Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morning thoughts

I guess many knows about the commotions regarding the plan to build a mosque, nay! A prayer hall (surau) near the Ground Zero. I am not gonna comment on that. The comments and thoughts on blog Effi is enough to satisfy you (and I like that many commenters there are nice enough to not be an Internet asshole and agree to disagree).

What I am thinking of the many comments saying religion is the cause of war. 

Is it? 

I am always on the thought that economy (power and money) is the main reason. Religion, is just an excuse they are throwing to rile the pious commoners up to fight the war that they are waging while the perpetrator who thought of war sat nicely on their plump cushion looking at maps while trying not to yawn and the commoners are the one with the blood on their hands . The Crusades? Yes it is waged by the Church and the kings in Europe. Yes, it is about conquering of Jerusalem. But all I see is a control on a much revered holy site where if won brings them control on economy from pilgrims. Control on economy = Money =  Power. T\

But hey, I am just deducting from what I know and it kinda irked me that people dismisses religion as bothersome and cited this is the reason why there are wars in the world. I am sure there are a few misguided leaders citing religion as the cause and start a war. However from what I learned enough of the past wars it is an act of control over power and economy. They only needed a reason to conjure up to give these men at arms reason to kill each other. 

So the fault of fighting for religion instead fall on the commoners?

I remembered the documentary regarding Pol Pot,  where the leader of a secret police division were interviewed and(kinda like Gestapo) is now living in seclusion. What he said, touched me. I can't find the interview but from what I can remember it goes in the line of. "Pol Pot maybe the leader. But many people here (who reported supposed traitors and caused many innocent people to be shot and hang) never even knew who Pol Pot is or what is their agenda. Yet we killed each other anyway. We are to blame too"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some blahs

At the usual place here:

Last week ade, tapi aku malas gile nak post sini. Bulan puasa ni pikir nak balik je... Hehehe. Balik makan, nom nom nom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bla bla bla

I got the most undesirable itch to shop.

Its like once I had unleash the will to shop, I could not contain it. It had consumed me.I was doing considerably well before. Never really caring to shop but nowadays, I feel like I need to spend.

Before this I mentioned I want to buy some shoes. I manage to stop myself, though the head keep telling that shoes must be bought. Nothing seems to match with the shoes I have now. The shoes must be bought! I manage to contain the shoe temptations, but the other day foray to the Curve is too much for me to resist temptations to buy a new bag I had been eyeing before (what is the correct spelling for eyeing? Or is that not a word?). It is like you suppress one leak and another sprung up from another hole. Hermm... that can be taken wrongly, but apt enough. So got a bag, much to the annoyance of my husband who is thinking that the house can only contain so much bags. At least he doesn't have to pay for them eh. 

Also I am not the only one who love bags in the house. Fasha like them too. I left one of those reusable shopping bag on the floor and she had a great time going in and out of the bag and twisting her head around the bag handles. 

Hmmm. Yesterday, I went through the whole day thinking it was Wednesday. Only time buka puasa that it dawned on me that it was Thursday. I got quite giddy then on the thought that today is Friday! Woohoo! But that's that. Friday, then come Monday again. But what to do then the weekend? I guess household chores! Since tidak berpuasa, inilah masanye kan. And perhaps baking some raya cookies. Kalau jadi. The last raya cookies I try to make, the cookies was so hard it can be made into a weapon.

I am feeling a bit out of it the past week. I think even the past few weeks. I guess it shows in the entries. Unless I got my rage on eh? Even books pon I am only reading it disinterestedly. Apekahhh maknanye ini??? 

Sooo getting out of the me, me, me in this post (what else I ever talk pon).... I am coming up with nada. Even the news I am reading make me yawn. The kes buang bayi ni pon, while I hated the pictures, many people certainly have better views and words on them. I think it stems from culture. Our culture who frowns upon unwed mothers. Our culture who would like the youth to think that children is only possible after marriage. Our culture who oppose the sex education and in turn failing to educate and protect the youth.

I remembered a guy in my secondary school who was supposedly called by the teachers because a teacher found a condom in his wallet. I was thinking then, hey, at least he knows the risk enough to wear a condom and not embarrassed to buy one. I also remembered a few months back, I went into a pharmacy and I was standing next to 2 boys in their late teens (I think they're in college or at the very least form 5) looking through the condoms and feeling bewildered by the wide selection. Hehehe.

Tiba-tiba mahu char kuey teow. Tadek kaitan langsung.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some people are idiots

I was browsing through the videos of the Pasar Ramadhan Jasin tragedy, and I am positively angry at some comments that goes in the line of this - " mungkin ade pengajaran di sini, di mana dalam asyik meniaga jangan lupakan ibadah." The usual of maybe those poor people who's trying to make an honest living there deserved it.

What a load of self righteous crap. Its the same like what Effi complaints on some people bullshits of the Bukit Antarabangsa tanah runtuh. Penduduk situ berjudi la, maksiat la. And now, orang yang berniaga pon kena tuduh tinggal ibadah.

I wonder sometimes on the thoughts process of such people making silly accusations and assumptions. I think those who made comments like these had been reading too much Mastika. I wonder what kind of craps they are going to go with it to go with their so called 'pengajaran'. Peniaga2 di situ menjual mende tidak halal? Peniaga2 di situ main poker sebelum puting beliung? Grrr.

Can't you just sympathize, offer Al Fatihah and move on with your life without making silly assumptions whenever God use nature to take men away.

Selamat berpuasa! Ranting over and I am moving with my life. Starting with menyidai baju.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Bile tiba bulan puasa, mesti busy melampau. Sampai kena keje weekend ni. Haih.

And the not best thing about working weekend during puasa month is that we will be missing out the company's treat. Other than that, I can deal. Heh.

I could use the extra vacation time though.

And did you notice that the price of the kueh mueh is 50 cents a piece now. Hoh. And some of the kueh, don't need that much of a sugar anyway. Even just buying a few stuffs at pasar ramadhan can bleed you dry nowadays. But you just can't help it aight. Which is why homemade food is always better. And which is why I am going to buy some mata kucing myself and boiled loads of its during the weekend for some thirst quenchers. And try to cook as often as I can. Right. Unless I find some chrysanthemums tea or air jagung. Or kerabut perut. Hmmmmm. I just can't help myself there. 

Kepala rasa empty. Later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Post for the other blog

In the mean time, I'll also give you this photo

Nasi Itik BBQ  

At Hj Sharin Low. Duck! Now if only I can fins goose to eat next. But never foie gras.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dil's Lament

My boss said need to undo the change I did yesterday, so the system will be stable since I haven't finished yet what I had done.

Then he said no need to undo after I had undo (deleted ALL entries) all the work that I had done yesterday. The one that make me stay at the office til 9pm. T_T

No. I am not ranting. Not angry. Just really, really frustrated.

Goddamit I am gonna buy some shoes. And McDonalds.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

About the 2 cats

 Gamba Kurap sebagai penyeri entri walhal the star of the entri adalah Fasha. Fasha pic is at the other camera ok. Ni aku amik dari twitpic je. Senang.

My husband and I had decided to lock up the kittehs at the back of the house. We had set aside at the back a place for the kittehs.Since the grills are not enough to lock them away my husband had nailed some iron wire mesh. The reason why is because Fasha is becoming a menace to society. Basically she likes to pee everywhere else except the litterbox or even grass. On my shoes, on the side of the fan. And we are a bit (very) afraid if she peed in the neighbours house. So before the neighborhoods rally, put Fasha in a sack and throw her somewhere else, something needed to be done. For her own benefit.

So the main thing is the peeing and the other thing is the bad habit in going through other neighbor kitchen trash ( we tried feeding her everything else, she still like human food that is bad for her. Don't even try to eat any bakeries stuff in front of her, she will try to sit on your shoulder to munch on your muffins . My sister suspect she was a human and cursed to be a cat). We manage to break the rampant peeing temporarily and it came back again. And we are trying to break her habit by locking her up with the litter box right in front of her. Kurap is just guilty by association.

And the kittehs do not like it. 

The first day being locked up at the back of the house I think they got a tad bit depressed. When my husband came back, they refused to budge from their cage. 

The second day, Kurap manage to get away by wriggling out of a small opening while Fasha made a mistake by wriggling out to the kitchen instead and she's trapped there. 

The third day is non existent because my husband forgot to close the window and Fasha manage to sniff out the fresh air outside. Hah! And now Fasha refused to come back until she feels like it. 

Kurap is of course very manja, is contented to follow us around. Only if we went to work, she got a little bit restless being left all alone. But at 5 to 6 pm, she will be waiting at the front door, waiting to get into the house. Fasha will not step into the house unless she have a new gecko lizard she wants to show us.

(Did I mentioned that last weekend, I had just cleaned up Fasha puke consisting of mushy stuff and one lizard head. Fun stuffs)

So now ... well let see how well it turned out. If all else fail, I can always put Fasha in diapers. 

p/s: And yes, I tried punishment, treats, putting 2 litter boxes to separate them, but everything seems to fail. And the problem not physical either. So that leave behavioral.

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