Thursday, November 27, 2008


The only gamba bride amik yek. Tadek masa nak camwhoring. Taken after wedding dah habis, before wiping the make up off.

The wedding went well. I was "gorjes" (quote seri's word). Cewah. Bole tak puji diri sendri. Hahahaha.

Anyway, it all went well, almost. The cake was disaster OK. Hahha. I ordered a 3 tier cake, but the top tier fell down in a splat. I only knew about it after the wedding, though I had my suspicion semasa upacara memotong kek ituh. Tapi time tu, you can't sweat the little thing la kan. Kang muka bride macam Bride of Frakenstein pulak.

Ni gamba kek yang time die tengah disaster. Kesian tul. Rugi taw. But my sis proceeded to repair the kek with bunga. Haih. Rase nanti lenkali balik JB macam nak komplen je kat kedai tu. My mom cakap patutnye bawak gi kedai kek yang jatuh tu, saying that your support thingies doesn't work nak ganti. Huhuhu. Takpeler. Mende dah lepas, my auntie pon sponsor cake. (Mesti my auntie hangin je). See the below for the cakes disaster chronology.

These cake pics are sponsored by my 2 pupu yang manyak menolong masa wedding

Semasa kek masih cun


My sis put on some flowers to cover the cacat cela. But it still looks OK afterwards, and is quite delicious.

Anyway, wanting to say thank you for all who came and also those gives 'berkat' (pressies) to my family and us. We appreciate those especially yang jauh from KL, Nilai dan tang mana2 lagi la that came for our kenduri and shared in our joy on that special day (Macam ayat dalam Hallmark kad pulak.)

Thanks also especially to Sheema kerna menjadi pengapit dengan jayanyer. Hahaha. Also kepada Rani jua.

Yang lain-lain tu thanks banyak2 la kan, for the wonderful pictures, your presence, your well wishes, lambaian2 yang menggelakkan aku (I was not a graceful bride), dan segala pertolongan yang dihulur.

Thanks again. Also sorry if there is any kekurangan semasa majlis. Hope you guys had a nice time.

Okeh. Ucapan terima kasih dah habis. Kena buat kerja dan kira annual leave. Anyway, I like this pic. Credit to Iyayy.


Meh letak my second favorite pic from Iyayy, featuring the bridegroom (kasik previu sikit bridegroom, kesian terlupa). Thanks Iyayy! (walaupon ko tak baca belog aku)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Its my birthday!

But how unbirthdayish I feel!

Ye la, kate the BIG day tomorrow kan. I almost forgot my birthday, and that's a rare occurence. So with henna still damp on my hands, I am writing this today, to remind myself I am 26 today. Man. 25 sounds better aight. But I will like it better when I am 27 I think, as I like that number.

Hahaha. Okay. There's a lot things to do. Hish.

Hmmmm. I do not think I would get my 1001 Nights of Snowfall. :(

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's ahead...


This blogger may or may not be posting in about a week. She is busy trying to be a bride. (kenapa ade trying...)

Posting will resume depending on the internet connection back at home and how hectic it would be. Safe journey to friends heading this way (JB) this Saturday. Hope to see you there! I will be the jittery one wearing a beaded baju kurung trying in vain to make sure her dress would not be torn asunder by her usual blunderness and blurness.

Until the next post, this bride-to-be wishes you a good week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Say what?

On the way back from Shah Alam, I heard "Love is only a Feeling" from Darkness.

I still hate that song.

p/s: Shit. Banyaknyeeer keje aku. Kenapa kalau nak cuti je, mesti keje banyak. Time takde sibuk nk cuti tadek plak. Haih.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The last week of being called Cik

The wild bachelorette night turned out to be a staid event. Ala. Macam we are the type to get wasted and kissed some random guys on the street pon. (That would be cool, but bukan senang nak cari kissable random guys). The main thing was that the girls get together and had slumber late night talking about idiotic but occasionally some serious stuffs. Man. Getting older kinda sucks. Even trying to have fun seems to be such a chore.

This weekend will be the big day. As so many people reminded me.

It felt weird to get married. Life goes on smoothly. The sun will rise and shine. It occasionally rains. Only I would have a man in my life who would be responsible to gimme some lunch money. Hahaha!

Ugh, but selagi coding ni I can't do, selagi tu la I can't seems to focus on the wedding things. Dah malas keje. Nak cuti.

"Semua dah siap ke?"

A question often directed to me these past few weeks. That question make me panic taw. But I gotten decidedly calmer when people asked me that as time comes nearer. Insya Allah, if God willing, hope everything will turn out OK. There are something needs to be settle or tweak if you might, but nothing really dastardly turrible if its not there.

Thank you for the well wishes and congratulations. Another round of thank you will make it round next week. So prelims thank you dahulu.

I will be missing my single life. I like my single life. Kalau boleh nak single jeeeeeee. With the occasional dating. Hehe. Tapi life is not suppose to stay the same. People are suppose to change, evolve but not necessarily improving ... but change none the less.

Hmmmm.... does this mean, I would have even less time to watch my tv series? That kinda blows.

Eh, creative juices not flowing la. Ending this post with tag from Kak Mel.

What if your ex said this to you?

1. are you?

2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?! :
Macam busy la, sorry.

3. I LOVE U :
*blur* *pandang kiri kanan tengok2 kalo tengah cakap dengan orang lain ke*

4. Do u want some cookies? :
Is that Famous Amos? Ok. "Amik several and masuk dalam mulut, kunyah2"

5. Can you take me a picture? :
Malas la. I got shaky hands. It would turn out horrible.

6. Help me in my work? :
Hahahahaha. Kelakar la kau. Hahahaha. Very funny liddat one!

7. Here's my gift to you... :
Hmmmm *peek-peek tengok mahal ke tak* . Time kasih. *balik simpan dalam bilik setor*

8. Let's just be text mates :
Tak paham.

9. Do you want me to buy you an ipod? :
I don't like Ipod.

10. Let's sit together in the bus :
Tak mahu la. I want to put my bags beside me.

12. You're still pretty... :
Terima kasih. *grins and bagitaw fiance bahawa fiancee die sangat jelita*

13. I still LOVE you! :
*blur* *pandang kiri kanan tengok2 kalo tengah cakap dengan orang lain ke*

14. Can I visit your house? :
Macam busy, tapi just tell me early so I can organize some makan-makan session terus.

15. Do you love me? :
*Laughs derisively*. What's the point anyway la weh. Tak yah la tanye lagi.

I'm tagging?
1. Sheems.
2. Dila (macam mana ibu menjawab)
3. Seri As (sile la kuarkan expletives )
4. Some.... ( haaa nak kawin tu... jawab soalan2 cepu emas. )

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asking for rights

Okay. I am a little woozy from gadding around town today... so maybe I am not making sense. So bear with me as I untangle my thoughts.

There are some people that are talking about gay rights. These are the issue that the Americans face nowadays because of the Prop 8 thingies. Those who don't know, google je la ok. Malas nak explain.

Its hard for me to comment on the gay rights thingies and of course in Malaysia the issue is almost non existent. But if we would be asked like generally regarding the gay rights on how we view it, it would be kinda difficult. First of all, I am a person who believe that people should have the right to choose their own happiness and way of living as long as they do not harm others. However, I am also brought up as a Muslim where Islam prohibit same sex relationship.

I wondered if this question if being forwarded to me or you (my Muslim friends), by 2 different people of different faith, would your answer differs? Would you say, gay should have the right of marriage when you are being asked by 'omputih' who's a Christian or atheist. Or would you say, "die orang sume tu akan masuk neraka so tak peduli la ape die orang nak pon kat dunia" when you are asked by a strong practicing Muslim.

Do you 'filter' your answers by the person who asked them? There is no need for me to ask if you would need to ask yourselves the answer you believe in since I believe each of us have our own answers. But are we afraid if our answers would make us look like someone who do not believe in human right to happiness and also at the same time afraid if they would think Islam is not a tolerant religion. Or if we are afraid that people would labeled yourselves as a non believer in the holy commandments dictated by His messengers.

What my thought exactly on gay rights? Aku macam malas nak type since penat la ( Cewah... macam mengelak pulak). But that itself prolly should have a post on its own.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall 08 Shows : My Kinda Thoughts

Enough of wedding prep's post I say. Here is a long post on TVs series! Yeay!

This post is kinda overdue eh?

Usually I would somewhat recap or tell what shows I am gonna watch. But laziness pervades and I got kinda busy and too many people are hogging the computer at home, so it left only the laptop at work where sometimes I am too distracted to click on "New Post".

Anyhoooo... don't you guys think that this Fall 08 show is kinda dull. Last season is like series galore. Then the writers strike kinda put a damper on the whole thing which left some of my favorite shows in a convoluted storyline as the season have to be shortened and not to mention some had been mercilessly axed.

Looking at the list before seasons start, there is one or 2 that is kinda promising but nothing really make me all hype up. Well maybe 90210 because the appearance of Shannen Doherty. Also Dollhouse. But that is reserved for midseason viewing. GILER LAMA.

Thus since I do not have so much time to spare nowadays. I chose to watch these:

1. True Blood

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires 'came out of the coffin' on national television.

Starring Anna Paquin. All it need are the words "vampire" and "Anna Paquin", I will be watching without caring whatever it is the story they throw at me. It is not that bad. Only really graphic. 5 years back, prudish me might think SATC is a really nekkid show. But compare to SATC, this show is like soft core porn flick at times. Not only I thought of that. Some guys tell me the same thing.

Aside from the consistent nekkidness, it is a pretty engaging show. It push the cliffhanger at the end of each episode a bit too hard a bit, but the storyline is kinda interesting. The vampires lore. The serial killer mystery. The twisted way the town people are really like. And Sookie story herself. It come together quite nicely.

2. Fringe

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
A television drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

I only heard about this show after so many people rave on how incredibly marvelous this show would be coming from the creator of Alias. That same people turned out to be disappointed as the show seems to be mediocre.

I am never a fan of Alias. And I don't have any expectations of the show, so I like it. Its not the best of show. It doesn't have the "Omph" factor such as Heroes did in their first few episodes, (but hey... looked how incredibly lame it is now). But I think I like to settle with mediocre and their build up is kinda OK. Also I don't hate Anna Torv as much as other people. I think she is pretty likable and like what she brings to her character. So stop comparing her to Jennifer Garner la weh. Both are very different characters. I would think less of Abrams if he would try to emulate Sidney Bristow character again in another show.

3. 90210

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
A Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High

I have to say that their premiere episode kinda sucks. The girls are ridiculously skeletal (these also include their moms), the boys are just OK excepting for the hot Rob Estes and Shannen Doherty don't look at all fine ( Remembered her in Charmed? She was incredibly hot. Hotter than the overrated Alyssa Milano). I guess I was expecting something edgy and got something totally wholesome that makes my teeth hurts.

However from episode 6 it gets a bit better. The storyline and dialogues are still lame, Jessica Stroup still looks like she weight about the same as my cat, and that Annie girl still makes me feel like I want to strangle her with a scarf. But it did improve a bit. Brownie points for that!

Not my favorite show, but it is one of the show to watch when I want some totally light and fluffy thing to watch when I am distracting myself with some other things.

4. Privileged

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
A Yale-educated journalism major reluctantly becomes a live-in tutor for two spoiled grand-daughters of a Palm Beach cosmetics business magnate.

This show is one my favorite. It is really cute and I guess I love the characters. It's the usual fluffy show, but the main characters are depicted with so much flaws that I like it when I see a character on tv that hit close to home (character wise laaa).

It is a show that is targeted at girls, so guys would rolled their eyes at this. Altogether, its a fun show and I found myself looking forward to it every week. Also Rose is totally cute. I think I am enthralled the whole episode just by watching her eyes. Never had I seen such a big expressive eyes in a real person. Macam dalam anime.

The show however do not have a bright future ahead. The ratings kinda small and there is a very probable chance that it would be canceled.

4. The Ex List

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
A woman explores all of her past relationships after a psychic tells her she's already dated her future husband.

Plot written there is not entirely correct. Its more like a woman met a pyschic who tells her that she only have 1 year left to meet and wed the man (THE ONE) she once had past romantic entanglement with. So she went and explores all of her past relationships.

The Ex List had been axed after just airing 4 episodes. I haven't even manage to watch the first episode yet when I know it had been canceled, but I decided to watch 2 episodes first. Just so my effort on acquiring this is not all in vain.

To tell you the truth, I was not very taken with the idea of this show (macam agak ludicrous), except the earlier critics seem to favor it. Watching 2 episodes so far,its a breezy , casual show. An OK show. But it seems a bit backdated. Like I said, I like a show with a little edge in it or at least very likable/interesting characters. It doesn't have both. Maybe these are the reasons they are axed so quickly?

5. Samurai Girl

Plot summary taken from IMDB.
A teenage girl tries to balance a normal life as the adopted daughter of wealthy parents with the Samurai traditions of her ancestors..

The Plot above is not entirely correct too, but I could not care less to rectify this as I am sure many of you could not care to watch this show.

OK. This is not a new series. It's more like miniseries. But I watch it together2 with all these new series. I have to say... this show macam series or movies spawned by Disney. Too many romanticized Eastern mythology with the predictable Caucasian hero. *Groans*

It's not very engaging, nor good, the dialogue are a bit painful at times. Unless you are 14, I do not think you would enjoy this. But I guess I must have a tender spot for bad show, so I just keep on watching. Or more prolly is that if I start watching a show, no matter how bad it is, I want to know the ending. Sick right? But hey... At least got 3 parts je. Brendan Fehr is still hot, thank you very much. It makes my hour and a half watching this show more bearable.

So itu ajeeer. Tapi let's not forget a whole lot of other previous series I am watching. How do I manage the time to watch it all, I have no idea myself. A lot of series, I only manage to watch 2 or 3 episodes je. But I will catch up. No worries.

The Mentalist is another new series getting rave reviews, tapi sebab aku malas la nak tengok cite depressing (kinda like procedural crime solving thingies. A bit like Psych , minus the wackiness) so I am not acquiring it. If it is on TV which I think it probably will be, maybe I''ll take a peek.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Filler Post

There is another long post. Tapi tak abes edit lagi. Nanti la. Nah... gamba Fasha Sandha untuk ceriakan Tuesday anda.

Courtesy of Big Huge Labs.

Gotten this excellent image 'modificator' from supermummy blog when browsing through her blog. Hehe. Thanks!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blabbety blah blah blah...

OK. Let's get all these preparation off my chest. Sorry if you guys are getting bored, but nak cerita jugak la as this is me blog.

So, there are some things that still left unsettle. I am in panic regarding that. But it seems like I am the only one to be so. Gah! Ugh... there are still cards still need to be sent, baju to be paid and dry clean, things to be ordered and reserved and stuffs to buy. *PANIC MODE ON*

It felt like it is time went by so fast, and I can't wait for this wedding to be over. I do not particularly excited on the wedding. More on the holiday! I want long holiday! Even though the holiday may encompass preparation and crazy dealing with people of all sorts and packing and repacking.

The wedding borang is happily finished. I took a leave and went to JB with fiance to settle it. Its been a crazy running around town that whole day. The last minute saksi signing. Thank god for old classmate and nearby relative. The surat perakuan bujang needed to be obtained from ketua kampung where he is only available after lunch hour.

Also there is an incredibly garang makcik behind the counter at JAIJ yang approve borang permohonan perkahwinan ni and basically make me feel like a a petrified 8 year old kid with snot running down her nose. She basically shouted at me (not just me yee.. everybody in the room also) "Awak tak dengar ke saya marah orang lain ni. Pasal kena fotostat borang. KENAPA AWAK TAK DENGAR AND PEGI FOTOSTAT". GAH! You think I would hear what random people shouted at other people kee... dah la tak cakap dalam borang. Nor anywhere else stated that we need to provide a photostat copy. Hish. Aku pantang kena marah ni, tanpa sebab. Tapi time tu cuak je laa.

Hahaha..... And my borang dihantar just in the nick of time. Dah anta je kat makcik garang tu she said "Dah tutup" dengan kasarnye, but I quickly said "tapi tadi suruh bagi balik lepas dah betulkan balik borang ni" (which is indeed true). Terus die amik borang tu and approve and put it at the tray kakak yang akan interview candidate pengantin plak. Fuh!

Then also suddenly my HIV borang tu tetiba missing. I was baffled. I already triple checked. However, thank goodness that I also submit the salinan HIV borang which also was signed and cop by the nurse at the time. So the staffs there pon nak balik, said this was acceptable enough. Called my mom today, and seems that the imam thing is also settled, thank God too.

You know what? This post is not fun at all. I hate this post. So I am ending it with a picture of me enjoying roti kari while walking to Kotaraya at JB. Sangat best ok. Fresh out of the oven, still piping hot curry buns. Nyum Nyum. (Well, maybe just the pic of the bun)


Eat it while it's hot!


From whence it came, out from the belly of the roaring aging monster...

p/s: Huh.... I don't know what else to P/S about... eh... byknye grammatical and nonsensical errors in this post. I would usually have those, but kali ni mcm over plak. Sorry la yek.. sometimes biler nak cepat my thoughts run faster than my fingers.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh the controversial baju...

The issue is somewhat solved. Well not entirely, but its not as disastrous as I thought it would be.

First of all, thanks all for your concern. Huhu, I am very touched indeed by all your concerns.

Well, I finally got my wedding dress. Baju kurung la more specifically. Bile cakap wedding dress, gowns and frills comes to mind.

Last Friday, I had already hardened my resolve to go and buy a new dress or beg some seamstresses to jahit me a new one. However luck as have it, come early on Saturday morning. The tukang jahit, SMS me apologizing (not profusely enough I think.. hehe) saying that she was very ill and had closed her shop for a while. (Tapi kenapa tak letak notice ek?). I was really relieved that I do not admonish her. (Kang die bakar baju aku sape nak ganti...)

She said that she will ask her husband to give me the dress on Saturday. It do not come. Then on Sunday. It do not come. Then on Monday, it do not come. I am beginning to be jittery and start thinking again on Plan B. Then yesterday, she finally gave me back the dress. Ingatkan nak tegur la, lain kali letak notice ke ape ke kan, but her husband pick an inopportune time to give me back the dress (I was in training at the moment so time tu pikir ambik, bayar, naik opis balik cepat2), so no admonishment came forward. Hurm.

(tapi I am like that, kenkadang time tu je marah lebih then I totally forgot)

Well, so I got back the dress after all eh. The dress itself was OK. The beads was nice enough, however the baju is a bit besar (SAYA SUDAH SLIM! Cewah!). Her husband did mention just call her back if any alteration or nak add beads lg kan. Tapi macam tak berani plak. Takut nanti tah bile lagi plak akan dapat the baju nanti.

So I brought it to one of the seamstress that I also upah to jahit the other wedding dress, since she seems to do quite an excellent job on that other dress.

Kiranye dah ada la solution. All ends well I guess, as soon as I got my dress and probably brought it to dry clean a bit as ade lg kesan2 chalk kat baju. Ugh.

p/s: Obama dah jadi President. None of our concern eh?

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