Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Sale - 3rd Round

I swear! This was the last! After all, when I got back to KL it would be over anyway.

We went to the BBW sales, on the way back home to JB. Alang-alang kat tepi highway, I mahu singgah shopping lagi. Well, getting into the South City Plaza was a breeze but getting out to the highway was a nightmare. 

Anyway we got there, and from what I can see a lot of books had been taken up since there are a lot of empty spaces on the table. But that does not deter me in the least. I was planning to buy 5. Hah. Right. In the end I looked at dismay on the amount of books on my bag.

So here's the customary gambar of books.

The above is 16 books, 3 of those are my husband (the Robert Rankin one). And that left 13 books for me. 

Grand total books bought for moi: 50!

Good God y'all. I could start a mini library actually. 

And during the holiday, I manage to finish the painstaking long journey of Charles Stewart (the Georgette Heyer book Royal Escape) at late afternoon after reading it for weeks and finished reading Madeline Wickham  'Cocktail for Three' in the span of 5 hours. I should have brought the Inkheart trilogy and finished Inkdeath once and for all. Holiday = Reading books without interruption for me. 

Lastly, I maybe too late, but Selamat Aidiladha to all. Hope you had a great feast. I sure did, based on the amount of food consumed. 


[re-arrange] said...

oihhh 50??? gile kau. pecah rekod org lain hahahaha :p total damage?

Dils said...

total damage ... tak brape kira plak . RM350 ++ nearing RM400 kut.

Kasapsky said...

mak ai... tapi berbaloi gak dil. hehe. Collecting buku xrugi. Janji puas. Then susun byk2 cam small library. tp aku beli buku sebiji setahun skali... haha tu pun baca xabis....

Dils said...

haha... ni kenkadang beli je.. pk nk baca tapi terbaca sebab balik rumah rase nk tido je . tak larat nk baca.

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