Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bored Now

How many post had I ever started with bored or boring. Countless. Dila... how unoriginal can you be.

Yada. Yada. I am never that creative. So don't really care right. Right.

Totally bored kelmarin while sitting eating alone, I was people watching the entire scene with interest. Not that there is any anything interesting happening. Nope. No couple fighting. No cute kids frolicking around. No cute girls guys to watch. Just a bunch of bored people trying to let off steam after work.

Then I remembered a picture moment collection by some photographer posted on MSN website. . The photographs shown a number of couple...supposedly bored. What the photographer caption is something like... "how the spark had gone out from their eyes... " something like that.

Mostly they show the middle age and elderly couple. Obviously sitting and not acknowledging one another. One of them shows couple who are too distracted with their children to notice their own spouse. As such as the picture depicts.

If then.. lead me to even more thinking. Not profound deep theological thoughts. Would this people actually like it that they are captioned or labeled as such. So you had one bad day and just don't feel like talking instead just sitting with each other. What right does a person to label you as such boring couple. Maybe they in other night when they are not staring through each other, they had activity such as salsa or even.. pole dancing.

Do they even agree to this picture? I mean.. its not like this guy are just gonna publish his photo at the Fotopages or Flickr to show off his prowess in taking pics. He was publishing it on MSNBC where it was featured prominently to other bored people around the planet. Their friends might look into these pictures and think.. "Yes, they do indeed look unhappy.. I mean just the other night the wife kinda smiled faintly when her husband burped at the table.. ".

Does the photographer goes like.. " Hi guys, I had just taken your pictures. So I am thinking that it would turn out really great, the lighting was spectacular. I was gonna feature this in a webpage. No biggies. Just some random MSN page. By the way, just a minor detail.. my pictures gonna be titled something like boring.. couple.. or something like that. "

Okay.. I am totally rambling. In my world news, my niece was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of pneumonia. She's okay. Just moody that she got admitted. Her mom informed her that she is gonna be going to a hotel.. and the hospital lobby is very nice and all so she got really excited. She realized that it is all just a ruse when they ask her to lie down for them to take x-ray. She was traumatic from her last hospital experience when she was admitted in some French hospital when she was in Vietnam. Can't blame a girl for the paranoia. I would be freak if I don't understand what the hell does the doctors and nurses are talking about when hovering around me.

I got the bit of the pneumonia blast. So I am quietly sitting at home tonight with a headache to cure and a sore throat to recover to. My voice had also changed drastically to something scary. So its really boring to talk to people at this moment. Some people might think I was a man who had not yet changed completely.

Well, I'm penning or typing off. Have a great weekend. Or what's left of it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday ke...

Yes.. I am turning 24 today. Or had been as in 3.19 am today . Gah. Its such a big number. I want to be 21... again. And again.

I am trying to be positive today. Trying is the operative word here. Someone remarked that I gotten a tad bit gloomy lately. (Okay.. okay.. more like very gloomy and Okay... Okay... more than one person remarked I am a gloomy person). So as a birthday treat.. I will try to be cheerful today.

Yes. Even if it means waking up at 3 am in the morning to prepare to go to work at 4 am. Even when speeding up the highway was startled by a horrible accident scene where you can see the driver is pinned down by his car and almost rammed into the scene of the car crash itself. .

So do not want to think of accident. Birthday , remember. My birthday this year should be filled with happy thoughts. Granted not many remember my birthday ( I am not saying this to remind those who don't remember).. just that.. I don't really blame them for not remembering. I am myself are bad at remembering birthday. Have to say am impressed at Nia (my lovely chat sis ) who always always remember my birthday without failed. Even though we had never met. Hey girl.. I am so dying to meet you taw.

Also quite giddily awaiting any offers that they might give to a shopaholic birthday gal. I already got 30% discount from PADINI which I gave generously to my sister. I know this would benefit us all since we are always borrowing each other clothes. I got those freebies from OGAWA, massage beanie thingies. Free ticket from GSC. The usual 50% bonus of reloading my DiGi. Why.... I love my birthday.

My birthday treat to myself. I am buying myself a ticket to watch Phantom of the Opera. Not quite a good seat.. but ok enough. Should be.. I am already abstaining from shopping until my trip to Singapore bulan 4 nanti. I know by April 2007, it wouldn't feel like birthday treat anymore. But whatever. I feel like jumping up and down thinking about watching Phantom of the Opera. I had been hankering to watch that since I was 12. That should be the best birthday gift ever for myself.. yet. And to think us girls (Gon, Shim-Shim, Serias) are planning to go to Singapore together. Wow.. due to my very persistent persuasion they agree. Great time ahead!

Okay. Must refrain self from being too happy too early on the day. You know what they say... well.. I don't know what they say. Something like you will get bad news or be sad later on.

But its my birthday.. its a reason for me myself to feel joyous for whatever reason birthday might give joy for. I don't know. Why do people celebrate the day they turn exactly a year older? Probably as someone said to me in one of the birthday wishes, I had reached a year milestone in life, I guess.

And you know what? 1 other thing I got to feel joyful about ... At least this year birthday I wouldn't have to listen to inane birthday song sang to me with guitar accompaniment, sentimentally wishing me happy birthday sent to me in Bubble Talk (kinda like free voice mail). If somehow I got it again, I will probably puke myself until I'm unconcious. (Yes.. I am an ungrateful girl)

Well, Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unchangeable but different

I went back to my hometown last weekend for one of my good friend wedding. Since the wedding reception is on Sunday and I need to work on Monday, I only spent a considerable amount of time on Saturday during the majlis akad nikah.

Glad that I went to the majlis akad nikah tho. It was more calmer and not many people popping in and out of the bride room. So we got some time to catch up with each other news. Looking around at my old gang of the school, I smiled inwardly. I can just remember each and every one of them with the old school uniform. In class. Talking. Doing homework. Now one of us are getting married. Its so surreal.

One of my friends even bring up the silly things we did at high school. On how we were fighting who will get married first. Yes.. now we know it would not be determined by your birth month. And the list of boyfriends (and those are such keepers...) and crushes that we had. Haha. And the things I did and say to the teacher that was pissing me off. We were such a jolly group at school. It seems just like yesterday that we were sitting together at the canteen eating nasik lemak or ayam goreng and sambal (Is it just me. . but does canteen food at school are just yummy and far surpassing some other high class restaurant. Man, I would kill to get that ayam goreng sambal now.)

My friend Sarah house is teeming with guests coming in for her marriage ceremony. My other friend Yam finger is now sparkling with her new engagement ring. Others are busily preparing for work related activities. But looking on, Dz still retain her good natured personality. Yam still very sensible, helpful, know exactly what to do attitude and yet still always manja-manjaing with her friends. And Farah still have her biting tongue. I said to them that some of us are exactly the same as when we left them 10 years ago. Manners, clothing, personality.

Yam replied, "Tapi kau pon macam dulu jugak. Tak berubah". I paused and smiled.

Sigh. Well... changed or not, it feel just like old time and I wonder that I no longer can keep up with them since the distance make it quite impossible for us to always keep in touch. Gossip just don't sound the same over sms yeah.

The wedding itself? The majlis akad nikah.. is pretty much as any other. Got roti jala tho. I didn't eat much. Too full eating nasi ambang for lunch. Also the pak kadi or tok imam as he called himself is a bit weird. My friends and I were trying to refrain from laughing out loud at his speeches. All very seemly... but just too chock-full of Pak Lah and politics. We were looking at each other and wondering if the Tok Imam had came to the wrong ceremony instead. The bride? Sarah was always the one with the beautiful clothes. So of course la she looks very pwitty in her wedding dress. No need to ask. After the ceremony the water tap were flowing freely on our part. Except for me and Dz. Both of us were never that emotional on this sorta things. We just raised our eyebrows humorously and 'usik' others whose eyes are red.

And its also the first time I met Sarah husband. He looked so young, but he is a year older than us. With his baju melayu and samping, he look like those boys we saw coming back from sekolah agama. But he seems nice and friendly enough which was a huge *cough* improvement *cough* *cough* than *cough again* 'others'.

Well.. that's one down and several to go. Its just gonna be strange. We were tasting the sound of Pn Sarah on our tongue. It sounded weird. So grown-uppish.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sarah. We got one house to frequent for next raya.

p/s: Phantom of the Opera are coming to Singapore. Man... I am so pysch to watch that. Kengkawan...sila kompem bebtul ye. Weh... sape nak join tengok skali?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another trip down memory lane with...

Yes, yes I will update. I know I got increasingly lazy. But its due to my schedule really. Still not very happy, taqi :P I woke up at 4 am now to get to work to 5am. So all days things just seems very blurry and very yawny. I am so not a morning person. But its kinda nice to get back at home early and I got to watch some Buffy action alone. (I am a HUGE Buffy fan, so don't keep on asking if I am still watching it..Because, yes I am still..)

Anyway few days back.. or last week, I suddenly had a dream about one guy. No one special. He used to my classmate when I was in school at Johor. We had been classmates for several years, but both of us rarely talk. He was the strong silent type. So its also one of the reason I rarely talk to him. Not to mention he was sitting at the opposite end of the class.

I got a little crush on him I think at the time. Not the real school girl crush where at few months or weeks time, you kinda pine on him or get excited and jump up and down telling your friends whenever he talk to you. Nah.. not that kinda crush. Its even lesser than the crush I have on my previous colleague. I just kinda wonders about him from time to time. And kinda like it when he talk to me.

Well... so its just about usual that I had forgetten about him when entering university. There's a lot of guys out there, damn it! It came as a surprise several years before, in your typical cold Tronoh night I received a sms from him. Don't expect me to remember the exact content of the sms. But I replied..(of course, duh..) and several weeks later we are in constant contact with each other via the wondrous technology we called the mobile phone.

During that time, he told me that he got a major crush on me when I was in school. My oh my, am I ever so flattered *flutter eyelashes in American Southern belle sorta way*. I even found out from my friends his ex girlfriend at his college uncannily look like me. And they say imitation is the best flattery.. We flirted a bit. Oh of course we do. Remember the itty tiny lil crush But its all very innocent via sms and phone call.

Few months down the line, the phone call lessened and as does the sms. He did asked me out in several time, however the time are inappropriate or not suitable. We keep in contact only a few time since that time.

So last week, with him suddenly popping up in my head. I pick up the phone and type down a few words. Click on Send. Several sms later, with my headphone clammed down my ears, I put down the phone on my desk with a smile.

Now I remember why the phone calls and sms lessened. He is a self-important jerk.

Friday, November 03, 2006

How was your Hari Raya?

That's the basic questions you got the first week you got back from Raya hols.

My Hari Raya was fine but boring. Things are quiet since all my sisters are now married and my youngest bro think it would be fine to raya-ing alone at Sabah (he was mistaken since he kept on whining to call us there is no food. Hah.. Padan Muka. Nak sangat rase Raya sensorang) . So it was only my Mother, me and my other brother. My brother also agreed to work for 1st to 3rd Raya. Things are even more quiet.

First Raya was spent with looking after my grandmother. She is wheelchair bound and there is nobody at the house she is staying. I spent the day lolling in idleness, eating kueh raya while reading a story book. Yeah.. how's that for a jolly raya.

Raya 2nd and onwards was more... bising with the arrival of the usual sdara mara and my sisters and their hubbies.

Food this year is not as abundant as last year. But I manage to put on weight even though that usually don't happen before these for Hari Raya ::scowl:: Bah..

I also manage to finish the Buffy CDs I brought back to JB. Reread again several books that I love. Repolish back skills on the organ. Going to the zoo (weird? No... great ways to get rid of pesky children) . Catch up with old friends (only few) and family gossips. I think the only reason I enjoy family gathering is the family juicy history and gossips. Its even better than drama swasta!

Also got the unpleasant realization all of the people in my family (distant or close) are getting thinner while I am consider the fattest. Am so wanting to join my brother raya-ing at Sabah at that moment. And not to forget, the incredibly boring questions shot down to me by sedara2: "WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?". Man. If I would be married, then they would ask.. when would you have a child. If I already have a child, they would ask when the 2nd one would be coming. It is never going to end! I think my sisters smile was a bit tight whenever they answers the above questions (exception of getting married.. that is only for moi only. And my smile is just as tight).

*solemnly swearing to self* will not ask these questions to poor nieces and sdara mara when I will be a matronly kindly stoutish woman.

The aftermath of Raya... I am now officially sick. Gah. Flu and fever.

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