Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yeah.. I always have problem coming up with witty blog title. So let's get on with this week post eh.. which is .. zilch. Nothing I can come up with. What to do.. so its time for some ramblings.. yeay!

Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz (our tokoh agama as what Utusan hailed him as) had recently made a suggestion on women wearing chastity belts. Huh. Issues on what women should be wearing which had been debated; I should say over centuries in our distinguished Dewan by our fellow educated men of our country calling themselves politician, is really getting quite tiring really. And this chastity belts business is ludicrous. He is now saying his statement is a joke. Probably.. then he should polish and prepare on his speech more before making a public statement as that. Chastity belt should never be taken into consideration despite what argument you want to throw in.

RTM wanting to ban fast food advertisement on TV now. No fears.. I guess. If all TVs station wanting to take up this approach, I am sure their market will then goes to Cinema next. Cinema is where all banned advertisement are. But TVs station depends heavily on advertisement to pay off their staffs. You gotta admit, you will sell McDs without guilt to school kids if it will make you a millionaire.

Britney had now checked herself again into rehab for the 3rd time. Thiihee. The rehab is like a resort where the room with beach view, masseuse and delicious food. I don't call that rehab. I call it vacation time. So yeah.. maybe you spend like 2 hours talking on how your mom, dad, uncles abuse you and the world is out to get you. But the rest suntanning, getting massage, beaching.. Nope. Rehab sound even better than vacation. In vacation you are expected to be happy and plastered a smile even though you feel like crap. Rehab is nicer where you can be bitchy to everybody and everybody accept it as part of the healing process and you get all this vacation resort activities going on as well. I say kewlness and wonders why they don't prolong it to a year instead of just a month..

Shonda Rimes is on the work to create a spin off from Greys Anatomy starring Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs. I heart Kate Walsh. I have my doubts on Taye Diggs since everything he starred in seems to crash and burn. Wonder on how they would make it work.. Does it involve Kate Walsh going back to New York and heading the gynae department? Taye Diggs is the man feeling sore since he should be getting it but have to have woman and newcomer? Will it involved Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs getting all lovey dovey.. (somehow.. it doesn't seems to look chemistry aplomb). Will they bring existing casts into that show; Eric Dane (Ooohh lets lets..), Isaiah Washington..( hermmm.. he's good on the show, but they seems to be much animosity from other cast towards him regarding the 'f' word). Another new series to download watch! If it makes it through the pilot.

Hurmph. On other non related to any other thing news. My head hurts. Gahh. So I am gonna end this pointless entry much... whee~~ its the weekends people!! Time to party. Be jolly. And those going to Muse concert.. no thanks. I don't want to hear the aftermath of the sound fest. Sobs. Have fun~ I will spend mine contemplating ways on world domination. After I finish spreading seeds of destruction around the world... which will end around 8.30pm tonight.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


So.. after so many years I, finally watch the greatly raved about French film.

A story regarding a lil waitress name Amelie.


As per usual laziness invaded.. so I couldn't be bothered to give my version of the film summary. Cilok from IMDB,

Amélie is a shy waitress in a Montmartre café. After returning a long-lost childhood treasure to a former occupant of her apartment, and seeing the effect it has on him, she decides to set out on a mission to make others happy and in the meantime pursues a quirky guy who collects discarded photo booth pictures.

During the first half an hour I was yawning away.. but it quickly turn to delight when she started to interfere with others life. I especially like it when she wants to return the bag of photo album to whoever that guy is. (Nino is it?) . How very exasperating for him to follow all those clues and saw the girl he was dying to meet is at the place he just left. Thehehe..

Audrey Toutou is such an expressive actress. I never realized she is that good an actress. In the much hyped Da Vinci Code, where her talent is just wasted there.

It is a sweet film and kinda hit a poignant note with me towards the end. Thinking back, I now realized why so many people like the movie. The movie is about dreamers.. the dreamers who when tired, like to live in a multicolored world where everything is beautiful, colorful, vibrant and happy. I mean only dreamers can really fall in love with a guy who goes on all four collecting discarded photos and work in a porno goodies shop. No, make it fictional dreamers. I, the self proclaimed dreamer, would not dream of dating a guy working in a porno shop.

And of course.. the soundtrack. Ohhh.. the music in this film.. is magnifique. Its simply beautiful.. It reminds me of circus, music box, fair, the gilded horses on merry go round. This is a movie where it depends very much on its music to get the audience to understand the mood. And it does such a great job on it... I just have to say again.. I simply, simply love all the music.

Maybe I will try A Very Long Engagement next..

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The way to a girl heart is through her stomach

Happy post V-day. Hahaha.. Ugh.

Nothing exceptional happened today. Except due to my boredom, I decide to put the disc of Season 1 House in my computer and watched unwatch episodes or the forgettable episodes. Then went to work with bloody shadow underneath eyes.

Uhh.. So I casually surf through blog I knew or interested are reading and find out that there are so many anti valentine out there. Hurmph... then I wonder why does so many girls coming out of the office with bouquet of flowers yesterday if so many moan and bitches about the day.

Me.. I am a neutral. Got nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Hah. Actually I did gain something. Thehehe..I got a book on the newest book from Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic & Baby. Haaa.. take that you girls with dozens of roses you.. Nothing I say beat a book. A good book (Ok..its a frivolous book, but a oh so yummy light hearted book that are like a small slice of those fluffy creamy cake). A book of this blogger preference. Thehehe. Oooohh.. thank you.

Maybe I should start a wishlist.. you know it seems like to be a trend nowadays. People putting up wishlist when nearing Christmas or birthday as so people would know what to get her/him. It does seems tempting, if you really do not want to get stuck with another picture frame. But kinda like.. well.. not as sweet as people who would notice what your preference are or hear and remembered when you lament that you wish you can get that. Its moment like that that makes the present oh so great.

With Valentine on everybody mind, there's also article everywhere on the Net and the newspaper on how to have a great date, what make a great flower and what makes a great present..etc etc. I kinda like skimming through this, since this does make a good tip. Not for Valentine... but basically what you can implement in everyday life la kan. Like.. asking people opinion or the girl friends opinion on which restaurant you need to go to on a date. Restaurant is not something to be trifle with on a first date or second or third date. Very important..especially to girls who love food. Not all girls like celery and carrot stick. Don't have to be necessarily fancy or expensive, but just make sure its what she would have in mind and dressed for.

Many girls would strangle a guy if they happen to wear an old frumpy looking shirt and the guy suddenly appears to whisk them out not giving chance to change to a really fancy restaurant where everybody dress to the 9. And of course if she is dress to the 9, you can't possibly bring her to the dilapidated shack of gerai mamak next to smelly big ol drain eh?

I used to date this guy who once ignored my plea when I said I was ravenously hungry. He brought me instead to this gerai that sells only roti canai and roti prata.. that sorta thing! Sob! The torture my stomach endure~ When I got back (which is on 2 am), I almost tearfully dig through my friend's fridge for any leftover nasi and sambal... My friend was beside herself..spluttering quite angrily. She knows how much I ate. (hahaha) He was branded by all my friends as the guy who only bought me 'capati' for our full day date and was looked upon disfavourably afterwards. See see.. how important food plays in a date.

Almost 5.30 am. 3 hours more to get home and fall facedown onto bed...

Friday, February 09, 2007


Its time again to blog! I suddenly am arrested with all these free time at work. Hahaha. Actually... there's not much to do unless some servers somewhere in America decided to throw a hissy fit to torment the life out of us.

Okay. Let's story ok. What to say.. what to say. Ah yes. In regards to Dueng earlier comment regarding dating random guys to take your mind off the pain and hopefully find joy in flirting.

Sigh. Well.. the thing is.. as I had said earlier long ago in some post , I don't find such joy in it now especially after starting working. Its nice dating when in UTP when guys are in abundance and you know exactly where your type are at the campus. Of course those MiRC UTP network things helped considerably.

When you are plonked to the real world, where guys are REALLY expected to pay for their date (and no excuses on scholar tak masuk lagi ok..), it seems like to my eyes, the male species had somehow are in the brink of extinction.

Tell me exactly where the guys are? Office? I don't fancy office romance and seeing the same face for 12 hours 15 days a month surely just bring me icky feeling if anyone started to flirt. Macam flirt with your closest cousin. Thats how icky it felt. Gym? Those hunky guys are only interested in seeing how their biceps grow. Also Leotard and Leggings don't exactly bring me out in the best light. Anywhere else which is not awkward???

Which we would then focus our attention to any random guys we see scattered across KL or JB. I remembered there was this short warty bald guy smiling at me (dress like a guy who's preparing to enter a dangdut club) and inching towards me closer when I was hearing some jazz performance at a shopping complex. Horrified and terrified, I fled to a safe corner somewhere on earth when he began to open his mouth to speak to me. Ahh.. not to mention the lovely phone number slipped by children aged 10 or 8 or 6 saying " Abang tu suh saye kasik kat akak. Abang tu haa, yang kaver muka dengan kertas tu.". Yeah, that guy who look like a stick figure poster type for mat rempit.

Sigh again. I don't exactly attracted attention of the confident tall, dark and handsome type of lad.

And let's not forget the winner of all weird come-on encounter that I had, (weird, I think I had already told on the most freakiest and desperate).

Happened a year ago kut.. tak ingat sangat la the timing. But it was during the fasting month. I was due to go back to JB that day and take a half day off work. So before heading toward the bus stop, I went window shopping in KLCC since I saw that there is aplenty of time to burn. Who knows if I would be lucky enough to get a great bargain for Hari Raya Shopping aight?

Few steps toward Vincci, I was stopped by a guy looking like here just stepped from an Ali Setan costume party.

(Most conversation would be translated to English.. real conversation was in mix Malay and English)

"Hai.. sorry la ye. But I want to ask you something". I stopped dead in my track and glanced at his 80s hairdo and horrible print shirt, several buttons were un-did to create that glamorous John Travolta look, which only were sensational when he was in his 20s and girls have Farah Fawcett hair.

I nodded slightly and he continued.

" May I know if you are the sister of (random dude name I obviously don't care to hear since I don't have an elder brother)?. Your name is (whatever name la kan he concocted) kan?"

I replied while smiling "Erm no. I don't have an elder brother. You've got the wrong person. Sorry ,"
Okay. I was being polite and answering nicely and smiled and hoped he would get out my sight. That's not to be..

"Oh ok. Its just that you look just like her," Trying not to roll my eyes in hearing those overly familiar words on how I look like someone friends/sister/cousin/teacher/ex gf/fiancee, I smiled again, albeit tightly. Probably he thinks its his cue to continue.

" I was wanting to get to know her you know.. I had went to his home several time and noticed his sister. Her brother and I were in good friends but we somehow lost contact with each other...." He droned on and on.

" I also asked you regarding him since I need to contact him soon, regarding some... (he drones again.......), you see I am a pilot trainee with MAS and we have a function here at KLCC tonight... (why is he telling me this.... and why I am being so polite to hear this crap out..)... so I would really like to meet with him.,"

Huh. Didn't he heard me earlier saying I am not that dude sister.

" I am sorry, but I don't know him," I said again and walked a few steps toward the escalator. My mood for Vincci had obviously been killed.

He catches up and said,

" Yes. Sorry. But you see.. I err.. Can I get to know you then and be your friend? " . I was momentarily struck dumb at the moment at this unwelcome question, and racking my brain to see a way out in a nicest possible way.

Which then I realized that he is now standing beside me.. prattling about ..whatever... (this guy surely can talk), obviously wanting to follow me around.

He then offered, " It would be nice if you could accompany me in KLCC today since seeing I am with no one and you are with no one, so we can get to know each other...". Arghh. This is not happening. I refused weakly, but he continue to persuade us to be all nice, friendly together-together walking around KLCC and showed him around as if he had known me for years.

I then wildly come up with an idea.. saying, "Sorry. I don't think so I have the energy to show you around KLCC. I just want to grab a couple of things before catching my bus to go back to my hometown. ," I began to walk away.

The guy can really think fast and quickly he is by my side again., " Then don't worry. I can just accompany you to the shops and then I will accompany you to your bus too," What? Can't he see that blatant hint I gave him about us not spending time together.

I refused again and I can see him looking wildly around and seeing Dome, he then asked,

" Erm.. what about if we sit there and we can have a conversation, you know getting to know each other,"

I slowly said, "Well... I don't think so Dome would allow us to just sit there and talked. Usually people would need to do order at least a drink,"

He looked confused for a moment and said.."But.. surely they would not mind if we just sat there to talk. I meant its not like we are doing anything wrong and it is located outside facing the park."

Sighed. This is like explaining ABC. " I am not sure if they would chased out people. However, if people just sat there to talk and not ordering anything, surely they would not be pleased in renting out those space outside. So I don't think so we can just sit there,"

Flustered for a moment, he tried on another reason seeing I am about to walk away, " Wait.. erm.. well then we can come in and then I'll buy something like burger or sandwich to go. You can then eat it as berbuka puasa nanti . Don't worry, I'll pay," Argh... why arr. I hate it when guys said "I'll pay". What? Is it such a big deal that you pay haa.

I take a deep breath. This called for some blunt truth.

"I am sorry. But the thing is, I don't feel the need of a company. And what I really want at this time is some alone time since I quite enjoyed walking around alone.". There! Its not so hard to be blunt.Ape la Dila kan..

He looked crestfallen for a moment. Then he apologized profusely and says something like..

" I understand that you must had feel not comfortable. In order for me to show you that I do not meant any harm, you will just stay here and you should be able to see me goes away. I swear that you would not bumped into me during your time in KLCC today. I would stay away from you..."

What can I say to that? "........."

So down he went the escalator and I was rooted to the spot thinking on the idiocy of this situation.

Now... eh.. tadek konklusi. So what do we learn from the above? Either remotely normal guys are not attracted to me or I am a freak magnet. And meeting other new guys (not touching on the subject of dating lagi pon), is a pain.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A bookworm who is a shopaholic

Yawn. My 4 day holiday was interrupted with a request for OT which I did.. Nothing biggie there. A bit tired though. I am constantly rase mengantuk. Hurmph.

Sorry.. a bit distracted now. I am currently hearing Greys Anatomy podcast. Haha. I kinda like reading the writers blog and the podcast. Many people are interested on why does this character do this. So a glimpse into the writers mind, its really cool and I am one of those Grey's fan who just can't get enough. Oooohhh... I heard the next episode is gonna be big! (Must not read spoiler... must not read spoiler/ episode review before watching the show)

Went to KLCC ..just for fun? Heh. Yeah.. Shopping and ooohh.. also to eat at Yoshinoya. But I didn't buy the shoes.. or did my hair. Argh.. why why.. I don't know. Had a wonderful idea of just window shopping which of course.. turn to shopping when I went to Kinokuniya.

My first stop is always at the junior reader. Heh. I collect those L.M Montgomery books. So I am always in a lookout if they had stock a new one. And they did! The price tag had been ripped off though, so I spent considerable amount of time at the counter before the cashier are able to locate the price.

So... I thought.. Why end my journey now? Might as well goes to my favorite sections which featured all those new books. Then I saw it... Sophie Kinsella spanking brand new release book. Shopaholic and Baby. OMG. I really got to have that. Turn the book around and saw : RM69.90. You gotta be kidding me.

I was in a really dilemma... I only spent a fortune for Harry Potter books (which is because I do not like people spoiling the story for me). I usually hesitate to spend more than Rm40 for any books, always preferring to purchase 2nd hand book. Even with the discount 20% (the LM Montgomery book entitled me to get the discount) , it still cost more than RM50. I even called several people and walk up and down the aisle, to slow my beating heart and think clearly. Hahah.

But then my eyes caught on another title of a book which I had been looking for which are Catherine Alliott, The Old Girl Network. Which have 20% offer and its price are much much cheaper than the usual batch of book in Kinokuniya. So I grabbed the book and paid. Hah!

See, I can huff and puff and torture myself on one thing. Then I can quickly make up my mind and take that other options instead. Hehe.. I guess I just have to wait until they release a smaller version of the Shopaholic and Baby as so I can purchase the book with a reasonable price.

So I am a proud owner of 2 books and my tower of books are currently trembling due to its ever increasing height. I am seriously in need of a bookcase or.. I need to sell my other boring never want to see again books to some places.

p/s: I found that I preferred UK authors compared to US authors. UK authors.. are more fun. My sister agreed and said that they paint the pictures as close to reality as possible.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sign up for this

Before this.. in my mind, I had write and rewrote again and again on what I want to say. How hurt I had been for the past few years. How dissapointment is only what I felt (okay.. that is not totally his fault). How foolish I had acted. What an idiot I had been. How all these are oblivious to... whomever.

But really la.. I just couldn't pour my heart out here again. But ooopss.. I think I just did. Haha. Whatevs. My bloggie.

Thinking hard about this while feeling like a moron, I just.. well to be honest, I can't do this anymore. So I am just gonna write crap. Bear with me, or you can just skip this and click on all those nice links I posted on the left.

Like Bridget Jones who manage to give up Daniel due to her ever supportive slightly mad friends (and of course Mark Darcy.. but he doesnt count.. I am not gonna include him), you know what.. those who are feeling like shit because they are in/out of love should have somewhat like that.Kinda like Alcoholic Anonymous, but more like Men Basher? Love Sucks Anonymous? Not everyone have supportive friends. (Ok.. my friends are supportive.. but everyone.. come, agree. You can't tell everything to your friends.)So those who have supportive friends or chose not to divulge their problems, should have something and have a solid support system.

Okay. Its not much of logo. Do I look like someone who gives a crap and will pore over this lovingly?

We should have Rules... for ourselves

The Rules

Rule no. 1. Thou shalt not call him... sms/leave voicemail. (Missed call also kira ok)

Rule no. 2. If thou feel like thou should, hurl phone (for the rich) or hide phone away. Run/dance/spring clean room for 2 hours. Then take phone again.

Rule no. 3. If thou are very much so tempted to call or sms him. Tape a sticky note ala Bridget Jones " Do not call (put jerk name down). If you do, you are a MORON"

Rule no. 4. No sappy movies. Ever. For 3 years minimum.

Rule no. 5. Thou shalt have fun and go out with friends.

Rule no. 6. Thou shant go out on dates. They tend to end horribly and thou felt by the end of the day of going back to that person. For minimum.... rest of your life? Kidding.

We should have support system...

Pillar of Support

1. Mantra like: " I am a beautiful successful businesswoman" Ops. Wrong motivation. "Aloof. Unavailable. Ice Queen". "Aloof. Unavailable. Ice Queen". Chant this until you feel like you're lonely, lonely person that even your pet don't love you.

2. Chatroom/group meeting strictly for bashing. People tend to want to pour out their own problems and not hear others problems. Another set of rules. 1 meeting/1 night or 1 hour, 1 bashing allowed. Other support. Your turn will come.

3. No self destructive behavior is allowed. So group activities need to turn to other things. Constructive things like physical exercises. Preferably kickboxing or archery where your ex photo or portrait can be pinned in the middle to be abuse at.

4. Those who manage to be in love must pulled out of group quickly as so not to bring more devastation to other group members when you came to your meeting with eyes aglow, head in clouds telling all of your wonderful dates. This is also for safety reason since insane group members may pelt you with eggs.

5. Progression should be noted. As what many drug, gambling, and alcohol abusers have this thing. "I had been sober for 3 days". (you know what.. I kinda like sober.. its the thing.. its sobering. Not love. Sensible. No foolishness).
"I had not called (put whose name or any profanities you wish) for 10 days." From call, we would proceed to IM, then we would proceed to thoughts.

Its a highly complex system ok.. this need more thinking out. Hurmph.

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