a corner and distinguished looking women having their lunch and gossiping. But it was so freaking hot. Maybe it is because we are sitting at the window, stillll? I was so uncomfortable going through the whole meal that I can't quite enjoyed it and thus feeling quite snappish and irritable. And the server gave my onion soup with no soup spoon. Pizza Hut pon I get better service. Bah!

The food was not terrible. My duck spaghettini was nice though I felt it a tad bland, and my husband felt his salmon is no muss and no fuss. Though my drink was great (maybe it was all the heat, but it felt so delicious) and the cheese on top of the onion soup was goood. I guess their specialty really lies in the dessert. My lemon meringue was intensely sour and creamy. I love it. My husband whatever muffin looking thing with the ice cream was delicious too. 

But all that was marred because of the heat. I just felt like getting out quickly of the restaurant. One of the most unpleasant dining experience. I remembered remarking to my husband that I feel more comfortable sitting at a mamak at this hour.

Well. That's that. Anyway its been a week, but things had been a little hectic (little does not even describe it, I felt like hyperventilating when I thought of my work) but I just now manage to finish this post. So happy post anniversary to us.

Okeh nak continue baca komik. Later. Hope I have more time to blog.


Anasfadilah said...

a'ah la nampak macam juon :P

Dils said...

Haha... the well is not in the pic actually. Takpe, mlm ni kalo sempat aku post another pic showing that well.

FrH said...

gahhh. dah lama aku xbukak blog. haha.

how sweet your hubs walopon muke cam nampak garang :P

happy belated birthday & happy anniversary. many happy returns!

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