Friday, December 03, 2010

Entry yang Emoism

Aku rase nak berenti keje ikut husband pergi Turkmenistan aje la. Stress ok. I was suppose to do some codes that need me to change the date automatically. Do you know how many possibilities there are? How many possibilities of you want to change the start date and end date in many many different way?( added: for multiple records and for various time periods) .  It just feel so complicated and I thought  had finished with that, obviously I didn't so aku emo.

So what I want to do is just sit in a room and mumble incomprehensible things.

And Kurap telah berak di atas karpet. Gah! I couldn't marah her because it is partly my fault since I am much too tired and too lazy to open the back door for her to do her business early this morning. Tapi time aku penat tu lah, time die tak tahan nak berak. And if I didn't have to go back to JB tonight aku basuh je karpet tu sendiri besok pagi. But I do, so the next best thing sebelom karpet tu jadi lagi cilaker, is sending it to a dobi. Which the cost is like perghhhhh. I am not happy with how this Friday start I tell you. 

Well, ada lagi ke mende aku nak emo? Ada kut. My husband going to Turkmenistan this Monday for months and I don't like being alone in a somewhat big house with all those empty rooms all by lonesome. Tengoklah nanti, bile die balik kucing di rumah dari 2 dah jadi 5. Muahahaha. 

Ok lah sambung keje and sambung being emo.

p/s: Fasha been very good girl lately and tak kencing merata sangat. Well at least on places I could see. Sekali aku spring cleaning and jumpa bekas kencing habislah belang itu. And no, you can't really smell her pee unless there is a lot.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

girl coder is kewl. futhermore, there's nothing much in turkmenistan last i heard. maybe you should take a month's worth of leave and live there with your hubby. once the novelty of living in foreign turkmenistan wears off, you'll be glad to come back to your codes, cats and commuter jams. but hey, if you got a liking for living abroad, maybe you should arrange a sort of like a telecommute thinggy. you are coding for clients in far off lands do you not?

Dils said...

yeah, I was thinking about the living there for a moment to try it out, but since he is there on an assignment not a transfer so no living arrangements can be worked out.

He is living in a camp so I am also afraid I am gonna be bored senseless. Better be bored senseless with work, internets and friends in Malaysia!

But we'll see how things turned out.

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