Friday, February 29, 2008

Food Take to Walk. This does not make sense.

Paragraph in points. Or points in paragraph. Whatever.

Secret Recipe baffled me. Went to lunch at Secret Recipe to get the Soba, which is now the Japanese Soba. I swear few months back it was Vegetarian Soba. And I could swear a year back it was Japanese Soba. Very confusing and I swear that as Veggie Soba, it cost about RM11++ while the Japanese Soba cost RM13++. The difference is that they put slices of chicken ham in it. Hurm. Will not try it again as the one I tried today is not nice compared to the last time I had it.

There are the cutest kittens at the back of my kitchen sleeping next to the washing machine now. One is tompok ala2 hitam and oren and another one is belang2. We feared that the tompok hitam oren is dead as its not moving at all and mouth is slightly agape. The mother is slightly petrified of us and hugely protective of its kittenz. Will bare fangs if provoke.

My search for the ultimate shoes came up in vain. No shoes can be found that have these criteria
1. Dark color
2. Mary Jane-like
3. Comfy
4. Not brown as had one already. Or shitty brown.
5. Not formal looking nor too high school or ah lian or bow-ish or cheap lookin or look like shriveled carcass.
6. Not slippery. Really stupid shoe mass-producing producer and designer. Is it too hard to conceive in your brain to develop shoes that have a good grip and not feel like we are on an ice rink whenever its raining?

Witness a very unpleasant berate hurled upon a salesgirl or a cashier that included derogatory remarks and racial slurs by a customer. Perhaps the cashier or salesgirl at fault and was being unprofessional and giddy(air headed) and unintentionally insulted the customer.However the customer too should not include derogatory remarks and dragged racism into this. You will only show others (apart from being very racist) that you have poor opinions and lack of sense and tolerance.

Oh my. There is no watchable movies to watch at the moment.

I wish to lose 5kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg.
What? People said that if you said it often enough it will come true.
*looked at my thigh to see if any fat magically disappear*

Edited on 2nd March 08:
I wish to lose 5kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg. I wish to lose 5 kg.

*maybe 0.01 kg disappear ?*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mrs Dalloway

Yups. I finally finished reading the dang "Mrs Dalloway" after almost 2 month of reading a 200 pages book. Pathetic. Any other books, I can finish them in 2 weeks without trying. This is definitely not a book for leisure.

I won't make a lengthy review of it. Nah. Not-a-review one might say. Rather my opinion.

The summary as taken from

As Clarissa Dalloway walks through London on a fine June morning, a sky-writing plane captures her attention. Crowds stare upwards to decipher the message while the plane turns and loops, leaving off one letter, picking up another. Like the airplane's swooping path, Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway follows Clarissa and those whose lives brush hers--from Peter Walsh, whom she spurned years ago, to her daughter Elizabeth, the girl's angry teacher, Doris Kilman, and war-shocked Septimus Warren Smith, who is sinking into madness.

As Mrs. Dalloway prepares for the party she is giving that evening, a series of events intrudes on her composure. Her husband is invited, without her, to lunch with Lady Bruton (who, Clarissa notes anxiously, gives the most amusing luncheons). Meanwhile, Peter Walsh appears, recently from India, to criticize and confide in her. His sudden arrival evokes memories of a distant past, the choices she made then, and her wistful friendship with Sally Seton.

I was shocked at first in reading a bisexual 'sentiment' in there, the uneasiness of easiness in marriage and repression. Reading accounts of her life I get what she's trying to tell in Mrs Dalloway and thinking if it will mirror mine one day. Dang! We got ourselves a thinking book right here.

Bored to tears is my unprofessional and totally ignorant opinion. This style of writing is called a 'stream of consciousness'. Something that seems to separate Virginia Woolf from other writers. As so I found myself reading one thought after another and after the other, and without warning, another thought is seamlessly put in by another character altogether and on and on it went. Very little dialogue in the novel and nothing of the usual plots or stories. The usual Booker or Pulitzer kinda books I guess, where we are exasperated by the end... since most of us like to have a tightly closed story complete with a red ribbons adorned towards the ending.

However I had to admit that even during my tears of boredom as I read the book, I recognized her brilliance in writing thoughts after thoughts without full stop. From a profound revelation to the most simpering of thoughts of groceries, she captured it and literally put the thoughts into writing. Not an easy feat. Her mental illness is part of this brilliance as I read.

Brilliant or not, it would take me at least 5 years before I attempt to pick up her books or works again. So off to the world of chic lit ridiculousness again.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Idiots and Taggage

Double post today. Just because I got loads of comments on my last post. Hah! Tipu je. Just that I feel like it.

For the first part, this is mostly ranting.

Kejab. Nak summon balik perasaan marah. Ok. Now. Does most Mercedes or BMW drivers are retarded?

You know, I don't usually rant on KL drivers as I am pretty sucky too at times. However a hint of common sense are needed when driving of course.

If you want to memotong time turun bukit, make sure that it is not near a bend and there is not a car in front of you. I had to slam down my brake and drove close to a curb, risking a collision myself as so your sorry ass of a Mercedes or god damn BMW (I was too pissed to notice, but it was either of those) would not wrap around the taxi that was on the opposite side of the road or hitting me just as so you are able to potong my car.

Are you stupid? Kereta besar to make up for your small brain ka? Laju2 turun bukit pon tarak guna kan since depan simpang tu dah jam packed. Dapat potong pon satu kete je which is driving quite fast turun bukit yang agak simpang siur. Tunggu je la belakang, asshole.

It is your lucky day that the taxi is not that fast and I swerved to the curb as so to save your worthless ass. Nanti yang susah sape? Your bini and anak jugak kan. Meraung over your mangled body. Or worse, hitting others and cause other people (moi! moi!) bodily harm. Gah! Siap la kau WNN 97** (i think) , if I see lain kali your car at Giant ka... mamak ka... (Grrrrr....).

Fuh fuh. Ugh. Geram for other people lack of respect of basic road safety. If you are late, it is your fault. Nak potong jalan, do it responsibly. Jangan susahkan orang lain and don't bring unnecessary risk to yourself and others around you.

Sama jugak macam the selfish drivers yang guna emergency lane ni. Fine, you are in a hurry. Ape ko ingat aku drive pagi2 time jam2 ni nak amik angin? Suke2 abeskan minyak? Tunggu blakang la. I skang also ikut Gohan and others nowadays, that when I drive at the left side of the road, (tmpt yang prone org potong cara hagham) will position my car tengah2 line. Padan muka sume beratur blakang aku. I noticed if they potong on the emergency lane, lagi lembap jadinye.

Fuh fuh..

Now the second part, am doing the tag from Jannah and link 5 more to you unlucky 5 out there (5 ni je pon usually baca :) . Usually, people that I link tu mesti tak wat. Ikut suke. Aku link aje ok.

The Linking Tag Rules

1. List out five favourite links - the links can be of business sites, affiliate links or whatever that suits the blogger.

2. Tag five more people to share their links, so hopefully, at the end of the tag, we would be able to share good links with each other.

3. The links MUST be clean. No X-rated sites.

4. List out only FIVE links.

5. You MUST tell FIVE people you choose.

6. Provide the link back to the person who tagged you.

7. Obviously, it should be an active link.

Moi 5 Favorite Links...

1. As like Jannah, I usually start my day with my own blog too. Yeay, we are egotistical that way. Want to gaze at own post first. Heh. But the link that you see on the sidebar of my blog, most I visit daily.

2. My almost daily read is also E! Online to get the latest rumours or spoilers or update on my favorite series. Especially Watch with Kristin. (Not cheating as this is the sub-link!) Tapi selalu hang (kalo bandwidth rendah). A lot of vids.

3. I also have to get the daily gossip of Britney, Paris, Angie and such from Trent blog! I love his blog as it is gossip-full without being too mean like Perez. Trent taste in movies and books almost similar to mine, so I am always interested what his opinions are for particular books or movies, or what new books and movies are coming out! He loves Neil Gaiman too!

4. If I am feeling particularly read-iey, I will head to Television Without Pity to read their recaps. I love the forums and the recap. Some recap just have the right sense of snark and humour in such as Potes, Drunken Bee, Sars, Al Lowe.... Whil some of the recappers can drone on and on going completely of the point altogether like one exasperating recapper Jacob. Heh. However I do love reading the Gossip Girl recap too, even if the recapper have a tendency to psychoanalyze the characters a bit too much.

5. Now... the number 5 is approaching. I am a bit torn on either 2 links. However as my favorite link is a search engine, mind you it is not Google, then I will present my final favorite link which is BabyBlues cartoons. If I am feeling particularly blue, or bored or in need of a cuteness inserted in my life, I head down to their cartoon strip site. Zoey, Hammie and Wren is just too cute.

Hmmm. Most of the link I mentioned above are at the sidebar of my blog. Easier to reference. And I noticed many of the sites are gossip related or TV related. Hahaha. Who cares lor.

5 people to tag.

Geeez. I don't know. Well I will just list randomly eh.

Here goes:

1. SeriAs. Sebab. Buat la weh. Haha. Aku nak tengok. Ape lagi ko wat kat internet ni.

2. Taqi. Hoping he will give me an idea which kewl site that may opened the fantasy world.

3. Effi. Because prolly he'll loathe this.

4. Re-arrange. Sebab adek boleh aje dipersuade untuk memberitahu akak ini ape lagi yang ada di Internet world other than gossip world.

5. Some. Haa haa. Ape lagi yang dibukak at the WWW other than youtube and streaming anime yee?

Friday, February 22, 2008

What fair?

People are all hyped up about MAS travel fair and MATTA and airasia low price promos.

Gah. When did travelling become so popular ?

Now everyone can fly? Bullshit. It make travelling look so passe. (Padahal jeles sebab tak bole pegi). I can't make it to any travel fair since I am saving my money for my wedding.... (its not even a big wedding ok... wedding business mencekik darah) and my fiance is being petulant whenever I mentioned any travel package. Pegi sensorang honeymoon kang.. padan muka! Come to think of it, I still haven't manage to accomplish my wish list to travel alone.

Hurmmm. This gives me an idea which I will not voice out, since I had before voice this out and I was being lectured by my sis and my mom and whoever . Eh... I am not flaky ok that I can easily be persuaded to join a cartel of illegal prostitutions . Ok. Not flaky sometimes... However, not to take the risk lightly, in a side note... it is a great responsibility to yourself if you want to travel alone and if you do prepare yourself greatly. Tapi macam menarik kan. Nak buat jugak la satu hari. Jeng jeng jeng.

So anyway since everybody and anybody I know want to travel this year... this year I declared to myself is tahun mencari hobi dan jalan2 di sekitar KL and JB year. Go to places never seen before! Shop at places never been thought of before! (Shopping pon kena limit) Stay at places that people usually just passes by! Yeay! I declared that flying everywhere is passe and I will join it again when price is rocket high. Cewah. (Hish.. kata2 itu adalah doa.. biarla bile aku nak travel... murah lagi..)

Anyway, at first I was going to start my post about where I had gone to and travel to... but that post is too snobbish and pretentious that even I would gag at myself if I read that kinda post. So let's not torture everybody and let me be snobbish and pretentious whenever I am talking only k.

So kita start next week dengan kembali ke KLCC. Yeay! Gile tak adventurous.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whom I Hate

The goodness-health-foodies-busybody.

That doesn't make any sense doesn't it?

Let me 'splain this type of the person.

Me: *dreaming out loud* Damn. I wish I have me some of those hot baked potatoes dripping with sour creams, baked beans, cheese and some shredded fried steak sumbat in for good measures.

Hateful Anonymous Person: Eh. Potato is fattening la. Not to mention cream and cheese. Fried steak some more. Eiiiiiii *shuddering like someone is feasting on a plateful of maggots right in front of 'em*.

Me: *grab keys and head straight to the nearest shop that have those dratted baked potatoes*


I don't mind a person who is complaining that they can't/won't eat meat, bread, cheese or all food on earth as long as they confine to themselves.

If it include moi, helooo.. keep your remarks to yourself can or not? Especially if I am just about to put the so called fatty food in my mouth. Rude much?

So what if I decide to eat those. Unless I was being really unhealthy (binging on donuts or McD all day every day), I don't think it is your business to inform me if its unhealthy or not. I know the calorie too, thank you very much.

And what I found funny too, the one who usually said this type of thing... well.. they are not that 'slim' anyway. And most of em don't even get their foodies facts correctly whenever they want to 'correct' a person of their eating habit.

Go figure eh.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its So A (My) Review

So Election day is 8th March aight? Sungguh dekat tarikhnya. I still have no idea who to vote, or even if its I am voting (that is another tale altogether) but let's welcome the familiar sight that come only once in 4 or 5 years.

Like an Olympic events, I believe the election time is where avid photographers around Malaysia will have a fun field day in snapping various posters and such scenery. Yes. You know who you are.

Now to get to shallow topic for today. The idiot box issues! The writer strike is over. Yeay! Shouts all around. (This doesn't mean hoot for Malaysia tv but a lot for those who lovess the Internet as a source of entertainment more than their lover).

Too long ago I started a topic about new series. Let's recap those for my own amusement. Lagi pon dah lama tak filled in my labels for TV while I am an avid watcher of the idiot box.

Let's roll.

Gossip Girl

Is it any good?
Are you freaking crazy? Its. The. Best. Thing. After. OC. For those who loves OC, will love Gossip Girl. I had been a fan of high school drama and teenage angst since Beverly Hills. Heck maybe even Saved by the Bell. I sadly believe even if I reach 40 years old, I will still be watching this teenage angsty-ness and drooling after guys of inappropriate age while feeling a lot like paedo.

Oh. Back to the question, its great. It have its greatness and mediocreness. However the script is sometimes bland, but the characters are fascinating. The sarcasm remarks and the phoniness of the characters makes this for an enjoyable 45 mins y'all! Best new series of the batch (for moi) and am trying to persuade everyone to watch this. Yes. Even you fiance, so fear for your brain.

Left me wanting for more?
Of course, and this is among the new series that are being picked up for full season first. People under 20s are squealing out LOVE, the under 30s who still think they are under 20s are gleefully awaiting for next week for brand new eps, people above 30s I believe are being nonchalant while watching this while everyone is asleep.

Oh and of course they have some great music features, and they introduce me to these cute sister-team-band-performers The Pierces. Love their music. Intensely.

Is it any good?
The first eps is great. The second is reminiscing of the first. The third and forth seems like a repeat that it becomes quite a drone. Guys seems to like it. I ... watched it out of obligation of donloading it. I think why this series is so lacklustre is of the chemistry of the cast. They seem to lack this important factor with each other except the interaction between Sam and the Devil. The Devil is deliciously evil and maliciously wicked . He is the only reason I kept on watching. Not that it is not enjoyable, just that after you finish watching this, you have no desire to watch the next episode. There's still 3 or 4 more episodes of Reaper I haven't watched.

Left me wanting for more?
Haven't heard if it will continue to S2 . 50/50 I believe. Depends I guess if I like the finale or the last eps enough. Mungkin sekadar mendonload sahaja for fiance and my brothers. They love it.

Private Practice
Is it any good?
It started out shaky. Then coming out OK. Then it becomes forgettable and even dull at times. Addison had become this hysterical, insecure, paranoid woman. A far cry from the first time we saw her standing sexily on her high heels claiming her husband. I found it at times even painful to see her antics. I know this series is about a woman struggle in her 40s, but is it that painful? Does women in their 40s act like a teenager still? Hope not. If this is what Shonda Rimes idea of a strong woman struggle... I am ready to move on to another series. Even Piz/ Dell is dull! How could you writers! But please no more nekkidness for either Addy or Dell.

Left me wanting for more?
Prolly yes as I had invested interest in Addison. But I seems to watch this series while surfing nowadays. If only... I don't know what can make this show better. Shonda Rimes better think up something. Tho I do love Christopher (Gilmore Girls ) , Addison love interest and hope that they drop the idea that Addison is a star crossed lovers with Pete. Gah. Talk about no chemistry. If it continue to be sucky I may drop it.

Women's Murder Club
Is it any good?
The pilot is horrendous. I guess forcing viewers relationship problems in front of a corpse is not in good taste. Boleh tak berbual about your love life kat tempat lain yang lebih inappropriate kan? But it gets better and hope continue to get better. I do keep on wondering though if they would have the gall to kill off Jill character in the series as in the books. (if it continues to go on). Prolly on Season 1 or Season 2 finale yar?

Left me wanting for more?
I don't know. I am beginning to heart Angie Harmon and her character. And also Claire. Not lovin the other 2. Maybe. Maybe not.

Cashmere mafia
Is it any good?
I love the pilot. I enjoyed the series. But if I am to be really honest to myself, I only love it because of Miranda Otto and Lucy Liu. I'm not sure regarding the chemistry of the cast, but its enjoyable. And truth be told, I like a show about strong women that have priorities other than relationship.

Left me wanting for more?
Prolly. The reception was not very good I hear and would be sorry to see it goes. But I am a fan!

The other series I mentioned before that I prolly watch... (time tuh kan keje cuti 3 4 arie . byk je masa nak tengok series. Skang tercari-cari masa) I list down as below those that I watched.

Aliens in America
Is it any good?
Not the typical sitcom comedy. Something like Malcolm in the Middle (even tho I don't watch much of those). However I do like their outtake on a Moslem. Not too demeaning nor judgemental or changeable. Some eps are good. Some are funny. Others ok. I give it a 6. Oh. The sister is not that hot to be that popular. Heh.

Left me wanting for more?
Guys love it. I watch this since its short. 20 mins worth of fun. Prolly will watch since will be donloading for the guys.

Pushing Daisies
Is it any good?
The pilot is breathtaking. The graphic is beautiful. It is reminiscent of Amelie and I strongly believe that they shot the series with 'Amelie' sorta concept behind it when I saw Chuck aunts house and the song "Guilty" that they played. ( It is the song in Amelie soundtrack and is a very lovely song from the 1930s).

Left me wanting for more?
Despite its beauty, some plots are kinda draggy. I do love to watch the sets and the clothes and the ridiculousness of the case sometimes. I give it a tentative yes. Tengok ape yang ade next season.

Is it any good?
Bole tak that I am loving this show? The pilot is gagful. But after that, it was great! It have a cheap feel of it, (the sets are bleak and you can just see that the props and sets cheap) but I love the story . It is the second new show that I truly love. Prolly I just love vampire shows. And since the heroine is uncanny-like Kate Winslet, that keep my eyes glued to the screen.

Left me wanting for more?
I made my feelings clear. We know the answer.

Am going to watch Lipstick Jungle. Some say its better than Cashmere Mafia. But who know eh. I never really like Brooke Shields anyway. Didn't get to watch Samantha Who, Bionic Woman and Chuck. Heard really great response from the Samantha Who and Chuck. Tapi tak larat eden. Tunggu je ar if it will be coming to a TV station near me.

Bulan depan or another 2 months dah bole beli DVDs Medium and Supernatural. Heh. Dah start collecting, might as continue collecting those DVDs.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elect the VD

How amusing it is to find that for a change, there is no pages and pages of spread regarding Valentine's Day in today's newspaper.

Nope. Today we are served with what BN hopes are, what they did, what the Opposition hopes, how to votes, what the people are thinking and all that are related with election.

However you'll be sadly mistaken if I would write on this as people might know I am shallow minded person and so I won't write politics in my blog. Nor would I persuade you to take the Govt or Opposition side in voting. Masing2 dah besar kan? Tapi malasnye nak balik kampung untuk voting. Sigh.

I am not a sentimental (Damn.. maybe I am sentimental.. I take that back), oh.. a 'jiwang' fool so I won't go yammering the same thing that every blog are spouting today regarding Valentines *oh my bf/hunny sent me a huge ecstatic wallauuu*, *f*** V day. Today is single day, let's all singletons go out and be merry*, *V day is just a commercialized day deign to make couple feels guilty of not taking money to buy useless gift out of their hard earned cash*, bla bla bla and so on so on.

How very repetitive don't you think.

As so... what is the point la in me writing this post?

Waste of space only.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yawn 1234

Yesterday jam di area N9 was dreadful. Gah! Takleh wat ape la sebab kena gak balik time tuh....

Tak boleh konsentret keje due to overwhelming laziness and also tiredness dan kemengantukanness from the long hols.

Macam mane nak wat keje ni?

Monday, February 04, 2008

What say you?

Now I want to chip in with all the rages of Siti's tudung.

I am not going to harp on the fact that she is not wearing this correctly. Or the fact (or non-fact?) on if there is truly any correct way of wearing a tudung. People would always argue on how Quran are being interpreted. I am not a scholar so I will not say which is the 'most' correct (while I am sure many of you will be ready to supply me with information and quotes and such later)

What rages me is what people say. I make fun of her. Oh yes I do. Her taste is horrendous ok. I can blindfold myself, pusing my bilik 10 times, then grope for my clothes and I will still surpass her.

What makes me sighed at the fate of the world is on the vicious word on how Siti is not a good Muslim for not wearing a tudung litup, or her husband is 'munafik', Siti ni tengok aje past die bla bla and the logic will then be turned to blaming tudung-wearing woman.

So we know by many evidence most of them is not as good as they look (that include moi!). Does that give you to the right to attack them viciously. The usual words.... " Alaaa yang pakai tudung pon wat gini wat gitu.."

As such? Are they not human too? So they wear tudung? That is a testament that they should never commit sin? If tudung is a statement on how you portrayed faith, yet people are proclaiming that faith could not be determine by clothes. Granted that those decided on hijab should need to always strive to improve themselves, however when they wrong is the only things that people know is only to abuse?

What about the prejudice on women who clad the hijab are being perceived as incompetent, meek, subservient? An ex-colleague once confided that she was advised to 'open' her hijab during the interview to get a chance. Sadly, this is true.

Some people also said that by donning the hijab, the women looked less superior, hanya sesuai keje kerani. I personally believe this is more on how she dresses herself (fashion wise). I myself am guilty of this, however I need to always remind myself that this is not how I suppose to think.

I had met plenty of great women who is at the top of the career that donned the hijab. I am sure they are bringing in plenty of moolah (surpassing you who judged) , great speaker and a good leader.

I think my annoyance stem from the fact that I hate that a group of people are being bad-mouthed by some ignoramus when the wrong is being done by an individual. Usually non-hijab clad women are being outspoken about this. But the hijab one too receive an outlash.

I may have some prejudice and I may not be a pious Muslim. However I don't agree on bad mouthing or stereotyping one group in what they believe in and their choices.

Thinking further and further... I can only assume that this is the type of prejudice that could only happen to women since the harshest criticism usually came from the menfolk. (Who they themselves that preach suke pakai sluar pendek pegi mamak. Shut up. You know who you are)

Oh.. back to Siti. My thoughts is that her tudung wearing 'phase' is horrible (fashion wise) and anyone who's want to wear it out on the street, need to gouge out their eyes. Even the fashion (memakai tudung yg kaver rambut tu je) is slightly passable than the hood she is currently carrying. However that is her fault on fashion wise. ( Bernard Chandran should be shot for thinking this faux paus).

However I am not questioning her faith nor her career or she herself as a person (except she obviously need a stylist pronto) based on her decision to wear tudung. She decide to commit a (many) fashion faux pas that provide much hilarity for blogs and forums everywhere. I also had decided on some really questionable looking shoes and dress. So does a few of my friends. Life goes on and no one should attacked us for our belief based on what we chose.

p/s: This blogger cannot be categorized as a hijab nor non-hijab clad woman. She knows her limitations and are merely expressing her frustration regarding ignoramus criticism. Pointless and hurtful comments would be monitored closely and deleted if needed. It is her blog and her say, so don't bitch. So if you don't like it, blog about it.

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