Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things happening

We went to Kuantan on Sunday. Very last minute due to my husband's cousin was involved in a major accident and was coma for a day. He is recovering know and Insya Allah will recover fully to our knowledge so far. 

So we dashed to Kuantan in the morning and reached there afternoon. Aziz would not sleep the whole way there.. which is tiring to me who can't sleep the night before. Cause that means I have to entertain him the whole way. Nearing Kuantan he had throw a huge tantrum from being stuck in a car seat for hours. So just in time la we sampai. Fuh. I am quite strict about him being in a baby, but not really anal about it. Sebab he doesn't stay still dan pernah jatuh terhantuk kepala at the armrest , dan benjol. So memang most of the time he stay in the carseat. 

We went to the hospital. Since the ICU unit don't let children come in I stay behind to follow Aziz wandering around the hospital. Afterwards pergi singgah kejab to Iz Yahya punye store untuk finally meet up with my online friend and her furkids dan shopping sekali la kat pet store die. 

Sempat jumpa Muez the blind cat who is VERY active and sweet and manja. Dan die duk main dengan Aziz for a long time sampai Aziz dah start main ganas and I have to take the toy away from him. Die duk membedal Muez, sian Muez cuak.

Aku rase ni Mandy, bulat macam pregnant, tapi dah neutered. Garang gileeer. Biler angkat die sana sini die duk berbunyi emo jee.

Muez tengah rest kejab while Aziz play with the cat punye toy. I am really impressed with Iz punye pet store. It is so nice and clean and friendly and so much variety! Pet stores aku pergi kat KL pon tak banyak variety macam Iz punye store. Kite orang sempat rembat satu litterbox lagi yang macam dalam cage in the picture above tu.

Dan menunjukkan kite orang ni cat crazy people, terlupa nak ambik gambar with each other! Hahaha. Amik gamba kucing je lebih. Ptuih.

We went back to the hospital but I stay behind with Aziz and later we just hang around with his extended family for a while. Then decided to pergi to Teluk Cempedak pulak. The last time I went there is more than 10 years ago, so things have definitely changed! Very commercialized, not sure I like it, but that is the way it goes I guess.

We kenalkan Aziz to the beach! He doesn't mind the sand.. but he doesn't like ombak thank you very much. Ombak jahat. Bile the water comes near die run to me and hug my legs . Taknak go in the water. Padahal kat dalam swimming pool macam pro sangat nak berjalan sendiri dalam air tanak orang pegang. That is him running away from the waves.

Mostly he just really enjoyed the kite flying. Duk cakap and tunjuk 'ayang-ayang' ulang kali. At one point one of the kite jatuh near him, die run to it and ambik and begin to shake it. Naseb baik tak koyak layang2 orang. Nanti la kite orang bawak lagi pergi taman layang-layang ok.

 Lepas tu makan at one of the gerai, nothing to shout about, but it does serve it purpose and went back home. Masuk kereta, he minum susu and terus tidur kepenatan. Fuh.

That's that.

By the way we are still renovating the kitchen and it is nearing completion so excited for it to be over! The house is so dusty and I am having one of my asthma 'episodes'.. no fun I tell you. Feeling lethargic the whole week and was even on MC on Tuesday. 

And the cats are still at boarding. Poor kittehs. We put them up there at first sebab takut die orang ingested cement. We had heard ade cat mati makan or lick some of the cement around them, and it hardened inside and the cat can't poop and died. Horror. I rather pay more for them to be safe and be contained somewhere else. Lagi pon Gollywolly is allergic to dust. wahahaha. Over sangat kucing aku. 

Then the belakang pon still penuh dengan workmen punye barang, which is where the cat usually stays so we extended their stays there. If I have time , I pop over to the petshop and pet them and buy them wet food la. Kesian the cats. They are so loud when they see me. Orang kedai pon cakap, Kurap tu tadek bunyi pon die dengar, I masuk kedai je, terus die berbunyi. Sian Kurap. Die kan anak mak. So she must take it the hardest. 

The cats at boarding. Bertahan lagi for a few days ok, by next week you all will be at home.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BBW Fireball

The Firesale. Was wavering to go or not to go... but I really want to see if Matthew Reilly The Tournament is available since I saw it on someone blogs. To no avail. But I got some books which I had been looking before so it is not a total loss.

Ni adalah gambar exit. Haha. Was too pysched to get in and look for books that I only remembered to snap pic after I had paid for mine.

My stacks. I am an avid fan Georgette Heyer, but not her murder mystery detective novel. Found Shannon Hale which I like and the third book of the Matched series. Manage to fill the gap of my yet to read Sookie Stackhouse books.

Tangan Aziz mengapai2.

I also bought 4 books about cats! One is just fun quotes books, the other is fun facts about cats, the other 2 are of short stories of cats. Good to read on a downer day I say.

2 tshirt, one for Aziz and one for husband. 3 books that are picked up by Aziz. He picks up all the books that have sounds. The old McDonald one I picked for him. And that Emma book is for me.

Menekan2 button buku die repeatedly until he got bored.

Short post! Ending this post with gambar Aziz asyik tengok boats kat Mines, mommy die duduk tepi penat bawak buku.

p/s: I always updated my books that I bought, so it is easier for me to look back and list which book I need or haven't read. . Hehe.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Words. In paragraph.

Things are changing. A lot of people are resigning from the company and a lot of people are not feeling too good about it. I am also thinking am I cut out for a SAHM existence? But I don't feel it. I also don't feel the confident to go back to the other side . It is scary. I am getting way too comfortable in my life and work here and it is a relaxed atmosphere. But a lot of the 'orang kuat' in the team are leaving I am not sure how the work gonna be nanti. 

I think the cats are getting fungal infection. Ugh. Kena sapu cream. At least tak kena shove down pills down their throat

Feelings in general. 
Like all over the place

Weekend is a coming. 
Hallelujah! Wait. Can we say that. Am I going to hell for saying that? Will the soon to be formed syariah police dragged me away and shame me ??? 

TV series in general (mainly 2)
TVD - Not really feeling it that they turned Damon into such an asshole and not killing Katherine off. If Elena takes him back. I will have MORE FEELINGS. And not so pleasant one too. 

Hart of Dixie - No one watches this but me as far I know, but I love this show and to my surprise since they paired Zoey and Joel , I love them so much. I love it that we don't see how they get together, I like how the slowly brought Joel characteristics forwards that I swear if the writers want to break them up I will have UNPLEASANT FEELINGS. Deserving caps. 

Laki beli baju kat London dan I gemuk walaupon saiz adalah betul tapi it seems so tight. Ugh.  He also bought me a handbag. Yeay! And books. More zombies books. Reading about zombies is just as riveting as watching them. 

There is the fireball sale going on. It is tantalizing, but I have books that can last me a lifetime. Ok. Maybe 5 year tops. So many things to do this weekend though. However I did manage to win meself the BBW preview pass for whenever wherever it will be held end of this year. So yeay! 

Being better
There is a lot of posts going around about how we should all you know basically thinks positive of others, being nice in general. I whole heartedly agreed. Am already implementing this.

 Before this I don't get a lot of the moms blog, not being a mom meself. But then  I am, and was very engrossed reading a lot of the mom blogs and found it quite gems. Like I can totally variasikan my son youtube views to not just Upin and Ipin and Pocoyo, which he shown only a slight interest. He loves phonic songs and Mawa and Kawa so much since I heard that their kids love it too. Or how to prepare the simplest of meal to your kid and they love it. That don't work with mine but hey I gained a lot of knowledge. How to treat cough. How to be patient with your kids. And that what marvels me. 

I have to admit. I am not a patient person. ( I am getting confused between patience and patient so bear with me) . Sometimes I lash out at my kid, especially during those tired, no one to help me around days. It burdened me with guilts and the best way for me to fight back those impatience is reading all these accounts from the mother , on how their kids are like this or like that, that some laugh, some grit and bear. So those mothers push me to be better with my kid. Reading on how patiently they layan their kids make me feel, hey this is normal, no your son is not being a hooligan, he is being a normal boy. So yes, those mother tips on how they handle their kids help me. So yeay to mom blogs! 

People may say blogs are getting out style, but I always love blogs and reading em, and the love never quite go away. Only it is sad when good writers no longer write. 

Ok. Lunchtime. And yes, heard another news that another people is resigning. *submit resumes to the winds in panic*

Sebagai penutup, here is a pic of the kid and my cats, and I think it is the cutest because it is hard enough to snap 3 cats altogeter, this is a surprise.

The loves of my life

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tefal Actifry - The undomestic goddess review

Hari tu kekonon kan nak review. Domestic goddess sangat. Tapi alang2 ade free time ni sat, best jugak cerita my new favorite things in the kitchen ni. 

Husband told that Tefal murah kat Turkmenistan and he bought me this sebab die tahu I detest frying things dan juga loser-ish untuk mengagak aku dah masak betul ke tak. Also I jugak ade perasaan yang amat bersalah bile tuang separuh botol minyak masak dalam kuali. Macam eiii.. berminyaknye.. eiii pembazirannye. 

Model actifry sebagai comparison size

Ni masa memula dapat ni, rambut Aziz pon banyak lagi. Fresh from the box. Besar dan berat actifry ni but this is the smaller size tak silap. Ade lagi besar. Takpela. Ni lagi memadai. 

Sebab bukannye complicated device so ni short review je. 

Operation: Put the pedal and pan in the actifry. Put in a teaspoon of oil around the pan or you can opt out of oil. Plug in.  Put in a timer or not how many minutes you want to fry stuffs. Tekan On. Let it do it things. The timer will beep bile it had finished counting down, however it will still be cooking. The timer is more of an indicator. So you need to tekan off and walla hot piping chicken, fries, drummets, things that can be fried. 

Taste: Honestly, for chicken, I don't feel the difference between frying with deep oil or using Actifry. You can opt to put in some oil, sometimes I put in a spoonful of bbq sauce for that bbq feeling. But without oil or sauce, it taste just great too. Fries tasted great. So does meat too.

Ayam yang digoreng. Nampak minyak tuu.. that is all the chicken fat, at this time I put in bbq sauce one spoonful so that is why it is brownish.

Cooked for 20 minutes with not much thawing time and it is cooked through. I hate it when I don't have enough time to thaw stuffs sebab aku ni pelupa. So this why actifry ni great for me.

Meshing traditional with modern gadget does not go well this time.
And I also fried karipap in this. haha. Karipap does not taste great with actifry. Tapi sebab aku ade banyak frozen karipap and no time to goreng and basuh kuali berminyak I try to Actifry it. It tasted ok la but a bit bland. I think kalau I goreng kuih kasturi sini will turn out better than karipap.

Listing the pro and cons below:

Pro: No thawing needed. Will cook things through. Great for chicken/fries/meat even better if added a little bit of oil or sauce. No need to supervise cooking. No oil spill! Easy to clean. Obviously more healthy than deep fried one. Save minyak. Cepat and easy especially for the time lepas balik kerja and you only have time to cook 1 lauk je.

Cons: A bit smallish so can only fried meat or chicken that had been cut to parts. Would be better if the timer will also off the actifry. Bulky. The pedal will have grits and fat sticking to it and since there is a gap underneath the paddle is a major pain to clean.

The pedal sticking situation I got it under control as I balut the pedal with aluminium foil especially when frying chicken. Kalau fry fries no need. And not all things need to use pedal pon since it main use is to terbalikkan2 the stuffs so it is evenly cooked. If do not want to use the pedal, then every 7 to 10 minutes terbalikkan sendiri je.

For energy used. Honestly I couldnt really say but from what I can see sebab aku yang bayar bil lektrik pon berbulan, tadekla increase pon. I used it pon dalam once or twice a week. Maybe if everyday nampak kut beza, but probably not much.

Verdict: Love .

Ok. Itu saje product review. Saya tidak dibayar mahupon disponsor, saje nak review sebab yeayyyy... suke tak payah goreng ayam. I hate goreng ayam.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A year and a half later

Ade ke patut mummy die letak gamba belakang je. Malas nak mengupload namanye ni. Ni gamba semalam. Die tengah excited nampak kucing jiran jalan2 kat luar rasanye.

Semalam dak kecik dah setahun setengah. And my husband tadi takut-takutkan aku dengan video signs of ASD in early toddlers sebab die rase macam ade.

I malas nak carik link youtube, but you can see it here : 

The video is a bit too general and it does breaks my heart to see the difficulties for one child to interact with his mother. Sedih. Also penangan for me to really focus and play with my son more for us to know the sign if something is not right. 

Those who are interested to know how to detect autism with early toddlers can also read this: 

That article bagi a simple but more easy to understand signs to look at. I had always have a little fear my kid / future kid ade autistic after seeing my little cousin who we took care of when he was small was diagnosed as autistic. Oh and after watching the video and reading the signs, I don't think so my son have it. But if ditakdirkan ade, it would not be the end of the world.

Anyway... PSA dah habis.

We just came back from Alor Setar for a wedding at Changlun and he had a blast. Die memang suke duduk hotel room ni. Bagus. Haha. Mostly he behaved and I love that he sits quietly during breakfast buffet so parents die boleh melantak. Asal boleh jalan. We went to Padang Besar , didn't find anything worth talking about. Beli bakul untuk die bawak ke taska, beli tshirt and thats it kut. Banyak lagi aku beli kat Pasar Rabu Alor Setar. 

Development yang lain, I seen marked improvement in language. He babbles more and more now and some I am beginning to understand. Nama-nama kucing setakat ni die pandai Bobby je. Itu pon die panggil 'Baby'. Ade satu malam tu Bobby lepak2 atas katil die gi tepuk2 Bobby sambil cakap 'Baby... baby.. baby'. Haha. Also masa kat Alor Setar tengah makan satu malam tu die duk kejar kucing keliling food court panggil 'baby' gak. So probably to him cat = baby.

Tantrum bole tahan. Tantrum dengan pukul , tendang bagai. Which menaikkan darah aku. I am fine with the crying but the hitting tantrum is really pushing my patience. Need to quickly distract him if he start, sometimes kena marah la dengan mak die kan. Memang bile nak marah ni kena deep breath punye. However it is not that bad.

Selera makan pon boleh tahan. Before this tanak makan anything, laki aku dah suruh beli Shaklee Mealshake ke ape kemende. I of course la resist the idea. Then my sister suggest Scott Emulsion. Naseb baik he likes the taste. Don't know if the Scott Emulsion or growth spurt ke ape, selera die sejak seminggu ni kemain lagi. Habis semangkuk besar bubur die makan. I am still learning what he likes to eat. My sister duk bebel suruh jangan biasakan die makan luar takut jadi obese, (budak2 montel sekarang ni suke makan nasi lemak je).. I replied... erm noooo... I don't eat luar. I eat at my sister house! Seriously I eat more at their house than my own. Also aku suspect anak aku lagi suke makan akak aku masak dari aku masak. Sebab akak aku masak, die makan habis, aku masak susah betul nak habis. HAHAHAHA. *sedih* Nak buat camne, mak die skill masak kurang ado. Takpela kan. But seriously .. it is serious. Eating out should be limited. Laki aku pon dah warning, if dah buat dapor baru tu rajin2 la kena masak. Whaattt... 

Heh. Ok la. Later.

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