Friday, October 29, 2010

Am not feeling well.

Which is the reason on the lack of posts and tweets. 

I was just remarking on I had just used up only a day of my medical leave. Tak reti aku nak gi jumpa doktor pura2 sakit y'all. Zaman call center dulu adalah, kerna gigih interview sana sini. So kenalah utilize mc. Hehe. 
So tetiba this week, demam and selsema, jenis wants to curl up into a ball and have morbid thoughts if I am gonna die la. So dapat la chalked up another day of MC for this year.

Dah la kucing-kucing tak membantu. Kucing gemok semalam emo pasal ape tah. So die kena kurung kat belakang. Kucing belang duk merayau-rayau and since I opened my window to get fresh air into my phlegm infested chest, she then after who knows what hour, crept in and slept right next to me. Dan bangun pukul 6 sebab lapar. Which is then kucing gemok berlari masuk when I opened the pintu belakang to let kucing belang to eat. So kucing gemok occupied the end spot of the bed from 6 am to 9 am. Gile precise aku nak chronicle cerita pasal kucing-kucing aku. Makes you wonder if I have kids I am gonna be as banal. 

So this weekend, duduk rumah main computer game aje. Am currently obsessed with Chocolatier games. Not as fun as Plants vs Zombies, tapi engaging juga.

And I still haven't watch last week Supernatural. Its been kinda a bit of a blah to me lately. So does Gossip Girl. I am over the whole Chuck and Blair things.

I think my cough is scaring the office. And the flu is highly contagious, my sis house almost the whole house demam and selsema, including the 2 baby boys, walaupon tadek rupa selsema. Berlari2 seperti biasa, except ade hingus meleleh sekali. Maybe my husband turn pulak nanti kena. Did I mentioned he was ever so kind to dash out and buy those Kool Fever at midnight yesterday, because I kept on tossing and turning and complaining how uncomfortable I am because of the fever and flu. Am rarely gushy (muntah darah pls), but your wife really appreciate it. Sebab after he tepek the Kool Fever on my forehead, I went straight to sleep.

Hikhik. Ugh, kenapa masih bukan pukul 6pm. Head hurts whenever I cough. I have to hold my head while coughing which makes I look like some kind of escaped asylum lunatics who kept hearing voices in head, but really are just really sick and delusional.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You can say it is a warmup to Big Bad Wolf sales

Its not the Big Bad Wolf sales yet. Nor is it Penguins. But the price is pretty sweet too. I bought the above books at Ampang Park, since they seems to have some kind of book clearance or warehouse sales in the middle of the lobby.

The above :
  • James Patterson: 7th Heaven - RM10
  • James Patterson: 8th Confession - RM10
  • Phillipa Gregory: The Constant Princess -RM10 (which is nice, because I 'd been looking for this book)
  • Nick Hornby: A Long Way Down - RM10
  • The History of Love by Nicole Krauss- RM10
  • The Wonder Spot by Melissa Banks - RM5
  • Home School by Charles Webb - RM5
  • A Cloistered War by Maisie Duncan - RM3
  • Easy Baking - (some baking recipes and how tos. That is not pictured) - RM12.

Pretty awesome so far I think. The above authors are those I recognized and like their works (excepting for Maisie Duncan, but I always like stories on WW2), there are other books by authors like Garth Nix, Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris, Danielle Steele, John Grisham and a few others. 

There's only a few tables laid out with books stacked on them, but I am pretty happy with my haul so far. And Adek and Sue can still make it. Hehe. Sampai 30th ke or 31st. And they seems to be replenishing books whenever there is an empty spot.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random blabs

Work is making me hyperventilate a bit. Boleh tak boss2 besar di EU sana jangan celebrate kate byk 'pass' dulu. Walaupon it means 'good' for me, tapi kenapa aku rase macam banyak lagiiiii jee mendeee yang tak betulll. ****. (ditapis kerna baru teringat I got some kids reading my blog)

UMNO princess spouting nonsensical things are making my day. I mean, it really couldn't get more lulzy than that. <- However nothing so far can top the whole 'how ketat does the kebaya/skirt for pramugari should be' debate long time ago. Fucken pervs. (ops)

I think I swallowed some tiny splinters from some lousy chopsticks.

I would kill for a sushi. Maybe this weekend ke husband? Or my birthday is a sushi-palooza for me. Gile awal planning, birthday sebulan lagi to the day.

Proses diet bermula. Its not fun I tell you. The urge to eat sinful things is just too bad. 

Proses exercise belom lagi. Gile malas.

Fasha berjaya telah melepaskan diri dari rumah. She's thrilled I tell you. Kurap not so thrilled sebab die gemok and kenot lepas the opening. So early morning she was being all needy and whiny and NOISY, macam tak puas hati why she was left alone and demanded to be scratched til her heart content. 

Udah, udah. Balik keje.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A friend lost

On Friday night, I couldn't sleep. My husband was away and as usual, it took me a while to get myself to close my eyes. So also as usual, before going to sleep, I checked FB. 

I was shocked to then saw the news of my friend passing due to cancer. He was an ex-schoolmate of mine. And he is now gone. It is heartbreaking to lost him so early in life, so suddenly. I'd been thinking if I should write about him. Then, I know I have to. I would loathe it if one day my memory of him would fade. So if it ever did, this blog post would remain.

Many people know him as one of the best young photographer around. If you ever seen his picture, I am sure you would agree. Even to my very amateurish eyes, his work was amazingly beautiful. He could find beauty in front of him and enhance it for us to appreciate. His talent would be sorely missed.

But for many of us, he was a friend. In our batch, he was the youngest. We are the child of 82s. He was a child of 83s. So we always joked around he is the 'adik' in the batch. My memory of him in school is just a simple memory. He was asking me curiously what I always carried around in my bag and he was gobsmacked when I laughingly shown the many, many things in there.

We do not become great friends. But among the many friends in school, he was one of the few who make the effort to keep in touch. For that I am grateful but I also wish I can make the time for the buka puasa last Ramadhan. I wish I had remembered to invite you. I wish I had make more of an effort. But that is all that left now. Empty wishes and regrets.

But for its worth, he was a good friend. Always went out of his way in asking an introverted me, how I am doing. He was a good late night conversationalist when I need to keep awake to watch the computer, and he needs to be awake for his exam.  That is just my story. On how good a friend he is. Other people stories might be as simple and nice or nicer because I know he had touched many lives wherever he had gone. So to lose a person like him, is heartbreaking to many of us.

Taufiq, your friends miss you and we certainly mourn you. I can't even imagine the pain your family and your beloved are facing right now. May God be with them in this hard time. We know you are in a better place and Allah loves you more. 


You'll be remembered in my prayers.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amidst it all

I was reading the reviews on 'I Spit On Your Grave' and horrifyingly despite the reviewers pleas to not fall into the producers expectations; incredibly bad reviews to draw audiences out to see if its as bad as they say, I am a little intrigued. 

Is it as bad as they say it is? Does the film only portray violence and nothing of value can come out of it? I noticed at first that Roger Ebert was disgusted by movies by Tarantino and movies like Kick Ass, where he said the movies just promote senseless violence. While in other reviews I found out that the reviewers are saying movies are depicting senseless violence because it is senseless. Violence nowadays is senseless. 

So what exactly the movie should be? Should it portrayed the reality of senseless violence or bring a moral value or food for thoughts to the viewers to think about violence? Where does the line of portraying and promoting comes in? 

And I am torn either way. I do think the violence and graphic sex need not be shown. Old movies does not showed it, and I think they give wonderful performances and audience know exactly the passion and feelings of the scene without those scenes. 

Long ago, a kiss on the screen was considered as taboo. Cleavage can only be shown just a hint of it. (and in Malay cinemas I think we are going a backwards instead of 'forward', more sexiness was shown then rather than now). Nowadays for an actress to get a first best actress nomination ,they must at least show boobs to show their commitment to their roles (what gives?). Then, full frontal male nudity is not usually shown, but it is slowly getting there. So when I have kids, I will expect a full on sex show during family hours clearly showing vags and poles? ( And True Blood is not a show you want to watch with the whole family eh?)

I may watch my zombies flick and B rated movies about monsters eating humans, however... I have to say I squirmed whenever I watch movie in the like of Saw or Hostel. I hate torture porn. Yes, that's what it called. Torture porn. But I have to wonder too, if the other movies (of zombies and monsters) is the same thing. Fantasy violence is still violence.So where do you draw the line? When you squirmed watching it or when you enjoyed watching it? And why are you (and me) so proud when we say that we enjoyed watching these kinda things?

I mean there's ego, trolling... and there is just plain enjoyment. Like you wouldn't mind doing that to another person. And don't answer egotistically in the comments saying "I can watch Saw while eating and shagging a kitten.". I mean really... if you found yourself enjoying them, aren't you a little afraid of yourself? 

p/s: Nampak gaya long blog post can now only be done during cuti.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been a while

I'd been sometimes updating there but not much, well lately not much here to.

They're gonna increase the parking rates here. Which suckss...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I love Sungai Wang

Cute dresses for less than RM50 for both. Less than RM40 even. Precisely RM31.80. (And I am totally loving the cute black and red dress there with the belt. Yes, the belt came together yet separate )

Not picture is a wifebeater shirt (RM5) for toiling away in the house. And why is it called a wifebeater? I always pictured K-Fed when I saw the word. Which comes to mind in the imagination that he hit Britney. But of course I know he don't. But the over-imaginative imagination is because of the wifebeater shirt he like wearing so much.

Maybe the clothes you wear does give the impression that you beat people up, even if you are just a big pu... erm wuss. 

p/s: I don't wear short dresses outside, but I like to layer them when I do.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

What I do today (kemudian I rambles)

Hari ini saya pergi main violin. Tengok-tengok jari, kuku panjang macam cik ponti. Pegang satu string pon macam pegang 2 string. 

Balik-balik buat brunch dan makan sambil menonton Vampire Diaries. Saya officially declare Vampire Diaries is far superior. True Blood sekarang banyak bergantung dengan 'shock factor'. 

Selepas sesi bermalasan habis, proses membasuh tempat kucing dan dapur bermula. 

Bah. This listing out of daily activities is tedious. Let just say, the place got cleaned ok. 

Also, macam mana tah I FB search an ex, and was surprised to see him there. And WHY am I surprised? Hello Dils! You're not the only one who knows how to get connected ok? (talking to myself in the first person and changing it to a third person and change it to a second person , make me feel like I am somewhat mentally disturbed). 

So if you found out he/she had add your friends as their friends and not added you? When he/she is not even in the same circles as your friends? How'd that make you feel eh? No secret I got a few exes, and I found them at FB and I gathered they must've known I'm in FB too, I wondered if they also took a peek and goes something like Robin in HIMYM ... "Finished with that.." or worse ..."God, she got ugly, glad I'm finished with that."

And why I myself do not want to add them in FB? I don't know. I guess I myself am not incline to add them as friend. I am sure as glad we are not friend now, and I am not going to pretend that I like having them as my friend now, even FB friend. However, there are a few exes that I don't mind to keep in touch with because like I said, its over and done with and there is no hard feelings now between the both of us. Except for some spiteful times that I like to twist the knife so to say, and make some bitchy remark. But honestly, I wish them well. Only I also wish I am MORE well. Kan kan kan? 

But I already rehash the above. Some end well, some not so. I guess the not so, I don't like to be reminded of them. But I hope they wish me well too.

Got to go. Makan,makan,makan.

p/s: I haven't step on the weigh scale ever since Raya. Am afraid too....

p/s 2: My God. My cats are noisy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Random burst blogging on a Friday

I think Effi called it burst blogging? 

I hope, hope, hope, that we don't have to work this weekend. Though the RM350 per day thing is kinda a sweet deal for all the hassle eh. 

Nak bercutiiii laaaa.... silalah dengar jeritan kuuu... (padahal baru je balik dari beraya)

So if my husband jadi pindah Turkmenistan, he said there is familiarization session where the company would pay the expenses of the trip for the spouse to see if the spouse thinks they can move there. I am so going on that familiarization session. Kalau die jadi pindah Turkmenistan la kan. So other that, tadek berita lagi so kenot tanye me any more because I don't know any more. 

Tapi I asked my husband "Turkmenistanye internet ok tak?" . He replied in the negative. My reply towards moving was also in the negative. Throw me anywhere, desert, jungle, but if there is internet, I am happy. 

And also live in a country where if I order books overseas, I wouldn't received my books riddle with holes. 

Yesterday before I went to sleep, I read one of Peejburhan expose mistik blog posts. Went to sleep with the 2 cats curled at my feet. Woke up around 4 am because I felt like there is something bouncing on my bed violently. My first thought was pocong, boleh? I woke up at 4 freaking a.m because I felt something was bouncing around the bed and my first thought is pocong? I then groggily thought to myself that it is ridiculous then took a pillow and libas the pillow at the 2 sparring cats who thought that having a smackdown at 4 a.m on top of their owners is a good idea.

Its Friday y'all! Nak continue debug pulak :(

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