Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nak jugak buat post 2013

2013 had been a lousy year for me work wise, health wise and even personal wise. And I think I could do better next year. 

Let's hope we do. Macam I read in twitter, a very simple resolution - more better, less bad. In everything la kan. 

Next year there is a lot of things to look forward to. Holiday trips, renovation, work opportunities. 

Tapi renovation I takut with the current economic instability. Not sure the pricing. We will start small and simple and what needed to be done first kut. Which at first glance seems like everything needs to be done dulu. Need to really discuss with husband. Lagi pon I am a little bit anxious. I didn't want to renovate dulu-dulu sebab I don't want to be alone with all the decision and problems kalau kena renovate time laki tadek. Ni pon I am not sure if he really gonna be here throughout the whole process. 

Pandai2 la kan. 

We get older, time getting faster, and we don't look towards the future as hopeful as we did when we were younger. Negatipnye ayat... tapi itulah. 

Anyway... semoga besok will bring a better day. Dengan resolution yang paling baru... nak try buat nasi lemak la. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Of trying better

New year nanti akan banyak la new year list.

People are getting riled up over the recent price hike. Especially the upcoming price hike. Gile kau. Kalau AKLEH naik RM2.50 , sebulan dah berapa banyak nak cover.  Government trying to say that they had to pay a lot because of the concessionaire agreement, I think that the problem is the concessionaire agreement itself. Macam mana ko buat kontrak membuatkan that only 1 side je yang untung. 

That's my opinion la dan aku memang dah lama berbulu thinking about that.

Husband is back and bile die balik ade je mende die nak buat kat rumah tu, but we are rearranging some of the furniture, for a more Aziz friendly house. Walaupon dah 6 bulan berjalan, tapi masih jatuh2 kalau excited. Hehe. 

Likewise macam previous years I don't like to make new resolutions. We can always start tomorrow. A lot of people have a bucket list to do before their 30s. Sekarang sudah 31 ye... ape bucket list before 40? 

Maybe I can make it so that I can have a kayak trip in Sarawak. But in order for me to have a kayak trip. I need to be fit. That means eating right / exercising.  Bagus tak tu... nak gi kayak kena be fit dulu. Kalau tak nyesal je lepas pedal 15 mins. Can't imagine the time when I can kayak for 1 and 2 hours non stop. Bile weh nak keep fit ni. Nak tanye tips bole je tanye kat Farah superwomom tu kan.. haha.. tapi I tak larat la jogging hari2 Farah. 

Nak jugak la try to make a kayak trip. Not next year though. Next year cuti pack! Mungkin the other year. Nak jugak berkayak lagi di river. River yek. Kayak at sea scares me.

Jab lagi husband gonna bring my son to Midvalley. Eh suke. Excited anak amik sekali balik ofis sama macam eksaited masa mula2 boyfriend pickup dari keje. Hahahha. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

47 Ronin - IMO

Keanu Reeves as one of the 'samurai' in 47 Ronin
Went to see it masa lunch hour semalam. Ok la tu. 12-2 usually people go out for lunch, I sempat tengok wayang. The running time is almost 2 hours pon.

Anyway the film is inspired by the legend of the 47 Ronin. A group of masterless samurai who seeks to avenge their lord death. Their lord (Lord Asano) had a disagreement or something but basically the lord had injured another lord ( Lord Kira) which many said is no fault of his since Lord Kira is kinda a dick. As punishment he was sentenced to death but was granted a honorable death 'seppuku'. So the 47 samurai now have no master and are dispersed until a year later they attacked Lord Kira castle to bring back his head to their master grave. Then all 47 of them had to commit seppuku as punishment since at the time the Shogun (emperor) had forbid any retaliation. But a samurai is dishonored if he didn't seek revenge for their master death.. that is their code.. So the story lives on..

In the film, it is kinda the same except with supernatural elements which to me kinda undermine the awesomeness of the original story. Keanu Reeves is Kai, a boy taken by Lord Asano to be raised in his household. so he grew up alongside all these samurai and Lord Asano daughter, Mika.  And afterwards it goes about the same, except there is a witch who have magical hair and likes to slink around sexily and supernatural beast and swords. 

It is pretty cool and the cinematography is beautiful. I was wondering if they shot it in Ireland because it looks like Ireland for some. Keanu Reeves wooden acting is suitable here and for the other, looking at Akanishi Jin as Chikara is enough for me. It have its moments la. I was never bored. It feels a bit ridiculous sometimes but I can accept it. 

But the point of watching it is for the action. The fighting itself is magnificent when it is one on one. Full on battle feels a bit cluttered. GoT did it better IMO. But the sneak attacks is wonderfully suspenseful. That is the highlight of the movie for me. 

Summary: Don't expect great CGI even or great dialogue but the face acting by the Japanese actors makes up for a lot of Keanu Reeves lack of , stay for the attack of the castle. Hate the supernatural elements and think if it is done away the movie would look much better. If I were to rate it, I would say 3 out 5 stars.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kurap two face


Haa baru je kan cakap nak cerita pasal Kurap... tak sempat kena vaccinate dah sakit lain.

Last Thursday night I noticed Kurap face looking like this.

Skin all scraped off. Luka tang mana tah. Don't know. Sometimes she gets into a fight with Bobby. Bobby ni kucing manja tapi gangster. Dasar jantan. 

I used betadine to clean it up and hoping it would be OK. Sebab before this she got the same type of luka on the other side of the face. I cleaned it up with Betadine before and it healed after 3 to 4 days. 

By Friday sudah jadi camni.The cut was probably deeper than I thought and I didn't cleaned it thoroughly and as often as I should.

Saturday tu pulak I got busy going here and there and forgot to bring her to the vet. So I said to her kite pergi Sunday ok. Die macam biasa je.. reply "meow". But Saturday malam tu mandom sikit. Panggil pon buat bodoh je. Tapi siang tu sempat gallivanting kat luar. 

Well, Sunday morning tu tak sempat nak bawak ke vet , the nanah at her face dah pecah. Cleanup her face yang dengan darah and nanah pouring out like molten liquid. Euw.  Titisan darah pulak everywhere kat rumah. Kena lap dulu. Aziz ni kalau die tengok mende pelik sikit kat lantai , kalau tak kutip... jilat lantai terus pon boleh.

 So brought her to the vet with Aziz in tow. I think he enjoyed having a cat in the car who is more louder than him. So less crying sebab kena strapped kat belakang. Hehe. Dekat vet tu Aziz bukan main suke, sibuk tunjuk itu ini asking me to bring it to him untuk main. I think he maybe confused that cat toys are also human toys. It is one of the same jugak la kan Aziz as we play it together with the cats.

The vet cleaned up her wound ( dan masa ni as I have to hold down Kurap sebab ade percubaan melepaskan diri , Aziz amik the balang of cat toys and jalan everywhere around the shop ). The vet also give her some shots of solution at her face to further clean the wound and injection to stave off infection. Dan jugak tidak lupa bekalan PILLS. 

Kalah ubat aku lepas bersalin C Section.
Tengok rase nak nangis. Besanye pil tuuu. I myself tak suke telan pil. Ade 4, antibiotic, tahan sakit, skin repair and tissue repair. And a gel to apply to her face. Naseb baik once a day je ( Only the gel I applied twice a day ).

Sebelah muka sudah tidak jelita.
This is her on Sunday afternoon. Luka tu continue darah-darah lagi :( However today when I clean the wound to apply the gel, the darah seems to lessen and nampak luka macam dah nak kering. Fingers crossed! Pakaikan kon to her sebab tanak luka tu making teruk dek kena cakar.

In the mean time merasa la tuan die bersilat nak bagi pil. Semua kucing aku ni jenis payah gile makan pil. Ade ke kucing yang senang makan pil??? So I chose to give 2 pills first right after I got back from work, then after dah settle Aziz and put him to sleep.. give her the other 2 pills. 

Yesterday not so much struggle. Almost easy. Yang pil besar2 tu I manage to force it down her throat. Yang kecik2 tu I gumpal2kan with her wet food. Have to repeatedly gumpal it sebab kucing2 ni makan jilat2 the whole things sampai tinggal pill je kat bowl die . HOH! So I have to put the food again and again to the pill till she manage to eat the pill sama. Yang pill besar tu of course la won't work with the wet food trick so kena force open her mouth and jammed it down her throat. But I bribed her before and after with wet food as treats and rub and massaged her to relax her. You can't give a pill to a cat if the cat is suspicious of you. 

Tips bagi pill for cats - 

 Hold their face, with one hand and then dongakkan sikit ke muka die ke atas, and the other hand, use a finger to pry open their mouth and put in the pill as far as you can at the end of their tongue. Quickly close their mouth and massage  them underneath their chin to guide them to swallow the pill. There is a lot of tutorial in youtube also. And I had seen loads of them before but I still dread to give the cats their pill. 

Easier if you have one other person to hold the cat down while you give the pill, but in my case I just have to make them relax. And don't rush it for difficult cats. Lagi kau stress lagi die nak lari dari kau. 

Hoping for a scratch free pill giving session tonight! 

Also hope Kurap gets better as soon as she can. Sebelom ni kan telinga die bernanah... ni muka pulak. Macam2 la Kurap ni. Suke gaduh sangat. After dah baik ni baru bawak gi vaccinate.

Updated 18/12 -
Semalam kasik the pills hanya satu jer berjaya. The rest either in wet food or ground together with wet food.

Hari ni agak2 macam mana la ye..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Bridget Jones - Mad About the Boy

Saw this in bookshop and even though my reading list is like neverending, I have to buy and read this. Because it is Bridget Jones.

 Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, #3)Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bridget Jones is back! And this time she is 51 ( I think) with 2 kids and Mark Darcy is dead for 5 years :( . Bummer.

At first when I read in October that Mark Darcy died in this book. I was furious. FURIOUS! Mark Darcy can't died. He is the ultimate chic lit hero. He was sweet, lovable, smart, lacking in personality I have to admit, but he is everything every below than average Jane wants.

However.. while reading this book I can see why Helen Fielding decided that Mark Darcy must died. She wants to recreate the essence of the first book. When Bridget grappled with the world of dating. Dating at 51 rather than 31 is daunting.

I enjoyed the part when Bridget is enjoying her relationship with her 30 year old toyboy. But it was painful at first. Maybe because I am hoping Bridget with wisdom of love and children, are able to reign herself when it comes to dating, so at least she can pay attention to her children. It doesn't seem she grow up from the first we see her. Sometimes I feel like shaking her. However towards the end, I can see that Bridget is still grappling with Mark Darcy death and there is an underlying sadness in the book even when she is being giddy and silly.

The book is still funny, silly, and Fielding still have it to makes Bridget Jones as endearing even though I thought it is not so during the first few pages. And the appearance of most of the characters excepting Shazzer ( she moved to the U.S) is like seeing old friends again.

And this book is way better than the one posted in Telegraph. There was a continuation in the Telegraph, ( Bridget Jones first appeared there then Fielding turned it into a book), in the e-version, Mark Darcy chucked her because she slept with Daniel which resulted in her being pregnant with Daniel baby. Imagine that! I don't think we can ever forgive Bridget for behaving that abominably if Fielding chose that version the book 3.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Very the makcik

It had been rather slow at the office. Everyone is enjoying the downtime. Coming in late and going back early. Tapi semalam balik awal pon tadek guna. Jam gilerrr. Gosh. I hate jam. 

Everyone is talking about the child who drowned after riding banana boat with her father. Sedih sangat rase. It was a piss poor decision by the parent. And I am gonna leave it at that because they are going to live the rest of their life knowing they made that decision that cost their daughter life. The banana operator tu pon salah gak. Nak untung je lebih, tak pikir panjang. Dan walaupon people keep on saying parents should be held responsible if things go wrong, unfortunately stupidity is not against the law. Moga-moga we parents will always have the presence of mind to make the right decision when it comes to our kids. 

Husband is at last going back to work in KL after almost 3 years of him being an 'expat' in another country. Matilah kena masak tetiap malam. Well. Almost every night. Haha. All the routines needs to be adjusted. My chores are gonna increase ( ironing work clothes. Ugh...) tapi ade orang untuk jaga Aziz who likes to be with people all the time. So ok la. Sometimes I kept on having this guilty feeling that I maybe need to play with him more tapi the house needs vacuuming, the dishes needs to be cleaned, the litterbox cleaned. I think there will always be the feeling that we should have do more to our child, or maybe that is just me. I always kept on thinking, did I bath him properly, taugh him manner enough, pay attention to him enough, feed him enough, ... it is just neverending self doubt. No wonder many mothers get defensive when our parenting skills are being brought to our attention. This is because we ourselves judged ourselves the hardest. 

Oh.. with him coming back die tengah sibuk nak membeli macam2 mende yang murah di sana. Sampai ke freezer pon nak bawak. LOL. Bough some pans ( Tefal adalah murah) and some electrical stuffs. Carpets jugak, sebab karpet Turkmenistan kan is declared as their national treasure and only few can leave the country. I think you need to buy it at only certain places je. Tak boleh beli sebarang untuk bawak keluar dari their country. It is good quality carpet. Soft and tebal and sedap la pijak. Mak-mak sangat la kan barang-barang yang aku nak beli ni. Oh, husband also bought me the Tefal Air Fryer from there because it is like cheaper a few hundred RM from here. I am loving it. Was meaning to write another post, tapi nak tunggu I experiment something dulu.. hehehe. Ni tengah contemplate nak bread maker pulak. I love bread. Bole je kut nak gi ganyah2 dough tu buat roti... tapi malas. Haha. Tapi breadmaker murah sana. Cuma dalam bahasa Russian la banyak. Of course la I won't take yang Bahasa Russia punye. Tengok la guano. Jangan mengumpul habuk sudah. 

The cats are doing all right. I don't update much about them because my Instagram is mostly on cats. So those who followed my blogs before for cat updates maybe can see my Instagram for their updates. Wait. Nanti I letak la widget instagram kat tepi belog ni. Bobby ni la sekarang suke buat perangai mengencing sana sini. Ai stress. Tapi die lovable. So marah sekejab. Tapi pastu sayang. Kurap cam biasa die. As long as she gets her wet food she is happy. She is due for her yearly vaccination so maybe I will update about her later. 

Gollywolly memang monyet dan lovable. Last week my neighbor ade buat birthday party. Lepas tu one of the family nak balik and their car is parked outside my home. Before nak balik tu one of the car door is open sebab bapak die sibuk nak masukkan barang ape tah. Gollywolly usha sikit depan pintu dan proceed to baring  and spread tunjuk belly die. Tuuu menunjuk la tu.. suruh orang puji2 die. Over sangat. Dengan total strangers pon nak tunjuk lawa. Naseb baikk je la orang tu tak kidnap die masuk dalam kereta sekali. She is not afraid of people and very curious. Last 2 week kut ade fogging and the other cats yang kat luar bertempiaran lari masuk rumah. But Gollywolly was outside. Since asap fogging tu kan racun and can be harmful to cats beria aku menceceh lari ke luar cari die. Bole die duduk depan gate tengok je asap tu makin dekat and makin dekat. Terus angkat and bawak masuk rumah. Fuh. 

Wolly tuuu suke nak manja-manja. Die nampak Bobby lepak-lepak die datang and shoved her face to Bobby so Bobby will clean her face. Adik bongsu punye perangai ni.

Ending this post with the pic of the cats grooming each other and you can see Kurap gendut kat belakang tidur mengadap buku2 ku.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Big Bad Wolf 2013 : Preview Sale

Went to the preview yesterday. Drive alone to the Mines. Small personal achievement unlocked! ( Aku memang fail bab driving to anywhere else but KLCC, work, home )

Ramai la orang .. I only manage to snap this pic because hellooo... busy searching for books ok.. 

Loads of people.

I had went to two other previews before, and I have to say this one is the most crowded. My mood was not too great to begin with sick child at home, so I found myself staring daggers to those who block people way with their huge ass luggage.  Come on la weyy.. considerate sikit ok. 

I myself found it hard to navigate around quickly with the trolley around. So what I did, I park my trolley at a sudut of the table ( and I push it under the table if I can, so people can browse easily) and browsed 4 tables nearby. That makes it quicker and I don't get in the way of people. Time is of the essence! LOL. Also don't want to be stuck in the rush hour traffic, so I got out of there around 4 pm. It was madness during lunchtime, but slower afterwards. I can't imagine how the traffic in and out of the Mines will be tomorrow onwards. Good luck guys.. and if you bring kids.. I would advise to let them run around upstairs la ( properly chaperoned of course) . That's what I did last year when I went during the usual time.

That is my books.

Kurap rubbing her scent all over my books.LOL.

Not so much compare to last sales kan. Bole lah. I don't have any particular author to hunt for and I don't feel like browsing much so I took this only. Refrain myself from recipe books because I know if I guna resepi, I usually ended up with the one I copied from blogs and online website and I bought one parenting books to feel good about meself. The one I am excited of is the on titled Matched I think by Ally Condie. I was always contemplating to buy it, and at RM8 now I can. L.C book and Robocalypse I had heard quite nice reviews, so I took it with me. The other one I bought based on the authors which I enjoyed before.

Manage to also get another of the True Blood series. So the one left in my Sookie Stackhouse series is the last 3 books. Nak tunggu complete baru start reading. ;D . I had made up the list in my phone beforehand so I quickly checked which I had and don't have then baru ambik. Kalau beli yang dah ade rugi!

That whole stack is the childrens book for little Ajis and his cousins. It ranges from RM10 to RM1. I didn't count, I think it is more than 10 and I found myself being very critical on what I wanted for him based on his likes and dislikes for books. So I think I had made the right choice.

The same stack but I include 3 other books. Eh Toy Story 3 box tu is like a board game plus other fun activity things I bought for Ajis cousins. Bergaduh la die orang semalam semua nak mende tu.... -_- . Yang kecik punye Toy Story 3 is for Aziz.. one of those fun educational little book. And Tick Tock tu one of those cuddly book for my 8 mos nephew who seems to like it enough. Kurap pon sibuk jugak nak menjengah.

Forgot to include this one in the stack so I took this pic separately. The only Malay novel I bought which is for my niece. She seems to like it. Moga-moga baca sampai habis ye Alisha. Buku I beli for her last year punye BBW pon tak habis baca lagi. Hope her mom also approved of this book, ( storywise, content). From what I gathered it seems to be about a girl who gets into MRSM Terendak and her story in that school. Since her mom ( my eldest sister) was an alum of the school, I think she would like it if her daughter read this book. My other sister also MRSM Terendak, while my youngest bro is MRSM Muar alums. Aku ajeee SBP . Sobs.

Oh about the books there. I think there is some lacking in General Fiction and Fantasy compare to other years. So I am a bit disappointed there.

However there is an abundance of Childrens book from the very youngs to the one who wish they are still children. Since I was concentrating on Children book, this was very satisfactory. I think half of the books there must be Children book. Wider selection of Malay novel and YA genres ( not so much on the authors I love) . Also there is a section for Agama. I didn't look at that section *shamefaced* . I think if my mom went again she might like the section for Agama because she was asking for it last time. So would others kan.

Travel section was sadly not to my satisfaction. Very little selection and nothing in Japan. Guess have to pay the regular price at regular bookstores then. Other section didn't look at it too much. Ohh.. there seems to be wider range in the pet section. Kicking myself that I didn't buy the Cat Expert book. Rugi laahh. Takpela kan. And seems to be a huge section in recipe which I don't glance.

Ok la. Nak gi lunchie. Last pic of Ajis and his books. He seems to like it. Kurap lagi sekali menyibuk. Takleh blah tul kucing tu. Huhu.

He likes that book that he opened. Asked him to choose which I want to read to him first sebelom tidur and he chose that book again. Win!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

16 mos

riang ria bersama bulus
Such a big boy now. Semalam die kena marah sebab main tarik2 baju. Lepas tu tanak tidor. So I marah die and asked him to lie down. Pastu die lie down and pandang aku jeling2 ok. Fuhh.. jeling2 marah rupa die. Tetiba terasa macam.. wah.. macam ni ke perasaan bile anak rase marah kat kite. tantrum tu lain. Tantrum tu is like me against the world... tapi marah jeling-jeling tu.. fuh terasa pedih di hati i tengok his looks of anger directed at me.

So I said to him I am not angry I just don't like it he keep on doing things when I say No. Then I asked him to hug me. Terus muka ceria dan bersinar bagaikan the sun and he hugged me and lie back on the bed suka-suka. Tapi still tanak tidor. Susah betul nak tidur budak kecik ni.

Other development thingies.. I guess it is hard to keep track. There is always new words he adds in nowadays. New way for him to show affection. New ways for him to appreciate food or enjoy playing toys. 

His current favorite toy is the one we bought from Borders. Sometimes bookshops, around the counter ni akan jual this weird things that if you put together it will looks like a bug or a car. He loves those. Tapi it is not approriate sebab phase tengok barang masuk dalam mulut tu masih ongoing lagi. So the only things that seems acceptable is those that looks to me if people wants to construct a DNA model, which just consist of 4 sphere and around 8 to 10 sticks that you can connect to the spheres. Susah nak explain laa.. but that is it la. Simple je.. but die sukaa sangat.

His batuk and kahak is back which is super annoying sebab musim hujan kan. Pastu jenis meradang kalau kena selimut. Tendang-tendang selimut tu. Bedungkan baru taw. Hope he gets better soon. Hoping this weekend would be a good weather bawak die so he can run around somewhere.

Oh regarding eating. Sebelom ni rase macam going into war je setiap kali nak bagi makan, tapi baru taw satu mende. He either likes to feed himself which depending on his mood, or makan bersuapkan tangan. Hahaha. Suap tangan rase lagi sedap kuttt. Asalkan makan la anakkk. 

Oh we also introduced him to brushing teeth. ( Kalau aii tak rushing laa) He likes to brush teeth. Tapi mostly hisap ubat gigi tu lepas tu kunyah2 berus gigi then proceed nak brush bath tub die to my annoyance. So sekarang baru pakai berus gigi tu for few weeks, berus gigi tu dah rupa macam kena pakai setahun!

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